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I feel suicidal?
Today has been a nightmare, so stresful, even my therapist doesn't call me for 4-5 weeks for another appointment. nobody gives a damn and im not ringing them..*** them. i cant deal with life and feel different to everyone and sick of my pathetic life not being about to go out etc.

Rasengan Fury
Someone has too need you, If there is someone that needs you, use it as your purpose for living. Then you will be happy. Protect the lives of people precious to you, then you will truly be strong.

You aren't different than anyone else. We all have bad days. About your therapist - tell him his callback systems makes you angry and why.

You describe a "pathetic life". So change it in some small way - do things that make YOU happy - make sure to get exercise. (happy endorphins)

i feel the same most days im sick of life ive got nothing to look forward to so i might aswell end it now, the only thing keeping me going is through spite and the fact im a rebel, i want to prove everyone wrong one day and you will to if you put your mind to it. i know lifes a ***** and theres not much to it apart from be born then wait to die, but you have to keep your chin up and be strong, one day it will all be worth it.

clare L
Call someone like the samartians or friends..ask for help. Dont be dumb!

how old are you i have felt suicidal before nothing is worth killing yourself over really there are people that care there are suicide hotlines have you tried any if your therepist cant make time try to find a new one i went threw three. i know its hard to talk to people you cant trust but life will get better even though it doesnt seem like it


I know how you feel, honestly...one thing that i have to say is you are not different to everyone else, there are so many people going through what you are, unfortunately. Please go to your gp or look for more regular meetings with a counsellor or another therapist, you couldn't have to wait so long to see someone and it is clear you need help at the moment..please seek it. it can often feel when you are depressed that everyone hates you and that no body cares, i go through that feeling continuously, i am not sure how to answer it but my counsellor says you need to care about yourself first,...however that's kinda hard isn't it? Please keep fighting and seek help because you aren't recieving enough or the right support at the moment but it is out there so please get it!

best of luck


When I'm depressed I just watch the movie 300. It gives me a new will to live every time.

sandrine N
Talk to me!

I want to die too... but I'm gonna sit that one out...
we all have our own issues. At least you can afford a therapist... if they really help. I need one too.
and it may not seem like it but there are people who care about you, you probably don't want to see it or you don't want them to care. Things will get better ^_^
But yeah, don't kill yourself.
Meditate, cry, scream... ride a bull.. ect, that **** actually helps.

contact The Samaritans on 0845 79 09 090

Is your death going to change something? You live only once.So why waste it in such things.There must have happened things when life was not kind to you,may be you was hurt in love,may be a family member damaged your trust but these things cannot stop life.Life goes on.You too have to move forward.No body is living on a bed of roses but it helps a lot to pretend that we are.Never think that only strong and rich people are happy.You too can make it with a little bit of will power and sense of humor.And remember,only those people want to take their life who want to live life to the full.

plz get help and call 911

we really care about u


jessica p
Well For one DON'T DO IT. I am going through the same thing accept for i talk to a counselor. She told me yesterday to sit in a chair with my back on the back of the chair and put my hands beside my legs with your palms down. Look at something like the floor or a chair. Take a breath in through your nose and say one, Let it out through your mouth and say 1. Do this for about 5-10 minutes and while you are doing this recongnize your breathing pattern. Take it nice and slow and don't rush through it. It does help because she said realizing your breathing actually helps you calm down. AND IT DOES. If you want to talk i am in the same situation u r. Email me at [email protected] and i would be more that happy to talk to you. that is what i am here for.

flower power
PLEASE dont say that!! - everybody has off days and you are important to your parents & family...ring your therapist if you need to...ring the Samaratins if you are in england..they are brilliant.

my brother just attempted suicide and did not succeed - he is really terribly injured & may never walk again...dont let that be you..you are too important!! its nice to have you here on yahoo as well...so be strong darling...tomorrow is another day and you might feel better.

in the meantime - try to talk to someobdy to help you through this tough time...we all have those moments you know..you arent alone...good luck!!

dnt do it man!!

So what is your question? Anyway, like someone earlier said, join the club. Why can't you go out. Why does your therapist have to call you? Why does anyone have to give a damn about anyone? Don't worry about going to hell, there is no such place.
Get it together, accept the way things are, because they are not changing. Everyone else does. Is everyone else better than you somehow? Think about that. Are the dumbassssses you see walking around you everyday better than you? Then how come they don't get mopey and start crying about themselves? Go light a few fireworks, let the noise wake you up, ( i would say go fire a gun at some targets like my bf does, but he isn't suicidal and can handle a gun without thinking about blowing his brains), and grab your balls and use them! (my boyfriend's quote too).

I have felt just the way you are right now. I take St Johns Wort 300 mg and it makes a world of difference. take 5-7 pills 4-8 times a day for a week then cut down a pill each time you take them and keep cutting down every week untill you are down to one pill 6-8 times per day and you will feel much better. Or you can take pynocgenol (spelling) it costs more but is good also. Don't give up you are not alone.

Hey I'm suicidal too!
High Five!

No for real, people care, maybe they just dont know they're supposed to. If you tell a real friend they'll kick into superfriend mode.

cosworth nut
i care. i have a history of depression in my family. i know how low you can get. but there are eventually highs, all i know is my best friends sister killed herself(she was 23),but as she lay dying she told her mum she regretted it , but it was too late to save her.she had a low spell but did not want to die.its a beuatiful world out there and you dont need anyone else to enjoy it,summers here now. look after yourself.treat yourself to somthing you want but dont need.you do matter.

wow. you sound like every other stressed person out there.
hint: what im trying to say is that there are so many people out there who are going through the same **** as you. talk to them. dont go to a psychiatrist when youre neighbor could give you the same advice and help alot more without giving you drugs that make you feel worse. hope i helped!

Contact emergency or a helpline - now, please

Ok, your letting things get to you. First of all think about this.

If you cant change something, then its not worth worrying about. Time wasted worrying about problems is time that can be spent finding solutions.

Watch TV, Listen to the radio, have a drink, put your feet up and dont worry about the mess, just chill out. oh, and dont forget the ice cream.

Everyone experiences some sort of pain and hurt in their lives. When life has you down you have to pre occupy yourself with something else. If you kill yourself, it is a very selfish thing to do. Think of all of the other people in the world besides yourself that are suffering more than you (i.e the people in Iraq, family members that have cancer, murders) You cannot blame yourself or hurt yourself because that is being self involved.

i kno life sux. u just need to find someone to talk 2. u can email or im me and we can chat.

I have no real answer to offer other than to say that I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope you don't decide to kill yourself and are able to find some real help.

naughtybecksy K
Calm down and accept that tomorrow will be better. You have to take each day as it comes with something like depression. Been there, done that. Good luck.

The only person that can help you is yourself.You feel different to everyone else and feel pathetic because thats what you think.I bet your a lovley person within.

Don't choose the easy way. Struggle with your problems, life is a test for all of us to take, and in the end, you will be proud of the way you managed through the hard times.

Listen to me. ive had to talk people out of suicide in the past. if youre suicidal, seek help NOW before its too late. you may feel suicidal, but dont kill yourself. ok, maybe youre situation is bad, but you know the saying "all good things come to an end"?? well that applies to bad things aswell. if your counsellor doesnt call you, you call them. tell them you need help, and that you are in this way. they might send you to anotehr councellor to get more help, a.s.a.p. dont leave this, seek help. tell your counsellor. I need you to take action, not kill yourself. you can get through this, trust me.been tehre with depression, been there with suicidal people, and got the t-shirt. not something to take lightly, and not something to keep to yourself. seek help. and the fact youve posted this on YA shows you want help. even you cant deny that. nows your turn to seek action. if you listen to one thing on here, let it be this mate. best of luck, hang in there. everyone is supporting you x

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