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Does anyone on here live their lives in a state of anxiety?
I seem to feel anxious most of the time. As soon as I wake up I start to think about what there is to worry about that day. Come the evening I start to worry about what there is to do the next day. Sometimes even simple things I need to do around the house get me in a stew. Can I unlearn this behaviour?
Additional Details
Now I'm worried about all you people because you're stressed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. It's reassuring to know we're not alone.

as far as I know anxiety has not been formally annexed by the US

im a mummy 2
yes you can,i have been the same in the past.
all ok now, try vit b6 . try reading! and a relaxing bath! Try antidepressants if you feel no better in a few months.
Good luck! you will get better!

Keep a diary in which you note all the things you are looking forward to, and all the things that made you feel glad that day.
Stop counting your worries, but examine them and ask yourself what the worst outcome could be. Half of them are not worth worrying about in the first place, you'll find.

yes,i do. I worry, worry, worry. but you will have to learn to except the things you can change and change what you can....
remember cross the bridge when you get there. no use worrying about something that you dont know the outcome of...


paul t
I am the same . try not to worry about daily events an do what you can . everyone has anxiety with all the stresses around today . Rise above it an deal with one thing at time

My life is one BIG roller coaster ride which doesn,t stop. The highes are very short but the lows are very long, I,ve recently had my anti-depressants changed which sent me even lower, hence my GP changed them again and also prescribed a 7 day course of diazapam which seems to be helping I,ve also got counselling sessions booked. I hope all this will help me. I<m told to do something when the anxiety starts so I have the fittest dog in the north east!! Try and do something different that you wouldn,t normally do. Try and eat healthy and try not to drink alcohol. Good luck A

I feel exactly the same as you,every day never gets better,its as though im on a merrygoround and cant get off.

Katie G
yer i fully understand, what i do is get out of the house and do exercise, or just visit friends and talk about my problems it helps you relax. but if you don't want to talk to friends write all your worries down in a pad before bed then they wont keep you up all night, and you will feel better prepared for the day ahead.

or just go on holiday and forget about everything.

flying charlie
I do excercise and just concentrate on how enjoyable it might be for the next four hours, make a list of things to do, write anxieties down, and review the situations that were meant to make you worry, such as meeting a hugh group of people, or giving a speech, or having to make a presentation or do a demonstration of something practical in front of a large number of people. I tended to worry about the rest of my life, what is going to happen to me etc, but you have to be strong and steady in thought.

I live in fear of an uncalled for Yahoo Violation.....

your life as it is now
must be far worse than
if your fears came true
that said ,you are able to cope
to some degree now?
if your fears were realised
then you would be able to cope
to some degree then also.
so stop worrying about things
you can get yourself through

the pre- worry is much worse than the actual event
on a medical note
depression of one sort or another
might be at play here
a councillor may help
and cognitive therapy also may help
its for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders)
continual worrying endlessly about minor things
may be a form of OCD

Yes i'm the same- i'm not in work today for that very reason.

I keep feeling that i'm about to have a heart attack when i'm really very active and pretty fit. In my case i'm starting to think it's because of my work but i am going to see a hypnotherapist to see if they can help me find the cause of it.

Just a suggestion but might be of help to you to!
Icarus x

melissa s
I share in your experience.You can learn to think different as part of management, but medication can make using these skills possible.I would highly recomend seeing a Dr. Being that anxious for years can cause physical problems as well. Dr.,meds and skills have helped me alot

yep, 24/7... it's a horrible way to live, but that's just how my life seems to be. I don't know if you can really Unlearn it... but you can try and do things to keep you calm and busy so you aren't focused on it. Meditation, Yoga, prayer, relaxation, just trying to stay in a serene, Tranquil state of mind. Good Luck & don't worry you're not alone!

Pray, meditate, yoga, exercise, something to take your mind off your wories - if that doesn't help - seek professional advice. Anxiety and stress can lead to major health problems.

I deal with this all the time. There is always medication you can try...go to a psychiatrist and let them assess you. Medication wasn't right for me, I was on it for years and all it seemed to do was make me feel like a zombie - pretty much emotionless. I go to therapy every week though, and I feel that it definitely helps me out a lot. There are plenty of options, you've just gotta take the first step. Good luck to you.

Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about! If you think it is actually having a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing (constantly on edge, primed for action in 'flight or flight' mode, incidents of panic etc) or if it is disturbing your sleep or you enjoyment of life, you really ought to see your GP and describe how you are feeling. I think cognitive behavioural therapy would help immensely - it is a method of counselling which helps you see things in a different way, control your anxiety symptoms and help you move on.

But tell your GP - it is a common feature of 21st century living!

Brian B
thinking to much and thinking negetetively is making you Anxious I feel....
try to keep yourself busy and get as much exercise and read books and chat to people about every day things.... ect

you have programmed yourself into this situation you can delete your Anxiety and re-programme your mind and body too
as both go hand in hand....
hope I've been of some help? best of luck...

she luvs u
Trazadone 100mg.at bedtime....its not addictive and it works,the anxiety thing can ruin your life and its not fun at all.Things will fall into place for you when you take it easy.

Miss RoZy
A friend of mine once said that if he had nothing to worry wbout he would be worried.
Alot of us suffer with anxiety. It is important for you to put aside some time each day even just an hour for yourself. Swim, gym, read, manicure, anything as long as it is your time. cut out caffiene and smoking at night. You are not alone. Good luck

I used to feel pretty much the same until I got a faith, no I do not go to church, but am more spiritual that has helped no end

i feel you

Richard T
Wow! I like Smiley's answer but there are a lot of good ones. I am so glad other people have stupid inadequacies too. I guess I have always done it a wee bit and it's still not out of control but it got a helluva lot worse after my wife died. I feel very silly about it. The real nasty bit comes if you get it about 4.00 in the morning, you are hardly sensible enough to control it. If it does happen I make myself get up and have a cup of tea. The swimming idea is a good one (except that swimming is boring)so is walking. I now have a dog that is quite a steadying thing and I walk for an hour a day or more. That is very calming.

Take heart . . . . . you obviously aren't alone.

very best wishes anyway

I do, Honestly.

I have lived like this for many years, common sense tells me to learn to undo this behaviour, but that is easier said than done.

I have tried telling my doctor/asking for their help, and they just prescribe antidepressants (for which I deny).

I hope you get what you need, sorry I'm not full of positive advice, believe me if I knew the answer, I'd be a millionaire.

I am going through the same thing. I thrive with anxiety every day. Most answers on this posting are correct. Sit, meditate, breath, relax, think positive and if you feel that it is uncontrolable, at least see a doctor for a smal prescription of Xanax. this will take the edge off.

Anxiety has been eating away at me for 30 years and it has reached its grubby hand in on my marraige. So, get help. It will be ok.

Organizing your thoughts will really help you relax.

Get a day planner, or a desk calendar (something with room to write in), and two different colored pens.

Make a list of things that need to be taken care of "today" like laundry, dinner, vacuuming, paying bills. Then, for the next week, write down on each day a couple things that you want to accomplish but that aren't as time-sensitive. Things like getting a haircut or cleaning the windows.

Try to think realistically about what "has" to happen as opposed to what you would "like" to happen. Write the "have to"s and the "want to"s in different color inks so you won't confuse their importance.

As you're thinking, or when you get stressed, make these lists and assign daily and weekly tasks. Cross items off the list as you finish them, add items as they occur to you. Most anxiety comes from either fretting you won't have enough time, or that you'll forget to do something important. When it's written down, you won't forget. If one of the "wants" goes a few days without being done, make it a "have to" and give it some priority.

And at night, when you wake up worrying about what needs to be done, or something that you forgot to do, remind yourself of this: Nothing can be done right now anyway. If you forget to pay a bill, you could go write it out right now, but it will just sit on the counter or in the mailbox until the morning anyway. You need your sleep.

Hope this wasn't too confusing! I wrote more than I intended.

Best of luck to you. Send me an email if you need or want more ideas!

Malibu Kitkat
I am going through the same thing . I find it best to keep my hands busy and when I start going through an attack I try getting away from the inviroment I am in and try to get in a safe place for me most of the time it is learning new things on the internet, just reading about something that has nothing in common with what I deal with. It is amazing the things you can learn you would never thought was even out there. good luck .

Yes - cognitive behaviour therapy should help or even simple relaxation techniques..

I know what you mean and am working on that problem myself. Before getting out of the bed in the morning remind yourself this is going to be a glorious day and set the ball in motion. Get up and smile and say I am going to see that the rest of the day goes this way. Keep doing it and I know that things will turn around. We tend to dwell too much on the worries of life at times and miss all the little nice things during the day and remember if you do not get EVERYTHING done today but enjoyed the day and had a few good laughs then you did even better then what you had planned. Good luck!

Love 2 Talk
you can unlearn it by getting a massage or (if your a girl) go to a spa for a day...it will wipe away all stress!!!!!!! Or you can do something to keep your mind off of it like take up a hobby or meditate

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