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American Idol
I Accidently Cheated On My Girlfriend Last Week?
and I confessed to her, she hit me, ran out and broke up with me.

Then I saw her on campus yesterday all hugged up on some nerd. I was furious.

I'm just a vulnerable guy. Why am I always being punished by my girlfriends for following my instincts? This is so unfair!!!

I have feelings too, but women only care about themselves. They never consider my needs and get so upset just because sometimes in moments of vulnerability I have cheated on my girlfriend's by accident.

This is like the 6th time a girl broke up with me because of this.

What if someone punished women every time they cry during a movie? Wouldn't that be unfair?

Women do things and men do things. It's all natural and should be accepted. It's not fair to single out men and punish us for things that we are vulnerable about.

just explain to them how you tripped and your d!ck accidentally fell in some chick, they'll understand better next time.

You have openly admitted through your question that you have ACCIDENTALLY CHEATED on your girlfriend.

You have just combined the two dangerous words tantamount to a certified lie that does not even deserve a second chance. To think that this is the 6th time you ended up in the same situation means you are not learning your lesson.

And you have feelings too? Dude what you got is simply carnal desires with women - no more no less.

It is your moral obligation to be faithful and honest with your woman as she is with you. If you want everything to be fair, then you have no right to be furious when you saw her hugging another guy in retaliation to what you did to her.

Did you have any idea of the guy she was hugging with? Did you have at least the faintest idea as to what they were doing aside from hugging each other? Males can also be good friends to females, particularly to those who were treated dastardly by another guy.

I hate to say this, but being a male, you make the rest of us good guys appear to be shitty with other women whose brain is right underneath your feet.

I have just celebrated two years with my girlfriend last month, and mind you, we are miles away from each other but constant communication between us ensure that our relationship is stable and that we don't fall out of love with each other.

If there's anyone here that needs to be punished it's you and no one else.

Do you even understand the word KARMA and what it means? That is exactly where you are now hotshot.

Why do you ask?
You didn't cheat accidently... sorry. You put yourself in the situation. You didn't plan it, it just happened. IT was good that you were honest about it with her. I am sorry that it didn't work out for you, but it just means that she isn't the one for you.

what a minute? did you say 6th time? you have cheated on 6 girls? you have issues kid. Cheating is not natural. .... Try not having a "girlfriend" for a while and that way you won't be a cheater...

You have a lot of growing up to do.

[email protected]
When it's the 6th time that should tell you something. How do you cheat accidently? If you really care about your girlfriend you shouldn't cheat on her. Accidently or on purpose. But then on the other hand she may have been a little harsh. You have to try and make it up to her.

I can see why you are hurting from this but come on if it is the 6th time it has happened, you need to check yourself. You need to re think your relationships. It seems like you are the cause of the heart aches. Maybe you should chill out on the dating for awhile and let things happen as they happen. If not you will end up like my loser of a cousin. 32 single and miserable. But I do hope that you find happiness.

This is puerile!

OK well cheating is not natural, and crying is. lozr don't cheat anymore.

love your work

I'm just wondering how a guy 'accidently' cheats....I mean is there just some woman bending over, the guy trips and ooops! pop goes the weasel?
You are sitting here talking about her considering your needs...women only care about themselves, how can you compare infidelity to crying at a freaking movie?
I am really hopeing this is like some kind of tongue in cheek thing.
If you are screwing up royally, thats not singling out, even more so when you accidently screw someone else 6 times.
It's not an accident, so grow up, admit that you are more interested in going around screwing who ever you feel like.
She did the right thing. Maybe someday you will grow up and knock it off and realize the value of being with one person.

Look. You screwed up bad. You lost your girl. It's your fault. Learn from it.

You don't cheat "accidentally"... there's no such thing! And you say you've done it 6 times?! You need to stop!

frustrated writer
How do you accidentally cheat? You made a conscious decision to do what you did;how is that an accident? Sounds like you need to examine yourself and accept responsibility for choices you make. You can't always act upon needs and instincts. You need to mature a little more before seriously dating anyone.

"Accidentally Cheated"

That's awesome! I guess you're just not ready for a girlfriend. No worries; you should just be screwing around!

Cheating is not a accidental. An accident is while driving a car some one hits you or you hit them. Cheating is knowing what you're doing.

*Like A Dream*
dude six times. dang i could see 1nc or even twice but 6 times. sooner or later she was gonna leave u. its differnt from crying in a movie. u must be in total denial. U DONT CHEAT. at least be happy she is with someone who makes her happy and treats
her like a woman and not a piece of meat. also u cant "accidentaly cheat"

Queen Nefertiti
You were the one that cheated. Quit whining you baby.
Get over it and move on. Next time control yourself. You are a human, not an animal. "Accidents" dont happen if you use your brain.

Well, think about it---if this has happened SIX times, then maybe you're the one doing something wrong. You can't stereotype all women because we're all different, just like all men are different. Your example of crying during a movie is a completely different situation.
And "following your instincts" isn't always the best thing to do. Apply some common sense to your instincts...look before you leap. And always consider your girlfriend's feelings when you "follow your instincts". Honestly, how would you feel? Men aren't neccesarily "vulnerable" to these things...not if you have self-control.
Good luck with your relationships in the future =)

Just because we are vulnerable doesn't mean we should always give in. There's no such thing as accidently cheating on a girl 5 times!

Cheating is not a vulnerability - it's a vice. And it's not something that any woman should put up with. If you want to get and keep a girlfriend, then you need to grow up.

So let me get this straight....

You accidently cheated on your girlfriend

This is the 6th time it happened.

Dude, it was no accident.

You know the definition of insanity, right?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

You sir, are f*cked up, and are TOTALLY to blame for what you did.

If this is the 6th time, then you did not ACCIDENTALLY cheated on her. You couldn't have the 'accident' for 6 times. It has to be deliberate. You must change yourself and then you would not have been asking all these questions here. !

Can't wait for the new school term to start and for you to go back to school, then we'll be rid of all these childish 10-year old questions. Don't you have any friends you can talk to??

princess angel 2207
well what did u except you told her you cheated. now she is thinking smarter and future, money wise.

lol...I hope for your sake that this is a fake question. If it's real......you need some serious counseling. LOL - 'accidently' cheating is just 'following your instinct'. Good one. And blaming the girl and calling her selfish.....very humorous. Almost had me going there for a second - like the last 2 or 3 times you've asked similar questions.

Special Ed
Need a tissue?

sweet smile
Keep it up dude, I have a feeling 20 years you'll be one of those married 7 times in three different states. (21 times) don't counting on the live ins, you can get the girls but you can't keep them. Be prepared to grow old by yourself.

You don't sleep with someone on "accident"...its a mutual decision.

I give you props for being truthful with her about it, that was the right thing to do...but if you are just wanting to "go with your instincts" maybe you should go solo for a while.

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