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The Rev
I cant stop cutting myself?
I have been cutting all over my body for about 6 months. On my legs arms and sides. No matter how hard i try i just feel like I have to keep cutting. Its too the point where all i can think about is when i can cut again. Ive hidden it from everyone i know cause im afraid theyll hate me

blonde chick!
Well if you can't stop go get help and try the rubber band thing! if you feel like cutting just snap the rubber band!!

Natalie Roo
this only works for your arms unless you have some really big rubber bands but you just wear a rubber band as a bracelet and whenever you feel like you need to cut just snap the rubber band on your wrist. that way you still get the pain but its not acutally hurting you

i just recently had this problem. i just told myself i needed to stop. it became an addiction, but once i told my friends, i realized that they really do care about me. & they said if i didn't stop, they would report me to the counselor & my parents. I did have a few friends turn from me because of this but at the same time, i gained friends & people who wanted to help me. My friends grew that much closer to save my life. Just tell yourself that you need to stop. I just listened to music & started thinking more optimistically. Hope this helps. you need to stop though. Much love. ♥

Next time you get the urge call 1-800-366-8288 it is a self-injury hotline

Please get some professional help, see your GP then go from there.

Life is awesome only if you want it to be dont be sad!

Bob Marley
im not a hippy
read the Bible go to Church go shopping sleep in and make a very busy scedule to get ur mind off of it

see a psycologist
you need to let out all ur problems
tralk to ur friends
they will understand
takin helps

Mrs. Synyster Gates
not sure if ur making this up but il trest it like a normal question (sry but a lot of people make up this stuff)

ive been cutting for the last few weeks but have managed to stop. think about other ways you can re-direct your sadness.anger/fustration/emotions. poetry, music, reading, alcohol(lol j.k) watch some scary movies. i find they help. oh and watch a movie its called "wristcutters: a love story"

i wish i could help you more, but just try not to cut, think about the ugly scars.

TO EVERYONE SAYING THIS IS "MESSED UP" OR "EMO" OR "ATTENTION SEEKING" ...did you know statistically 1 in 6 highschools cut themseleves?

Dan k
tell some friends. u can stop when u think about cutting do something else anything else.like call up a friend.

leondra r
When did you start and why? Whats the point? I was told to keep from hurting from something else is one of the reasons why people do it. I never understood it but if you feel like thats all you have to do in life than so be it. The only person that can help you is you and God if you believe in him. Im very blunt but real. I just think you should be able to find something else to do...

i used to be that way too i understand where your coming from. you need professional help. When i had to stop cutting, i didnt get help but i was strong enough to stop myself. Just ask yourself: how does cutting benefit me? you figure out the answer. its not worth screwing up your body and embarrasing yourself in front of family and friends. they would be devestated if they found out.

I cut too. The best thing to know is that you are not alone. I got help. I still cut, but much much less. I learned better coping skills. You should definitely tell someone you trust and get help. My scars, your scars.... are permanent . They will not hate you. I assure you.


ummm get help cause helping yourselve is not going to help esspically if you just started. Get help fast before it gets worst. You Better NOW, FAST, HURRY!!! And it does not have to be a friend go to a clince.

Jeff D
nobody will hate you... you need to ask for help... seek it if you truly want it...people love you... and many will help you... ASK!!!!

its more likely that people will be concerned rather than hateful. telling somebody that you can talk to is probably best. sorry you feel like you have to, but nothing is worth cutting yourself over.

If you didn't stop, you will have Tetanus and die, seriously.

Although you know your afraid that people will hate you they won't. I'm not going to lie they would be a little upset but at least they can help you get through it. You should tell your parent(s) about it so they can take you to a doctor. This is a really serious thing because you never know whats going to happen until you cut to deep and there's no stopping the blood. You should try to think about why you started doing this in the first place. Get help as soon as possible! Good Luck with everything.

Dave Offy
Start something else. When you have the urge to cut yourself do something else like go on the computer, play a sport or something.

Yahoo Asker
Try cutting off ur fingers... That will surely stop you from cutting urself anymore.... I promise....

Pamela T
well my sister did the same thing have you thought about getting some therepy i know that my sister did for about how long shes did it for at talked about why and what made her feel like she had to now shes stoped cutting after getting help and shes so much better hope things work out for you

Krystin S
tell someone.

I used to cut a lot till I found out what was causing me to do that. I got it under control and now I hardly do it any more. Found out what is causing you to cut.
Hope this helps!
Good luck!

This is a type of mental illness that you will not be able to deal with on your own- get help as soon as you can - there are medications that can be prescribed that will help you improve- get started as soon as possible

It's more than just a personal problem now. It seems it has become an addiction and a way of life for you. It is a way of inappropriately dealing with your problems, stress, emotions, etc. It's time to get help, professional help. A family physician can even give you a recommendation for another doctor. No one is going to hate you if you admit you have a problem and you need help.

Drink Green Tea and sit on your roof. Look at the stars. Read a book. Hug your cat. Bake some bread. Call a friend and tell them they're the best. Write a letter to someone. Eat walnuts. Put your head in a freezer. Take a hot shower. Put some yummy lotion on. Do your homework. Play leapfrog with yourself. Make pancakes.

well it's an addiction i've been through it i went to go get help i stopped cutting my self while going through that hard time i got rubberbands and put it around my wrisk and pulled them you should get help from the hospital they will help you and it really works

I have the same problem.
Try taking a rubber bang and snapping it whenever you get the urge to cut.
You can also use an ice cube to try to numb your skin, which is a substitute for cutting.
Listening to music can also drive away the urge.
Try taking a warm shower or bath, making sure there are no razors around you.
I hope this helped a bit.

tell your parents, i swear they won't hate you, and they will get you good help


yes you can stop.
if you cannot on your own,
get help.

People need to learn humor
I think you need to tell your parents and i suggest you see a Psychiatrist

gather a bunch if coupon books,

there's something you can cut

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