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Howard W
Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
why exactly?

I C Gay People
Sometimes, cause it's a depressant.


Alcoholism is escapism from reality.Under the influence of liquor you forget the rality and problems.When the power alcohol is finished you reach where you have started and reality stares at you.depression is the result.Alcohol is not a a solution to any problem,you have to understand reality and sort out the issues,and work out a solution.Good Luck

Hannah Radar
Alcohol is a depressant, therefore, drinking it will increase any depression one already has--or start depression in someone who overindulges. Think of how alcohol helps one to chill out (as does pot, as do tranquillizers). In other words, these are like downers = depression.

Drinking with depression is like a vicious cycle: One drinks due to depression + one becomes more depressed due to drinking. Believe me, I've not only learned this--I've seen it in my own family.

Yes, it does, but with some people it makes then happy, some people become violent, it depends on your chemistry.

It's all to do with the toxins in the alcohol, I believe.

Veston Pants
There are loads of physical reasons for this. Alcohol is a diuretic (makes you pi55 out more liquid than you take in) It interferes with sleep and keeps you from falling into a DEEP sleep (like eating cheese makes you dream) and flushes sugars and salts out of your system. All these factors will make one feel "a bit down" but many practitioners believe it is a psychological "come down" from the night before....you decide!!


yes, but you can always drink more

london lady
It only makes you feel depressed if you are depressed. Or if your life has things going in it which make you feel like your losing control or just generally unhappy. If your a happy person and you ain't worrying over nothing, (and you drink in moderation) then its fine, it dint make you depressed.

But i dont agree with drinking alcohol. Its so bad for your body and it does start to have a BAD effect on you if you have to drink it everyday to be normal. Its worse than Cannabis. It should not be legal, that's my opinion anyway. ! Too many people close to me have died or are now living the consequences of choosing a booze filled life. Don't do it, it just ain't fair to the people around you, as well as yourself.

it is a depressent.

Lord Onion
Not me - try getting into guiness - I'm hooked.

It depends on the person's mood before they start drinking.

When I am happy and drink I am happy.

When I am sad before I drink, I get really sad, so sad that I drink enough to pass out.

That is why I have stopped drinking all together

Alcohol is a drug. It is a depressant., so feeling depressed would be natural. Alcohol depresses certain parts of the brain that control inhibitions, but when that wears off we often feel bad about what we have done. This is not unusual.

Matt W
Although small amounts of alcohol actually lift the spirit and can increase concentration and reaction, alcohol is definitely a depressant. The wikipedia link below describes how a depressant acts on the body.

yes that's because it's a depressant. It's all in the brain

david b
yes its called a hangover, you feel great when you are drunk but i dont know why because alcohol is a depressent

1st Alcohol is a drug classified as a CNS (central nervous system) depressant, just like THC or opiates. When you drink alcohol if you have any issues or are prone to mood depression this makes you more vulnerable to the blues or depression.

alcohol is a drug to make you feel high,
but what goes up, must come down,
except inflation, polltax, fuel bills etc


If you drink to get rid of your depression YES it only hides the depression until you are sobber again! but if you just drink to have a good time and have a drink or to for a party or something you shouldn't be depresssed after

♥ terry g ♥
Why? Because alcohol is a depressant.

No, it doesn't. It actually makes me quite happy and somewhat giddy.

The gloomy feeling is the result that you did not buy enough.

Next time, get more. If you don't pass out, why even drink?


Yes, but only with vodka. My cousin is the same. The day after I've been drinking I get really anti-social and anxious and start thinking I'm a horrible person. After a day or so it goes away as it does with my cousin. But Vodka is the only culprit with me so I try not to drink it or no to drink too much.

As for why, well alcohol is a depressant and it also kills brain cells whether these two factors cause the horrible effect I don't know. Also alcohol dehydrates you as well so all your brain cells are screaming out for water and so wont work as efficiently as they would normally.

No it does not. Well not for me. You really need to cut back if this is what it is doing to you.

based on experience, it doesn't really make you "depressed" -- it's just that after a few drinks, you let your guard down and you become more open than usual to how you truly feel... and sometimes, yes, it makes you realize that you're sad or lonely or depressed... ^_^

Liya J
well alcohol is known as a depressant. There are stimulants and depressants and alochol is the best depressant...and when you're not feelin good, and you drink alcohol, it just ruins your mood...if you're hyper, you'll act crazy...but if you're not...then it will bring you down...I use it to help me sleep, if I'm depressed I'll drink a bit of wine to sleep....

it depends on the person and their emotional state of mind.

Because it works as a depressant, it supresses the chemicals released in your brain that stimulate happiness. It also acts as a dieuretic and uses up a lot of water in your body so your body feels tired due to a lack of it.

Only when I go home alone!

alcohol is a depressant. while you drink you get a catacholamine rush and as this subsides you feel depressed. kind of like a suger high

Yes it can, it supresses the production of endorphins, the natural feelgood hormones.

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