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Lizzy S
Help! I'm a depressed teenage girl...?
Okay.. so here's the dealio.
I'm a 13 year old girl and lots of things are going wrong in my life.
My best friend is slipping away...
Schoolwork and tests are harder than ever....
I am forced to swim in the school's saggy swimsuits in front of guys my age AND do bobs [I have to plug my nose when I go underwater but my school does not allow that....so that's hard and really scary for me]...
I just found out my entire family consists of drinkers, smokers, and potheads...
My 19 year old brother is planning on joining the Army and going to Iraq...
I've been taking piano lessons for 7 years, but i've recently had to switch and I absolutely DESPISE the teacher i'm with now, making me despise piano...
I have low self confidence....
My acne is all over my face, chest and back...
I just recently had an Athsma attack due to stress...
I have dental probs and bad gingivitis [baby accident] , so i have a cavity under my gums...
I had to quit my bball team...
I'm crying all the time!
Additional Details
The only reason I quit my team is because I would have been forced to play for two teams 6 days a week, and that would just mean more on my plate.

cynthia r
If your family is ignoring your needs then you need to speak to someone at school for help. If you can't get the love and support from your family then you need to seek others who can. Your parents need to get involved before things spin out of control. So many times people say that "it's life" or "it's called growing up" but the more we ignore these kids the more they can slip away. Recent events in the media have shown us that we cannot ignore the warning signs. So please talk to your pastor, or school counsler or anyone who will listen so that they may provide you with the help and guidence that you need.

you have every right to feel so low, is there a councillor you could go to for advise and support, even your doctor can point you in the right direction even to arranging things for you. please seek help with the people ive mentioned. good luck for the future i really wish you a happy life. x

sounds like basic teenager problems.. really...

fix the things you can.. eg. see a dentist...
dont worry about the other stuff.. nothing can be gained by worrying...

dont worry about your friend if she slips away or not... eventually all friends slip away or move away...

dont become a pothead or drunk or smoker - you will be richer if you dont!

but basically know that age 13 is only one year of your life.. and hopefully you will have many other good years..

At 13 you should the happiest girl in the world. Think about WHY am I in this situation (s)? Of course it's NOT your fault, you are still a kid.Can I talk to my parents about this? And if NOT, then you need to talk to someone else, a relative that is an adult, a school nurse or someone in guidence, a pastor, etc. You NEED to speak with someone because depression is serious. What do I WANT? Because if you have medical issues that your parents are aware of and aren't taking care of, then that's an issue that social services needs to know about.

Ernie D
well it sounds like u'r brother has his act together because u can't be a drunk or pothead or drugaddict till after u have been in the millitary for 6 weeks and signed up. OK sorry but u have to go through this stuff in life we all have different things that test our character. or rather strengthin it its bad that u do not see any positive people in your family but I do give u'r brother credit at least he is going to stand up for something be it right or wrong.

Just calm down and sit back and relax sometimes. Most of the things you mentioned aren't VERY serious. I think you just need to relax. Find something you enjoy to do so you can get your mind off of these things. If your best friend is slipping away...find a new one. It's their loss.Have you seen I am legend? It sounds like a good movie. I wanted to see it. I might go see it by myself so I can get away from some people here who get on my nerves. Your acne will eventually go away. Maybe you should get a job. You could buy some proactive (not saying that as a joke)and also a job could keep your mind off of things. I dont really know what else to tell you. Good luck. Happy Holidays

Hi..growing up is painful but also sometimes you need to talk to someone who is not a friend or a member of your family. Please try the link and give them a call

Brianna T
The hardest times of your life are the teenage years, your parents are going to try and tell you that this is not true but they are wrong. I know exactly what you are going through and I will say to you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All throughout high school, even middle school and grade school people made fun of me and didn't want to be my friend. During high school I finally found some friends who were "cool" but they ended up turning on me too. My boyfriends always dumped me and I always felt that my parents were never any help. I went from boyfriend to boyfriend until Senior year when I finally became pregnant, thinking it would end my problems. Well I love my dauhter and I wouldn't trade it for a thing, but it didn't end my problems. I am 28 years old now and I am finishing college and am getting married next year. If you would have asked me when I was 13 if I ever saw this in my future I would have said "I can't even see a future because my life is so horriable." But things do get better I promise. My advice to you... Find some good friends, not the "cool" ones because after high school they don't mean ****, and I really do mean that. I understand about classes, high school is hard! Ask your parents to get you a tutor, if you start to see yourself inproving in classes, you will feel a little better. You say your family is letting you down, again, thats very hard but you can't rely on them forever and it could aways be worse. You are becoming an adult and its time for you to start relying on you, and you need to start loving yourself. You WILL grow out of the acne, if you show confidence when wearing those ugly bathing suits and blowing bubbles (which if you are having trouble at that try closing your mouth and humming) people will see that and not the ugly bathingsuit. It would also be VERY worth while to go talk to a professional. Just know, you are not alone EVERY teen feels the same way, some are just better actors. Just know, things will get better.

my life sux too...
-Dont know my real dad
-Step dad left
-Whole family is addicted to alcohol and over half addicted to meth also
-All my brothers and sisters are halfs
-My moms new boyfriend abuses me and nobody knows so I have to wear long sleeve and jeans to hide the bruises( he abuses me in two ways but i dont wanna talk bout it)
- i'm not going to school(i'm 15) cuz my moms making me stay home with my 4 y/o half sister
- i got expelled earlier this year for dating another girl and me and her cant talk anymore so i miss her soo bad
-mom is always yelling at me and slapping me because she hates me(seriously she says she does)
-i never sleep or eat
-i cant be in a dark room anymore because of flashbacks of "stuff"
So I guess God just forgets about a few of us once in a while...We just gotta stick together and survive. If I knew a way to help you I would but right now I cant even help myself

Forever ‚ô•Talinka‚ô•
DEANNA, stop hatin!

Please don't despair. There are plenty of kids in the same situation as you. There are a lot of facts I don't know. You could email me and I am sure I could help you out a little. Did you ask for any help at your school's health department. I am sure they could guide you a little in some of your issues. It sounds like you have many small issues coming up at the same time. I believe you will prevail and conquer whatever fears you have and with your friends, you will have support. Remember, email me and I will try to send you in the right direction. Good luck.

I think that you should go talk to a doctor about this, yes your doing a lot but also if you are feeling terrible constantly then you need to feel better. You have a right to feel better and you deserve better, and that thing with the swimsuits somebody should say something to the school if you feel uncomfterble wearing them, and not being able to close your nose when you jump in is bull. that shouldnt be an issue, in my opinion

take care stay strong girl but remember you are in your head and nobody else can tell you how you feel.

David P
Best friends come and go, I've had a few of them, just talking to people as yourself will help you find who your true friends are
School work is tough, what can I say we've all been there
I don't know what to say about the swimming thing, just blow out your nose and no water can rush in, that's what I do
Families are weird, and as you get older you'll find that your family has many more flaws that you knew and many skeletons in their closet, but that's ok they still love you, and love them back as much as you can and most likely those bad habits will stop
You have to let your brother know that you support him in his decision to fight for our country, tell him your proud of him and that you love him
Family is really important, and the more love you give to your family the more love you will get back
Piano is fun, remember that you do it for fun! Don't let one teacher ruin for you, break free and do your own thing!
I also think every teenager has low self confidence, they all just show it in different ways...don't call it low self confidence, call it humility! Just be nice to everyone, they'll love you for it!
Acne won't last forever, but for now there's so much stuff out there that treats it like proactiv and other things, there's antibiotics you can take if it's really bad
Listerene and flossing for your dental problems, I'm sure a dentist could help you out with that
And why did you quit your bball team? Basketball is supposed to be fun just like piano! Remember why you're doing things
And there's no need to cry, you're only 13, and things will get so much better, teenagers are much tougher than we give them credit for these days and they're life can be tougher too! Just remember to find joy in everything you do and look for the positive side of everything. Make a joke have a laugh, tell people you love them and enjoy life!

Mike P
stop counting negative things over and over.
If you look at yourself positively, you will find lots of positive things about yourself. I dont wana go through all the ones that u mentioned, but they are really nothing to be sad or depressed about.lol
You are a teenage and every teenager has some sort of problems like those.
When something wrong happens, it happens only once, unless you repeat it over and over in your mind which will give you worse feelings.
your family or brothers life cannot change just because you dont want them to be like that, you should accept them as they are, cuz it is their life. Just take the positive points from their life and add them to yours..
there will always be best friends, if you lose one, try to find an even better one.
most of teenagers have acne's on their face or body and it is completely normal.
Ok dear, just stop mentioning negative things over and over and list all the good things that you have done or has happened to you and your confidence will be back unbelievably :)
good luck

Lil Bit
First Hun you need to take a deep breath. Next you need to realize that you can't control everything in your life; not school, family, friends, you can just do the best for you and know that your doing the best you can. School will be getting even harder, and all you can do is pay attention and do your work. As for your friend, did you guys fight? or just dont have enough time for each other? Try to spend more time with her or just let her know that both of you are busy but you dont want to lose her. Your family may be the way they are but they are your family and they dont have to affect how you turn out, but they will always be there for you. Your brother is doing a very heroic thing and my younger sister in law will soon be going into the military and though I worry about her, it's what she wants. I'm sure most of your acne is probably due to stress, so calm down, breath, drink plenty of water and get some really good face/body wash that has acne medication in it. Also, dont let anyone ruin what you love, what you feel. Good Luck in life Hun I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Well firstly, you're obviously intelligent so that's a start!

Secondly, you need to take a look at each problem individually and ask yourself, "Is there anything I can do to improve this situation?"

Ask to change your piano teacher - there's loads out there - you don't have to put up with one you don't like.

Go to the dentist - get some professional advice on your teeth - there are a number of treatments for your condition.

Schoolwork and tests are hard but as long as you try your best that's all anyone can ask of you. They are not the end of the world.

Have faith in yourself. My teen years were tough too. All I can promise you is that life gets better as you get older. And friends come and go out of your life. That's the way things are. Good luck!

Go chat to your GP - this is really common and nothing they wont have seen before, so dont be worrying about talking to them.
i know exactly how you feel. the frustrating thing with depression and anxiety is that you just feel overwhelmed by everything thats going on, and you feel like you just cant cope. anti-depressants might help, so ask your GP.
there are other ways too - maybe get chatting to a counsellor or something? they have much more experience in these sorts of things than people here on Answers will.
but you are not strange!!! dont ever forget that!! ive been through what youre going through, as have so many other people. so dont be worrying about that. the most important thing is that you get chatting to a GP, or a school counsellor or something.
good luck sweetie.

oh and dont ever let anyone make you give up what you love. xx

sexy infidel
And your point is? Sorry, just trying to cheer you a bit. You really have a full plate to work with. I sincerely wish you lots of luck.

well things in your life sound like ****, but life changes all the time.....things go well then they go to **** , then they go well again, if we didnt suffer how would we appreciate the good times, stop judging yourself of what others think and are doing around you.

wow my friend quit our bball team yesterday!!
but why did you quit? she quit because she was a quit-ter!!!!
that's weird
and I'm really depressed to,
what i heard form people is that it WILL eventually leave. it just your hormones acting up. its completely normal for teenagers like us to feel like this. the only think i can tell you, (an i can do since i feel the same way)...is wait.
hope you feel better!

Look, this is normal. YOU ARE NOT SICK!
You do not need tablets! You do need to speak to someone who can give you advice. good luck. Do not go to your doctor or you will end up on tablets that you do not need!!

Phillip J
ouch 13 is a very trying and difficult time for anyone. your test are only harder because your friendship is causing you not to pay too much attention to school work. your brothers choice is just that, his and not yours so don't beat yourself up about it. the low self confidence is down to everything else preying on your mind. dental problems, you can have them sorted and it does'nt cost so don't worry about that. your acne is simply brought on by you stressing out over everything else thats happening in your life at the moment. stop worrying and stressing over it all. life goes on and really will get better once you stop giving a bugar about everything. hope this helps you out in some way...

Life always has lows to it, my life always has lows,
I keep getting lied to by my mates that were supposed to be my 'best mates' about really harsh things for example, but hopefully life will get better.
plus the depression and crying could be due to mood swings.

hope life gets better for you.

When things go wrong, know this "it can't rain all the time". Yet, it does seem like forever, doesn't it?

try talking to your school counselor. don't be afraid to. honestly, this sounds cliche, but it's true-they really do want to help you.go to a dermatologist for the face, and if needed, tell the school nurse that you get a rash from the chlorine in the water so you can skip it. ask for some other way to get credit.

So iinn love.
Maybe you should go see a psychologist?

sandwell nurse!
you sound like a normal teenager to me!!!

who told you about your family?

are you happy with them??

were are you from??

as for the spots i was exactly the same and now i dont have 1 spot, my niece who is 15 as spots and they don't bother her.

please don't get down over this stuff i promise it will get better.

goodluck xxx

Big Kahuna
It sounds like you feel like you have no control or have lost control of your life. You need to get that back.

1. See a counselor who can help you begin getting some control or feeling some control of your world. You can start with the one at school. If he/she can't help you they have access to resources that CAN help.

2. Age 13 is a very very tough age for girls. It is quite common at this age to be depressed and have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is extremely common - in fact 2 of 3 people suffer from it.

3. Talk to your friend - find out what's going on with him/her - share his/her problems (he/she may be experiencing the exact same issues you are dealing with and you can support one another.)

4. Your schoolwork and tests seem harder because you can't focus on studying, learning, or testing when you have so much going on in your young life. Once you regain some control - this problem will get much better.

5. Let your swim coach know how you feel about the swimsuits and plugging your nose. Communication - or lack of - can cause many problems where they would otherwise not exist. You may find your coach to be very supportive and considerate of your concerns and your relationship will also improve. Don't whine about the problems though - just discuss them openly.

6. Many families have drinkers, smokers, and potheads and a large number of them. I know there are a ton of these in my family. You are not alone with this issue. Again - talk to your friend and/or a counselor. There are a lot of people out there who will listen and give good advice.

7. Support your brother in his decision. I'm sure it wasn't an easy one for him to make. A young man going off to war will need all the love and support he can get from his family. Let him know you love him and that you'll be there waiting for him to return.

8. Switching teachers is not easy. Talk to your teacher about what's bugging you. If that doesn't solve your problem, talk to your mom/dad about getting a new teacher. Let them know your concerns. They really do care and want to help you.

9. Low self confidence (or low self-esteem) - already addressed. Regaining some control or perceived control of your life / world will go a long way here.

10. Acne - there are some marvelous over the counter medications available. I'm sure your parents will help with this if you ask.

11. Asthma attack - likely brought on due to a panic attack. Again - gaining control will go a long way towards correcting this.

12. If your parents don't have a dental plan and/or can't afford to get you to a dentist then talk to them about Medicaid and how important it is to you and your self-esteem.

13. Without additional information I can't answer that one - but it's probably for the best. If you have swimming and piano that's probably enough for now. If you really want to play bball - then do it and don't let anyone stop you.

14. Getting that control will help solve this one as well.

In a nut-shell:

See a counselor.
Know you are worth it.
Don't expect immediate results.
Get better.

You have my sincerest and deepest sympathies and best wishes. Take care of yourself.

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