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I am 19 and bored with life?
Ok so i am 19 years old and i feel very depressed and just sad. i am taking a year off from school after finishing my first because i owe my school money. i live with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. all my friends are back home in CT i am in MA so i dont know many people here. i basically wake up late, watch tv, go to work then get home late go online then go to sleep. EVERYDAY is the same. to top things off i feel like me and my b/f are a bit bored of each other. has anyone felt like this? what should i do i feel so depressed and like i am not living life to its fullest which is my biggest fear!

The key to becoming unbored is to start looking for people around you that are in need of something you have. A warm smile, an answer to a question, baby set for free for someone with no means to pay you, help someone with a task, sit and talk with a lonely person. You will become so involved in their situation that you will soon forget you were bored.

The Bible tells us of the dead sea, it has several inlets but no outlets, therefore it's dead.

When you start having outlets you will feel very complete.

♥Shannon ♥
millions of people feel like this~it is mild depression. get some medication from the dr. or , if you dont want meds, start exercising more,drop the b/f, move back to your hometown, get an interesting job you enjoy, take a yoga class. keep in mind, you are not alone. many many people have some type of depression at some point. If it lasts more than 2 weeks you should see a Dr.

hey your only 19 if you were 91 and still bored you have a problem. if you dont get out much cause money is tight, find free stuff to do, i know if might not sound fun but go for a walk, go to the beach, play playstation, go drunken toboganing. get out there with your man so you guys dont just sit around. voulenteer at your local kids cancer clinic, now thoes kids have a crummy life and they make the best out of every bit of it.

Selly H
try new things. u're only 19. there are still lot to come. get out. do something.

try something new... do stuffs like trying out new sports....

buy a bike, skate board, roller blades and get out to the local park, yu never know who you'll bump into (no pun intended) who's in the same boat, at least you might have someone to hang out with

I've felt that way many times. It comes and goes on ocassion. You are too depressed to start something new, but that's usually what will help you get out of that state. Good luck and hang on there!

You are in a funk! The only way to get out of it is to make some changes. In your case, these may be big changes and seem scary or difficult. If your gut is telling you that you aren't living life to the fullest, then you aren't! Don't let fear keep you from being and doing what you want! You will surely regret it.

That said, you are still young and have plenty of time to figure out what you want to make of your life. The key is... find what makes you happy and do that!

Your still young kid. you still got a lot time to change your life. Bored? its because your doing the same routine everyday. you must try to do new things, be innovative.. if you see that your not being productive this day. try to sit down and ask yourself what your good at. and plan try to plan for it and work for it, use it. its useless when have a job and yet your not enjoying. furthermore, why don't you go out in your place and meet new friends and people. it will help.

Try to make a list of teh things that you are missing most about your "old life". Like dinner with mom, or hanging out at the mall with bff. Then try to find things that can help you find a replacement, or actually do those things. Like instead of dinner every sunday night with mom, try going with your bf or anyone you would like to be closer, than call mom afterward. Or set up a weekend where you and your old friends can meet up in a new city have have a blast.
About your boyfriend, talk to him about it, see iif he feels the same way, if he does, try relationship counciling. or talk it out your selves.
To shake things up in your life, try volunteering somewhere where you will be with people all day long, like a hopsital or join an activist group where other people share your opinions.
Your still young, come on, you know that life can be alot better tahn this. There are so many ways to make life better for yourself. Just dont be afraid to try.

YOU KNOW already..........god almighty its like being married i guess or maybe the pity pot abuser violated victim res-curer quest hasn't quite caught up to where it should seem to be 11-11 all your feelings are feelings true to you perhaps they have a truth you dont want to accept DONT RUN AWAY TAKE A BREATH AND WALK AWAY LITTLE ONE 11-11

I am your age and feel EXACTLY the same way, I say go out and try new things, get new friends, change your life. My life has been hell but I'm about to sucessfully come out of it.

go out and meet more people. be as nice as you can and maybe your life will change...

dont act like somebody else and be who you are...do what you want when you want to

some of us do get bored but every once in awhile go out and enjoy yourself because your worth it...

im even younger than you but im still in school so not much fun for me but,your still young as well, life isn't over yet, there is so much more to come

Caged Parrot
yeah, I know what u mean. I'd just get out there. Breathe the fresh air, go somewhere when u have a day off. Change of atmosphere is probably in order for u and ur man. Rediscover y u guys fell in love. U know, change up a little...ur just in a rut. i think u do like ur life for the most part, but it's just to damn ordinary right now...so go out and have a bit of fun...and maybe even go home for a while and reconnect with old friends.

Get involved with a good exciting Holy Spirit filled church...not one that's boring or dead. Theres lots to chose from. Call around and ask what their Church believes and what are the services like. I attend an Assemblies of God....and church aint dull....that's for sure. A good Godly church is what everyone needs. Since I have summited my heart to Christ....I've not had only one or 2 days of depression...but very mild, more likely harmone issues instead of anything else.

Mt 16:26 What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

MT 26:36 Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to them, "Sit here while I go over there and pray." 37 He took Peter and the two sons of Zebedee along with him, and he began to be sorrowful and troubled. 38 Then he said to them, "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me."

Even Jesus got down and depressed, if you will. His soul was heavy.....awaiting his arrest, trial, and death. God's blessings to you as you search for an answer.

Hey my young friend, turn off that TV. Internet, too. Listen to your inner voice. How can you hear it with all that TV and noise?

You're asleep--if you wake up, eat well, go for a walk, meet some new people. Don't let a b/f define you. You're young and have your whole life ahead of you.

Maybe read an inspirational book. Talk to a counselor--sign up for a class. MAKE A PLAN. But first, turn off that TV and computer.

your life is just beginning get out to functions at parks or nearby churches, people love to find out who you are, start looking and quit crying

Steven C
I think at 19 you need to be with your friends and do what other 19 year olds do.

If you can move back to CT, and get a job there, so you can still be close to your friends.

i have been there i moved out when i was 16 and know i am 21 so i understand what you are going threw, and i have been with know is my fiance' 17-21 and there was alot of time that we felt that way, it is normal you are working hard to make a life with one another and you dont have much time for every one else. but it will only get easier. What you need to do is sit down and discuss all of this with your boyfriend and make sure he hears you and understands that you are worried. A strong relationship should have difficult roads ahead it makes the two of you stronger. life is not always easy you just have to take the road that god gave you and keep your head held high, girl dont ever give up. As for school see about finacle aid, and school loans. our go in to your school and talk with your counsler and see if there is anything to help you out. Also about having no friends there try to get out more ( i know its hard with your busy schedule) but friends are very important to have in life. If you have a fear of what you are doing is wrong you will never fall to the ground because you have this fear you will work harder in life to make sure you dont fall. You are 19 you started you life young and theres no turning back make the best out of it and when you have everything accomplished you will feel so good because you did it. GOOD LUCK my prayers and thoughts are with you at this difficult time!

m k
Sounds like you're stuck in a rut, as they say.
How about planning a day trip somewhere on the weekends? Somewhere you can drive to. Do some research online to see what's near you.

J to the Z
you should get involved in something like a sport. if you had a fav sport back in HS might try to find a team around or learn a new tread east coast have tons of hills start to mountain bike thats a really fun to do and will clear your mind. just stick with it just try to stop being lazy and be proactive with your free time

You need a change. Just go out and do something you normally wouldnt. Surprise your bf. Or get a new one. I'm kinda in the same situation you are (same boring things everyday) but I'm slowly coming out of that hole. I got a new job. Found new routines. Now am waking up at a normal time and sleeping at a normal-ish time. You need to want to be able to change your life. The biggest fear in everyone is CHANGE, but it can be the most beautiful moments in your life.

Jack H
well your young, and it looks like your making a mistake liveing with a boy friend. you should think about looking for a job in another country.joining the miltary. haveing a purpose by helping others. stop being lazy. take a walk and think about your future what do you plan to do with the rest of your life. if someone told you that if you dont start to do what you want or they would kill you. i am sure you would have a different out look on life. you are going to be an adult. put away your child behavior. and live life. before you become pargant, and in a life going no where.

Yes. I might as well say: sleep well, eat well, get along with people or drive yourself to Maine by the ocean and New Hampshire a couple times a year, and try to spend your time reading about health and nutrition or global warming, and finding ways to help others, and practice feeling and making yourself look and feel about 5 years younger than you really are.

First of all you need to analyze this whole situation. My daughter went through a similar situation and what we finally realized is that she was having some really wierd side effects to birth control. Once she went off the pills and her hormones leveled out she's been pretty happy.

better get it licked girl, trust me if your bored now at 19, you'll be bored at 29, at 39, etc. Get involved in something that takes the focus off you and onto others....

Jenny O
Living is the best thing find a hobby and engoy the life the lord has given you

i don't know your name to call . okay well i going to call you sister . so sister life is a story when you heard from some else . never make a worry that you are feeling bored .
as i think sister try different - different things in daily
think something that is really different enjoy life in with difference
make some interesting hobbies like gardening or any thing like that

Try something different I guess.
And remember...suicide is not the solution!

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