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Andrew D
I am addicted?
I am addicted to the internet
I cant stop
what to Do
Additional Details

For sure your body will complain. The but needs to be exercised. I dont see any problem yet. You will feel pain soon and I am sure you will change .

Yup Yup
5 hours isn't really that bad..... I spend more time on but I wouldn't consider myself addicted. I used to spend 16 hours a day on the internet...


And try to find something else to do like go outside.!

Are you sure ur addicted to the internet? I don't think u r because if u were, u would not even sleep. That would be considered an addiction to the internet.

Still.. why don't u unplug ur computer and forget that there is such a thing as the amazing and always useful internet?

{Little Miss Flirty } ;)
urr wow then I need help cuz I spend like 8 hours each day on it .

Food Eater likes Nastia Liukin
Play baseball and or hockey.

only 5 hours, your fine not addicted yet.

You say you can't stop, you feel restricted by it, is it something you need, do you crave it/get anxious when you are away from an Internet connection?

Allot of people posting would probably react differently if you said "I cant stop exercising/cleaning my hands/I spend 5 hours binge eating and purging"

If you feel it is a problem, it is a problem! Patronizing doesn't help anyone.. talk to someone about it that takes you seriously.

You can try by restricting the hours you spend on-line, use an alarm clock, try only being on-line during set hours, put your PC in another room if you can, use time-limitation programs.

Try finding in yourself what other things you can/want to do. Distract yourself, go outside, call someone..

do something else

just enjoy having internet and the technology we have these days.

but try and cut down..maybe if it's a nice day go outside, read, clean?

good luck

i don;t think you can be addicted to the internet........i spend about 3 hours on it so i don't think i'm addicted so i don't think you are


Your in charge of your life. The
internet is not inacting with people.
It's summer go out and go swimming.
Ride a bike, take a walk, see some
of the beautiful world. Sitting in front
of a computer takes to many brain
cells that you could be using getting
to know your new best friends.


Write this down, because after step one, you'll not be able to see the rest of the steps! :)

1. Shut down your PC!
2. Unplug it, and take all of the cables out.
3. Put it in a box.
4. Put the box in storage.
5. Take the key to the storage area to a trusted friend.
6. Have them mail the key to you in a month or two... or six - at which point you probably won't be in that much of a hurry to go and hook your computer back up. Plus, all that money you save from not paying for an internet connection for a few months could be a nice evening out, or even a small vacation!

Kayla <33
Get a job, get some friends, get out. Whatever it takes, I'm not trying to be mean because I have the same problem. Just get a job and you'll be home less and you won't think about the computer. Go plan a party with your friends or something too, just try to have something to do just about everyday. Good luck! :)

♥мєℓanie♥ ☮ღ☮
make yourself do something else or just go for a drive

You need to fill your life with other meaningful activities, if you can spend 5 hours a day on the internet your problem is simple. You have too much time on your hands. If you are missing work or other activities because of your addiction then you need to get involved in some sort of internet addiction support group. But I bet that you probably just need to fill your life up with more meaningful andproductive actitivites.

WHAT Ta DO????







UMMM don't go on yahoo answers...

Hillary H
Avoidance is bad, control is key. Don't stop what you are doing- CHANGE what you are doing. Try to slowly cut back. Tomorrow, only allow yourself to be on for 4 hours. A couple days later, cut back to 3. Make a list of things you do on the computer, and put them into two categories- necessary (like checking email), and unnecessary (like gaming). Take the necessary list and go through it each day, then give yourself a limit on the amount of time you do the unnecessary useage. You don't have to STOP, but changing your habit would be a good idea.

You need to put a limit on your time.

so am i

yes, i understand, everyone on here is addicted. turn off your comp. go outside, clean your house/apt, don't sit around, it will bore you

Pull up your pants, get outside, and try to meet a real girl.

As long as you are still a functioning member of society who cares. At worst, spend just 1 of those 5 hours a day reading up on current events. If your doing something productive you won't feel like your wasting time. The fact is survival of the fittest stands true. What used to be the alpha male, good at sports and athletics, is now the first to go. The last man standing is the one who can best manipulate the electronic system.

Erin L
Set a time limit for how long you can be on here everyday. Say you are on here for 2 hours and then you do something else. Good? ok then.

enjoy it
thank god it exists
make yourself spend an hour or two away from it every day
but do something different everyday-

Jake B
turn off your CoMpUtEr and go to the beaCh... then the movies.... then go bowling... see that wasnt so hard was it!

You're not addicted hunny!
I spend more then 5 hours LOL hahaha!!!!!
The internet is a very addictive peice of media which soooo many people become obsessed with.

Trust me you're not addicted. The only downside thing I'm going to say is don't spend five hours in a row on the internet... have gaps.. breaks etc... It could really damage you're eyes and brain looking at the computer screen for so long!!!!!!! :)

Un plug your computer and watch movies that you like!

Excuse me, EJ: No "real" addict cannot just "stop". That's a horrible thing to say. I'm a recovering heroin addict and my boyfriend is an alcoholic. And we cannot just "stop". That's extreme misinformation. Addiction is a legitimate disease and it's a struggle your entire life. I cannot believe that you would say that. My life in my heroin addiction has been hell and I wanted to stop for years and never could until I got into a program. My boyfriend is still struggling with his alcoholism and even with a son and possibly another on the way he still has problems. Addiction almost ruined my life. Do you think that after I was shot at I WANTED to keep putting myself in danger? No, I was in the grips of a deadly disease that I could not just "stop". It almost ruined my life. Don't you dare imply that addicts and alcoholics are weak, you have no idea. You are an inconsiderate idiot for making that statement.

As for internet addiction, find an activity that you enjoy and can take your mind off of the computer. Get out of the house, read a good book, try a recipe, workout. Any number of things. If it's really interfering with your life than try and talk to someone you trust about it.

Lee ♫♪

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