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Anania M
How do you say goodbye?
my brother died this week and I am half a world away among strangers and feeling really crappy.

if you what to say goodbye in any langege then go to www.google.com Hope that helps!

There is no such dude as a brother. I'd say... we will meet soon.

Just remember all the good times you shared together and cherish them. And remember we will all cross over to the other room some day. And then you will get to see him again. Also he is in no pain, and happy. You feel sad because it is your lose. Ask God to comfort you in this time of need, and do positive things that your brother would be proud of. I'm sorry for your loss. You are not alone, find someone even a stranger.. everyone will lose a loved one... and cry..

I can't imagine how my life could be if I ever hear that, I guess I am not ready and I could go crazy I love my brother so much , but you are strong and this happen was in times God Im very sorry to hear that really I feel for you.

Find a place where you can grief, a group church, a study bible, coffee place , a bookstore, your room , grief its ok ,
Give your self apart some time for your griefing make this time pressious and important , make it happen, you can writte things, you can read a book , you can cry ...

but put your clock next to it :) griefing to long can make you feel not good and get in to deep depressions that are diagnostic as a illness . I'm sure your brother wanted to be happy, so be it.


ooh dear.... im so sorry about it... i know what u feel because 6 years ago i lost my Father and after that my sister.......... after these years im not well enough yet......... plz be strong and just think about your future ............. we all should move on because the life is this.... just busy your self with your stydies,friends,work.u will be better soon ...
good luck

its ok ....

im here for you ..... no really if you need a friend to talk to im your guy... sometimes you just need to talk to someone to make you feel better...

im sorry to hear that your brother died, condolences to you and you family.

there really is no ''right'' way to say goodbye. In a way most people don't want to say goodbye. i dont really know what to suggest other than dont distance yourself from your family, as they need you most, but dont get so caught up in trying to make them feel better you stop grieving. cry together, laugh together and remember together.

hope iv helped. :-), once again im sorry to hear about your brothers death.

i m very sorry to hear this
i too had to suffer such a loss recently
i know how u feel
try not to think about it
it will pass

I'm sorry to hear about your brother. The best way to say good-bye is to talk to God and tell him how you feel and to give your message to your brother. He will make sure your brother hears you and to know that you are thinking about him.

Hyper Pillsbury Doughboy!
i'm so sorry to hear that

i know it is hard for you to say goodbye to someone you really love but you can't be stressed and depressed your whole life. talk to your friend or family member about it if you can't get over it. if you're still sad,just look at a photo of him and talk to the photo like you're talking to him.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep him in your heart. Talk about him to others, share stories, talk to him like he's right beside you if you need to. I've never lost a sibling so I can't say that I know what you're going through but just keep your friends and family close right now. I agree with the others, you don't have to say goodbye. I hope you feel better soon.

Health nut/Extremley Active
It would be a good idea, to just go out with your close girl friends, they wll give you comfert, and they will make you laugh, which is somthing you'll need at a time like this. If you have a S.O., have him stay with you, and have some movie nights with some comfert foods, you'll feel better.

Edward W
Take a moment and think about a happy time the two of you shared alone. smile cry laugh whatever you wont o do . Then rest a sure that Christ is rocking him in the cradled of his luv, sorry to hear of your lost

Thomas K
I've been through the same event about 2 weeks ago.
Here are some things I found helpful:
- If you have pictures of him, put those where you can see them.
- Ask your family to record any memorial service that is held and send you a copy of the recording. We now have CD's and DVD's as well as audio tapes of the memorial service.
- Write a note (e-mail or card) providing details of events that you shared with your brother. Especially the humorous ones.
- John 14 and Revelation 4 are what I read at her service.

Goodbye is not a once and forever thing. It comes in waves. A year from now you will see or read something that reminds you of him.

Soulful Kris
Write down your memories of your brother. Make it sequential so that the story ends.

Devil's Lola
it's the thought that counts.
someone dear to me died a few weeks before I had to fly abroad. the trip couldn't be cancelled and I flew out with huge desire that the plane would crash so I would die instantly. but then I knew this person would like to see me rise through the challenge and so I will have to keep going. That is how I say goodbye.

of course you will feel terrible. write about some of the best times you guys had together - happy or sad. it should help a little

My deepest sympathy for your loss. This must be really hard for you. I hope that you can find the closure you need. I have lost 2 brothers and a sister that I never got to say goodbye to. It is not easy. There are so many days when I want to tell my brother something, and I can't. and there are days when I wish I could have told them all that I love them, and its too late. There is no one way to resolve your sense of loss and feelings of sadness especially your inability to contact your brother. One thing that seemed to help me was to write a letter to my siblings and tell them everything that I always wanted to say. It seemed to release my pent up emotions and allow me to grieve. You can throw the letter into the ocean, or burn it, or toss it off a mountain top, or bury it, but you should send it off somewhere. Keep a copy for yourself to read years later. As far as being alone, I am also sorry that you are not near your family. Calling them or emailing them might be helpful. Maybe there is a crisis line in your area where you can call someone even if they are a stranger and just tell them what you are going through. Either way, I wish you peace, and please know that eventually this pain will pass, but may never go away entirely. God Bless.

Java Queen
Sorry to hear that!


you have my condolences. The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with. The grieving process is unique to every person and no one can tell you how to get through it. I did it by reminding myself that this pain and sadness would pass with time. But each of us finds our own way through it.

Write him a long letter, send it to someone to place on his memorial. I think he will know what it says.

Im so sorry, you donthave to say goodbye, Just say

Bro see you later

I'm sorry you lost your brother. Call your parents, talk to them, if he has a wife talk to her. Right now, bury yourself in work but when you grieve let it come out and if someone wants to help you let them.

God is with you. You are not alone. Prayers for you and your family. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

i am really sorry for your loss, you will find away to say goodbye in your own time- untill then just concentrate on doing things that make u feel good- it will be better

Sean P
You could try praying if you're the least bit religious, but I'm afraid thats the only way I can think of. I hope your brother is having a great time in heaven. I lost my grandmother in August and we were really close she would come over every other weekend and we would have such a great time and now I feel like my heart is missing something. But anyway sorry about the loss.

I'm sorry. My sister died 3 years ago.

Write him a long letter. Take it someplace private and read it. Like the beach or a park.......

When you finished, burn the letter. then you would have said good-bye and you can start to heal.

That's terribly sad....I wouldn't say goodbye, I'd say see you later.
Talk to him everyday like he's still here, think of things he'd have done and don't ever let him go. You can keep him alive in your heart and mind if you don't mind facing the emotions.....but remember, he'd want you to have a good life and be happy. Take him with you and live well in his honor!!!
He was lucky to have a sister who loved him so much:)
I'm very sorry. Try and move forward a step at a time and one of these days you will see the sunshine again, feel the warmth of the sun and smile. Life is and can be good, but it comes with a huge price, that of which you now know. Live and Love, for love is the only thing worth living for anyway so get up, get going and if you are lucky maybe one of these days you may have a little boy and you will have the opportunity to name him after your brother if you so choose. It's hard, but you'll make it. He'd want you to.

My dog died last week as well. I know that's nothing like losing a brother, but I was listening to a song which reminds me of my dog and that kinda helped; if you immerse yourself in something.

The most important thing is to accept it in your own mind.
Being with strangers might actually help. They'll be able to talk to you better because they didn't know your brother.
Keep your chin up.

I am very sorry for your loss. It must be so difficult to be away from family at a time like this. I know that for Me, being born and raised in the military, I seldom made it "home" for funerals. So I have always tryed to honor the person I lost. Each in a different way. It could be as simple as listening to music that that person liked, and remembering the good times. For instance, when my grandmother passed, she loved Red Lobster, I never cared for the restaurant. But in honor of her, I gathered a few friends, and we went to the nearest red lobster and celebrated her life. I told stories of how she affected my life, and what she meant to Me. I am quite sure that your brother would want for you to mourn him in a healthy way - celebrate his life. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

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