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I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
Additional Details
Okay the men weren't supposed to answer this so this is embarresing :S
i'm not due my period for 3 weeks and everything seems to be crashing down around me!

yes it just puberty.....ur hormones are goin crazy right now...so crying its ok,,,at least ur not killing anyone and not being mean to ur family...i was crying a lot too, when was goin through it...just give it some time and be patient

whats wrong with being a virgin at 14
at least u can say you have some self-respect
and listen to some music have a sing along
and cheep up

You are a teenager going through puberty. No worries, it's normal.

What does being a virgin have anything to do with crying and feeling depressed. At 14, you are most likely experience some hormone changes, Hope it gets better, but you need to talk to your parents or a counclor.

Trisha heart
good to know your a virgin you should be. Everyone gets to this point in life were they feel confused because they think they don't belong anywhere. we have all gone though that. also don't know who your real friends are and if you don't have many you feel like maybe you are a looser. NOT TRUE! your not you are just feeling lost and that is completely normal. soon you'll find your way and you'll be happy again. Be patient and realize that life is not always a party.

dark angel
Hi KEZ;you need to slow down for a min.Think!You are going to be OK!Depression at 14 is normal and so is being a virgin.Its a good thing.You don't need a baby your to young now.Try sports or other school actives.Always have something to keep your mind working.Talk to your counselor at school and your doctor.Your friend Dark Angel

S A D ~ Seasonal Affective Disorder. Get some "LIGHT" therapy.

You probably need to involve yourself with positive people that can help motivate you towards feeling good. Real friends wont let friends get sick with depression. You are very young and have the rest of your life ahead of you. Talk to your family if you don't have any one else. After all they are the ones that love you.

I agree with the first person. You are just experiencing puberty.

the info you provide that you are a virgin is a hint that this seems to be a problem to you.As we don't know each other .my advice is to talk to a school counceller or another adult that you trust----talking to a professional would help.This type of problem is easy to take care of if you seek help early/

Could be a lot of things: puberty, actual depression, "that time of the month". If it has already or eventually lasts longer than a week or two, talk to a trusted adult. Depression is serious, and you might need treatment.

We were never meant to go through this life alone. Do you know there is a God in heaven who loves you and knows everything about you? Everything your are going through right now. His name is Jesus and He wants to have a personal relationship with you. I would recommend that if you don't go to church that you start this weekend. Take your mom with you. Find a church that teaches from the Bible but that also has a youth group and become involved. I promise you it will change your life and you will go from sad to Joyful! Just give it a try.

have you had depression or any anxiety probs you can remember before now? reason why i ask, is i had problems of all sorts & at age 12 i was diagnosed with major depression & anxiety disorder,,,it just seem that it hit me worse at that age, if u don't feel better soon talk to your parents & see a doctor...good luck, & don't be in no hurry to lose your virginity thats a good quality :)

hi im a grandadto 3 young teenagers and i think you are giong through the next phase of yourteenage life ie your hormones are playinggames with you you should try to relax and go and see a doctor who might be able to help it should soon pass as for your other thing you look after that for the day you are ready to love forever and i mean forever good luck

theres nothing wrong with you, It'l soon pass, it happens to everyone at that age, its an awful and confusing part of your life to go through and it only lasts a short while...

and whats wrong with being a virgin!

youl get better its just your age, unless something is going on in your life? being a virgin at 14 is normal! do something fun to cheer urself up!

Beign a virgin is NOT your problem,,

Your 14, THATS your problem,
If it doesnt go away in a fe weeks,, you need to consult your parents, to consult a doctor

aha..so what does being a virgin have to do with anything? I'd cry if you WEREN'T one at 14!

How do I know why you're crying..pleaswe calm down. It will pass, whatever it is. You're a pretty, strong and wonderful human being. Don't rush..let life just happen naturally!

Nothing your 14 being a virgin is a good thing.

It could be puberty or depression. Talk to someone who trust and try to get an objective perspective. If it's puberty, you should try to keep yourself busy with friends, interests, school. If it's depression, talk to someone about getting therapy.

This isn't abnormal and as long as you try to do something positive about it, you will survive it. We all did.

Good luck.

♪♫Just Me♪♫
You're a teenager. You have hormones. Simple as that. And at 14, I'd HOPE you were a virgin. What's that have to do with anyway? If you continue to feel depressed, I'd see a counselor or doctor.

What does 14 and being a virgin have to do with being depressed?

if your depressed there is more than being 14 and a virgin....Your probably lonely, maybe you don't have many friends, or maybe your bored, or maybe something has happened to you recently that was very hard for you....

The only solution i have ever found is time and friends

Depression happens to everyone at one point or another

Virginity has nothing to do with feeling down so don't even go there! You probably miss your freinds and school. Things will be back to normal Monday :)

Honestly, that is completely normal because I am in the same age group as you. Its probably hormones jumping from all over the place. You being a virgin has nothing to do with it.

Juan O
puberty, take it easy , you will be ok... enjoy the youth , it dont last !! Tanks TT

why did we need 2 kno u were a virgin?????

Puberty its natural.

could be horomones

Jessy Leigh
Puberty. Your close to your period probably. Welcome to being a women....not all that its cracked up to be. lol.

yeah, just lonely. its hormones. fun stuff, but itll pass. a boyfriend wouldnt be a bad thing

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