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Kirstin xO
I Have A Cutting Problem?
I Don't Get It. I Have Friends And I Do Ok In School, But Whenever I Start To Feel Low I Feel Really Really Bad And I Have To Cut My Wrists To Makes Me Feel Better Please Help I Want To Stop.

And Dont Answer ''Go Get Help'' Cause It Wont Work I Have Seen A Counseller And All She Did Was Make My Mum Think Im A Freak *Sigh* She Doesnt Understand At All And My Dad Just Yells At Me.
Additional Details
I Am 13 Years Old I Start Every Word With A Captal Cause I Like Too.

Im Not An Emo!Ffs I Just Have Strong Emotions Doesnt Mean Im Emo.

I Feel Low A Lot But I Dont Know Why Its Weird, It Could Have Something To Do With That I Get Loads Of Insults A Day.....

Its ok.
I used to have a cutting problem too.
Why are you doing it?
Is it because you want to die?
Or does it just make everything feel good?
Because let me tell you something....its the exact opposite.
I still have the scars on my wrist.
and I still have people ask me what they are.
My mom wanted me to go see someone but I didn't bc they just make things worse.
Just think of the positive.
Think of what you have and how far you have gotten in life.
Do you really want to take it alll away?
Is this really what you want?

Pain is works as a stimulant sooo...well....idk. Try replacing cutting with music or drawing. You need to find something else thats gonna stimulate your relief on feeling like sh*t. I know my answer sounds pretty lame.....I used to cut, but one day I just stopped. Give it time.

it's called life.
and you can stop.
i've never cut before so i can't just up and say ''stop'' and hope you'll stop.
in the future when you're over cutting and you don't do it anymore you're gonna look back and think ''wow why did i do that it was so stupid''
do something else to replace cutting.
like when you feel low or something, go to sleep. or watch a movie you like.
theres ways to beat cutting, you just need to figure them out.
good luck!!

you need to go to a sch ward getter more positive friends and evaluate our life.

if your getting insults everyday ur being bullied you need to talk to someone even if its only ur friends, your counseller seems like a b***h it seems like shes made life worse for you insead of better. also try talking so someone you no but not really like a mate of a mate coz they cant judge you like your family and friends can. i wouldnt even try stopping if u dont really want to it just makes it worse. dont push your fiends away you willl need tem when it comes to stopping good luck

Been there, done that.

Find another hobby, try different things until you find one that you enjoy. Whenever you feel low do that certain hobby and it'll take your mind off the cutting. It's the only way I managed to get out of it, but of course. You've got to be strong and have determination to stop aswell.

Harvest Angel of Wisdom
This site has a lot of useful links:


Also, consider giving this number a call...

Self Harm Hotline


Help for "cutters"

try expressing your feelings in another way like poems or a diary. You could try a sport to express your feelings? Good luck, i know how you feel .

no love your not a freak you are just punishing yourself,like we all do in diff rent ways....you don't need people yelling either.. understanding will help you alot Patience also, if you need someone to talk to when you feel bad in your self e.mail me id be glad to listern and help if i can.... take care x

That's a difficult one.. I would thought that the counsellor had some impact on you but that's not to be....It's abit like an OCD problem really isn't it. Do you ask yourself why you do it, what do i achieve from this? Are you having problems at home with your parents and it might be an attention thing. Can you talk to your mom more about this?
Me personally, i think that you need to see a different counseller that deals with patients who physically harm themselves and i don't think you will find your answers on here.
I hope you do get sorted though because you obviously want it to stop.
Good luck and don't give up ok...

♥ Bethany ♥
You have to ask yourself what makes you feel low. Once you figure this out you can find something else to do when this comes up.

I really do think you should consider seeking help again. You need support through this and I don't think you're getting enough. If you find the right therapist or counsellor than he/she will explain to your mum that you are just in a "funk" as some call it and need help finding your way out.

And besides, how would you feel if every time you looked down at your wrist you saw a handful of scars? Sad, angry, depressed.. I mean everytime you saw that you would remember the bad times that happened during that time, not the good. And I assume that you wouldn't like people asking you what happened to your arms and why..

So just try to find a counsellor that works with you and makes you feel comfortable and try to find something else to do instead of hurting yourself.

Best of luck,

Selena B
pray! God is amazing he can help you with any problem! also you might want to switch to a different counseler. i will pray for you sweetie i hope i helped! GOOD LUCK! :)

how about this find everything in your house that you could cut yourself with either throw it away or give it to your parents so they can keep them away from you. Please don't cut yourself because one day something you think really bad happens you cut your wrists and die now who would want that????

♥Our Lady Of Sorrows♥
don't let these people get to you. I've been called emo too and I've never cut myself infact somebody said I was emo so I SHOULD go cut myself. If you want to stop try to keep the things that you cut yourself with away from you. maybe even lock them away. you may also want to try to put elastic bands on your wrist so when you're upset you can snap them against yourself instead of actually cutting yourself. You should still see a counseller....maybe a new one? Keep going until you stop cutting yourself.

good luck =]

If the counsellor "made like your mum" then they were not a particularly professional one, in my opinion. a trained counseller is there to listen....not to "make like mum". Try to find a counellor who listens to you and that you feel comfortable with. Counselling can help..........it certainly help my son who also used to cut himself.

Try writing down a list when you want to cut of what brought you to that point. Even if you do still cut afterward, at least you will have learned something about why you do it. Please, stop early. Because years down the road, and saying you've cut over half your life is not enjoyable. Anyway, consider why you feel certain ways, and that will help you be more at peace with yourself. Remember, cutting is a cycle. You cut the one time in the day to help you feel better. Then you start to feel bad again, and you cut again. And it repeats, all day, every day. Learning more about why you feel a certain way can help you hold off on the cutting for a bit though. Consider writing a book about it someday. Or not, whatever. Just learn why you are brought to the point of having to cut. Just the knowledge in itself will help you put it off for awhile, until you can give it up for good, which seems impossible now, but you just start with baby steps and move on from there. Try saying you won't cut for 10 minutes and just breathe during that 10 minutes, and then go for longer and longer times. Eventually it becomes a game, and even if you do end up cutting after awhile, you stayed away from it of your own free will for however long. That can also serve as encouragement to stop for good, especially if it hasn't been that long since you started. Good luck, honey, I hope this can help you out.

The reason you mom doesn't get it is that normally people do not do this kind of thing. There is something wrong here and you need to find out what it is. There are more counselors out there - find another one. You need to find alternative ways of coping with disappointment, feelings. Soon, the scars will be larger and larger and you will have to wear long-sleeve tops all the rest of your life because of the ugly scars on your wrists and arms. You are using the cutting as a means to solve temporary problems. All teens have trouble coping with school, peers, grades, parents, rules but most do NOT cut themselves. You need to stop.

Leslie A
first keep kinves out of reach tell ur mom to hidde them and when ur low u need a healthy way to let out ur anger punch a pillow or if a person is the reason ur mad right a letter letting out ur anger and never send it


I am a recovering cutter. I know you are not emo. It is an addiction after a while.

It is a coping mechanism for strong emotions.

I really recommend a book called "Bloodletting." It helped me understand it better, and I think, since your parents aren't being sympathetic and helpful, that you would relate to this womans story as hers were the same way.

I wish you all the best, and please feel free to message me if you ever need to or want to.

Please try these links to the Mind website

Self harm - A guide for young people:

Understanding self harm:

the information is easy to read and understand.

It maybe that if you could get your parents to read the information as well, they may get an understanding of why you feel the need to hurt yourself.

I'm sorry that your experience with a counsellor didn't prove to be that useful for you. It certainly won't have helped if she kept involving your Mum. So I do understand why you don't think it was any good.

What I would suggest is seeing if your local mental health charity has a Young Person's Service -


we have one where I work and it sounds like the kind of service that you could definitely benefit from.

They can offer you support and guidance in a range of ways, but most of all someone to talk to who will understand why you are doing what you do.

Please give them a call and see if they can help you. It only takes a phone call to access them and you don't have to be referred by anyone else.

They have lots of knowledge but are informal, unlike the health professionals such as Dr's and counsellors, so this might suit you better.

Well done for realising that you have a problem and want to do something about it, help is available, I just don't think that you have found the right help for you, yet.

I hope this helps.

Take care and good luck.

The responses and actions one gives to people who cut is usually very unhelpful. They just don't understand. They fear it. Some say it is for attention or a cry out for help. I guess maybe in some cases it could be but I would say for the majority of us it just isn't. I used to cut in anger or with extreme anxiety. If you want to stop than that is what you are going to have to do. Just stop. I would suggest replacing it with something though. Holding ice against your wrist with ketchup over it or try snapping a rubber band on your wrist. I know you don't want to hear this but you should see a councilor, one who understands you (there aren't that many of them). You will have to keep looking until you find the right one. If you really don't want to see one then find somebody who will listen to you during the tough times. Good luck.

Storm Chaser UK
Self-harm is used to vent suppressed emotions. I used to cut my arms when I had so much going on I couldn't get my head straight. Making myself bleed was a distraction from what was really going on, like it took the emotional pain away and replaced it with physical which is easier to take care of. You're not an Emo, you're not attention seeking, you're a stressed out 13 year old, counseller's often don't understand the complex emotions and mental pain that is so often behind self-harm. You need to find a way to vent those feelings in a less destructive way. The first thing I did was to put an elastic band around my wrist and pull it back and let go when I felt the urge to cut. It's another form of S-H without being as extreme as cutting. Find something you like doing and try and do that when the urge to cut is strong. Or keep a diary, I used to write a lot of things down, no-one ever saw it, it didn't matter what I wrote, I could let out my feelings. try getting a stress ball and squeeze it when you feel the urge or you can get a red felt-tip pen and use that on your arm as if you're cutting. You can scribble on your arm and then just wash it off. These ideas really helped me, they may help you too. I wish you all the best and if things get too much please feel free to email me (my email is available via my profile). You can rant and rant if you want. I can't judge you, I've been there, still am at times.

I've been a self harmer, I haven't cut in almost a year and a half. My self harming came from depression, so I really would advise you to go to the doctor.

In the meantime, try putting an elastic band on your wrist and when you feel the need to cut, snap it. It might not help, but it's worth a try.

Hope you feel better soon.

Every time you feel low why don't you try to talk to someone or go hang out with your friends. Do something you like to make you feel better.

Eclectic Curiosity
I have 57 long and deep scars all over my arms because in my younger years I was a cutter. I quit doing it after the age of 21-not sure why. I do know that it had to do with some deep pain and that somehow by hurting myself and seeing the blood, it seemed to temporarily relieve that deep pain. Also, after we cut our body releases endorphins into our system. Endorphins are an opiate like hormone that makes us feel a bit euphoric. That pain may be unconscious. You feel deep pain, but you do not know why.

Talking about it and understanding it better helps. If you understand it better then it will make room for choices the next time you are tempted to do it.

It is not so much about self-hate as it is about dealing with the inner pain that never found expression in a constructive way.

There is a good weblink for this that should help

I'm a self-harmer myself occasionally so don't really know what to suggest. I don't cut, it's more knocks and bruises with me. I've joined the National Self Harm Network forum which I find helps. Posting messages helps me get things off my chest and knowing others are there to give me moral support is reassuring. The second link is more information based and there's quite a bit of reading to do but I hope you find it helpful. All the best for the future, I hope things improve for you soon.

You don't want us to tell you to get help? So how are we supposed to help you? We're not licensed mental health professionals. Talk to your parents about seeing a real psychologist, not a counselor at school. Someone who's actually got a PhD in psychology would do wonders for you and they're not allowed to talk to your parents about what you tell them.

You need to find a few ways to cope with the depression, that's all. Cutting is a failed attempt at coping. Find a way that'll work better.

Diaries are good. Every day write 5 things that you're grateful for that day, it could be a really good cheeseburger, it could be a smile from someone special. It'll retune your mind to a more positive frame.

Meditation can help, so can positive affirmations. All three are ways to choose what your mind thinks about. If you take control of your thoughts, and choose not to feel bad, believe it or not, you can drive depression and negative thoughts away.

You know how if you try you can convince yourself that you feel sick? It works the other way too, you can convince yourself you feel great.

MEDITATION FOR DUMMIES is a good book, THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING is another. Your local library should have both. If not email me, I'll suggest other ones that are good too.

With a little work you'll be fine.

Try this. Remember the cursed diary in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS? Write a cursed diary. Think of a negative thought or bad memory you want to get rid of. Feel it like a dark sludge stuck in your head.

Feel the sludge ooze out of your head, down your arm, and out your hand as you write about the memory onto a piece of paper. Write the memory or thought until you feel the sludge has poured out of your body into the paper. The paper holds that evil thought now.

Take the paper holding that thought and destroy it. Tear it up, burn it, scatter the ashes to the wind. That evil thought is now gone from your mind and your life.

Trust me, it works. Repeat this a few times a week until you simply aren't bothered by negative memores or thoughts.

This helps too, done daily.

Lay down in a quiet room, close your eyes, and take slow deep breaths. make each inhale and exhale last as long as you can.

First say to yourself "I feel my toes relaxing." and they will. Then say "I feel my ankles relaxing" and they will. Go all the way to the top of your head until you reach the top of your head.

Imagine that as you exhale that red smoke it blowing out your mouth as you exhale, taking away all the stress with it. As it goes out of you, you'll feel your body getting lighter.

Just lay there, calmly breathing, blowing out the stress, for about 20 minutes.

chris p
you need to find why your doing it - you say it's when your low but what makes you feel low?? instead of doing that, if you feel low focus your mind on something else like exercise. by a punchbag and some gloves and take our your frustrations on that. you will regret cutting yourself later in life because it will scar you.

I cut too.
I know what you're going through, okay?
I find these methods pretty effective:
Punching my pillow.
Squeezing Ice.
Rubbing my wrists together.
Making a Mind-Map/Spider Diagram of my emotions.
Writing what's bothering me on paper and ripping it into pieces.
Putting my favourite song on.
Calling up a friend.
Hope they help. Remember so many people out there all know what you're going through.
Good luck. (:

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