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I am a teen and feel depressed, what should I do?
1. I am 15 years old.

2. I am very intelligent, ie. gifted/genius.

3. My parents call me a recluse.

4. I can't interact with other people that I don't know.

5. I feel alone.

6. I live my life as if it were a master plan.

7. I spend all day doing mathematics, writing poetry, playing classical/ soft guitar, singing, going online, reading and watching television in the privacy of my downstairs den alone.

8. I never go out with other people unless they call me.

9. I don't know what to do anymore. I just submit to sitting in my room staring at a computer screen all day.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Details
* Advice ----

WOW! you have written down all the things that i wanted to say!!!u are just like me!!!!

but i m not depresed ...the one and only reason ...the one and only difference.......islam.........plzz ponder about this matter its serious........just study islam ....be a muslim and you will feel it......try it .....i can give u andy sort of guideline as u want...the problem u hav got is most common in those people who hav machanised theirlives and left the natural ways as a human body requires

It happens sometimes.. when school starts up again.. try to apply yourself a little more to hang out or even get into more after school activities, like the drama club. also instead of letting others ask you, you ask them. if your sleeping all of the time or not at all, irratible, guilt, worthlessness, or even having thoughts of sucide. then i reccomend telling your parents and going to the doctor. depression can really be dangerous and even might be the death of some. good luck

I would sugest seing your school councelor. Most schools or school districts have at least one staff psychologist that your councelor can refer you to at no cost and without advising your parents.

stop doing #4, #6, #7, #8, and #9! go out and meet new ppl!

Ask your parents for a pet,
So you could walk it. Talk to it. Tell it your big secrets<3


think outside the box, you need to let loose. life is not somthing you plan esp at your age, let go of all your fears and feelings and let people get to know you and dont be afraid to reach out. believe me i know i had so many insecurites in high school and i never let people see me for who i really am, and now i dont even talk to my friends from high school cause i dont know who to be around them, so please just enjoy your youth and make memories, dont be afraid of what people may think and dont be afraid of rejection....its all a part of life, its what makes you who you are

black dandruff
Go out and explore, do something that would make you feel happy. studying alone in your room is not always be the factor to gain knowledge and happiness, much better if you go out and experience something you didn't done yet. Enjoy life. Life is not always about learning or studying, it is also about celebrating. You should know the essence of life for you to find they key of happiness.

You have to experience normal things that a teenager has been doing.

Sorry for my English but hope you understand even a little bit.

Evelyn S
Talk to your school counselor, maybe someone needs to explain to your parents why it is very important to socialize and have healthy friendships. You can also take to them and communicate other interests that you may have and how you feel.

[email protected]
I'm not a doctor, but you do sound depressed and perhaps you have a little social anxiety disorder. Have you tried talking to your parents about your depression? If they aren't available, how about a school nurse or councilor? You might be surprised at the help that is available to you ... if you only ask.

have your parents take you to a doctor If you have more symptoms of depression. Physical excercise will help you. Get involved in helping others. how about getting a pet?.

MCR luva
get depressants
and c a counciler

I am unsure as to whether you have social anxiety, or Asperger's syndrome or depression alone. Depression: there are quizzes for this via sections 1, or 2, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris and view page R in section 2 first, then teen depression, and the rest. The others are addressed in sections 9, and 21.

First of all don't let your parents bring you down like that.
Take control , You are your own person.
Be strong .

And go talk to someone.

Katelin W
I have definitely been there. I think a lot of teens go through this. It is part of growing up. It will pass eventually, but if you keep having negative thoughts, tell your parents and talk to a therapist.

Moe L
become more social.. don't sit at home doing nothing.. its not healthy..

If your not happy with yourself.. make some changes.. =]

Hey..we sound so alike. I am just about the same here. A girl, though. You could try asking your friends to do something..Just little by little try to get out into the world. If you can't get up the gumption..or just don't even want to..you could try telling your parents how you feel. They can often help with better advice than you can find here. It's hard to talk to them sometimes but it definitely helps. Try telling them that you think you may be depressed. Maybe you can join a club when school starts to have more things to do. Getting a job can also help "free" you. I'm sorry that you feel this way. No one deserves to feel so down. Good luck in your quest to find whatever it is you are looking for. I wish you well.

Mil Bil
dont let this bring u down it might be a cycle or something, but talk to a doctor and join clubs and hang out with people that like the same things that you like, you are going to make friends with this method so i hope that this helps!!!!

Alex S

Roger T
Don't worry. I'm exactly like you. I don't go out unless someone else plans it. I isolate myself from others and sit at the computer during a lot of my free time. What keeps me going however, is that I do my best to break out of my isolation and just talk with others as much as I can. When they go out, I jump at the chance and go with them.

You'll find yourself much happier when you socialize a bit more. Not necessarily with randoms, but with your friends.

get a purpose to your time, i personally think you should pursue polyphasic sleeping, read up on it, Jefferson, Fuller, Da Vinci all were polyphasic sleepers.

you shoul try to go out and relax just take a deep breath because your just beggining life there are worse things that could happen to yo now just spend some time away from the key board and relax for a week try it if not message me wats up and i could help i thought the same way and all i needed was my friends to help me out dont worry bro

Have you always been this way? Try to find the root of the problem. Maybe your parents can get a professional to speak with you.

Talk to someone. Your parents, other family members, professional, school counselor, there are web support groups too, but dont keep it bottled in I battled depression for 8 years when i was a teen because I didnt talk to anymone.

It is pretty normal to see any teenage like you including me when I was about ur age to feel depressed sometimes.

I could tell most source of depression you have are from academy.. and also the life style you have all belong to be domestic rather go outside.

You know yourself very welll with fully list the reason why you are not happy. If you lived in apartment, then it would be not be bad to have some pets such as golden fish, or hamster as your friends or even a puppie if your parents afford and allow you to have them in the house.

It also not a bad idea to go outside to your garden to look for some insects and collect them for fun or merely observe their habbits to kill your spare time off. Or plant some seeds no matter it is vegetable or flower seed, just plant it and watch them grow, it also kind of fun.

Do you love music? If yes, what kind of music you love to listen? Have you ever tried some other types of musics before? How about Jazz, new age, classicals or classic rock'n roll or pop music. Or some instrumental music, there are a lot waiting for you to dig up and to discover.

What kind of book you love to read? if you feel sad, I suggest go to read Allice in the wonderland which is kind fun to read to relax as well.

Do you watch movie? YOu could rent some CDs and have some comedy movie to cheer u up, then you wouldn't feel that bad at all when you were alone.

Being alone not meaning being lonely. Learn some joke also is another to cheer you up and the other up if you have a good memory and sense of humor.

Cheer up!! Life is bright in front of you. Get rid of computer and go outside to exercise or to breath the fresh air and see how other's life looks like. If you still feel bored, then ask your parents to bring you to hospital for cancer department, then you will feel how lucky you are.

BTW, I could drop an old joke to you that I had it when I was young, now I passed it to you.

Scenario: A psychiatric patient was fishing in a bathing tub alone with a fishing poll in a ward, then a psychiatrist came by and asked him...
#123456 ( some docs never remember patient's name but used their code number instead) how many fish have you fished? then the patient turn his head to doc and said" ARE YOU BLIND OR NUT? THERE IS NO FISH AT ALL IN BATHING TUB"

So who is nut? hahahah.. cheer up and have a nice each day.

i know how it feels .
instead of sitting there try and go out of your comfort zone.
if that doesnt work
its a good website for people like you :)

If I were you, I would find somewhere to go and volunteer. If you help someone else, you forget about yourself. It works every time.If you try you can get to know some new people and they will enrich your life. You didn't say why you don't interact with people you don't know. But if you can make yourself, do it. Also, call someone that usually calls you. Just go out for a coke and a chat. Do something different and different doors will open to you. You are blessed for having so many talents. If you share them with someone, they will share with you too.
Take care.

welcome to adolecense hahaha keep writing if its too bad go to a shrink

it will get better

whoa GNOMES!
go to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth.

okay seriously

you have friends, right?

get them to take you out and have a good time. have them introduce you to more people. get out of your house.
do something. be more outgoing.

The fiercest: Jenny
It's called teen angst, everyone goes through it, it's a stage, so don't worry.

Sounds like you are depressed because you are not opening yourself up. You are too enclosed. You can really only help this yourself. Maybe it's a lack of self-confidence? It could just be your hormones mixing everything and making you feel like a mess. Like an awkward stage or something...maybe you need to find out who you really are. Lots of teens go through things like this. Sound cliche right? Have more confidence in yourself and take chances. Don't sit in your room all day and feel sorry for yourself.

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