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Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

if you live in a certain area does that number make ur phone bill go up cuz i need to know that right now please i am really thinking about suicide
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 Is money the answer to happiness?

 Will this sadness ever go away?
I have become extremely depressed, and before you say, I have already made an appointment to see my doctor. I just wanted to know if any one out there is also going through this illness. I feel ...

 Im 14 i cry over anything whats wrong with me?
its not my hormones i droped a 30p glass the other day and cryed my internet keeps going down i cry over that please help me am i dipressed or just plain stupid D: i feel horibile
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 What do you tend to do when you're the most stressed?
I go to the casino and drink.
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I only bring $20-$30 so I'm not tempted to overspend if I get a little tipsy!...

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Im sick and tired of them fighting every day over everything and anything.
it starts as a little thing like the soda can is on the floor and ends up with my mom saying hes a lazy pig and ...

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 Whats Wrong with me?? plz help?
ok i'm 21 and kinda feel sad all the timei have felt this was since i can remember, i would never kill myself but feel i am staying alive for other people(i prob sound full of mystelf) everyone ...

 Friend cutting please help?
My best friend is cutting herself and I'm so scared. I don't want her to kill herself I would miss her. She just says she gets so upset and cuts and pops pills. I love her and would never ...

 What the heck is wrong with me??
my life is pretty normal. i work a job that i am moderatly happy with, i am amidst making a great and exciting future for myself, my family is mostly great and i have the best boyfriend/relationship ...

 My hubby likes physical contact with other women?
When we are with friends, he uses to do hold them, kiss them, and touch their hands in a way that seems to me too intimate… I really don't like it. Moreover, his friends do not behave the same ...

nobby no mates
Does anyone feel Christmassy?

I do, I'm really really excited about it. I'm going back to England to spend Christmas with the whole family. Then it's my mum and dad's 50th anniversary on 27th and then my daughter's birthday on 29th she'll be 16. I haven't seen her since August because she's studying in England. Oh it's all really exciting!

Mike M.
Not really, no.

[email protected]
No I really don't know the last time I felt christmassy, probably when the children were young, now all I want to do is get through the period with very quickly, and having spent the least amount of money as possible. I haven't even hung my decorations up as yet, I'll probably do them tomorrow, maybe that will help me to feel Christmassy.

I am both Holly and Jolly this Christmas season!
Merry Christmas!
And to all a good night!!!



Actually, No.

This is the first Christmas together for my fiance and me - and his first real Christmas celebration in several years. There's a lot of pressure on me to make it really special and I'm afraid that I won't be able to get it all done.

Emily, Loveliness Personified
Yes, but he's not too happy about it ... Heaven knows why ... I'm rather nifty at the old fondling ... ;p

Peace...................... Off.
No. Its too warm.

flying charlie
Christmassy as in sending xmas cards and listening to the music in shopping malls, so yes and no. Xmas does finish too quickly in my humble opinion.

no,but give it time

Dizzy D
wonder why?

Yes. I am very much so. But I am stressed out making more mad and yelling at my MOM, which is Always in my face. It makes me more depressed and anxious when I spend to much money

No. Humbug............

One Hand One Heart
Yes and no!

I never do thank you ignore most of it while its on more important things to get on with

Kind of ... i got all my cards out but we don't decorate, so the house is all un-christmassy and it's 70 degrees outside today! :) That is sooo unChristmassy to me! LOL

actually no. Trying to get that christmas feeling but you know it just ain't there this year.

To answer that I will say. I will be happy when it is December 26. I can't handle the stress of this supposed relaxing holiday. All I want for Christmas is my sanity. OH WELL maybe next year.

porker animal
xmas isnt the same anymore so next week we are going to benidorm for a change see if theres any festive spirit there by the way merry xmas

Chris who? Would they want to be felt? :-) Only joking. No, not really. I'm fed up with the commercialism and herd mentality in every clone town. It's a shame as essentially the world has a great festival coming up (with pagan roots) and the underlying message for everyone should be of regeneration and hope.

no it really has come up quickly

Ho Ho Ho.

no. not at all.
people in my class are christmas obsessed and it's driving me crazy!! im not in the mood.

iI am not really in the CHRISTMASSY feeling this year..
IT just kinda stuck up on me

mr happy

Im feeling Christmassy this year. We got a beautiful tree. My son is 4 and he is so excited. When you look at Christmas through your children's eyes its hard not to get in the spirit.

Absolutely! Happy birthday, Jesus! :)

Yes, I am very excited to spend christmas with 4 year old.I think they have so much fun at that age.

captain jack
no, i thought i was the only one!!!!!!!

Not really, Im trying to get myself into gear to write all the cards. I have wrapped all my presents and given them to the people I need to but I am not in the spirit at all this year ...:(

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