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its realy a devil day
my love left me forever today i dont a ray of hope now .. he will never come back to me he dont love me .. ...

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 What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?

 Ways to make you feel better when you are sad, other than drugs and alcohol!?
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 Do you think that self harm can be understood by people who have not self-harmed themselves??
Like, people who have been close to the harmer, or even people who have had no experience of self-harm in their lives. Can it be understood or just accepted?? Answers from both sides of the fence ...

Give me a reason why life is good...............?
after a **** few months, i need some inspiration. why is life good and why does everything go wrong sometimes?

Hear hear DP. I would love to have given a better answer but you've said it all my man.

everything aint always gonna be peaches in cream in life...you find your strength when **** hits the fan and you have to go throught some hard times...but remember that life can always be much worse then what it is and its up to you to make things bigger then what they actually are-- and when good things happen in life-it tast pretty damn sweet right?!

i was wondering if you could tell me

Simon D
Life's all about living peanut, and you've gotta take the bad with a pinch o' salt. If it was all good, what would we have to moan about?

The way I see it, the **** that happens makes the good times better.

cuz it can change in one moment. try beliefnet.com and holisticonline.com.

EL Big Ed
It is they can and they do

scorpion queen
Life is good cos you are here to show friends and family love! and let people show you love.. you can laugh with friends and you can laugh at them.. Life is full of everything.. everything around you means something.. (obviously it depends how you are feeling).. if you feel down then everything is grey and your world is crumbling... if you feel like that - then I reckon you should go out for a walk and breathe in the fresh air and clear your mind..

Life is beautiful if you are happy within yourself..

i aint got a clue either i would like to know

You will not find an inspiration without looking for it hard. I can't think of giving you a single reason why life is good. The thing is you have TO THINK that it is good. There is no other way. You believe it's will be good tomorrow after it being all right today, and you shall get exactly that.

Give me a reason why life ain't good......?......I'm sure you have a bunch, but trust me, you can turn each one into a reason for "why life IS good"....it just depends on how you choose to approach life, and the problems that appear in your life
Tell me can you honestly say that sometime "EVERYTHING goes wrong".......if you would be just a little more attentive at things around you, you would see that you would find reasons for joy......For instance, the fact that you were able to open your eyes this morning, you were able to breathe fresh air, you probably felt the sun's rays warming you and probably ignored them, you smelt the perfume of the flowers, and green grass that the Gentle wind brought to you, and also ignored them......there are people all around you who care for you and love you and wish you were happy.......You are healthy......and, not at last,.....you were able to survey these difficult obstacles that appeared in your life (you know what they say....."what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger").....these are all reasons for you to be happy, to love life...
I think of the problems that come into my life, that they are challenges I must overcome, and the harder it is to do that, the happier I will be when I will succeed......It kind of gives me the feeling that I am a winner....
And, anyway, tell me.....if you didn't know what is like to be sad, how would you know when you're happy, would you enjoy those things that make you happy just as much if you did not know that you will not always feel this way.....Just remember that after every night, no matter how dark, a new light full day will rise,and after each day, the night will come again.....That's just the way things are.....and I think it is wonderful it is this way :)
Hope I've convinced you to think the same.......Have a beautiful life with sadness and joy :)

pat e
I've had a realy bad month with everything going wrong but next month will be realy good and if it is not then the next will, thats life you just have to live it

When you get old and grumpy, you'll like to think of the crazy things you did when you was younger! Are you depressed? Go out and scream or break something -that's not expensive-! Have a ride on your bicycle and crash somewhere! Do something to know that you're alive!

Wrong things happen to teach you a lesson, don't go blue for that!

you only get one!

tim n
Brad Pitt...or... Jennifer Aniston, whatever takes yoru fancy

Precious Gem
If you are above ground and reading this then life is good.
If you do a small favor for someone and they say thank-you,
life is good.
If you commit a random act of kindness for a complete stranger and get a wave of appreciation, life is good.
If you get a grateful hug from a child then life is real good.
And finally don't forget Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong
it will. Don't worry this slump will pass soon and once again the
sun will shine in your life and in your eyes. Oh and by the way,
your welcome and here is a smile for you. You seem to have misplaced yours.

mediocrity,the feeling of not going anywhere.it is a phase were you do not see a reason or purpos for living 'why am i here what is my meaning in life'.it is probably caused by not doing things that you enjoy in a job or at home remember you work to live not live to work.

...because we are living inside of these intensely feeling organisms...our bodies. Take your body on a walk...sit in the sunshine 20 minutes a day to get the Vitamin D...and you may feel better. And I agree, see the movie Amelie...it's so refreshing. Good luck!

Yahoo answers is a good reason to live ^_^

And the fact that this is a beautiful world

lifes great ........ we have been given the opportunity to make something of our own-to a certain extent.
you get to meet new ppl, see new things, have different emotions, and yeah they might not be great all the time but at least you can do something about it, you can learn from things, become a better stonger person.
life is precious and as long as you are healthy then you have no excuse but to make the best that you can out of it.
make ur dreams come true! because you CAN! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

well everything does go wrong sometimes because life is a *****.
But life is good
think of your favourite smells, foods, the people you hang out with, your family even if they're annoying, early memories, being in love, watching the game that your team wins or getting your hair done and feeling so great afterwards. Think of the sky on a sunny day and the trees when the leaves are on them. Think of chocolate or coffee or whatever your into. Something will remind you of what is good.
It may seem like a cliche. I'm not all sunshine and roses but you have to take each step at a time and tell yourself that it will get better. Whoever hassles you fcuk them. No one is there to cheer you up tha t job is up to you. Don't wait for things to happen either cos whether you like it or not the longer the time you just sit there waiting the longer the time that you've wasted when it could have been done by now.
Life is good. Don't mope it'll only make matters worse. Try to cheer up. Watch some comedy film. It might help.
Sorry I can't do much more.

There's a lot to be said for positive thinking.I used to say it was a load of bull,but life is what you make it.Set yourself a task everyday and do it.Things will still go wrong at times,but there's an answer to most problems.I had a few bad years,but am just grateful to wake up each day.You're not on your own,remember there's always someone worse off

From Santa with love
God created us with a purpose and we should fulfil it.There's real joy when we do the Will of God.That's why life is good.
Everything goes wrong when we do things against the Will of God.So it is always good to commit our ways into the mighty blessed hands of God.

i have no idea
Everyone has good times and bad times. Just think if everything was fine all the time how little you would grow emotionally. I read a book sometime ago that when bad things happen we have to treat them as if they were a gift because they make us learn and grow. Take a step back right now and look at what's been going on in your life and see what you would have done differently and make the changes necessary for that situation not to happen again. See you've already learned from it. Also, I think that you'll find many people reading and answering your question with very positive thoughts, that should be very encouraging to you, we all care for you.

If you would like to understand the nice side of life watch Amelie, I promise you will feel better!

The spark of light, which is within you, has the same light as the stars in the universe." / "As the lonely wolf cries out to the moon for companionship, so our soul cries out for someone to love."

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

"I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on ebay."

Don't ever despair.I've had really bad things happen that you could never imagine,I've always remained strong.I see life like a book(silly I know),when bad things happen I just think well that is another bad chapter of my life .I am having fantastic chapters lately.They do say you never know what is around the corner.When they say bad luck comes in three's,it does with me!!keep smiling,look to your family.They keep us going.Take care and always smile no matter what,

It's corny but the world is beautiful place, take more time to just look up at the sky and engulf the beauty of it all. There's good people out there to share your life with too you just have to put yourself out there and accept the good with the bad. We all fall down so we can pick ourselves up and learn from the experience and become stronger through it all. Cheers!

step back and see for your self try and list 3 things today whats good in your life.... go on do it now! then 2morrw list another 3 everyday try and do somthing nice for someone hold a door open etc. then do somthing nice for yourself buy a choccie bar or some nice shampoo etc. youll soon be feeling good about life

Things go wrong to keep you flexible, adaptable, and surviving.

Life is good because you are capable of all three.

Beyond that, life is good because the sun always rises...always sets...time doesn't stand still. And in time, things get better.

Keep a positive attitude...
think positive and say positive things...

and be well

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