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Help please, I don't know what to do, and I'm scared?
I've been sleepwalking and losing weight (10 pounds) Over the last two weeks. I think it might be because of one specific thing going on thats really bothering me, and I don't know what to do to stop it all.

And lately I've been really moody, and randomly tired, almost depressed-like. I've started thinking about death and what it would be like to die, and if I should or not.

I'm actually really scared, I don't think a 14 year old should be dealing with all this, and I don't want to try and hurt myself because I'm thinking at the time it would be good to die.

First recognize why you feel like this. Whatever is bothering you needs to be sorted. Try talking to someone you trust about it, a friend, family or someone professional.

People are there to help you, at 14 it might feel scary going through this but be sure to get some help.

Remember nobody would want you to die, everyone who knows you would feel real bad if that happened. Be strong and hopefully you can sort whatever is bothering you honey x

Sweetheart until you confront those demons you will not get better. You say that you know what is bugging you ...you need to talk to someone real soon.

Whether it's your parents, family member or school counselor you need to SPEAK UP and let someone in. Your thoughts of dying is normal in the sense that you are going through some real traumatic issues.

Please don't wait any longer and get to someone soon about this. You need therapy to get you through this moment.

You are not alone...just know that whatever the problem or issue is you can get over it. Holding it in is not going to help you solve your problem.

Be strong, once you overcome your problems you will significantly notice your sleep walking diminish and your well being will be restored.

It is not worth running away from your problem you have people that care and love you trust in yourself that you will overcome this problem.

Please seek HELP NOW! do not wait any longer... Good Luck

love is a strong word
talk to someone

Suicide is not the way out, as you know of course. But many ppl have been there and overcame what ever brought it on. You might be surprised if you knew some of those ppl. You might think to yourself, no, no, not ____. When I was 21 yrs. old I thought about it, but I had prayed and God came thru for me. He put some Christian ppl around me; they made sure someone was with me at all times for at least 6 months or more. I regained my emotional well being, 'n right frame of mind back and never was tempted ever again to think those thoughts. I am a contented and peaceful person now, with a rich and full life. But I give all the credit to God.
BTW, you may have an Antisocial Disorder; it is difficult to diagnose. If that is the problem, it is likely that you won't seek help from any source. It does seem to run in families; men suffer from it more often than women. I pray that God will give you peace and watch over you.

Joshua G
Most girls wish they were like you. A lot of girls been asking "What's the easiest way to lost weight."

see a shrink!

You're right. A fourteen year old should not be dealing with thoughts of dying or otherwise hurting yourself. Please know that you are not alone. There a lot of teens and adults that sometimes feel the same way. What it comes down to is finding a loving non judgmental person that you can share your feelings and stories with. You will see that when you talk about it in a healthy enviorment that your brain will figure out a way of dealing with the issues at hand..

Definatly talk to someone about this! Sounds like your under alot of stress, so these feelings are normal! Don't be scarred but talk to a parent or teacher, anyone!!!!!! Maybe go to the doctor to! Good Luck! You'll be fine!!!!

WOW! i know you might not wanna talk to your parents cuz they might not believe you or something, all you gutta do is have a journal, right down whats happens to yourself. then if you do telll someoen you have proof, but to really help, if just do some yoga, YOGA really helps, and second, you might wanan talk to a shirnk.

You really need to talk to someone about what is bothering you. Is there a counselor at school, a school psychologist, a doctor, etc., that you feel comfortable talking with? Have you tried to talk to your parents about any of this? Is there any type of mental health clinic in your area? Sleepwalking, depression, and suicidal thoughts are clearly symptoms of an underlying issue. I'm sure it is very scary for you to be feeling these things. Just know that there is help out there. You need to take a step towards getting some help. Once you do you can work through your problems. Don't hurt yourself. Please get some help.

Kevin F
Please talk to a trusted adult. There could be any number of things causing these feelings. If you are taking medications or have had some life changes, these could cause these feelings.
Please work with an adult as soon as possible before something happens.

Pink Monkey
it seems you have a lot going on right now, and are stressing from this 'thing' that has happened.

It seems to be definately effecting you in a bad way, its not good to keep this sort of thing inside i know. if there is somebody you can talk to like a parent, a close friend, a guidance counseller, or a teen line phone number - talking about it mite give you a lot of relief.

Please don't think dying is ever an option - you are a prescious human being are u deserve to live a long and happy life. go walking, get fresh air, and sunshine if you can. try to eat regularly as losing weight from stress is never good.

If u want to get this off your chest, writing it down can help like u are sharing it. or mail me - it may sound strange but this is how i - very recently- think i helped myself to overcome a difficult event in my life too. feel free to mail thru yahoo if u wish and good luck X

Please go see your doctor about it. They can help you to either refer you to therapy or anti-depressants.
Again, talk to your doctor, before it gets worst.

OMG thats pretty serious. I'm 14 too and sometimes I fell depressed like this. Its probably just puberty and "teenage blues" as the adults call it. The reason you're feeling randomly tired is definately lack of sleep and the fact that you have to wake up early for highschool/school. I know this because I feel exactly the same and one day, I had half a day of school (12:20-2:30) and I felt so good and so alive.

My advice to you is stop thinking about death...not good.
And try to get a lot of sleep especially if you have to wake up early. Maybe cut down on msn and go to bed at 10 at least.
Good luck!!

I value my life so much, and you should too, there is so much out there you need to go and experience. Death is not the answer, you should go and talk to your doctor about it and tell them how you've been feeling. They should be able to help you.

Honey, you need to talk to someone right away. If there are no adults that you can talk to and that will listen and help, please call a suicide hotline number...1-800-suicide.
I'm a sleepwalker too, sleep deprivation can also make your depression/stress worse. Please, make the call...and don't give up. There IS so much good to life. So much life ahead of you. Please call.

Are you currently on anti-depressants? I ask because there are studies of suicidal thoughts and loss of appetite in teenagers. If you are in fact taking a medication, you need to talk to your prescribing doctor to see about either switching you to another medication or adjusting the dosage. Please don't do anything implusive.

I know it will sound like something you have heard a million times but the truth is you have to tell some ADULT you trust how you are feeling. We all get depressed and have dark thoughts. but thinking of death is not a good thing. you are so young you have the rest of your life to look forward too. please get help from a teacher a parent any ADULT that you trust. and if for some reason that persons doesn't or can't help you seek help from some one Else and don't stop until you get it. if you don't think you can speak to some one face to face then call the national hot line they can help you. the number is 1-877-619-3761. Please call, when i was 17 my friend Phil killed himself. that was 26 years ago. i sill miss him and wonder what i could have done to help him if he had only given me the chance. don't be ashamed we all have bad times. i take anti- depressants. it helps me live a normal healthy life. you may not need meds. what you need is help. please get it. God bless you my child.

Have you talked to anyone about this? That's the best thing to do. Don't try to handle this all on your own. If not a parent or guardian, then someone you can trust that can lead you in the right direction. Also, therapy can work wonders. You can make it through this, no matter what it is that has been bothering you. God bless, I hope I've helped in some way.

[email protected]
Talk to your parents or a school counselor. They can help you. Don't hurt yourself -- this too shall pass!

you need to stop thinking negative and **** u need to see a phsycologist or something because at ur age u should be thinking about ur future and how to make it better trust me u dont want to die life is the most precious thing we have and to lose that its the worst thing that can happen i dont think u want that it will hurt ur family friends and every one who loves you. you need to learn to love ur self and stop stressin your 14 and u have your whole life to live i wish u the best on looking for help but like i said love your self life is to precious to lose...

i would either talk to ur parents, friends, and def ur doctor. you need help and sum1 to support you in life sumtimes. you will be fine jst take peoples advice :D good luck chick

Angel Aries
You should be. Sleepwalking is a serious condition and requires professional help. You really need to see a doctor. There are medications for this malady. Also the thought about die could be from sleep depravation. Get some help now.

seek out the help of your family they can get you the help you really need.
Good Luck!

You need to talk to a professional ASAP....read it again....ASAP. It's definitely not normal and your hormones can really be throwing the chemical balance off in your brain. You know that life has a lot to offer everyone and you're scared that you are thinking this way, so you need to find help. I'm sure you can imagine being married someday, having your own kids and you'd be terrified to know he/she was thinking as you are. Tell your parents, tell your counselor at school or go look up someone in the yellowpages. At least get on the phone with someone.

awww =[

tell someone!!
you need help, hun.

Nicks a pinball wizard
sounds like you should talk to your parents about it and see a doctor.
Hope you get OK soon, Bye:):)

it is not a good time to die
the best thing for it is to see a psychologist
many think that this is a bad idea
but i went through suicidal thoughts too
and my friends encouraged me to get help
so i saw a psychologist, and am 100% better.
good luck
dont die
people need you

Molly Mullet
Sweetie, do your parents know how you're feeling? I think it would be wise to talk to them, or whoever is closest to you, and tell them what's going on with you. You might need to see a doctor or therapist, it sounds like you are suffering from depression. There is help, you just have to ask for it.

no!! death is not the answer! you will find out what it is like to die when it is your time! suicide is not the answer! don't do it! I'm sure that there are so many people out there that care about you!!

j g
sweetie dont freak out u are fine. ur going through a tough time mentally. i think u should go see ur doctor. firstly the weight loss shows that u are being physically affected by this problem and that isn't good. ur doctor can either diagnose u with depression or anxiety or whateve it is u have. from there ur doctor will either help u find someone to talk to or medicate to help u cope. u may have a real condition(bi-polar) ur doctor deals with this everyday sweetie dont be ashamed but take ur mental health seriously. hope u seek help.

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