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 I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

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This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT....

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interesting to know how you would do it.

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Dont worry, im not p****...

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thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

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How to deal with an alcholic husband,who is always nasty &abusive;?

linda c
quite simple....leave him..alcholics dont change only promise to then go back to the drink...and if he is abusive get out of that relationship pronto..you dont deserve to be living on a knife edge

send him to alcoholic anonymous 4 medical help

Not a lot you can do to help him if he is not determined to help himself. Only he can do it and chances are he won't. Get rid him now before he ruins your life and puts it in danger. He will bleed you dry financially and won't care even if he says he does. Been there seen it done it. Got shut of the idiot. Very happy now with a wonderful man. I am 48

mad manc
GET OUT FAST!!! take the kids with you if you have any. don`t become another stastic

[email protected]
Leave him and get a divorce, you deserve better.

My Grain
Leave him. Don't kid yourself therapy will change him cos it won't. Known enough friends who have been through this.One friend when she went to visit her ex with their kid after she'd left him raped her and was done for attempting to murderer her(it was fate that the neighbous saw her trying to strangle her through the window and got the police round). I WARNED HER TOO! On the plus side she's just met a lovely man. LEAVE,LEAVE,LEAVE!!!!!!

Kick him out

Madre Sicilia
You cannot cure him. Take safe steps to leave him, with support from family, friends and appropriate local agencies. It will not improve as long as you hang around. Contact should be conditional upon his medical treatment/rehab and abstinence. Do you have children? Ask your GP/social services for advice. I wish you well, this may be a very difficult move to make.

i would leave... go to Oprah.com and look at that- they had a woman on last week who left her abusive husband. They have a thing on there- how to make a plan to leave. That should get you started.

julie b
D-i-v-o-r-c-e. Life is too short to live with nasty and abusive.

Lady T
divorce him honey...now


My sympathy to that lady especially if kids are involved.
LEAVE -however,thats easily said than done.
Call the cops too.
Lock his *** up.If you are in the NY area,let me know,
I will fix the situation.

Ideally, leave, and get some support.

File charges for his abuse (assault), nobody deserves to be abused.

Then go to alcoholics anonymous; they help with family members who have experienced a loved one's struggle with alcoholism.

Leave him and move on with your life.
My mum stuck with my dad for almost 30 years and he was a nasty alcoholic. She eventually left him when she was 59 and all us kids had grown up and flown the nest. She should have done it years earlier.


Get rid of him

find the courage from somewhere to leave him.


You don't deal, you leave, like now.

leave him!

Leave him before he kills you. Sorry to sound so shocking, but you are at serious risk if you stay with him. Find out where the local shelters are and go there. Leave.

Quack Quack

You don't deal, you leave.

Allen B
Leave and force him to accept the consequences of his actions.
Join Al Anon where you will meet people with the same problems as yourself and will give great advice.

Leave him

Captain Jack Sparrow
divorce mabey

Leave him , there is a better life waiting for you .

george s
You leave.....period, no ifs, ands or buts....LEAVE!!!!!!

Terry Rumble
What do you want to hear?
Leave him.
(But you know this already, don't you?)
Don't know if there is a better life waiting for you or not, but you will definitely have more self respect.

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