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 RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
I noticed a lot of people answered definately NOT


what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

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 What do you tend to do when you're the most stressed?
I go to the casino and drink.
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 How can stress present its self physically ?

This is warfare
How many people out there know what a "primo" is?

Jessica L
not a clue

Julio Italiano
a primo is a "cousin" in spanish, lol


well it can mean the lead of a musical part in a Duet,trio,or composition or also it can just mean "first" "excellent" or "very valuable" or in spanish a cousin.

It's a Hispanic word for Cousin........

weed + crack OR
cigarette + crack

it means cousin, in spanish! or people just say it to their friends!

yes i do


Nancy Kay
Male cousin

"primo" is a Spanish word that means "cousin" in English. It can be a proper name too. You can find more definitions about Primo at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primo

I know what primo marijuana is. good stuff

La De Durango!!!
for the category that it is under... i don't know what that it, i do know that it means 'cousin' on spanish, male cousin that is

It was a kind of beer brewed in Hawaii. It gave me the runs when I drank it. The locals liked it, and it was cheap. It had a sweet taste for a beer. This probably not what you had in mind, but when I hear the word primo it is what pops into my head. Shaka, bro.

I haven't heard it in 10 yrs either. Just remember you can't grow back brain cells. When they're gone they're gone.

it depends on what context your asking in ....duh you dumb b***h....

Probely not to many. But, I do.......

Chavo Baby!!!!!!
guy cousin in espanol

I do! It's a blunt laced with Cocaine, sometimes called a Cocoa-puff!

um i do. who the hell doesnt. its a skateboarding move

A PRIMO is a part of a piano Duet played on the upper half of a keyboard

I do it means cousin in mexican

Cousin. vato.

4 Strings Of Thunder
A primo is a joint of marajuana with crack Cocaine crumbled
in it.


haven't heard that term in about 10 years.

what up?
primo is the spanish word for cousin

Prime time ****.

It means cousin in spanish.

not me

©rojoe® Semi Retired
Primo can refer to the following:

Primo is the name of a play adapted by Antony Sher from a Holocaust memoir written by Primo Levi.
Primo is the name of a freestyle skateboarding trick. See Skateboarding trick.
Primo is a term used to describe Cannabis that has been blended with Cocaine or crack Cocaine.
The term primo comes from the Spanish word for "cousin." A joint rolled with primo is usually known as a "New Yorker".
Primo is also a flavoured milk brand from New Zealand Dairy Foods.
Primo is the Spanish and Portuguese word for "cousin"
Primo is a brand of smallgoods sold in delis in Australia.

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