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 I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

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This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT....

Paulo L
How do you battle depression without drugs?
i'm in a continuos battle against depression, and I just don't know how to get out of it ...

Get Jesus in your life and you wont need any meds!!!!!!!!!1

Believe me I know exactly how you feel. I suffer from major depression. I did not want to be on medication because I wanted to control my depression on my own and didn't want drugs controlling me. Because of that, I almost lost my life. I attempted suicide because I just could not deal with things anymore. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I had to and I do not regret one minute of it. Family and friends that will support you is key. Find a therapist or a counselor that you can talk to. Talking and dealing with whatever is going on inside of you is probably the most important thing. I chose to take medication because it does help me. It took trying a lot of different meds before I found one what works great for me. Just do not give up. There is help out there. Whether it is medication or therapy or a support group. I take medication, I see a psychiatrist, and a therapist and it has helped me to start to turn my life in the right direction. I hate to see others go through what I went through because I know it is hard and can be scary at times. One thing I highly discourage is electroconvulsive therapy. I underwent 12 rounds of ECT's and lost 75% of my memory and it did not change what was going on inside of me. If you are interested in talking more please send me an e-mail and I would gladly talk with you. It sometimes help to talk with someone who is going/has gone through the same thing as you.

Rich F
I am an independent distributor of a natural juice product. I can provide you many testimonials of how this has helped others with your similar challenge.

This is very easy, 30 minutes of exercise per day. Exercise improves our gene expression and release endorphins. Not only can exercises treat depression it also has many other benefits.

You've got to talk about what's wrond - meds do nothing. In fact - meds are just an excuse for phychologists not ot do anything anymore. The chemicals don't belong in your body - at all. So, yeah - talk to a friend or family or even a therapist if the mood strikes. But talk. No matter if it's to yourself while you're lokkin' in a mirror.

...depression is linked to an imbalance to the body's chemistry. The endocrine system is complicated. Your depression may not be "mental," but from suffering from a highly stressful life, post traumatic stress, Thyroid imbalance, adrenal burn out...and the list goes on. Go see your doctor and check your blood levels. If you delay, it can cause greater damage to organs and create disease in the long run --- not to mention unhappy feelings. There is only one life, and this is it!

Try prayer, eating organic, exercise daily, drink lots of water, and start taking vitamins. They have certain vitamins, and herbs just for depression. Don't eat out, and no processed foods. People don't realize that all the hormones and steroids they put in our foods are harming us. Why do you think Americans are so obese, have a high rate of Diabetes, high blood pressure, all of these psychological problems? This was not happening in the 50's and 60's like it is now. This is an epidemic that has gotten out of control, because of greed in the need to mass produce by using steroids, hormones, chemicals, etc.

You have to realize these pharmaceutical companies are the new drug cartels. How often do we hear about the drugs that cure this, and that, but cause this, and that. I'm not against medicine, but I am against all the lies. There are medicines out there that are absolute miracles, but I'll tell you the cures to most ailments are very simple. As simple as herbs, vitamins, and eating organic foods. I can only give you a testimony of how being aware of what is going into my body has changed my life, and my childrens.

Another thing that will help you is knowing Jesus loves you, and anything you ask in His name He will give to you. You are not alone, and you are loved very much.

Let others try and convince you otherwise, but I know how, not only my life, but my families life has changed. All we did was change what we were putting in our bodies. It seems too simple, but yet it is that simple. In a lot of cases this is all it takes, it worked for me! Try it for a month, and see how much better you will feel, if not consult a doctor.

doing sport

As a long term sufferer of depression, I feel like I can give you some useful ideas but I do want to say right from the beginning that I do BEST when I am under a regulated medication. Other things that seem to help include a regular sleep schedule, regular exercise (I prefer with a partner), and make time to do the things that you enjoy even if you don't feel like it. If you've always loved going to the local college baseball games, get some friends together and go. Sometimes you can "act" yourself into truly feeling happy. ;-) (Oh...and I suggest a little chocolate once in a while...)

Seek counseling. Talking to a professional is vital. Listen to music. Music is great for lifting one's spirits. Force yourself to get lots of physical exercise. This will make you feel better physically and mentally. Spend time with good friends and family members. read, listen to, and tell jokes, and funny stories. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Spend as much time as you can in bright sunlight or in well lit areas indoors. Determine why U are depressed. Eliminate the reason. NEVER give up. Don't let the depression defeat you. Good luck. Remember, U are not alone.

If you are clinically depressed, you cannot do it without meds or some kind of help. If you dont want to take depression pills, try taking herbal supplements. Talk to your doctor and find out. I started out being depressed, and two years ago I was diagnosed Bipolar, and it was so hard to deal with. You need something. What you can also do is get a hobby, find an exercise you like to do, or go to a gym. Get on a well balanced diet, and just surround yourself with positive things, Try church, or a support group. Talk to your doctor about that too. Take Care of yourself. Be calm and try to have fun. oh yeah and you can always get a journal and write in it and get out your feelings that way, or you can just go and write poetry. Thats what I do.

By reading the book of Psalms.

unwisely, appropriate medication can have positive results

Yep....do fun things. Write down 3 fun things you can do next week. Then try and stick to it and follow through.

Make a joke out of as many things as you can. Find that humor in everything. Laugh it up....no matter how bad your situation is.

See a Psychiatrist. Don't cut yourself off from friends and family, because people who are depresses tend to isolate. I know you don't seem to want to take drugs but I suggest you look into it. The medicine won't cure your depression, but it will help you level off. People who are depressed don't have to take medicine for the rest of their lives. When you are feeling better tell your doctor and the Doc should wean you from them. Don't stop the meds on your own!! I've been there.

ah u dont

Excersize. My whole family suffers from depression. we have tryed the whole enchalada of medications. But We found that in order to stay off of the medications Excersize is the best way. you have to get those natural endorphins going through your body.
Start off easy, run a quarter of a mile every day of the week on a machine on the 2nd week run a 1/2 a mile, the third week a mile and every week after that add a 1/2 mile until you run 3.5 mile a day.
Make sure to eat a lot of complex carbs like spagatti.
It makes your day completely different.

1. Go to the park.
2. Buy ice cream
3. Eat half of it
4. Throw remains at little school/passing kids
5. Laugh viciously and in triumph as they run away

Okay, maybe not.

96.7 KCAL ROCKS!!!
that is a great question, to start, change your lifestyle..excising kills depression like Raid on Ants. Its so good. Then if you change your diet and become healthy, that helps, seek a councilor, talk to your parents, talk to your friends who arent stupid.

You are right, it ain't easy. You just keep plugging. And praying. Eventually it will break.

take a look around you. if there is anything that is possibly dragging you down, get away from it. maybe like a person, or something that is happening. i delt with depression for a very long time and i finally realized it was the person whom i was with making me that way. take a long hard look around you

Dr M
Get involved in things happening around you. eat well think positive.

[email protected]
I'm so sorry to hear that. Support of family and friends would be number 1, I would think. Identifying the source or trigger would help.

You can still go to a doctor and just let him/her know that you don't want drug therapy and I am sure they can give you many more options.

Good luck!

The Answerer-er
You need to change your outlook on life, your perspective about things. That's not easy to do. A good therapist would probably help, but a bad one might make things worse. So try to find someone to help you that fits with your personality.

Physical health can also help keep you focused and reduce stress, as well as give you an outlet for avoiding thinking about unpleasant things. So try to take up some sport or other active hobby.

Finally, work on things gradually and win small battles. You have to work at it and change your perspective one thing at a time.
Best of luck

you cant....you literally have a chemical imbalance that you cannot control...you need meds for it ....its not your fault sometimes it just happens to people...

I was told to exercise. It naturally get chemicals in the brain going.

Let me explain what I did.

I was diagnoses with clinical depression.

Medication was of marginal effectiveness.

I decided to examine my life and drop those needs that contributed to my feelings of low self-esteem.

I also decided (as the winter is when I felt the lowest) to get more sunshine.

I also started an exercise program to do something about my blobbiness.

The increased endorphin level, plus the general body sense I got help to keep my depression at bay.

I still get depressed, but it is not as deep and dark and doesn't last as long.

prince uranus
i don't know how you do it.

i was on Effexor for years---finally got so tired of the side effects i went off it. i tapered off and never did have any of the negative side effects of Effexor withdrawal.

but now the anger and depression are back. working at fighting them off on my own---with spotty success.

i'm thinking better to be unmedicated and depressed/angry than medicated and a zombie.

but hey, what do i know? LOL

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