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 Nasty question but?
interesting to know how you would do it.

If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****...

 What are you scared off ?
Think im scared of the dark....

 I really hate my life right now.
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 I need some advice and I need the truth?
I need to know what will happen if I tell the doctor I am having suicidal thoughts? Can confidentiality be breached? I need to know exactly what will happen because I need some help and I know that, ...

 Why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
cuz every man or boy i've met has acted so stupid is it me?
Additional Details
thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

 Should i believe what the voices in my head are telling me?

 Do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

 Convince me to stop dying my hair!?
I'm not joking when I say I have an addiction to hair dye and it co-insides with my obsessive compulsive disorder. i dyed it back to my natural color three weeks ago and i'm already ...

 What are you feeling right now?

 Do you like yourself??
I personally, hate myself. every aspect of me i hate. how about YOU??...

 Do you think it's right for a 16 year old girl to be in a house...?
....with a cocain/alcohal/prescription drug addict who is a "friend" of the mothers, and not even related?
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 If life gave you lemons what would you do with them?

 How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Its become a habit with me to get easily tensed up with little things. Something that's not happening correct or not in order makes me anxious & irritated. You can say that i am stupid ...

 I want to treat my depression without medication, any suggestions?
My depression is mild and my doctor is OK with me not treating it with medication in the short term. Serious answers only please....

 Is talking to yourself a problem?
i talk to myself alot but i got it from my parents. they say it isn't a problem but my friends think i just got mental problems.is it a problem?...

 Give me a reason why life is good...............?
after a **** few months, i need some inspiration. why is life good and why does everything go wrong sometimes?...

 Why should I stop cutting?
I do not understand, why should I stop cutting myself? Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and cutting is how I deal with mine. I have never cut deep and I have been doing this for about 5 ...

 Why do people speak before thinking?

 I used to cut myself. Should I be ashamed of it?
I used to cut and burn myself as a kid, in order to cope with depression, and now I have a lot of scars as a result. At first I wore long sleeves constantly because I was ashamed of it, but I live in ...

 Is writing in a journal healthy for one who is depressed?
I thought it would be a good outlet to vent my frustrations - however - I read some where recently that this can only add to the stress - which is true?...

How do you overcome laziness and lack of motivation?
I'm having problem getting going on projects and things I want to do. Its overwhelming I don't know where to start

Dont be overwhelmed, make a list & prioritize, then start at the top & do one thing start to finish before you go to the next. Once you get going the motivation will kick in.

Set up "rewards" for yourself for each one thats completed.
Drink allot of water and go for a walk for any needed instant engergy boost!

Unless you make yourself do something, it is NEVER going to get done. This is all the motivations you will ever need.

Shaula Brandt
Set a goal and reach it...and the next day, set your goal higher.

I don't feel like answering this now. Maybe later. LOL.

Paula P
You may not be lazy. Lack of motivation, being overwhelmed and having problems completing projects could be due to something else entirely.

First have your physician give you a physical. Then ask him about the possibility of depression after telling him about your problem. Then exercise every day. Exercise is a natural antidepressant. You don't have to run a marathon. Take a walk and keep active.

If your doctor says you are all right and even IF you are depressed, there are several things that you can do. Start with telling yourself that you are just going to do one thing. Don't look at the big picture, just get one job done. After you get used to doing one job every day, increase your output to two jobs a day and continue to increase as you are able. Notice that I said as you are able. The main idea is to not be overwhelmed. Try one small job, complete the job and feel successful. It may be small for someone else but for you it is a victory. Once you begin to feel successful, it will help.

I dont know just, like do it or something. like... take a look at what you got to do, and like evaluate or, like I don't know... stuff and junk

just pick a point and start...you will feel better after that.

It depends upon if you're talking about at your job or not. If at work, get busy and get the work done or you will be fired. If at home, make a list for each day's activities that need to be done and don't go to sleep until they are done. This actually works for items at work too.

start from the beggining or the easiest place then work your way through. good luck

1st of all get off your lazy butt

First of all you obviously need to get off your computer.

just get off your bottom and start, stop thinking about being lazy

damn! If I could figure that out, I wouldn't be here goofing off & avoiding my own pile of responsibilities....


I got no clue.


brina R
Well start with telling yourself to calm down and breath!,,,,, and then ask yourself what will i do first?,, whats more important? and tell yourself to just do it... these are only simple answers that work........... stop ......calm.........breath........and do it........ and remember there are alot of others out there like you,,, they find it hard too so don't take it to heart so much,, it will help you calm down from being overwhelmed.... peace hunny.......

Same thing happends to me. sometimes i just get stuck with all the work to do, and do everything till the last minute; and i can tell u stress is a great motivation factor ;)

Many people have this problem.....just think to yourself that it has to be done and only you can do it

you can overcome this its ok to be lazy now and then its part of life

Drugs. Try addoral.

one thing at a time. focus on one thing. too many things can bog you down and depress you.

Try metabolism pills or/and exercise

One Sly Look
#1 Just get off your butt and start doing it. The longer you put things off, the longer it's not going to get done.

Amie P
I am experiencing lack of motivation also. I started seeing a therapist yesterday, she thinks it's depression..

S. Revenge
IMAGINE NOW........you are here to do something, so don't be afraid nor hesitate on what you should do. All you have to do is decide what to do with the time that is givin to you......You will find your way! Good Luck brother

Debi L
get a plan and get a job........................................
B-12 is good too.

You push yourself to do what you want and overcome everything you always wanted in life

First of all, get off the computer....

I'm having this problem lately, too. I find that taking a nice long walk helps me to clear my head, organize my thinking and break down the tasks at hand into smaller partial tasks that are easier to face. It also breaks me out of the paralysis of being overwhelmed.

Follow the FlyLady philosophy

Her website has to do w/ cleaning your home, but really applies to any large project that seems overwhelming.

Take it 15 minutes at a time ... don't look at the whole job all at one time, but break it into maneagable chunks. You can do anything for 15 minutes!

la reina
set tiny little goals for yourself. just say- tonight i'm only going to do this. and then make the goals very easy to accomplish and realistic. then as you start to gain more confidence in yourself, you'll realize that u are capable of accomplishing whatever u put ur mind to.

Pick your most favorite thing to do and start it. Don't stop until you complete it, then move onto the next one. Make whatever it is fun and game like

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