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I got a problem,help!?
Whenever i leave the house or go to bed,i spend alot of time checking everything is locked,windows shut,taps off,and all plugs off etc. It's taking over my life. After i have closed the front door behind me i stand there for about 5-10 minutes checking it is locked by pulling it. On my way to work i keep thinking and worrying if i closed everything. This is driving me crazy but i cant stop. A few years back my house was broken into and valuables taken so i'm wondering if this has got something to do with my paranoia?

Veston Pants
Sounds like you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Plenty of help out there.

Fabe says vote 4 change!

Many people whose personal space has been violated by a thief find themselves checking and rechecking. But it sounds like you may have a post traumatic reaction to what happened several years ago.

I would suggest you find a licenses counselor/therapist to help you with the issue. Step by step they will help you reach a more normalized way of checking and still feeling safe.

In the meantime, decide how many times you can check something. When you reach that number, say three, then no more checking.

But you do sound like a professional in the field of mental health would greatly improve the quality of your life.

i have the same thing. but u know what. take a little notebook, write down the things u r checking so u don´t need to double check, when u thin "did i lock the door" u see your notebook and voila, u´ll see everything is ok!!!

You could be having an obsessive compulsive disorder. Try taking this test:


This is just a screening test and not diagnostic. If it suggests you may have OCD, please see a therapist. There is nothing to be ashamed about it but you do need help coz it may get worse if you do not know how to manage it.

Some things that may help : Yoga, meditation and exercise.
Your doctor may prescribe you some anti-anxiety medications like Diazepam to reduce anxiety.

You may also be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder because of the break-in. Again, you need to talk to a therapist about this as they are best to advice you, and not mere lay people.
Don't worry :) There is hope!

See your doctor, who may refer you to a specialist.

You may have OCD, or obsesive-compulsive disorder. Were you home when your house was broken into? What was that like? If it was a traumatic experience, then you may also have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. It can manifest itself in many ways, possibly like this.

As I said, go to a doctor. A more in-depth talk with a specialist is your best best to figure out what's going on.

You need to talk to your GP before you do anything else. he may first refer you for counselling. It maybe the break in had a larger impact than you first imagined. You do sound as though you are displaying symptoms related to OCD but it may be that you don't require medication. The GP will not perscribe until you have received counselling. Sometimes the symptoms of OCD are as a result of a traumatic event that suddenly catches up with us later. I hope you get some real advice.

This is obsessive-compulsive disorder. The doctor can give you meds to clear it up.

Sounds a little like OCD. This is understandable if your house was broken into. Just regocnize the problem and set little goals for yourself. Try to break the habbit. If you feel you cant get control over it yourself then seek help from a counselor. I think that since youre allready aware of the problem if you just take it day by day and treat as if it were any other habbit and try to break it then you will be ok. There are worse things you could be doing. But something shouldnt consume so much of your time. Good luck babe!!!! : )

I do it too, and i am trying my best to stop. I heard it is a form of OCD, but i didn't go and see a Dr. I can tell you one thing that help me. I lock the door...then when i get the urge to go back and check it i keep myself busy...but i know it is hard. If doesn't work i will ask my hubby to stop me from going to the door and check it 10 times or the oven. It is working so far but if i don't stop i am going to get help from Dr. good luck!!

i thing u've got problem.......don't worry .......go 2 ur doctor and check

It sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder....and quite a number of people have it....you may need to seek professional counselling....to correct this disorder will require ongoing treatment.

Agree with others it does appear to be OCD but good news is you are aware of this problem.

NOW you must start to resolve this problem....

Make an appointment to see your GP - be very honest with him/her about this habit and how it affects your life - DO NOT
accept drugs as a method to resolve this problem ask for a referral to a specialist in this field.

You are not alone - seek help and you WILL overcome this problem.

good luck

I think your break in caused you to have an obsessive compulsive disorder.I don't think your behavior will stop until you get help dealing with what happened.

victor o
Your house was broken into? Whats done is done,get over it.

go to the doc and ask him about Obsesive Compulsive Disorder.

It sounds like you are dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is an anxiety disorder that very well could have been triggered by the break in. You have so many options to help you! Talk to a therapist; you can overcome this without medication! There are also many support groups and web blogs for OCD and you'll find there are a lot of people who have the same feelings you do.

This is not really paranoia it is an illness called O.C.D obsessive compulsive disorder because of your past experience its no wonder,however there is not one single thing that can trigger this disorder and you are not going mad.
I would look on line and type in O.C.D where you can learn a lot more, you should consider some kind of therapy (counselling) as it can sometimes be easily treated, if you don't then things can get worse and you will be afraid to even leave the house,
I wish you all the best and get well very soon.

Karl X
I've heard that there are quite a few people who have such habits , so don't feel bad about it. If it's affecting your life so much and you'd like to stop it, I'd recommend getting some professional psychiatric help.

As for a way to help reassure yourself that your home is secure... No home is really secure but if you make yourself a check list, you can go through it a write the time you check each point. When you wonder if things are secure, you can just refer to the list with the times written on it. Trust yourself to have locked the door after you've checked it once and noted the time it was secured.

Best of all is for you to seek professional help.

B well.

karren w
yes and no you want to feel safe and know that no one will get in and take stuff but if you unplug all the plug then thear is no lites on and the "bad man" will think no one is home so you well have liss of a chance of that happing and if that duse not work.

The fact that your house was broken into may have something to do with your paranoia, but probably very little. It sounds to me like you have OCD -Obsessive-compulsive disorder. You may want to check out websites on this psychological disorder and meet with a psychiatrist who can give you treatment and get your life back to normal!

obsessive-compulsive disorder prob brought on by the break in ..you need to have a chat with your doc..Dont worry its a very common thing after a shock, you need to just talk it over with the doc and he will help you sort it. x x
P.s you are NOT nuts if your thinking that..its a reaction to the trauma of the break in.

I'm no Dactor but it sounds like OCD to me...obsessive compulsive disorder. There is help to relieve some of the symptoms. Seek help from a therapist. It will make your life better.

i have this to i think it is OCD i get really annoyed with myself sometimes

paranoia has a lot to with it. but it sounds to me like you have developed OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) i know a person who has this and it has almost become crippling for them. they have taken it from just being in the house (like you are doing) to the car, work, public places....i would suggest you try and one night leave a door in your house unlocked...not the front door, nor back, just a door in the house...then if you still are doing everything like you have or leaving it unlocked..i would seek some advice from a doc....i mean not to be pumped full of meds, but maybe some advice on how to curve it and to get some mental release from all of this....good luck and best wishes

could be OCD time to go to the doctor.

You have OCD. I do the same thing. But I tell myself that I DID lock the door and force myself away from it. Same thing with appliances. I don't take meds, but I know what I have. When I am tired or really stressed, it gets worse so I try to not go there.

Sounds to me like you have developed a relatively mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), probably brought on by the "trauma" of your break in. There's lots of info out there on the web about it. Just type "OCD help", or "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder help" into Google or Yahoo search

Its called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A lot of people have it in a mild form, which is not a problem. But yours sounds more serious. I'd see a doctor if I was you, and he can refer you to a specialist. I hope you get sorted out soon. Good luck.

Sounds like OCD. There are plenty people out there who can help you. Make an appointment with your GP and ask for a referral to a specialist who will be able to help you. Good luck!

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