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*B.B.K loves rain*
How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Its become a habit with me to get easily tensed up with little things. Something that's not happening correct or not in order makes me anxious & irritated. You can say that i am stupid enough to take tensions & be worried the whole day regarding my studies, my life , my responsibilities, my future, what should i do ? Whom should i trust ? What is good for me ? I rarely remain relaxed. When everything seems to be allright something else crops up to cause me stress & anxiety.
Now a days i don't get a wink of sleep before its 1:00 or 2:00 am. Stupid thoughts & worries keep pestering me & i keep rolling over the bed before i get some sleep. I get head aches.
I am spoiling my health !!

What should i do ???????
Should i see a doctor & take sleeping pills or anti stress tablets ????
Help me !
Give me your valuable suggestions.
Thanks for responding. :-)
God bless u :-)
~~**Spread smiles**~~ :-)
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hi !!

i was like this before untill i found out the solution.

just relax and change the way you are seeing the things...
reframe the question which is hounting you....

every questing u have just see that in + ve way...

before going to bed thank GOD for what ever happend and talk to your self that yes yes i can do it ....and just see the difference in few days / weeks ..

it really works ...

Always say GOD is with me and i can do any thing.

you will come up in life..

worring makes you week, and nothing good comes out of it...

hope this is usefull for you...

take care

It is a clear case of dipression.

shurely you should see a psychatrist and take medical aid.

but before that do the following as a course:

1) STOP THINKING and leave everything to destiny.

2) double up your work by spending or wasting time anywhere you like.

3) call your friends and talk to them (i wonder you have any)

4) meditate and think you are free of every miseries.

5) Drin enough water 8-10 glasses a day.

<Please sorry for some spelling mistakes>


beleive it or not , in the past i've also suffered from the same problem. I could understand youe sittuation. You want to remain happy ,do nithing silly, work very carefully, but still ,I say but still - things went wrong, life seems to be too cruel ,all other people seems much more happy. If this happen to you only then you should read on to cope with these problems...

Thanks for reading ,you are now in the right way.
From my exp[erience I could tell you that this happen due to some shor of lack of confidence .Initially I dont thik so, probably you are also thinking the same. This under cinfidence is just because you have not allow youuself to be cool ,to be brave in your ACTUAL life , not in your day dreams

Some tips to rergain the realkl confidence :

Help other : educate somebody poor ner you .It might be yopur servent's son or somebody like that .Do this at fre of cost.

Join some NGO nearby .When you get involved in community serveice this will show yourself how and how much you could be helpful to the society. If you can do so much for your society than why not for yourself.

Beliv e in God : If yopu dont belive in Gopd ,than now start doing this. This is the reason why we have God. This reason is revealed only to people like you. And remember I am not just sprouting airy theories , it happpens. Lots of people have taken themselves out of this trumna by starting beliving at God

At last I will recommand you to read the book "The Secret"
.It all about people like us. It will tell the secret of happiness and tension fre life. The secter is Belive that onlt GOOD will happpen. You must read it

Thats solve. No need to go to a docter or to pandit ,No need to wear ring of some special gems etc nothing .No way.

You will be get allright ,This will happen for sure

With Love

Sandeep Sethi

hi,please dont take any medication for this problem.atleast not b4 u consult your doctor.i went through this same problem n i got a lot of relief by working out (i started with yoga),u could try it or something else that suits u.also the right kind of food helps in getting relief from such problems.please eat well,work out regularly n u will feel a lot better.i did.all the best.take care.

our mind creates our own stresses and anxieties.
control of the mind is your salvation.
try meditation and yoga.
tune your body to the natural timings of the world.....early to bed and early to rise.
Best wishes

pradeep d
Hi Dear
It is very simple to get rid from stress & anxiety.You must to flow some sugestion.
:-Frame your time table &act accordingly
:-Do,not keep you alone.
:-share your Problems with your narest wellwisher.
:-spent your time with your friend & family.
:-Wake early morning & sleep on time.
:-Plz spare your some time for yourself
:-Start meditation ,Yoga or exercise as you like.
:- Take light & simple(Veg) food on time
:-Spent some time in social activity.

These are some things to do. May God Blees you

Pradeep Dutt

just relax and read this carefully.i am a sikh who strongly believes in GURU GRANTH SAHIB it is sikh's holy book to which sikhs pray in GURUDWARA SAHIB.it contains many saints and mahapurush's baani (thoughts and writings) of different religions.one thing is very clearly given in this book that everything is governed by god itself so you get worried about all these small things is of no use.god is there for us.so please dont get tensed with these small things i pray to god that your future be very very bright,make you responsible,you do good in your studies,yourt unwanted worries anxiety and all your health problem vanish away and give you a very very relaxing life.bye do sms me.9971211150 9310555550.rishi new delhi

You should probably see your doctor. Maybe he can prescribe an anti-anxiety drug. Bio feedback is also good for stress.

narinder arora
when u feel stress and anxiety don,t take any medicine.gear up your car and go for long drive.or walk at least 6-7 km and then take 60 ml sctch peg.

from your talk, i assume, you don't indulge in physical exercises. one of the main weapons to turn our mind towards positive thinking is, physical exercises( i have this name what others call as yoga). to convince you how this works is a long story. but i advise you to do that. the type of exercises you will be doing should be that almost all parts of your body should indulge in movements. using breathing technic when you do exercise is important factor one should not forget. with this, body will have good blood circulation. gradually, you will get what you are not having. don,t expect result within few days. it will take time. but result is 100% sure.

Dear Friend,

You need to listen to some good music. Everyone has some favorite songs that they heard when they were in their prime of life - or the best times of their lives. Some tunes are really kick-*** type and make you feel like a winner. They infuse you will lot of energy and 'just-do-it' attitude. Listen to such songs.

I have seen many people advising you to meditate. No doubt, it is a very good suggestion. But it does not work for all. I have seen it acting negatively on some people. They tend to lose interest in life and interest in work when they meditate. They lose their agility and reflexes that are needed in today's world to compete and succeed.

In a nutshell, all I can say is this: If you want to win, Act like Alexander - the Gret. Don't think too much . Just know that you are a winner and you have every right to bulldoze your way to success with your hardwork and 100% focus on your work.

Good luck.
Cisco Reddy.

I would consult with your doctor. They can prescribe medications to ease your stress and anxiety. I felt the same way and they actually diagnosed me with having anxiety, I feel alot better with the medication. You will still get stressed out at times but it wont be as bad as it is now. Good luck. PS. I would avoid sleeping pills, that only helps at night, not during the day.

why r u worring about? Just feel free thats gonna make u relax! If u try that u never gonna get stress! Share ur feelings to others whom around you & try to do some intresting things. Don't take any sleeping pills or any tablets!!! be happy always:-)

For stress-
One should find the cause of stress, then think for at least 2 minutes on that. After this he/she should think is there is any use to take stress. Take a deep breath and hold it for a minute and slowly release it, eyes should be closed and don't stretch the body.

For anxiety-
Anxiety is internal feeling of our mind, one should relax and take a shower bath to release it or read books of there interest or watch comedy serial / movie on T.V. or on DVD player, otherwise listen light music this will work.

Nikhil D
so simple do one thing while you feeling stress play your favourite music listen it from bottom of your heart.....
most prefferable music is instumental music is good for u r health

before you try pills try breathing techniques,they work wonders,this link might help.


mritunjay s
Just talk with your near & Dears! freely about your thinking................................... you feelings..................
and see the result.

dont try to hide your emotions & feelings from dears.

shower b4 bed - visualise your day going down the drain,
listen to guided meditations in bed
Valerian (take 1 half hour b4 bed, like before the shower...if one dont do it, can take 2)
15 drops pure essential oil of lavendar in a bath, or after the shower put 1 drop on the sole of each foot - massage in like you were doing reflexology - 30 secs each foot.
worry, causes more worry, it is never ending. so, get down to the bottom of the worry, and see what the issue is that is causing the worry. or, what is the emotion that is triggering your worrying?
were or are your parents the same, are you mimicking their neurosis? you may need to erase the chalk board and think how you want to live your life, independently of their example.

anxiety is a individual trip, what works for me may not work for you even though it is a universal positive thing.

1. love your self....no one is perfect,so cut your self a break

2.go hug a tree, sit under a tree and do [RECHARGE- DISCHARGE]

while sitting under the tree imagine ,light,sky energy, water energy ,ground energy,ground magnetic energy poring into you.

discharge--discharge all the anxiety, pain,worry,and problems ,out though your but,into the earth,as far as you can imagine them going ,like to china.

breath in [recharge] breath out [discharge] and do that until you start to feel GROUNDED

3.go into the wood ,is a standard good thing

4.bed--fill your room with spiritual pictures, burn some incense and light a candle, and stare at the flame ,imagine all the negative thoughts and emotions going in to the candle flame like a door way to a nother dimension.

5.get some nice music and play it on the head phones befor sleep ...remember to blow out the candle we don't want to start a fire.

6.find someone you trust and tell them your problems

7.ma be your a night person ,its 2 am here and I'm not stressing

8.stress and anxiety is a natural part of life,no one is totally peace full.so stop worring about things you cant change and change the things you can change.

you can e-mail me ,have a few books i can give you the title to

stay away from pills and doctors,unles they are holistic doctors ....many people are on anxiety medicin were i live ,and they are still messed up because they dont alter there behavior,behavioral modification.

ow and get a sheat of paper and write down all the good things that help and all the bad things that dont it is allway good to have a journal, so you dont do the bad things over and over again.

ky d
Practise forgetting seriously and further practise meditation and do yoga. Every thing will become alright.

Wow kiddo, you have to destress here. Don't take life so seriously. Believe me this world will go on with or without you!

Get outside and get some exercise. It will counteract the stress. Get into a routine of doing something daily, and seriously stop taking everything so seriously. Life will work itself out and you needn't be such a perfectionist or worrier either.

Worry doesn't do a darned thing. It doesn't make something happen; it doesn't alter anything, and it just consumes your time--no amount of worrying will change the outcome of anything.

So take a deep breath...listen to some calming music or waterfall or something at bedtime...learn to meditate and stop your mind from racing. You have to learn coping skills or everything in your life will get out of control. Trust me...been there done that. It will manifest itself physically if you keep this up and yes it can and will ruin your health if you let it!

When stressed, easiest thing is go for a walk either alone or with some one who will lend an ear to your woes. While walking, review your situation, make decisions at your pace and in your style. Definitely your situation will improve. Other than this, you can do things which othes are suggesting, like exercises, yoga, meditation etc.

see the doctor

How about praying , reading scriptures or even visiting R and S?
It will change your perceptions and dispell away all negativities.
I request you to follow my suggestion or Aum ji's

Some pranayama, and Meditation is the best way to relieve stress..

In youth we are full of energies, which are not directed well... and they create all these confusions

Direct those energies towards meditation and see the difference..

There are a few questions that need answering. How is your family background? Are there small arguments in the house daily? Are you in college? Do you associate with boys? Since when did this problem start?
There are 2 types of stress. Physical and Mental. You can do away with physical stress but it will take a great effort by you to rid of mental stress. There are a lot of things which remain embedded in your subconscious mind. These have to be dealt with.
An hypnotherapist can be of real help to you. A psychiatrist will prescribe tranquilizers which are habit forming. My suggestion is that you do yoga, pranayama and meditation.
There are many like you who take to tensions easily over petty matters. It is not easy to get rid of them.
Take Rescue Remedy - mother tincture - 4 pills 3 times daily - on your tongue for a month and let me know. You should be fine.

I relieve stress by avoiding TV. I use video tapes from salvation army. I avoid people who are winner-players . They don't need me and I don't need them. At church I look for the loners to be with not the winners. I try to sleep only when tired and get lots of sleep . Some mornings I awake too early and then I reward myself with MacDonald's . Your aura is not in sync with the main force of people and you need to favor your needs. Remember there are enough outsiders left to find one new Friend and some fun.


I could know how much you suffer. If you seriously think not to be like that. When your mind keep pesting about this, ask this question allways to yourself " why am i wasting my time on thinking all the worries more than trying to slove them?" Then think of how to slove it. And try to slove it.

When you cannot sleep at night, Try to say some sloga or hear some good happy songs. Enjoy music. That's best relife.
i just forget anything for music.

I am saying this from my own experience, I do ask questions which i mentioned above and try to slove it. If you avoide it, it will come again to you.

I had so many sleepless night. I use to sing in my heart as " jaya jaya shankara, hara hara shankara".. There is a song which just repeat this sentense. I just sing and sleep peacefully. At that time i concentrate on that song. And also follow what Aum and Aradhana have said. Those are best. Pray god regularly, It will sure give you peace and will learn a lot in your life about all these. Try it and best wishes for your good future.

Do not take sleeping pills.It will never slove your problem.

well at times ,you can just put on loud muzik :) and keep dancing....because it makes you feel happy..

So,Dance baby Dance:):)

You can get good relief by practicing proper Breathing techniques, Meditation and doing Yoga on daily basis. Apart from his you can hae regular prayers and make habit of reading spititual books regularly-

Controlled Breathing Techniques-
When you are anxious, you tend to breathe shallowly, using your upper chest muscles. Your breathing can become extremely rapid and erratic, leading to hyperventilation. Controlled breathing is a technique that you can use to counteract this stress response and induce a state of calm within 3 to 5 minutes. Try this simple technique, using the following steps:

-Lie on your back, placing one hand over your heart and the other on your abdomen.
-Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of 4.
-Watch the hand on your abdomen rise as you fill your lungs with air, expanding your chest. (The hand over your heart should barely move, if at all.)
-Hold your breath for a count of 4.
-Exhale slowly through the mouth or nose for a count of 4.
-Repeat for 10 full breaths. Work up to 2 or 3 sets of 10 breaths each.

Meditation -

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.Meditation benefits people with or without acute medical illness or stress. People who meditate regularly have been shown to feel less anxiety and depression.

Yoga - You can start doing Yoga with simple ASANAS. Yoga has been used to alleviate problems associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, asthma, shallow breathing, backaches, constipation, diabetes, menopause, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, carpal tunnel syndrome and many chronic illnesses. It also has been studied and approved for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

For the time being you need not go to Doctor and I suggest the above methods, as going to doctor will make you addict to stress cure medicines, which can not be discontinued later. Also do not try sleeping tablets. -

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