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Darth Jhon
How to heal the feeling of hatred and wanting to kill a person?

Stay away from the Dark Side.

May the force be with you.

i hated my step father was most of my life and i thought when he died i would be very happy but I am not happy.....You can kill them but then what?

Pie Man
hate them and then kill them

This person is not worth giving up your life for....

Walk away and get alone. Stop and think things out and calm down. Yeah I feel like that sometimes. I just get away from it all. They are worth killing........

The sure fire way to dissolve hatred for a person is by positively investing in the life of the person you hate. You can not hate something/someone that you yourself spend time constructively caring for.

Just the thought of prison heals me quick.

Janet lw
Forgiveness is a powerful emotion. It may not always be something that one can be achieved easily. When I have a strong emotion as hate and I really don't want to have it., I think about helping other people. Doing a good deed for someone(s), helping others, thinking of ways to help others. One good deed and your heart softens.

some people are kidding about this.....it is not funny.....this is serious....you don't want to spend the rest of your life in prison, trust me You think you are going through hell now......the other is worse. Go for good help.....this may have turned into an obsession......what started out with just hard feelings and dislike has crossed over into mental problems (we have all had some problems)...if you can't afford a good psychiatrist (don't go to counselors or PH D's....) at least go to a church minister or any religious denomination......they can either help you or send you to the right person...........hang in there and please don't do something you will regret the rest of your life....People can make fun of me answering this way.....i don't care.....I do care about your thoughts an you.

Listen Darth, Luke is your son...so why would you want to kill him???

Billy Bob
Do not give in to hate, it leads to the dark side... oh hang on i think you are already there


first you have to learn to forgive them. although you will not forget what they have done to you forgive them and work on the anger. you don't want to live your live in misery. the best way is to watch a documentary on prison life or take a trip to one and see if you want to live your life like that for taking one. it ain't worth it then move on if someone makes you feel that way you need not be around them it only halts your life and not only that it can cause you sickness in your body, stress heart problems, stomach ulcers, all types of stuff. so the best way to alleviate that is forgive them better said than done but practice it they are living their life not worrying what you are feeling so don't waste your energy pondering on what to do to them

imagine burning in hell for the rest of eternity

Do Good to those who hate you, it's like pouring hot coals on their head.

If you aloud this hate to build, you aloud this negative junk to eat you up inside. learn, teach yourself to let go of these pressures, releasing that film of resentment on your heart, so you can feel free. best thing is to seek God in prayer, He can help you where your problem is... seek fellowship, being around good spirits can help. God be with you

That's easy one word-Therapist-and make that a good one.

go hunting kill something not someone.A little bunny will make you feel better.

Hi.....stay far, far away from whoever you have these feelings for.....get out of the area entirely if you can......stay away from anything that physically or mentally reminds you of this person......the feelings will pass in time......whoever it is, they're not worth giving up your life....... :)

Private Account
Surround yourself by things you love to do... positive stuff.

No More Ghosts
i often feel this way, i mean look at me. But seriously, one day you will be able to fulfill your wishes, via real life or video game. Its a question of when and if. Sometimes I think I am removing each and every person who has hurt me, thats almost the whole world..and man...Super Mario Bros...its helps.

honestly dont kill them just beat the sh** outta them that will make you feel better because i was like that to except i was stupid and i didnt get to kill them or beat the **** outta them and now i hella regret it.

Ba S
i normally chill back with some friends have a couple beers and stay the hell away from that other person... specially if it's a woman lol

Hatered is a very strong word. Wanting to kill some one is murder. How long have you been having these feelings and thoughts? What could any one do to you that would make you want to kill them? If these feeling continue you need to find a therapists and talk about this. Has the thought of hurting or killing any one ever come up before this? if so than you may be suffering from a anti personalty disorder. How ever it would not be diagnosable untill much more information could be abtained from you. I hope you can find some one to talk to and work this out. Killing some one is never woth the consequences.

im 13 and i feel like that sometimes to so i would say if u belive in him i would say pray to god he can help alot just ask him to give u the strenght to over come this feeling it can help

chona a
if things are impossible to bear, pray and turn to God, as He is the only ONE who can help us to have inner peace and the abillity to forgive and forget...

Go to church

Remember that your hatred is hurting YOU more than it is hurting him. If you killed him, well, of course he'd be dead, but he wouldn't be hurting any more. There are much better ways of dealing with this. If you kill somebody, you will be a murderer and a wanted criminal for the rest of your life. You will be punishing yourself... and the person you kill will no longer be suffering at all. What would be the point in doing that? No rational person would choose to kill somebody for revenge.

Lola the Snake
just dont think of them or get a picture and knife or a dart board and hit their picture

If its ya ex wife ......... go with the feeling

chill out, party with him, if you want to not kill him.

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