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Thomas Paine
I am crushed by life; can someone see some answer?
I have tried much and achieved nothing; mocked by idiot neighbors, penniless, without family and friends and ashamed. I can't fake it anymore, I'm not going to be anything in life. I'm old as well. I'm holding on with the skin of my teeth.

I am sorry. I really don't know what else to say.
Human suffering is so much present, I have no answers as to why so much pain .
I can only say that I am sorry.

Debbie V
NAMI - National Alliance for Mental Illnesses

The best thing to do is find something that will make you happy and stick to it whatever it may be (just make sure its a healthy habit) with that in that area you will find people that will have a common interest in what you like so that way you gained two things an interest and friends. Also seek help from someone you can confide in that will give you positive feedback's that will show you that everyone has bumps in life and that sometimes its hard to get up but eventually you do get back up and that your not the only one out there that feels this way. Well try some of these and if you find anymore advice (positive ones) give them a try it won't hurt if it will make you feel happier. Good luck!

melissa w
my advice- find a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
smile, life will get better
(if ur penniless how come you have a pc and internet?)(just askin)

I can see that you achieved getting on the internet and communicating with all of us. That's a skill many old people don't have. Go to the library and read up on books about positive thinking. That's free - you don't need any money. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a great author to look up. "Real Magic" teaches you how to be happy, healthy, successful and prosperous in daily living through positive thinking and good works.

I suggest you take your Medicare card and visit the doctor for a checkup in case you are suffering from depression. There are some great medications out there nowadays if you are in need.

We care about you and wish you good luck.

Bob jr
It is up to every person to seize happiness for himself. I believe if u truly are unhappy then now is the time to seize it. My best advice is to do some thing that u love to do to raise ur spirit. As for after that ponder the question of what u need, then make a plan and follow through. I wish u best of luck. I remeber reading something that said being old isnt for pansys, life is twice is hard and that is why we must work twice as much.

Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped. ~African Proverb

things are going to get better; maybe not right this instant but it will.

but it doesn't get better on its own, you have to get up and do something about it.

no more self loathing!:]

adam h
You just wrote my life story.

I have read a good deal of success books and help books. The truest statement I have found in any of them is "Most of lifes biggest successes come on the heels of our biggest failures."
There is no such thing as success unless you first taste failure. As a sports analogy, the best baseball player in the league today has somewhere around a .340 batting average. That means he gets up to bat and fails 66% of the time. The most successful baseball players will all tell you, it is not hard to come to the plate and get a hit or even hit a homerun. The hard part is failing 66% of the time and having the fortitude to come back to the plate the next time and just keep swinging.
Now I could say a whole bunch of cliches like, quitters never win, or the glass is half full or a bunch of crap like that, but that stuff really never helps anyone.
All I can really suggest is if you measure yourself a failure, maybe you should get a new measuring stick. Maybe today getting out of bet was a small success. Maybe tommorrow, you go make yourself a new friend, or call a family member and let them know that whether they are willing to accept you, you still love and remember them. Maybe that can be your success for today, and what you will find is that successes are contagious. The most important thing for you to remember is that failing does not define you, its just a neccessary part of figuring out what not to do next time.
Rich, smart, successful,and powerful people decompose at the same rate as poor, dumb, poweless failures. We are all the same when we pass. The difference is that while we live that we make a difference to ourselves. If you are tired of feeling worthless, then stop feeling that way. I know that sounds retarded to hear out loud, but you are really the one who can change it. The only common denominator in all of your problems is you. Hope this helps

do something i bet you theres something you havent done yet

This is obviously your burden to bear. I dont know how old you are or what you consider to be old but one is never completely stuck in ones situation. Maybe you should ask yourself some questions. If you have nobody then do you have to stay where you are? If everyone respected you would you enjoy the burden of responsibility? Can others learn from your mistakes? Do you think you deserve what your life is like? Im not going to try to solve your situation but I think ive been in some pretty low spots in my life and it was hard to end them and i am always aware there could be another around the corner. I often caused the situation by myself as a result of bad decisions or from being unwilling to deal with the burdens of responsibilities any longer. I dont know if you have but the best thing ive ever done is pick up a christian bible and read it. I wouldnt force it on anyone so its just an idea.

Devan the G
the best thing to do in life is find something to do that you love.. first apologize to those close to you and make ammends..

then go out and try something new that you always have wanted to do

penniless?? no problem..go out and find a job you are enthuasiastic about and do your best everyday
hard work pays off and makes you feel a whole lot better

Miss. Chris
I think that this is not just a outside problem but a spiritual problem too. I imagine right now you aren't thinking to highly of yourself therefore your self esteem is down making it seem even more horrible.

So if you've got a job i might not be satisfying you at this point in which if your as old as you say and have a pension I think you should retire and maybe try something you like, like writing or painting. If your still to young it might be time for a career change so as to re-spark your interest.

If you have no career this may be our problem because money is the only way to build a bridge over rapids, even if love can swim through. So start with a job you can build off of, fast food is not the way to go.

Lisa B
Sorry, but this sounds like a fake question. Not too many penniless old persons get on the internet to ask for answers.

don't feel so bad nothings possible if you don't believe it is so just believe

The wise sayings from Proverbs:
1. Put God first.
2. Trust in God (it can be hard sometimes).
3. Seek out resources that can help you (your local mental health center).

It will not happen overnight, but slowly your fortunes will begin to turn around. And finish reading all of those Proverbs they will keep you "in good stead".

Dont be so much depressed in life.
Learn from your experiences, and try to remember the good things that happened in your life.
You will get a positive energy, which will help you to live happier.

Life is not about what people know, but about what people do. You could know everything but achieve nothing.

Everyone has a purpose; and if you want to find "your purpose", you'll "need" to go on living.

If you are not happy with your life, then maybe you need to help others. This world is a part of you. Be part of it.

do something that makes you happy

Think of how many times that inventors have failed at their invention, if they would have given up we wouldn't have such things as the light bulb for instance. Don't worry about your idiot neighbors, their idiots right? And you should be happy, it sounds like you have a place to live and Internet connection, considering how some people live and those less privileged, it sounds like you are doing okay. Be happy for what you have, and try talking to God about what you want to achieve in life, you don't have to live that way. Just set forth on what makes you happy and what you really want to do in life and have faith that you will get there. Age doesn't mean a thing, quit making excuses. Don't be afraid of greatness.

I don't think death will free you from your suffering. You will only return to a human form again to learn these lessons until you understand them. Like many people, you are spiritually suffering, but now you have become aware of it and have made the first step to seeking help by asking this question.

The body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Reality that you experience is a manifestation of your inner self. If it looks bad on the outside, it is because something is wrong on the inside.

Life has dealt us all pain and suffering, but if we can see these obstacles as challenges that help us grow spiritually, then there is no need to dwell on the pain and feel sorry for ourselves... That is not the lesson, that is illusion.

Penniless is merely an illusion, as well. The problem is you are still fixated on the material world if you think that your material value determines your happiness. That is wrong. Happiness is something you find within, whether you are rich or poor.

Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." I believe he said this because when you remove all the materialism and superficial nonsense that is heavily imposed by our society in the US, you can see the natural beauty in the gift of life that you have been given.

If religion helps, then go for it... But sadly there are many who are just as lost within religion because they have followed its rituals, misinterpreted its teachings, and failed to recognize its root meanings. Seek spirituality instead; the living God within your own heart. Only you can decide what that means.

Look around you, at all these strangers who are concerned for your well being... Do you not see this as proof that you are blessed? That there is a force that exists within this universe that has love for you? Even if your life seems fraught with peril, know that there can be no bad without good. Enough punishing your self... Time to let yourself be loved; allow good into your heart and your life.

I wish you luck in overcoming the illusions and the suffering, and finding the meaning in your life.

Take care :)

Always, ALWAYS, look around you.
Someone has it worse than you. At least you have access to a computer; otherwise, you could not have posted this question.
Start from this moment. Live in this moment. The future is unknown. The past is regret - even for the most successful folks.
Be easy on yourself.
Make a friend, do something nice for someone and don't let that person know.
It helps. I know, been there. God bless

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
Your still alive right? People make their own destinies, you can pull out of it if you want by a little step at a time. Age has nothing to do with it. And see your not that penniless, you own a computer.

There are lots of things you can do that make you feel fulfilled. I would suggest maybe becomming a volunteer in the community. Many places need helpers, and in doing that, you give back AND make friends. Plus it makes you feel useful.

Sometimes church can help people feel more Alive, for lack of a better word. Mind you it's not for everyone but if you find one that suits you it can be a 180 turn around in your life.

Also try reinventing yourself. Do something that you wouldn't normally but have always wanted to try. Who knows you might be the next big thing in art, music, or something else.!

And as always keep you head up. Live in today, but keep your eye open for tomorrow. You never know what may happen!

Kayla of Oz
The best thing to do in a time like this is don't pity yourself. That's the absolute worst thing you could do. People who get caught in self pity often do become "nothing" in life. What you should do is get more involved in things, you know, get out and meet new people, get a good job with good benefits, exercise, join a club or church. Trust me. It works!

Are you taking on to much at one time? Find out what you really want out of life and focus on one goal at a time. If it is a big goal, break it down in steps and go after each little goal until you achieve what you went after.

embroidery fan
One thing you have gained is wisdom. You are obviously intelligent, judging by your avatar name and your vocabulary. You have skill in expressing yourself verbally. Can you go to a Senior Center, to participate there? Can you go to a convalescent home to volunteer, and perhaps share some of your wisdom with the residents, along with games of checkers or chess?

Just helping people on this website would be helpful. There is also a Yahoo! Groups, with people of many different types, participating. There you could get individual attention and affection on a daily basis. Try it!!

Finally, you may just need a good boost of your serotonin level. Go for a checkup at a Senior's clinic, and see if you have clinical depression, with your Medicare. Just a few weeks of medication could work wonders, too, possibly.

Good luck as you start feeling better!


If you are serious, send me an email.

Meanwhile, why don't you have family or friends? Why are you ashamed?

By the way, so what if you're old? You're not dead. There is always hope for a better life until then. There are many, many examples of old people who suddenly made something out of themselves at a very old age (Grandma Moses, Col. Sanders of KFC fame, etc.)

Even if you think you're alone, you're not. Most older people start facing the grim reality that life didn't turn out the way they planned. But you know the saying, "Man plans, God laughs." So your plans didn't work out. Make new plans.

Penniless? So was Jesus, Ghandi, Van gogh...Don't measure your worth with money. Anyway, you can't take money with you so why spend your life accumulating it?

Tell us more about your life and we'll try to help. We all need a helping hand. And, strangers or not, we're all connected. You have a spiritual family whether you care to accept this or not.

There is always hope. :)

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