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Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?

Suicide is a selfish act, and this is why I'd never go through with it. So many people love and count on you; people you don't even know; killing yourself is like killing a part of them, and if you choose to end your life, well, it's just selfish...

Just my thoughts.

Alex B
hell doesnt exist, I've never had any fear of death because I don't try to kill myself, but if I did try I wouldnt think too much about it, chances are you'd just become nothing

ann w
no i have never wanted to kill myself, and this was not the thought of going to hell, that i had never wanted to.

Preppy Babe
.... there is no hell... and if there is we're in it now. You just gotta live for the good things. I'd rather live a short, happy life than a long, miserable one. You know? make the best of everything, even if you get a little rebelious.

Majestic Lizard
Hell doesn't exist. Although the world is beginning to resemble the concept of it.

Yes...unfortunately. But I'm glad I never went through with it :)

stella maris
No, but get help from a friend, relative or a better still a doctor if you are considering this.

crazi bt i have before n yea i dnt wanna go hell and i knw i cant even cut myself better yet kill myself lol its called mind control

Ammy ♥
i did.
but yeah, im too young to die.

j dog
you have jsut described me.

it was and is sometimes the ONLY reason i don't do it...

yes god is merciful...but that is still a HUGE chance to take....right??

a lifetime of suffering compared to an eternity of suffering???

yes :`(

life is tough, but think about your family before entertaining these thoughts. try to imagine this life as a gift, it's not up to you to take it away or anyone elses. it may test you, but there's a reason for the test. if you are not up for the challenges life throws at you, go ask someone for help!

sur side x3

umm, no...

If this is a serious question, you should talk to a school counselor or psychologist about this...Please.

I think that applies to most people on earth right now.

omar s
I wanted to, but in the end its not worth it because if you die it has to be for a reason i believe, and suicide is not the answer for me!

Cara M
Yes, but I was afraid of going to hell or suffering some kind of eternal punishment. I had severe panic attacks and was severely depressed for 2 years. I thought I WAS living in hell. But I finally got treated and I am 98% better many years later. Life is a wonderful gift and I am glad I stuck it out. If you are thinking of this please, please, please seek out counseling or a psychiatrist.

I did. Those were some bad years. I still have suicidal thoughts every now and then when my depression gets the better of me but for the most part those feelings are gone now.

i wanted to kill myself back when i was 13 or 14 or something. im 20 now.
And what kept me from doing is is my dog. i wondered if i was gone who would take care oh him.

And i dont believe in hell. Even tho i went to church every Sunday when i was little for years. I never believed people went there

I once wanted to die when I was 11, and I fell off of bed onpurpose

Paul E
Yes I did.

Lil' JJ

‚ô•LuV sKuLL‚ô•
not afraid of going to hell, just afraid of the pain


No I can't say any of this has ever entered my mind.

Kelsey C
yes.. me.

I was told when my old math teacher hung himself.. he was going to hell. (I went to a private all girl catholic school) so whenever I was on the verge of killing myself.. I was afraid of the life after death.

cinder a
Yes, i know of many that felt they would commit suicide but were afraid they would go to hell. This is very common.

Elmo watches you at night
most people who are suicidal feel like they are living through hell

Yea, I'm only fifteen and I've thought about suicide many times and actually attempted it but stopped because...
1) I didn't want to upset my familiy
2) I wanted to go to Heaven

No..but going to hell would be the last of my worries. I would probably worry more about how my family and friends would deal with it etc.
you know, things that actually matter..

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