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I can't cope...i just can't do this...please help me!?
please give me something to hope for! i'm really struggling to see anything worth living for at the moment, i'm not coping with anything. i can't cope with this i just can't cope. what do i do? please help me.
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druggie dude (second answerer) - what?

You need to get to the bottom of this, what is causing it? There is a root problem that needs addressing urgently. Can you think of a reason as to why you feel like this? Have you had hard times in your life that you havent dealt with and they have built up, or could it be that you feel lost without a purpose.

What do you beleive in? Are you religious, what do you think of complementary therapy or would you prefer to take medication? Each of these avenues is a path out of your current situation, but you need to find the right one for you to get it to work for you.

I found spritual awareness to help me back up. There is a book called the power of now by eckhart tolle, it will open your eyes if you read it, but if not that one there are heaps of books on how to help yourself out of sticky situations, but if you dont learn how to do it you will never know.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is fantastic too, you could get a referral from your doctor for this. You dont need to beleive that it will work, you just need to go along and close your eyes for a while.

Why dont you hope for yourself to be happy, and actively take steps to achieve it.


There is nothing worth dying for that's not better served by living.


Your not really saying what you cant cope with but it sounds like your suffering from depression or some anxiety disorder. I too have been through this in the past and got through it on my own just trying to focus on the positive things. Obviously I dont know your situation but I'd say if you feel this bad talk to a doctor, you may not need to go on anti depressants but the times that i have talked about my problems I feel like a weight has been lifted and I feel better. If you dont want to go to a doctor, talk to a friend or family member. You just going through a bad time and you will get through it but you need other people to help dont keep it all inside or you'll go crazy. Hope things turn out ok.

You should see someone at least 2 times a week if needed , ask your psychiatrist to refer you to a trained counselor , write everything down you want to say to him/her.

Before you go to sleep , write down what you are troubled with , and what you are thinking about , so you can continue thinking about it in the morning , but can sleep and be sure it will all still be there.

Start by wanting to get better.

You don't choose your disease but you DO chose your symptoms.

You have your things to worry about and your friends have theirs , you should respect each other and not burden each other with your problems . Hang around your healthy friends.

What you can do .. is get from behind your computer and not ask these questions to people who aren't professionals.
If you really cant cope get yourself hospitalized .

nora r
Just sit down somewhere quiet and sort out your thoughts. It might seem big right now, but imagine if it was a year or two later, would what you are worrying over be that important? If you need to, go into therapy( I'm in it now,because I was close to killing myself 2 years ago).Things do get better in time, just put up with what ever is wrong right now, because it will pass, and do things, even little things, just to remind you that you will make it, that you are important too. Don't let anyone bring you down or steal your Joy.

First off, what is your age? Age sometimes has a big factor in how well you cope with situations. If you are a teenager, you have hormones surging through your body. This can mess you up by itself, but there's more. On top of that the frontal lobe of your brain is developing. In fact it isn't through developing until you're 25! If you look up frontal lobe on wikipedia you'll see why this can also be a factor in your coping problems. Knowing is half the battle; if you are under 25, or worse yet a teenager (who not only has to deal with the frontal lobe developing but the surge of hormones as well) if you keep in mind that your coping problems are normal and they WILL get better as you age, you should feel a little better. This is hard because you are most likely at a point where you feel, "I feel so horrible, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to feel the same way I do." Not to make you feel like you're not special, but most people go through this thought process at some point in your life. This is the animal side of you. The animal side of humans may not be special, but in every human there is a spiritual side that is. Now, if you are over 25 you may be malnourished. Even if you’re under 25 you may be malnourished which adds insult to injury. You may eat plenty throughout the day, but it isn’t how much you eat but what you eat. Completely changing your diet WILL completely change how you feel. I use to suffer from severe anxiety problems. I developed an ulcer at age 20. Nothing worked to relieve it, not even my prescription medicines. So out of DESPARATION for relief, I made a lifestyle change. I no longer consume any foods with preservatives, refined (table) sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and I won’t eat fried foods. My ulcer went away and has not come back, and another interesting thing is that my anxiety went away as well. This option is usually only for people who are UTTERLY DESPARATE since it requires a COMPLETE lifestyle change (no more going to restaurants, reading the ingredients on every food label, and trying to tell family and friends “I can’t eat that” when they cook dinner can be very hard). Do you take a multi-vitamin? You would have to eat about 10,000 calories (if none of them are empty) to get the nutrition of a high quality vitamin. How about other supplements throughout the day? Keeping B-vitamins and neuron-transmitters in your body really helps give you extra pep. Just be sure to check the toxicity level for your weight so you don’t accidentally overdose. Exercise helps a lot too. If you are out of shape you will be miserable for the first couple of weeks, but then you will come to love it and you’ll begin to be rewarded at the end of every workout with a rush of endorphins. Gym memberships are getting cheaper and cheaper, so see if you can find one that fits your needs. Yoga is getting very popular too with not just women, but men since it incorporates the body with the mind. You may enjoy a gym that offers yoga classes if you want to give it a try. Try to make your workout no less than 30 min and work your way up to an hour or more. The thing about exercise though is that you have to work out EVERY DAY, even on the days you just don’t feel like it. If you miss a day just because you didn’t feel like it, you WILL NOT go back to it. Understand it is not because you are a weak person, but because humans are creatures of habit. Knowing this we can take advantage of this and make good habits. Finally, you may want to look into a life coach. Life coaches work a little differently than therapists. Therapists give you objective third party unbiased observations. Life coaches connect with you, care about you, teach you how to think positively, and teach you how to eventually be so strong where you don’t need them anymore. You can do a search on a search engine online to find one. Good luck on your journey! And remember, even though you may not be able to control the bad that happens to you, you have complete control of the good.

Dances With Woofs!
I know how you feel.My Dad died on Halloween,then my brother and his kids stopped talking to me because I called his kids brats for not visiting my Mother ( they never do,but they sure expect Christmas presents and the like,and they hadn't visited my dad for months before he died - too busy) My Mom is getting dementia,I can't drive and if I could I couldn't afford a car anyway.The roof has a hole in it,the plumbing is shot,the toilet is broken,but there isn't enough money to fix them right now.I have Chronic fatigue syndrome and other health problems and have battled depression and anxiety all my life.I have no boyfriend,no job,not many close friends.I do have my animals ,my Mom,and my online friends,and one very close "real life" friend.I do not know what I would do without this friend,and my online friends.They are what keep me going,literally. So,I think I know what you're feeling.Hollow,hopeless and helpless.It's a terrible feeling.Please email me if you want to talk.In the meantime,go out,get some air,smile at someone.If you have a dog,take it for a walk.If you don't then may I suggest you adopt one? Dogs are wonderful friends in times like these.Please hang on.Yes,things may be terrible,but there are people in much more dire straits than we are,and they manage to rise above their problems and survive.We can,too!

just think;how would your family and friends react if u did do it?think about wat will happen if u did!your family and friends love you! talk to someone you love.something good will happen!think of a bright,wonderful,cool,future.give life another chance.if you do commit suicide,you'll regret it.may god be with you so u make the right choice.=]follow your heart
oh yea,and dont drink bleach.

Yes yo can cope, but you need to learn how. You are not the only one in the world who has mental problems. You need to learn how to get it out instead of keeping it in. A family member or friend is a good placeto start. also write.

I thought the same as you (when I was 17) and tried to commit suicide - but my best friend called to my house and ended up saving my life - now, with hindsight, I am certainly glad that she did, I then sat down and decided what I wanted from life, not what it expected from me.
I went to college, got a good degree in Art (hey, it's what I liked)
I now run a (moderately) successfull advertising agency, married, had kids, and wake up each morning with the sea in my front window and meadows (with hares !) in by back windows.
Life can be sweet - get out there - and discover it.
You only have one shot at this game - enjoy it.

PS: my best mate that saved me, well she had such a zest for life was mown down by a lorry 16 years ago - so sad.
Go snowboarding.
Do something diffferent.

If you are serious, check yourself into a mental health clinic or have someone take you to one. If you are not, shame on you.

Just calm down, we will all die sooner or later, don't you want to know what life has in store for you? Maybe things are about to get better, they always do. You know that saying; 'Darkest hour is just before dawn'.. Well I think it's true. Just chill and you will see things differently tomorrow.

first and foremost, iam sorry to hear you feel this way, secondly dont take all the advice you see on the internet as gospel. Always seek advice from you own GP first.

We all have difficult times like these, some cope better than others. What could reaaly help you is a good healthy balance eating and sleeping regime. And then just taking some time out to yourself for youself.

You are lucky enough to be able to get all the help and advice you need form the health service, dont be afraid nor embarresed to use it, dont try to wash this off by yourself, you need to talk,, cos sometimes just being open and talking will guide you to your own way forward, All the very best

wow everyone loves you. you're an amazing person! i felt like that once and tried to kill myself and it hurt everyone around me and i realized what a terrible mistake i had made. i started to see a councilor and now i feel much better. if you are going through hell, keep going

For everything good that's going to come to you later. You'll miss it. That and im sure for the people you know.. they will be very hurt.. I don't even know you and I feel for you.. Imagine the people that do.. Pick up a guitar and put your time and effort into that.. or a book.. let your mind escape as much as you can.. but stay away from drugs and alcohol..you're f'n better than that

Chris K
This just a silly website. Pouring your soul out here isn't going to get you any help. Despite all the "you can do it!" stuff from the wellwishers. You need professional help and medication to slow you down so you can put things into perspective. I know. I've been there. So, go and see your doctor. Or any doctor. Use yellow pages. It's a really hard thing to do. But once you've done that it's like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders. What have you got to loose?
Please. Do it.

Despite whatever state your in, the bleach drinkers cry for help just makes me mad.

I don't really know what is the problem, but if you mentioned a suicide thing, then you have to sort out the problem by yourself. It is the best way, because only you know yourself better then anyone else. I know that from my own suicidal experiences.

take care

If things are this bad then they can only get better. As once said:
'If you're going through hell...then keep going'.

You need to slow down and relax a little bit.
There is plenty good in the world, you just have to be able to find it, if you only look at the bad then you're stuffed when it comes to looking for good.

Seek counselling, you need help and I know that I can't give it to you...I would like too but I can't give good enough help.

I am sorry you are having trouble. PLEASE go to the phone book or just call information and ask for a crisis number. Someone will talk to you. Also turn off all noise in the house or go somewhere quiet and pray. Just ask God to bring you peace. Please don't even think of harming yourself. That is a final solution to a temporary problem. You have people who love you, more than you know. Write again if you need more help. Its ok to ask for help.

Ok now love, there's always something good in everýbodies life. Its just that sometimes we can't see it.
I don't know what's going on exactly at your place but don't give up, there IS hope...

I hope you'll feel better soon.

oh come on. as another living human being i will tell you this
you have everything to live for
right now at this very moment you may be feeling crappy and depressed and your life is going to hell
but you can make it all better .
it all will go good eventually.
you have everything to live for.
a good better life
a family
a wife or husband
having a better quality of life
your friends and family
and + if you suicide in some cases "you will go to hell"
eternal damnation of yourself. so please. whatever is happening to you. you can pull through this.

Melissa M
call 1 (800) suicide. Its a prevention hotline. There are people who are trained and very able to help you through this. Please call.
I used to have a struggle with depression myself and thought a lot of the same things you do. I don't know if it will help you but I found that looking at the simpler things seemd to help a lot. Such as the green of the grass or the feel of snow or the glow of the moon. I know it sounds silly but it really helped me to appreciate the much over looked things in life and in turn I was able to grasp onto some beauty and joy

Stand up from your computer.

Go outside and walk around your block.

It's been proven that physical exersize releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel better.

As you walk, say hello to 5 people.
Human interaction, even on such a casual level, also releases beneficial chemicals.

Get involved with something.
Volunteer with a NO KILL animal shelter.
Libraries, hospitals, old folks homes, homeless shelters would all love some additional help. Getting out and doing something gives you something to do and look forward to.

Take a class.
Parks and Recreation departments of major cities has classes on just about everything out there. From dancing to martial arts, to arts and crafts, it's all out there waiting for you.

Call your doctor.
Your feelings aren't rare. You aren't alone. Doctors have emergency numbers for just this reason.

you could set yourself goals
e.g. by next year i'll have found a job i really enjoy and work hard at it
and set your mind on those goals
speak to family, friends, doctor too will help

When I start feeling like that, I just open the windows (just a little if it's cold out like it is now), and lie down, just staring at the sky and the trees moving in the wind, and I breathe in the wonderful scent of the air. I let the sunlight wash over me, and I just breathe. Or if it's raining, I let the sound of the rain pattering wash over me as I breathe in the rainy air. It's a wonderful feeling, it really is, and it's the one thing I keep coming back - it's something worth living for, to me. I hope that helps you - because even the simplest things can be worth living for, when it seems like nothing else is. Good luck....

Go and tell your doctor. You are obviously suffering from depression and need help.

Tara ă?„
I feel exactly the same way.
Things will get better.
I promise.
I know you don't know me and stuff
But take my word for it - No matter how crap life is at the moment it will get better.

Why not call MIND?
Or Samaritans?
I call them regularly, and they do help.

The number for mind is
(08457) 660163
and the website is

The number for Samaritans is
08457 90 90 90
The website is

I hope you feel better soon!

۞۝ go gators! ۝۞
think about your family.. how they would feel if u were gone. try to get someone to talk to and that might help

Hey there. You might not believe me, but I totally understand how you are feeling at the moment. I also have depression and I know how awful it feels when you are in that place where there appears to be no way out.

I found that the best way to get through things are to just embrace them. It's like a storm, it always passes. It might keep recurring though, but it does always pass, even if it is briefly.

I know it's hard, but you have to try to do things that when you are in YOUR normal state of mind, enjoy. For example if your thing is art and creative activities, then create a piece of art which totally expresses how you are feeling in that moment in time. Or if you enjoy song writing, write a very expressive song, you might even surprise yourself. I always think the best songs come from the heart, even if your heart feels pain at that moment.

As for your friends who have mental problems, maybe you could help each other? At least you would have a better understanding of how each of you are feeling because you have been there. OK maybe not drinking bleach, but the thing behind it which makes your friend do it might be the same thing which makes you feel so down and like you can't cope. It's like self harm. It might have the same catalyst, but people deal with it in different ways.

Anyway I'm going on a bit, so I'm sorry about that. I just hope that you feel better soon. Try not to let it beat you (hard as it is). Please don't do anything silly (not saying you would) it's like the saying:

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Email me if you need to :)

Good luck x

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