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 Will u read my poem?
i came into this world screaming
by age 17 the fight is gone

i want it to end
with every hit i take
it gets harder to remember who i really am

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 Why am i still on yahoo answers when i should be going to bed?
yes its addictive quite fun and nice to hear peoples point of view but for f**k sake why cant i get a grip on myself chill out and go to bed!!!! lol
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I'll try and keep this short :)

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 Shall i commit suicide becasuse i am depressed?

 Females only! How old are you and How many hours of sleep do you get a day on weekdays?
i need to do this for my math class Please help me Thanksss!!...

it all started 5 months ago with my aunt dying, i started picking fights with my friends and family. I only like hanging out with 2 of my friends. I have been really depressed and I don't know ...

Do you think that suicide is the answer??
i have tried and failed at this and i believe i was supposed to go the first time, my life is completly empty and i am numb, i have no feelings for nothing...nobody can understand me and i can see from there point of view what they are talking about but still i am numb.

well.............it is an answer...but...is it THE answer?

suicide is not the answer.believe me. my brother commited suicide 20 years ago and it still hurts. you might think people will not care or that they wont hurt too, but we do hurt. we do care. it sounds like you are going through depression. go see a doctor. there s medications for that now.try to find something that you are interested in. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THAT AGAIN. and it is stupid.arent there any family members of yours that will sit down and talk with you? go talk to a preacher. they are great listeners and he may be able to help you. please think before you try that again. life isnt that bad. really. think about this, you didnt die when you tried it. that means it isnt your time to go yet. there is something good waiting for you.

Never, just think of your loved ones, what will happen to them on hearing this news.

Never, speak to friends and family. If not, ring Samaritans, nothing is that bad. Honestly.

Suicide is not the answer to your problems. There are people out there that can give you the help you need. Please contact a counselor to help you. There may be a Samaritan Counseling Center in your area. Look in the yellow pages. Please consider your family and friends before you attempt this selfish act.
Nothing is worth ending your own life.

proud mom of 2 girls
Suicide is never the answer. There are support groups available, and counseling services available as well for you to talk to. I don't believe in suicide as an end to all means, there are other solutions out there that aren't as selfish. Suicide is forever. Talk to a counselor or admit yourself into the hospital. They have different alternatives that may appeal to you and be able to help you better understand what is going on in your life that seems unbearable or empty.

dustin k

are you feeling like your living in a sort of bubble..people talk to you but nothing gets throu...nothing peopl say makes any difference.have you had bad trauma in your life?have you seen a doctor,maybe a short stay in hospital so that bubble can burst and feel free again.suicide is never the answer although i no that at time it feels its the only option.make an apointment to see a doctor and explain everything,you probly need medication if your not already on it,have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?please call your doctor asap,if you need to talk email me at [email protected],all the best

No. That is just plain crazy. Maybe you should try talking it out with someone, such as a psychiatrist, or a local preacher. Suicide is never the answer. You may be experiencing a type of depression. In that case, your doctor may be able to help by prescribing some depression medication. But no, suicide is NEVER the answer.


no it never is
its jst an escapist attitude towards situations
when ur depressed u fail t think rationally
n become selfish
u forget abt ppl who love n care fr u
n become caught up wt ur complexes
n turn blind t everything positive arnd u

anyone who gose thr such a phase needs support
counselling n aim t do something in life t move on

it is selfish. it is never an answer. you will leave people who loves you and they will never understand. don't put guilt on them.

Well, you've seen all of the answers so far, and each and avery one of them's in the resoundingly negative. Suicide, it would seem, is NOT the answer.

I have thought about this subject, and how I could approach it if, in my capacity as a Tarot reader, I was approached by a client asking for advice on committing suicide. I've still to work out an approach on talking a client out of it, but in the meantime, I've found the site below a good start.

It begins with the assertion:

‚ÄúSuicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.‚ÄĚ

The site then continues by reassuring the reader that you aren't weak, or flawed, or crazy for thinking such thoughts. You're not a bad person.

The site then goes on to tell you how to escape the trap of suicidal thoughts: you can either:

(1) find a way to reduce your pain, or

(2) find a way to increase your coping resources.

There then follows 5 points for you to think about. There's also a link to a page which contains contact details on how to get in touch with The Samaritans (they're on email, now. Isn't the 21st Century wonderful?)

If you look at where you are, make a note of the date.

We are in the Twenty First Century. When my parents were growing up, it was the last century. This century seemed like something impossible. All sorts of wonders were waiting to be discovered here and now, in The Future. And The Future was shining.

I look around; and you know what?

Despite the war, this last gasp dying vestige of Twentieth Century barbarism, this final paroxysm of bigotry before the world Wakes Up ...

The Future, now The Present, IS shining.

And if you let yourself live, you can shine along with it.

Just follow the links below, and have faith in others, and in yourself.

Good luck.

Suicide is forbidden by any religion.
Try praying please!!!!!!!!

Suicide is never the answer.Find yourself a good bible based church.Start looking yourself in the mirror and tell yourself over and over "you are beautiful,God loves you".Even with our imperfections

Suicide is not the answer
I really do not know what u are going
but it will get better.

Reflect on the good times
it seems u are reflecting on what ever situation u are in now
and this will only make u feel worse.

Go out do something u enjoy doing
I hope u come out of this happy and full of life

Young lady
Nobody understands anybody, but you should try to understand others, and then you will see that may be someone is understanding you as well finally. Suicide is the easiest way - go on with your life and show everybody that you can do everything. Make a wish and tell yourself you will achieve it - you will see that it will definitely happen!

Suicide is never the answer.

Firstly, let me say that I sympathize and empathize with your pain, but I do feel that suicide is not the answer. There is always something to live for, from the tiniest thing like that new favourite song you'd never get to hear, to watching the world's technology change, to being alive to witness a cure for cancer, or the birth of a child. There will be low points in your life, but there will be some incredible high points again. Would you want to miss the changing of the seasons, or your best friend's wedding? Would you want to mis out on helping someone who really needs you?
Things always have a way of sorting themselves out. Life is an adventure we've been blessed to receive. Keep living. You are a valuable part of this world.

ian t
no its not the answer.. i also think its selfish

Definitely not. Its irreversible. Seek some professional help with your problem. It may seem hard now, but life is worth living.

You need professional help. You are almost certainly clinically depressed - this is a condition that can be treated but you do need to find some support. Go to your doctor and tell him / her how you feel. You should get offered counselling or a psychiatric referral. You may also be offered antidepressants - take them - they will help lift your mood while you find some longer term help.

In the meantime, visit http://www.samaritans.org/ for some support.

Life can seem pointless and meaningless, but it can also be beautiful

i have been there too... i lived a life of lonliness, and saddness for a very long time. i felt like i would be doing the world a favor if i just ended it all. i felt like my family would have less worry on them if i was gone. i gave up my daughter to them, i couldn't hold down a job, i was sick all the time with sezuires, i couldn't drive,i had no money, and i hated my life. i prayed that i would go to sleep and never wake up. and then one night i sat alone with a glass of water and a bottle of pills (a big bottle). i wrote my note....and then i sat there and started to cry and pray one last time... but i couldn't do it yet, so i went for a 5 mile walk and ended up at waffle house...i went there all the time late at night....as i was sitting there a man i never saw before came over and told me that nothing in life is ever to bad to smile. i thought you have no idea, and he just sat down with me. we sat there for hours just talking, and when he left he said look the sun is coming up, isn't it beatifull. when i left i was smilling. i never saw him again, ever.he saved my life. he did not even know me and yet he cared. he let me see the sun shine again.
i know all this may sound very corny to you and too everyone else, but i am still here today because of one stranger... most of the people on here care about what happens to you, and yet they don't even know you... i know i care. go talk to someone, it doesn't even matter who... that man was my angel, let someone be yours. God bless you. you are a strong person, and you will find there is happiness out there...

Its not the answer love! i try it once and got myself in a right mess! felt totally like you! after i tryed it and failed! i saw the look my friends gave me and i looked ashamed! People at hospital where great but wouldnt was to go through that again! i went and got profecional help and was made to relise i didnt really feel that way and started livin and enjoyin my life! it is a big part of me! but think im a better person for it!
good luck!x

It's not an answer. It's a very selfish act done by weaklings ang cowards.

I can give you a most honest answer saying that suicide is not the answer....
I lost my brother to suicide as he was mentally unstable ( not stupid as most ppl have stated )
Please think about getting help
My brother even left a note to say he would watch over me and even though I understand why he did it ( he was ill ), I would rather he was still here ... I miss him so much
So please think of your family

Bipin mishra
Failure should make you better not bitter.Remember Lincon who failed and failed.He did not rush to do suicide but kept working hard and became a legend.Keep reminding yourself that you shall win ultimately, if you try hard.Be free from fear and feeling low by doing Yoga.
i r

Suicide is not the answer at all. My brother tried to commit suicide earlier this year and thankfully he was saved. He has had counselling and lots of support from the family and he now sees how stupid he was. You must remember that people love and worry about you, you only have one life, no matter how bad it seems, you are worth more. Death is so final, don't go before it's your time. xx.

Given time, even the worst things can improve. If you ended it all, how could you ever know what was around the corner for you?
People must care for you.....even just one (I am responding to you with empathy and advice!)
Life truly is a gift no matter how desperate we can feel. Even the slightest talent or passion you have can be put to use to make your time on this earth valid.
I suffer with depression and know 2 people who committed suicide. They probably thought no one would even care, but they obviously didn't know how much they had touched people's lives in some way with their humour, kindness or talent or how devastated people were in the aftermath.
The key is to find someone to talk to about and share your feelings rather than bottling them up to let them fester and thus cause you to spiral down into a deeper depression. You at least took the right path by posting your message on here for advice.
If you have close friends or family, don't be afraid to confide in them. They would be horrified if you took your own life. It ruins innumerable lives in the aftermath and sometimes causes those left behind to commit suicide themselves as they cannot cope or feel so guilty. What a mess that could, in time, be overcome!
I don't think anti depressants are necessarily the answer but finding a good psychothrapist or having cognitive behavioural therapy to try to alter the negative thinking patterns are truly beneficial. Try Googling these for therapies in your area.
They help you to understand yourself better and to recognise when you may be going into a depressive phase so you can take measures to reduce how bad it may be.
Like Winston Churchill who also suffered terribly with depression, I call mine my "Black Dog" and have learnt what I need to do to stop it from barking too loudly! My therapy is music and singing. I know that I will always be tailed by my black dog, but I have learnt ways to distract him for a while!
If you don't have a terminal physical illness, then your life is a gift.
Don't throw this away. learn to share your despair and look at your passions to drive you forward.

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