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Does anyone have on tips for someone who wants to start meditating?

Additional Details
Just some general tips on it, or even how you meditate.

ya, you wont be able to fly if thats what you think! trust me....i tried!

Be regular, it is of no use doing it for a week and leaving it to see the results you have meditate for 6 months continously and patience.........

Migdalia F
I don't mean to be 'preachy', but if you were to meditate on the Lord Jesus Christ and why He lived and died for you, you might end up reaping many blessings instead of just relaxing with the repetition of a senseless word....

john y
Uh, don't you just need to sit still and be quiet?

Apostle Jeff
Get a good Bible and read it. Then meditate on God's Word and it will become alive and you will grow strong in the Lord.

Certainly it can be defined in various ways by those who do. It can also be approached in many different ways.

I suggest begin your attempt in short time spans, and not at all for any specific purpose. It could be analogized as "taking a break".

Forcing "IT" , or any defined time of day, or time period to be involved in IT,initially, will not only create conflict in the process, but dillute the intent.

In a very real sense WE all Meditate at different times in our days or weeks. In the car on the way to somewhere, on the couch, bored by TV, Just after waking, yet not quite wanting to rise, we ALL take time to engage in self analysis, introspection, planning, dreaming, etc. I often "meditate" subtly, if someone is rambling on, in some diatribe, that puts me OUT of their frame of reference (No offense to them).

In some measure it also depends on some regimine, some taking control of TIME you WANT to place yourself in another place, even if just for 5 minutes. Obviously the demands of the day, may dictate how time is spent, but we all should be able to CREATE a space within us or around us.

Understanding the rationale is important as well. I spend an hour a day, commuting one way. I could spend the entire hour in a mantra, "I Want, I want, I want", but very likely I'd go unheard. Your purpose can be as superficial as you wish, or as deep as solving Universal questions, but eventually the "Purpose" will reveal itself to you.

I used to meditate, uninterrupted, for as long as 90 minutes a day. It wasn't always DARK, or even completely quiet, but I built up to that, in my purpose, it's effect, and came away from it "feeling" accomplished. Without question I more enjoy some "quiet", even if it means, unplugging anything that might distract me.

One more, then I'll hope you read through your 130 plus answers, so far.

At some point in Your process, it may become apparent to others, that you not only WANT your time, but will TAKE it, no matter all else. It's important that you be allowed that by OTHERS.

Steven Wolf
Just some Old man

ADDED THOUGHT: "Day of Black Sun" offers one of the best answers I've read. It is a process that Hundreds have made millions $$$ relating, but in the end, in your space and place NOTHING written, or even suggested here may have relevance for you. No offense to anyone but if I had to LEARN how, I would have never begun.

I began meditating about a year ago. From my personal experience, I recommend finding a comfortable place to meditate because it tends to make it easier to relax while doing it. I personally use the visualization method to clear my negative thoughts from my mind which helps me relax even more. However, there are several different techniques to meditation out there. A relaxation CD can help you relax as you meditate, and part of being successful at it is the relaxing of the mind and centering. I breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and breathe out for a count of four. I typically do this at the end of the day to relieve my worry and pressures. However, I sometimes do it during the day as needed, too. I can do it up to 15 minutes if I wanted to, but I have heard others can do it longer than me. I have included some great free resources out there on the topic.

Belle has given a very thorough answer. I'll just add a couple of things:

1. Start slowly so that you give yourself a chance to develop the habit of meditating. 5-10 minutes a day, once a day will be more effective than an hour here or there. After a few weeks of meditating for 5-10 minutes a day, increase it 5 minutes a day for a month, then increase it again. 20 minutes per day on a regular basis will be a very useful practice. Of course, you can always sit for longer, but I recommend starting slowly.

2. If you miss a day, (or two, or three!) don't beat yourself up about it. Just sit down and meditate today.

3. Find a teacher if you can. If you don't resonate with the first teacher you try, visit others. It's really helpful to have a teacher, and the support of others who meditate, too.

Meditation is being completely present in each moment. This is simple to say, and not so simple to do. Let yourself see that we all want the same things and that almost everybody does the best they can in this life. This includes you!

Thank you for meditating--it makes the world a better place.

Sit in comfortable clothes
in a quiet room
and focus on your breath

Breathe in and Breathe out

Try to clear your thoughts, if something arises allow it to float away as you return to your breath,

Very difficult , but practise...

Google meditation, there are a few good sites, on how to.

main thing is : HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS, just be

Praying is our talking to God, meditation is God responding.
its our way to clear mindless chatter and reconnect to Creative Source....
it is worth the effort.

Goodluck and NAMASTE

Lisa C
sit in quiet room in wooden chair feet flat on floor light candle and fresh bowl of water that welcomes spirits. Ask God to ground u and put his white light of protection around u to keep u safe and to keep evil spirits away. After u feel calm just let your mind roam to a relaxing place where u feel calm and see what happens...You have to breathe and relax and keep clear mind...

Meditation begins with a realization of the four foundations of mental awareness:
1) be aware of sensory experiences
2) be aware of mental experiences
3) watch thoughts without pursuing them
4) watch the emptiness between the thoughts (but not, however, the thought of emptiness

Meditation can be down anywhere. Sitting, walking, standing, &tc.

The first facet is mindfulness of breathing. Not controlling your breathing, or attempting to regulate it, just be aware of the breath inhaling and exhaling.

The second stage is being mindful of the sesations coming from the six senses. Vision, hearing, tactile sensations (touch), taste, olfactory (smell), and the heart/mind (where all the sensations from the other five senses are processed and 'felt' (mental mindfulness). Be aware of these things, but do not concentrate on them. Let the senstaions flow from without to within.

The third stage is to be mindful of how the first five senses are not important. Its like when you are sleeping, and 'normal' sounds do not wake you, but unusual sounds do. The ticking of the clock, the soft whoosh of the central heating, normally do not awaken. But the alarm clock of telephone does.
So, in the third stage, we become mindful of that sixth sense, wherein all the first five are concentrated.

The fourth stage is being mindful of how nothing matters, except the breathing and being mindful of the fact we exist. The Ultimate goal of any meditation is to reach that state where 'nothing has a name', and the duality becomes union od self and all that is, and vice versa.

At first, just concentrate on mindfulness of breathing. A great disturbance to this mindfulness if commiting acts which give us cause to think.
For example, if one always tells the truth, one never has to worry about being caught in a lie.
If one is always mindful of the feeling of others, one never has to worry about the unkind words or acts we may have committed.

Calmness, and that mindfulness, lead the way to a better life, and the mental composure which makes meditation (and the void or emptying the mind of thoughts and stress) sucessful.

I will only add that I have been trying to explain meditation that is basic to the Buddhist belief, without 'preaching' Buddhism. But the principle is sound, and basic to MANY faiths and belief systems.

Good fortune to you, อารียา

If you want to meditate go to a quiet place in a field like somewhere you'd take a date to. a field of flowers or a hill. sit down and think of flowing tunes. Breathe in then out. after u did all that close your eyes put your hands out and make your thumb and middle finger's tip touch the relax yourself and say uuuummmmmm again and again

David B H
This is the website where I learned how to meditate.

I get away from everyone and get in complete quietness and before I do this I usually take a trip to the Mountains and get a cabin away from the hectic life and just spend some time with nature.What wasn't created by Man. The Beach is also a hiding place especially in the Winter Months for me.
I find a lot of inspiration when I do this and usually end up feeling totally refreshed and I take my guitar and occasionally come back with a song also.

the way to the seperation that we achieve thru meditation comes from the understanding of the goal.
Christians say we have a spirit and a body, so does Dharma. You want to seperate them thru medatation. Lets call them the looker or Observer ( the spirit), and the other the body or observed.
Go to a room where there is disturbance. Sit in a comfortable position, place a little rock in your hands and close your eyes. try to block out all except the rock, after awhile you will watch you holding the rock, but the feeling is well, odd. try it as a start and if you like this start, I will show you more.

Saved By Grace
I can give you two bible verses on meditation and I believe that in the Hebrew it means to roll over again and again in ones mind.

Psalm 1:2 NIV
But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.

Joshua 1:8
8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Most important thing (to see results) is to be consistent. keep the same time regularly. ( 5 - 25 minutes 3-7 days)

*** Since beginners are known to 'doze off' during meditation, PLEASE do not mediate while you drive!

Let me think on it for a while. I'll get back to you.

Craig D
Belle seems to have provided an excellent and very complete answer. The only addition I would make is I find it useful to focus on my breath (in and out) without attempting to control it to bring my awareness to one thing.

It is key when your mind wanders to not chastise yourself but to gently lead the mind back to the point of focus be it the candle, the wind or the breath.

Most people will tell you to "free your mind" of all thoughts... however this is impossible because the mind is always racing.

The trick to meditation in fact, is to concentrate on one thing only for an extended period of time.....a happy thought, a candle, an aroma, the wind, a shape, a color....anything one thing that can capture your entire focus is desireable. Now you hold on to this one focus for a long period of time, until your mind naturally ejects it...and you end up in a sub-conscious "dream-like" state of mind... similar to lucid dreaming or even day-dreaming.

Denise D
What are you meditating on?

The Word of God says in Psalms 1 .....
Blessed is the man that walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor go in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful
But his delight is in the Law of the Lord; and in His Law (God's scriptures) does he meditate day and night.
And he shall be like the tree planted by the rivers of water (rooted deep in the Word), that bring forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; (you don't give up easily), and whatsoever he does shall prosper!

Get off of the computer!

I found it very easy to meditate when I had a woodlot in NH. I would go there after a hectic day at work. It was about a 1/2 mile walk in and was quiet and removed from all signs of human activity. I would sit to rest after walking in (it was an uphill walk) and just after a few moments a great feeling of "everything is OK" would come over me. I always felt that this was namely caused by the fact that there was nothing in my field of view, and no sounds which would remind me of things I had to do. It was as if my every-day busy life disappeared and I became one with one of my pine trees.........lol.

I think it is hard to meditate in your everyday location because of those visual distractions and sounds that remind you of tasks you should be doing. I also had good luck in a canoe or small boat out on a river or lake, just by myself, no motor or fishing, just drifting and paddling.

Contrary to what others are saying (not to make their answer less important) you don't need religion to practice meditation.

You just need something to focus on, a goal, or aspiration. Sit, stand, or whatever somewhere and just quietly think or concentrate.

You don't need some outfit or yoga mat, or insence. Those are embellishments from TV.

I advise that you meditate either after work at home or first thing in the morning.

Funguyy gives you good advice.

Besides that ... sit in a quiet dim room in the Lotus position.

Hands on knees, with palms facing up and index finger touching thumb

Close your eyes and concentrate on your third eye (which is located between your eyebrows)

See the colour that will enter the third eye .... eventually

Focus on the colour ...

Let your mind wander anywhere you like to go ........... do Not fight your thoughts ... go with the flow ..............

I usually imagine a beach ... the waves rolling in slowly .... and slowly rolling out to sea ... see how far they go out ............

You can also play some soothing music very softly in the background, such as any of the Buddha collection, or New Age music by Anya

Meditate every morning for 15-20 min and you will notice that your performance, work wise, has increased and you are less likely to get stressed out or tired.

Your energy level will be much higher than usual.

Meditating at night will give you a good night sleep.


this guy i know
Don't listen to any website or anything -- do it how you want to do it. Methods that work for most people might not work for you. I usually slip into light sweatpants with a space heater on low. I usually don't sit on a pillow or anything. I just lay a towel down. I usually burn insence for a little while before I meditate, and then put it out when I start. (I have athsma) The hardest part for me, is slowing down my thoughts. I am constantly thinking, about NOT THINKING. Anyways, when your done (after about 20 minutes) you should start by wiggling your toes and fingers before you get up. After that, get up and do some stretching. It clears your energy.

There's not a lot to it. You can meditate while driving if you want. I would suggest stimulating your senses toward this end though. Incense (aromatherapy) works very well with seeking the relaxed state for healthy meditation. Some folks prefer to sit in zazen; however, I always found this distracting.

Aural, olfactory and visual aids aimed at helping you relax are very helpful. The right kind of music, environment and smells can combine to help you easily find your "balance."

Just make sure you have a "place" where your "mind" won't be "disturbed." :)


Wear comfortable clothes, get in a comfortable postion, close your eyes, and BREATHE. Focus on your breathing, in through your nose, feeling the air go through your nose, into your lungs, and then exale, through your mouth, and just letting all of your tensions and emotions and anything else that's bothering you go. Just sit back, try to relax and enjoy. You might have trouble staying awake at first, but if you do, it's not a bad thing. Just keep practicing. Start with short meditations and work your way to longer ones (if you wish). If you want, you can add in mantras or other things later, but this is a good start.

How To Meditate
Like anything worthwhile, meditation requires practice. To get the most from meditation you need to do it every day. This requires a place and time where you will not be disturbed. It’s also recommended to start with a course, like the Holosync guided meditation program from the Centerpointe Research Institute.

Sit with a straight back. Don’t try to meditate lying down because you are likely to fall asleep. Meditation brings relaxation and peace but at the same time this is a dynamic peace. Meditation is quite different than the relaxation of sleep. When we really meditate, we are fully alert and conscious. Our sense of awareness is heightened. Afterwards you’ll have a positive feeling for the world and a renewed sense of dynamism.
Don’t eat before meditating. After a heavy meal your body will be lethargic with digestion.
It is not necessary to mediate in the lotus posture. It is fine to meditate in a chair, as long as the back is straight.
It is helpful to take a shower before meditating.
Burning incense and having a candle are not necessary, but they can add a little extra inspiration.
It is good to meditate early in the morning. It is said the best time is 3am, although, I feel it is more important to be awake and not sleepy, I meditate at 6.30am.

However you learn to meditate, you must learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Usually, the mind tries to hold several different thoughts and ideas at once. When you sit down to meditate for the first time, you realize how cluttered the mind is. Mediation teachers have described the mind as a “mad monkey?. However, the mind can be tamed and forced to concentrate on a single thought.

One helpful technique is concentrating on a candle flame. Narrow your gaze to the small tip and block out all other thoughts. When you get distracted, go back to focusing on the candle flame. You can also use other objects like a small dot or flower. The important thing is that you concentrate only on one thing at a time.


Another way to learn concentration is through the use of mantra. A mantra is the repetition of a sacred word. For example, you might repeat the mantra AUM a certain number of times. Repeating a mantra forces the mind to focus on a single thought.

Silent Mind

After you’ve practiced concentration and learned to focus on one thing at a time, you can proceed to the next stage: no thought at all. Achieving a silent mind is difficult, but when to attain it the experience is powerful. A technique I advise is viewing your thoughts as separate from your self. When a thought appears, make a conscious decision to throw it out of your mind. Over time you realize that you are capable of allowing or rejecting thoughts. Your real “I? is not a collection of thoughts, but something far deeper. This is the most significant realization of meditation - that you do not have to be a slave to your thoughts.

Through meditation, you attain the power to control your thoughts, and on occasion stop them completely. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t attain a silent mind straightaway. It takes time and practice. There is nothing really else to it; meditation is a simple and spontaneous action. Unfortunately, our mind is used to complication and it takes time to unlearn bad habits.

These are some of the benefits of meditation:

Improved concentration - A clear mind makes you more productive, especially in creative disciplines like writing.

Less bothered by little things - Do you sometimes allow yourself to get upset by little things? It is the nature of the mind to magnify small things into serious problems. Meditation helps us detach. We learn to live in the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or future. We do not worry about meaningless things, but see the bigger picture.

Better Health - There have been numerous studies pointing to the health benefits of meditation. The reason is that meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety. If we can reduce stress, many health benefits follow.

Knowledge of Self - Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. Through meditation we can gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

Is Meditation Religious?
The great thing about meditation is that our philosophy/religious belief is not importanct. Meditation is about consciousness. The beliefs of the mind become trivial. We dive deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul - our inner reality. Therefore, mediation can (and is ) practiced by people of different religions or no religion.

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