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Lauren B
I NEED help ! ! ! ! ?
I feel like all the pressures from school are crashing down on me! I have only one A all of my other classes I have B's and I found out I failed my math test and am really bumbed. I feel very very depressed because I'm trying my hardest but I feeel like I'm failing. I have also been having some suicidal thoughts cross my mind( i wouldn't kill myself though) because I keep thinking if I was gone I wouldn't have to worry about school. I just feel like there is so much pressure to do well..I break down crying every night one way or another!
Any advice here?
Additional Details
Thanks everybody who answered! I found out that i didn't fail! my teacher made some mistakes and now I have 2 A's and all B's so I feel better! Thanks again!

I had a very similar experience recently: I'm a med student (3.9, woot!) with one extremely bad test grade. I lost it, cried, pretty much flipped out-- and I'm a grown adult. It's your personality type; you're likely a perfectionist who takes failure very personally (like me!). Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to change this... but I do have some tips on dealing with the stress, both taught by my profs and from personal experience!

First, realize that you are an EXCELLENT student. One bad grade does not change that.
Second, all that pressure put on you is done ON PURPOSE, for people who need the motivation. You seem plenty motivated, so reminding yourself that you already are on the right track may help.
Third, form a study group with friends once a week to go over your toughest work. You get a chance to display what you know, admit what you don't, learn from your friends, and have fun!
Fourth, get involved in a NON-SCHOOL activity... sports are especially great. It helps a lot to get your mind OFF it every once in a while!
Last (this is getting too long!), make sure you get sleep: I recommend 8 hours. Lack of sleep both increases stress and decreases concentration, which makes school a lot harder.

When those terrible days do happen, recognize that they are rare and not the norm. Take time to cry if you need to (holding it back holds in the stress!) or talk it out with a friend. Resolve to do better, and give yourself an preemptive reward (I like chocolate!) for your success in "getting over" this set-back and attacking the material with a new determination. School is a challenge, but you CAN do it. Just don't stop trying, and I promise you will make it!!

Oh ok.
Does your school have a psychiatrist? They're usually really helpful and confidential. Try to get some extra credit or additional help in the classes your having trouble with. Everyone goes through tough times in school and it's really hard but there are ways to make it better. Don't even think about suicide. It's not worth it. It may seem like the problems of school will be gone but what you leave behind would take a terrible toll on eveyone that is close to you. I know what you mean with pressure to do well. I've been in your position before but it is easily fixed. You really need to talk to someone though. Try your parents. If you can't go to them, talk to close friends, trusted adults, or once again the school psychiatrist. GOOD LUCK!

maybe u should try to forget about the others and do it in moderation and dont put any presure on ur self remember ull only be slower when u swet this stuff and mix ur real life with school like get a boyfriend and u still do work

zomg n00b

ok what you need to do is stop trying so hard and just stop worrying about every thing i know where you are coming from and all i did was talked to someone i could trust and stopped worrying about my grade and whether or not i pass or fail a test ok so just take a couple of nights to relax and don't worry about a thing it will work out for you

I am REALLY sorry to hear about you feeling this way. It makes remember when I first started having depression in school and school can be Very rough!
What you have may not be Real depression, not in the way that you will have it your whole life through, and that would be good.
If you arent used to getting a grade different than an A you will be bummed understandably.
My 12 year old stepson has started his first year in middle school and has made 3 bad grades because middle school is a lot to handle... a lot more stressful to him than his other school. I told him that he can get over it because he is still the same smart boy he was just last year, still study and do the best you can, high school is even harder. I am not sure what grade you are in, but school really can be very stressful.
If I were you I would talk to the school counsler, that may be the best person to talk to about this subject. Please just try to do that, still study, and pay attention in school. I Hate to say it but thoughts of suicide haunt more people than it seems not to haunt. That is NOT to say it isnt something to worry about.... suicide is a horrible thing for the people left behind. You have a nice full life to lead and suicide is a waste.
I dont think everyone that thinks they have depression needs to be immediatley put on meds, so I think if you dont talk to the school counselor then you should see a doctor and get their opinion.
I really wish you the best of luck!!! I hope this passes you by quickly!!

Stuart F
Aww honey, always remember (this is the God's honest truth) school is not that important! I know it might sound crazy and the teachers always tell you you've got to do well, but you really don't! Now I'm not saying you can drop out or ignore it completely but as long as you know you are trying your best then you have nothing to worry about!

Certainly there is no need for thoughts of suicide! You have your whole life ahead of you, and I can tell you in 10 years you'll wonder what all the fuss about school was!

Enjoy your youth! Don't worry about the future quite so much! Things will work out!


The Randaom Dude
pray to god

Is it you that puts the pressure on yourself or is it your parents? Either way you need to slow down because you are going to end up having to take stress pills the rest of your life (stress is a disease). I know this sounds dumb i'm assuming your young, but I just starting having stress symptoms and I am not even 30 yet and it is not pleasant. I think that A's and B's are very good and even if you did fail a test most of the time if you go and talk with your teach they will give you extra credit and it will help your over all grade. Just calm down and enjoy school while you can. What ever you don't kill yourself because that want help you out it says in the bible you will go to hell so whats worse relaxing about everything because its not the end of the world you know everybody has there bad grades or going to hell and burning the rest of your life? You Choose? Sorry so blunt.

I wouldnt worry about it too much even if you fail all your exams you can still have a happy life earning big money is not everything

Livi Logic 101
Sounds like you need to take it easy dear! School can get pretty tough in higher grade levels. B's aren't necessarily a bad thing, it just means you're right were you should be. Nobody is perfect; humans make mistakes (more of them every day). Everybody bombs a test once in a while... What matters is that you are trying your best in all you do. No need for perfection, just try. And, just because school isn't always easy to understand doesn't mean you are a bad person. The people who really matter are the ones who love you for who you are. I hope you know that there are many people who love you and care about you; things will get better in time.
Hope that helps, hun. :)
Take care and God bless.

ok honey! your doing great by venting! now just take a few deep breaths and calm, I am a grad of almost three years, I was in your shoes once. I remember being so stressed i would do dramatic things just to cry out!, lol, lookign back i wish i wouldve just taken everything better. I know everythig nseems really hard, but truely and honestly, school is just the begining of your life. I myself didnt think i would graduate but i did top 25 of my class. sometimes all it takes is just a little of this to snap you back, Mayeb you need to revamp yourself or your room, or your extra activities, your obviously bombarded with emotion, stress and alot of stuff. take some time to simplify and minimize, minimize confusion, aggrevation. and complexity, and really give yourself a chance to do exactly what you need to be doing in order to progress forward with your self and your future. I can proudly say im finally in college, and a tech school and working full time. but i dont let any stress get to me. You have to live one day at a time, You will have more pressures in life harder then school, and as you grow you will learn better and better ways of dealing with these stresses. try meditation, i meditate every day, for at least 15 min, and it most def makes your day go more smoothingly, and try stretching to relax and stay stress free as well!

Har C
I know haow u feel. i have As in every class, exept reading. That one is a big fat D. AND I AM GOOD AT READING! Its okay, though. I went through this although too be honest i think u r overreacting. Calm down. study. maybe ask ur teacher for help, and if u r still having trouble, tell her. It could be something else on ur mind. hope this helped. =D

Jeez! That sounds slightly... dangerous. There are many ways to deal with this problem. First of all, you should probably go talk to your teachers and figure out what you can do to make it right. On weekends, try to get more sleep, this doesn't mean go to bed really late and wake up at 2:00pm. Go to bed earlier(at least at ten) and don't set your alarm, stay asleep. Also, confide in your friends to help you with the whole dying thing. And try to eat breakfast every day, it really helps with concentration.

B's are good! Just try to study and rember Have fun and get out and have fun at times!

Maybe get help in math see if a class mate that is doing well can tutor you. Talk to your teacher to see if you can make corrections for extra point to bring your grade up to a passing grade.

As long as you try your very best that is all that matters, not everyone can make all A's. A's and B's are still great! Good luck and dont worry!

Honey don't be so hard on your self.
As long as you are doing your best it doesn't matter.
Stick to your studies, you are doing well!
Don't think about suicide, chill out for a while.
Just relax, do something to take your mind off everything for a while.
I know how hard it is being a teen, trying to juggle school, friendships, sports, family, it is a very hard and tiring position to be in.
Just relax, it will pass, keep your head high and NEVER give up, you are probably a great girl!

Hope this helps.
Best of luck hunn.
-aliciaaadawnnn :]

Jonathan C
Sweetheart what you are feeling is normal, you are just going through a bit of stress. What you need is some time to relax and eaze your mind a little. And trust me, grades are a bad reason to feel suicidal. I went homless in the streets of SDowntown L.A. for a month with no food or family to help me out. All because I lost my wallet. I couldnt get any jobs because none where available, and I was starting to get sick. YOu still have a full life a head of you. I know its hard work, but think of it this way. If grades where eazy, wouldn't everybody be able to graduate high school and college? Any there would be no jobs available. Good luck hun, and relax a little

Try Talking to a Teacher you can really trust at your school and say that your finding the work load abit hard...something good may just come out of it.X

i work in the mental health field and although therapy wouldn't be bad perhaps you should start by getting a tutor. If your only issues are around school and nothing else, or nothing deeper start there. If you're doing better in math and still feel hopeless then definitly seek therapy.

Talk to a teacher for help and even your parents. The most important thing is to study, study, study....and listen. Participate in class more so that you will get involved and it is kinda more fun since you are "awake." I had those moments too... I would cry in my sleep. ;[ But I did all my hw, listened, studied, and ate good food. You'll learn and remember things better will a healthy body and positive mind. Sometimes you have to think of things that will sorta make you wanna look forward to school which will make you even more happy. ^^

its okay. school can be tough but take a deep breath and take it all one at a time. be sure to study before all of your tests and go over before the test starts. dont think about suicide. thats silly, especially since its just a few grades. everyone has their tough times.

if you ever need help you can email me at
[email protected]

you should probably talk to like a school counsler about this, but about the math thing you should probably get some tutoring and that would help a lot especially if you feel like you dont understand it

really talk to some one quick youll look back and thank yourself later

Kelsie S
sweetie i went through the same thing. same EXACT thing. as your trying your best your NOT failing even if you fail. if thats the best you can do, thats the best you can do. try getting a tutor. also, voulenteer alot in class to raise your grade. if your parents are ever pressuring you to do well remember its your life and they'll love you no matter what.

[email protected]
take a few deep breaths.
and wtf, B's are good!
and if u do fail, then try asking for extra credit or something. but ur grades are good...

Quit Playin Games With My ♥
u need to have somebody you can talk to and vent this out of you.

You need to get help and talk to a counselor or at the very least someone older and more responsible in your life about how you are feeling. As tough as school is?...the real world after school is much harder, so you have to learn NOW how to cope & learn good coping skills. My heart goes out to you - and get the help and advice you need.

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