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 Please help me. Im feeling suicidal?
My ex said he doesnt love me about 4 months ago. im lonely and wish someone would love me. I cry sore at night with so much pain in my heart. I dont wana live anymore
Additional Details

 Am i a freak; Not on looks or anything?
Am i a freak because i choose not to wear make up ?

If i wanted to i would and could, but i just choose not to because i think i look better naturally.

Its just the school im ...

 My Rice Crispies are telling me to kill , should I listen ?

 Can I have a hug?
I'm scared and confused please can I have a hug?...

 What's a good stress reliever?

 Suicide should i just do it?
i tryed it befor and im am seeing a counserler and i try my beast to stay happy but then i get deppersed again and i mean realy deppersed school is realy hard for me and so was life at home my dad ...

 What is the best way to relax/get rid of stress?
i have been up tight lately. ive tried burning incense. but what else?...

 Is crying a sign of weakness when im a guy?

 I'm Contemplating Suicide?
I've been on medication and have been going to therapy for quite a while none of it seems to work, so i'm going to ask what you people think i should do. I can't take it anymore

 How can I stop cutting myself ?
I started cutting again the other night. I have everything I want except one thing: Jake .. how can I get him and stop cutting?...

 I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
Additional Details

 Am I weird?
i LIKE pickles. Is this strange?...

 What's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Mine is that i have some foolish hope that life will get better. and i'm scared that the christians might be right and if i end my life, ill spend eternal damnation in hell. Whats yours???????...

i have some friends that do marijuana and they want me to do it. is it a bad thing to do? should it be legalized? should i do it?...

 You're in Wal-Mart, buying coffee and poptarts for the morning and you see somebody slip and fall, Do You....?
-Turn and laugh?
-Help them up?
-Walk right over them and pretend you didnt see it?
-Take a picture with your camera phone and send it to all your friends?...

 Are you depressed?
Clinically, maniacly or just plain depressed?
What makes you feel depressed?
Additional Details
in response to all ...

 Whats the best way to relax and clear your mind?

 Should I kill myself?
I mean i rushed a frat, went to all the events, seemed as if I were on good terms with all the brothers, got invited to the invite-only formal, and somehow didn't get a big. Why bother to keep ...

 I am a teen and feel depressed, what should I do?
1. I am 15 years old.

2. I am very intelligent, ie. gifted/genius.

3. My parents call me a recluse.

4. I can't interact with other people that I don't know.<...

 How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
Based on a brief question, 1 lady called herself, trying to diagnose me with Cluster B personality traits & narcissistic. No one has ever called me that before!

& I know I have low ...

Females only! How old are you and How many hours of sleep do you get a day on weekdays?
i need to do this for my math class Please help me Thanksss!!

age 18

about 6-8 a night (at least most of the time)

Im am 24 and I get 7-8 hours of sleep on the weeknights

I am 52 and on weekdays I average 8 hours of sleep at night, don't sleep in the day at all.

I'm 23 and i get about 6hrs of sleep on during the weekdays if im lucky.

I'm 32 and I average 7-8 hours/night.

happy to help! I'm 17 and i get about nine hours sleep on weekdays (i try to make it ten hours, but it never works lol)
and about ten hours sleep on the weekends. hope this helps xx

12 & 1/2 years. Oh, I go to be at around 11:00 and wake up at around 9:00 so... about 11 hours.

27; 6 hrs

I am 48 and I get about 7 and 1/2 hours per night.

Math class? Ok...

32 and 6.5 hours on average

dude.i havent slept in almost 15 hours..
i cant fall asleep.

dancin chick
im 15, i got about 6 maybe 7 hours sleep when i was in school. but now iv finished i get about 9. but ur sopost to sleep at least 8 =]

Marcia K
58 and 7 hours.

its the summer holidays wooo!
so 10 hours hmmm
although 8 hours is what i usually get or at least try my best to get.

I'm 20

I get about 5-7 weekdays and usually more... like 10 on weekends.

Good luck.

well in the summer i get to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 8:30. I get around 8hours and in the winter(while i am in school) i go to bed at 8:30 and wake up at 7:00 I get 6hours of sleep! Oh by the way I am 11years old! Thanks! Hope this helps!

I go to bed early. I don't really get into tv that much but I am 37 and have a licensed professional job.
I love sleeping.

I'm 37, menopausal, and the sleep I get depends on many factors. I get between 3 and 6 hours a night, and even on nights when I get 2 hours, I'm fine the next day. I'd say an average of 5 hours per night.

God bless!

I am 27 and I get at least 10 hours on weeknights and usually a 2 hour nap during the day. Yeah I know I sleep alot.

during the school year i get about 5 hours but now that it is summer i get about 12 hours.

48 year old female..work full time in an office and have to be up by 5:30am due to my commute.I usually get, and need, about 8-9 hours of sleep.

Bryer B
25yrs, and during the week i get 8hrs of sleep each night and weekends usually 12 (i'm lucky to get out of bed by 3pm)

I'm 15 and on weekdays and usually 6-8

I am 24 yrs old and I have a 2 yr old son. I am lucky to get 7-8 hours on the weekdays cuz my little guy doesn't ever sleep in past 7:30.

Good question. I am 26 and I get 8 hours a sleep a night during the week night. Weekends vary.Xx

im13 and i get about 10 hours of sleep over the weekdays

Heather A.
i'm 13 and i get about anout 9 to 10 hours of sleep

Martial Arts Freak
im 19 and i sleep 8 hours on weekdays

I'm 25 and get 8-10hrs of sleep on the weekdays

I'm 43 and I usually get 6-7 hours of sleep on weeknights.

19 and on average about 5-6 hrs

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