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I'm so unhappy, plz help?
i can't stop crying lately. it's like all my old wounds are open again. all i can think about is how horrible my life has been, all the negative, disturbing experiences i've been through. i have never been truly happy in my entire 14 years. i'm so sick of acting like my life is fine, i'm sick of acting happy and confident. the truth is i'm horribly lonely but no matter how many people are around me it doesn't change. it's like i speak a foreign language and no one understands me. my mother has always been emotionally and physically abusive to me. i feel like i cant communicate with anyone. i am so alone.
i feel like i can't be myself. i'm just an empty shell, always trying to please others or trying to make them like me.
last night i just cried and cried for hours.
it's like, when i'm feeling down and i cry, that's the only time i feel whole. i feel myself. but other times i feel like im putting on an act, walking on a tightrope, and it makes me hate myself.
or maybe i just do anyway
Additional Details
what do you guys think?
i know i probably need professional help..

send me an email if u ever feel like talking, im here 4 u if u want me 2xxxxx

slut male
Everyone feels like this at some point in their life, its just the up and downs of life.

Do not think that you are the only one who gets like this we all do the only difference is some take longer to get over it than others, i think that you need to talk to someone a family member or someone. stay active find something new that you can concentrate your energy on a new sport perhaps, it could improve your happiness, with that comes a increase of confidence, a new group of friends etc its a whole circle of events. I hope that you cheer up soon it will go away, but try and speak to someone, they wont give you the magic answer but you might feel like have a lot less on your mind if you speak to someone

the best thing you could do is talk to someone that you trust and open up to, and try to think positive instead of negative im sure you have good qualities in you.
why dont you get a hobby it will be a great way for you to take things off your mind
have fun and meet new people
good luck

No Drama for this Queen
Oh honey I'm sorry.... I know how you feel... this could be a part of your growing and changing... or it could be that you are depressed.... (sounds that way to me)... I too grew up thinking that it was my "Job" if you will to make everyone happy.. honey you will never be able to do that... it is a ugly circle of self doubt and self hate that you are in... it is NOT your "Job" in life to please & make everyone happy... PLEASE BELIEVE that.. it is the god's honest truth. There has to be an adult in your life that you can trust and go to with these thoughts and ask for help! DO NOT be afraid in your thinking, I swear to you, you are not alone with these thoughts... your first step is to trust someone that cares about you....to help you... if you feel you have no one than call a teen crisis helpline... please... they are listed in the front of your telephone book or call information... please just talk it out with some one..... Please make me your contact so I can know how you are ok... I don't know you but I have a big heart and a lot of compassion I am here for you... for all its worth...xxx Michelle

You should talk to a therapist, if you are still at school go and see a therapist there, I'm guessing there is one. Also if you are having problems with your mother why not write her letter. Sometimes if you can't say what it is you want to say, writing it down is easier. Therefore there is no need to be afraid. Also there are books about depression which you can get from the library or read some websites and this will help you understand yourself. Also being creative and finding somewhere to channel your emotions is very liberating. Any kind of activity or hobby will make you feel a million times better.
Most importantly remember that millions of people feel or have felt the way that you all the time, the worst part is thinking it is just you feeling this way, it isn't. It is part and parcel of being human, feeling pain from time to time is what makes us mammals. Don't worry.

You could have clinical depression...go see a doctor,,maybe he can give you something, or go to a counselor, and he/she can help you understand why you are so sad...

Firstly dont try to please anyone in life but yourself, give all your attention to you, you are what matters. I think you should maybe speak to someone about how you are feeling, what about guidance teachers in school? You could also go see your GP and tell him/her how you feel, make sure you open up dont hide anything, there are people who want to listen to you and help you, its just a case of finding them. I live in Scotland and i know we have a helpline called "Breathing Space" its for teenagers who are depressed, maybe phone NHS 24 for some numbers.

Good Luck, Email me anytime if u wanna talk!

*loads of hugs*

I think you have answered your own question - yes, it would be better if you saw a counsellor/cognitive behaviour therapist who would help you sort out your head, and look at your issues in a totally different way. There is absolutely no shame in going to your GP and admitting you are very badly depressed. At your age you should be out there enjoying life, and i believe getting help is the first step to that life that is waiting out there for you. Unfortunately every single one of us has had problems in our past, and we all have to find ways to deal with these issues. please get help, you are too young to be living a lonely life. Why dont you see your school counsellor or mentors, they could be another avenue to go down to get your head sorted out.

The first thing you need is to be held...a pair of safe arms..some parents have a lot to answer for,,,Having children is a privilege...not something to play at...it is not your fault you are so sad..you have never been valued or properly loved...you need to get some help..talk to your G.P for a start..Your mother has ruined most of your childhood..Don't let her steal the rest of your life.

i can honestly say i understand exactly how you feel, i went through the same thing you are going through when i was 14... and let me just reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, i spent a long time in a deep dark hole, no one understood me, it felt like no one loved me, my little had just been born so my mom was preoccupied, and my stepdad started hitting not to mention that they both were alcholics... so many people think that it is not possible to feel that way when you are so young, but you can, i knew i had depression from the time i was 8 then i was diagnosed at 14 then at 17 i was diagnosed as being bipolar... but anyway my point is that after all this time and all the pain and suffering, i am the most confident person i know, i used to be so shy, now i can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and make friends... i just want to let you know that you can talk to me whenever you need too and don't be afraid to seek help, if you are scared to go to your parent(s), just go to a school counselor the can really help you... i wish you the best... and i mean e-mail if you like

i am very sorry to hear of your hurt.the only thing i can suggest is being true to yourself.put yourself first for a change.take no more nonsense from people.no one as the right to push you around. start fighting back.tell another adult about your problems someone you trust.you are going through depression at the moment.also see a GP as well,for advice on your situation.i really wished i could give you more advice,just try and think of nice things if you can.i wish you quick improvement in your live.stay strong things will get better. good luck i wish you well.

see dear,
every one on this earth are unique. i expect u to think of it .first ant foremost try to read books of great people .analyse yourself if there are any people who had done great thinking like you.if no, then try to motivate yourself be active,courageous, & highly confident if yes,think about it. language is a medium of communication only it's not u r mind to think that no body understands u .try to find friends who understands u and learn the language of theirs.mother is one who gives us a lot of love but unfortunately ,my case is the same i cry a lot but these days i am trying to be hard
don't expect any kind of liking from any one try to give u r love to the one's who even don't have a mother just u have try to visit lovely places ,meet Gentle peple
you r 'u" it's true that no one on this earth r close to u r ideas u r on this earth to achieve something committed already don't waste ur valuable time by crying ,thinking.no body can change u except urself

Grant M
Please don't take this wrong and yes you do need professional help but listen I dont know your religious field or how much you believe in God. You are my grand daughters age and she was going through the same thing and when we looked into it (her mom mostly) she was starting her period which ment going into being a young lady from a girl.... Maybe this could be your problem. But honey at your age you have a whole life ahead of you.. My grand daughter also started to go to church and got a nice feeling and met some nice young people her age who she began to talk to and she came out of the crying shell.. I do wish you good luck. And please know.. you have so much to live for... Grant M in Pennsylvania

you definately sound depressed which can be helped with medication and talking to a therapist. A therapist can help sort things out.

honey get urself to a doctor, it sounds as tho u need some sort of councelling or maybe a mild anti depressent, if u want u can send me an email anytime coz i know sometimes just writing something down can make u feel a whole lot better about urself, honestly ur not a bad person im sure ur great u just need to believe in urself and i dont mind if u want to email me even if u just fancy a good old rant about nothing lol good luck babe xx

you said you do not get on with your mum what about a teacheror another adult that you trust your grandmother or an aunt or uncle yopu seriously need to talk to someone i no its hard to start talking but once you start it will get easier i promise i have being where you are and self harmed the works so i know how hard it is to start talking but there is help out there ans mayby a social worker could help your family


You mentioned:
1. Mother emotionally and physically abusive to you.
2. Communication problem with others.
3. Repeated feeling of emptiness/sadness.

Sweet heart please seek (Doctor for your sad-soul-problem and Advocate for legal issue) experts help before you get more harm!

I am quite sure, through internet you will not be able to get expert's adequate help.


I wish I could help you. I've shared many of the same thoughts you have mentioned. There comes a certain age when you loose innocence. You begin to question the world you live in and everyone/everything in it. Some of these questions will make you angry, some will make you sad. I hope that one day you will have an epiphany and realize this life is what you make it. There will come a day when you leave your parents abusive roof, and enter one of your own. Hopefully a happy one. Believe me there are many reasons to cry everyday, for a lot of people. Don't deny yourself those feelings or bottle them up. You need to find a way of expressing them other than with tears. Try to write a journal and be completely honest with yourself in it. Or maybe write poems or short stories. This will help you break out of that hollow shell your living in right now. But whatever you do please don't try to hide your emotions or your own personality. Just because you have these horrible thoughts doesn't mean your not a beautiful person with allot to offer. This life will kick you down and spit on you any chance it gets. Just pick yourself back up, and realize your now stronger because of it.

Aw i feel terrible for you but this is the way you have to look at it beacuse my past wasn't that great either! Its in the past its done its over no need to think about it again its gone its time for the hear and now! You proberly need to speak to a doctor somehow i don't care if you have to miss a lesson or so from school you need to see one and they can help you so much even if its just to listen to you and they can't tell your parents you have been there if you don't want them to (unless they susepct you are self-harming) Life does feel like this at times for some of us but it WILL get better and the best thing to do is to look ahead set yourself goals so you can feel you achieved something, take up new hobbies be it cooking or learning a new insturment (my freind does gardening) you are not alone in the world there are others that feel just like you do! also if you don't feel you have what it takes to get to a doctor please phone a child support line insead they will help alot too! best of luck!

well you just gotta act yourself around people and if people like your personality then they will approach you. but if you don't act yourself around people they will say that ur fake and you don't show your true side.
also you could do things that make you happy, like a hobby of yours.i like to play the piano that always makes me happy!!
good luck!!! :]

[email protected]
Try to list all the things that make you unhappy and then prioritise which are really important to you and discard the ones that are not and try to forget about them, compare these unhappy thoughts with other situations in life like all the people that are worse off than us and you will probably be left with a couple of thoughts that will be easier to deal with, remember that there is always someone worse off than you. Try to stay positive and get plenty of exercise and try to join a club or team where your contribution is valued, make new freinds and set a day to rid your life of all its clutter and start afresh, youre still young so go for it and start living!!

I really feel for you. There is help for you, though. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. Sometimes I did a pretty good job of hiding it, but I felt very empty and insecure. I started seeing a professional counselor when I was in college and later a psychiatrist. If you're mother isn't of any help in getting you the help you need, you can always start out by confiding in your school counselor. Therapy and/or medication can work wonders. Don't give up!

is there no one u can talk to a friend a teacher a doctor a favourite aunt? cos the way u are being treated by your mother is wrong and its clearly affecting u and altho its hard for u to hear she really must be stopped u must be taken from her care and looked after somewhere safe and supportive then u can work with a professional on your feelings...i hope things work out for u

♥♥ §åråh ♥♥
hey would you like to be my friend?
I'm 13 and have no confidence all i do is sit in my house and look through the window,my dad is emotionally abusive,
i know how you feel i cry all the time its like im sad but angry lol my mom has depression and my dad doesn't exactly help which upsets me more because i hate seeing her upset
i could do with someone to talk to aswell i feel kinda suicidal at the moment :'(
how can we talk?oohh do you have msn?
you sound like a kind person and there are not many people like that anymore your special
<3 sarah x

really. you need to talk to someone. a professional(counselor, priest or social worker).

sounds like you are not happy with who you are.
you know, deep inside your core.

my daughter has some bi-polar tendencies, maybe you should consider opening up to a health professional and finding what works for you. my daughter takes some meds and sees a counselor. i am no means rich, so everything is on a "sliding" scale of how much I can afford.

sometimes finding someone to listen too helps.
sometimes writing down your thoughts helps.

but know this, you are the one that needs to
ask and find the answers. no one is going to help you
unless you want to be helped.

and as far as you mom being physically abusive, you should seek police assistance NOW. but you will need to back this claim up with witnesses OR physically evidence.

go to emergency room next time OR call the police.
keep a "log" of all abuse. bring this with you when you go to the police. keep this log to yourself. do not show anyone other than your counselor or therapist or doctor.

also show your mom respect... do not endanger yourself...

Pete K
It's called depression.
I've had it--more than twice.
See a doctor: I'd suggest seeing a psychologist, not
a psychiatrist. The latter can (and no doubt will) pres-
cribe a medication. The problem with that, though, is,
their many different side-effects could potentially make
your problem worse.
It'd be much better to find a specialist who will listen
to you, and work with you. Psychiatrists will hear you,
without really listening.

Best of health & good luck.

hey sweetie.... i hate to hear of someone feeling so sad..... wether you are 14 or 40 life can be tough..... dont suffer like this though... have you got anyone to talk to...... anyone at all...if not why dont you call the samaritans.... they will listen to you and you dont have to feel embarrassed as they dont know who you are.....sometimes you go through a stage in your life when you feel like everyone and everything is against you..... it will change i promise.... but dont suffer alone........if these feelings carry on why not take a trip to your doctor or ring a helpline like childline .... hope this helps just a little....xxxxxxxx

Nubar Gulbenkian
You need to understand what is causing your unhappiness and then tackle the cause. Your best friend would undoubtedly want to help but you need somebody impartial, like your GP or a counsellor. It isn't right that you feel so sad, you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here and you have a right to happiness. Go and see your doctor, good luck!

John M
I've been where you are and it's pretty awful when you get so empty. I finally realized that the one who made me might be at fault, so I started yelling at God one day. He didn't zap me with lightning which was good, but at the time I could have cared less.

It wasn't long though that I began to sense that maybe things might not be better than I thought. He somehow led me to buy a little paperback book that had something from out of the Bible in it and all it said was, "My plans for you are for good and to give you hope, they are not for evil,"

I'd read that four or five times a day, until I began to believe it.
Then things really started to get better. I started meeting people I could talk to and listen to. I found out they had some of the same problems I did and by listening to them I found out I could be of help to them. I wasn't so worthless after all.

Anyway, would you just yell at God for awhile? I would really appreciate and see if you don't find him anwering back.

Aww sweetie. I just want to give you a big hug. It might not feel like it but its completely normal to feel like this. Especially if you're having trouble with your parents. You don't need professional help, you just need someone to talk to.

There are so many people out there that can be a shoulder to cry on. Try friends, friends parents, grandparents, teachers, your gp or even childline or the samaritans. They are there to help, not judge.

As for your mother, try talking to your dad about her. She shouldn't be treating you the way she does, but just remember its HER fault not yours.

Bubbly [Love]
You sound depressed. Crying spells are common associates with depression...Call your doctor, and get some help. As for now, don't hurt yourself, don't continue to cry, just watch TV or something.

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