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blue pitbull
I cant control my anger!!!!!?
my anger is getting out of control. i used to draw or workout to control my anger but it hasnt been working recently. my first instinct when i get angry is to beat the crap out of the first thing that i see. is there anything i can do to control myself. anger management didnt help, it pissed me off even more that someone was trying to calm me down
Additional Details
ive tried video games but it pissed me off when i lost so i sold my ps3.

okay listen, i know were you are comming from, i had i lot of anger. I tried anger mangment to. It didn'y help me to, and i know what you mean when people tell you to calm down. I people thing that they know what you are goign threw and i they tell you what to do, and that just pisses you off even more. The only thing that helped and i know that this is going to sound all earthy, is that i found sometime to myself, i tried to make peace with my self to. It's workign for right now for me, but you need to find something that getts your anger out, because it will eat you up from the inside out.. me i yell and sceam at the top of my lungs and i punch pillows. do something for you self

♥ B1tchHere ♥
Anger management is really helpful
Have you stopped and asked yourself what you are really mad at during these episodes and really broke it down.. You may be more angry at yourself and your past.

Joe Jonas's future wife
try going to a counciler. or try just relaxing every day for about 45 minutes. go outside and read a book. just sit out in the sun, or take a nap. you could just get more sleep. you may just be tired. hope i helped.

Conner M
scream into a pillow or work out

You must breath... don't know what they tried to teach you in your anger management classes; Their are breathing techniques u can use that really work. The first steps are to realize you are doing it again. You have to really want to change yourself most. Listen to your body...it will give you "warning signs". Fast heart beat, sweaty palms, something. what ever your body does right b4 you wig out is what you need to focus on. When you notice these things, you immediately walk away from whats causing the fluster and do your breathing exercises. You literally have to retrain your self, be motivated and determined to be a certain different way. True strength is when you know what kind of damage your capable of and you can control it. In my opinion, a true MAN who can control his temper, especially when he knows what he is capable of is a sign of maturity.

haha ! yes the same thing sometimes happens to me. but the thing is...it's not that hard. why dont you try yoga ? i heard it really works! if that doesn't work then just pick out some calm music that calms you down, and then turn that on, but quietly, and lie down, close you eyes and just breathe. Think of something nice. Just don't think about the thing that is making you angry...clear your mind.
if that doesn't work, then i think it's best to go see a therapist! they will sure know what to do with you ! good luck!

Katie M
I have anger problems too, and i've actually punched a few people in their obnoxious little faces, but i've found that writing down what is making me mad helps me get a little more rational. If i'm still mad after writing, i resort to being a passive agressive *****.

If your really concerned, i think they have pills that can help control anger too.

you should go to an anger management class. i don't know if they really work or not, but hey it's worth a shot. or you can get a small squishy toy and keep it in your pocket, whenever you think you're going to lose control take it and squeeze it. it'll help!

Hi, I'm not sure how old you are, but you are heading for trouble. If you don't get help you will eventually end up going to far and killing someone. Have you gone to a psychologist to try and get help. If you anger management class was a group class it was probably to generic. You need to talk to someone who respects you as a person and truly wants to help you. Someone you respect as well.
You getting in trouble won't only affect you and the person you hurt, but your family as well as theirs. Try to think of that person as someones son or daughter. It might help you to calm down. I don't know what else to tell you, but I wish you the best and I'll be thinking about you. Take care.

The best thing for you to do, I'm not trying to say your crazy but maybe you should get some counseling to see whats going on in your life.

smoke a fattie

Official Angela;; ♥
How about...If you have a squeezy ball, or a stress ball. Squeez it to, let out the anger. =]]

I have a pink stress ball, with a smiley face on it!! =]

Or eat right. Excercise. Talk about it like conseling...anything that u like but dosent make u mad. =]]

Oh boy, I know the feeling, but I'm not as bad off as you are. You need to get to the root of your problem, and it's probably low self esteem. It is very difficult, but you need to be able to express your frustrations in a civil way when you are offended so you don't hold the negative feelings inside and they build up. Also, be as healthy as you can be, and don't skip meals or sleep. We are just like little kids--when we are hungry or tired we get cranky. Exercise regularly, not just when you are frustrated. I don't mean to be rude, but I hope you do not take steroids or smoke a lot of MJ. Can you find something that you enjoy to do or maybe give more of yourself by volunteering at a hospital or an old folks home. Try to find a faith based therapist to help you through this. Also, ask yourself what the anger does for you. I don't ever know how to answer when my therapist asks me, but I have been trying to deal with things when they occur and not let them pile one on top of another until I can't take it. Good luck. Count your blessings. Turn your anger over to the Lord. Say, God, remove this anger from me. I can't bear it any more. When you feel the anger, say, "Lord I surrender this (problem) to you." Have faith and walk away.

actually, video games my help. are you holding any issues inside? you may want to talk to someone? just some thoughts. can you increase your workout to heavy weight lifting?

Try exercise.

Johnny U
i like to go to the driving range and pretend the ball is my wife's or mother in law's head when i get angry. i was hitting those things 350 yds. or the batting cage if you prefer.

or you can just tell yourself. "I am above this person that is making me angry and I really have no time for them. they are insignificant" that helps a little.

Brandon C
look buddy.... im going through the same thing as u r....... try to play a volent video game beat the crap outta some guy.... thats what i did in gta iv.... it worked but yet i still feel anger cuz i have a little sister............. you should try that tip

take a vacation, kickboxing, vitamins, something but you may wanna try counseling...it helps when you can talk to someone who doesnt know you and cant judge you!

Lords Love
Wow!!! There are so many angles to this one. IF it is that serious I would ask that you take a look at your present situation to determine if there is something going on in your life that you are not dealing with and it is trickling into other areas of your life. If it's not that...maybe you can look into your past. Do you have a genetic disposition for anger or is it possibly environmental? Did your parents/ caregivers have issues with anger?
Consider the enegy you expend when getting angry and the lack of progress that is made in the end result. How does it benefit you? Your ability to control your anger starts with your method of thinking. Do you rule over your emotions or do your emotions rule over you? There is nothing wrong with walking away from a situation sometimes - breathing and imagery are sometimes helpful too.

anger management. also, don't let your anger get the best of you. you might do something you will regret.

i know how you fill. I'm a ticking time bomb that can go off at any moment. Gd luck just don't let it get you in trouble if you beat up on furniture its okay .

evie b
go check yourself into a mental hospital

it doesn't matter if it's your first instinct as long as you dont go beating the crap out of things.

Everyone has crazy thoughts and instincts but it's the people who act on them that need help.

Robert Pattinson Drinks Water
I have the same thing and what i do is sit down with a really good book and read. Or i cuddle with my hubby and he pets my hair. Find someone you love and just talk to them.

Take a chill pill! Not literally, of course. Relax and take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down. I know you don't really want to hurt anyone or anything; just think about that and try to stop yourself just in time.

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