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Do you think suicide is selfish?
i do not i see it as the only true thing that someone can do just for them selves
i have had a best friend die this way and a cousin who died this way and this was the thing that helped me get through this

i hope this question dosent upset people

best wishes to any people with friends or family who are currently coping with this or have been through this in the past

Additional Details
i just wanted to say to the contributer who thought i was talking about me, please dont worry, i am fine now i am quite happy i was only asking for a opinion thank you all,

even though i do not agree with the people who think it is selfish i dont in any way feel your opinion is wrong,

thank you all for your opinion


yes, very, but is being selfish always wrong?

If you have children then it is selfish and should never be done. Besides that it is not a selfish thing to do. For all of you who think it is selfish you've never been there. I have people that love me. My family treats me like crap but they love me. I have a few friends but most are busy and they do love me very much. I'm lonely. I'm sad. And I'm isolated. I've tried every medication there is and it only helps so much. The way I look it is, "Why should I stick around just so you can be happy? When I only see you a few times a year?" Your the one who is being selfish. I have nothing. I always think about how much worse I could have it and how do people get by in the world. For example, women who have been raped due to civil war and end up in refugee camps still manage a smile and move on with life (it's not as easy as that I understand but it's what keeps them going). They want to live life. And what happened to them is 100 times worse than what has happened to me and that's when I figured out why. Everybody at some point in their lives have had an experience that they simply could not live without. Such as a loving mother or sister or Uncle. Maybe they fell in love. Maybe they have children. It could be any one of these. I have never had any of that. I've never been happy and every time I try to be happy it is taken away from me. So how selfish of you to make me stick around so I can be miserable and you can be happy because you can't stand to not see me twice a year. Give me a break. Suicide is sometimes selfish and shouldn't happen but sometimes it's not a bad thing. When you have absoultely nothing and the world would not miss you, don't hold me back because you need to be selfish and can't let go of those few times a year that we talk. Really, my impact on the world is minimal. I will say the only thing that does keep me going is the story of Job. I'm not at all religious and am not into the whole satin thing but I agree with the story. I have to think that something good is going to happen. I'm 29 years old and I cannot imagine that god would keep me here for the rest of my life to live the way I have been. Something good has to be around the corner. It just has to. I'd rather live the first half of my life being miserable and live the rest of my life happy. But it's got to be worth doing and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on. I do have the feeling that something good is going to happen to me soon. So I hold onto that. Whatever works I guess.

I do kind of see it as selfish because when someone does it they are generally thinking about themselves and their pain and suffering. They don't do it for someone else. But, on the other hand, I can also see why people do it or think about it. Not that I agree with it, or think it is the answer to any problem a person might have. It's just that I was depressed at a point in my life and my little sister attempted suicide years ago , so I understand the condition a mind has to be in to get to that point.

But I do not think that a person helps themselves by committing suicide or that they benefit from it at all, either.

Most people who commit suicide have serious mental health problems,so I wouldn't regard it as being a matter of selfishness or not.

A counsellor I saw called me desperate for trying to make myself on overdosing on 64 Ibuprofen tablets (I ran out and ended up assymptomatic after all of them!).

All I wanted to do was to make myself ill to get away from life and all my problems. Yes I do have depression. I never wanted to kill myself, though I wasn't particulary bothered at the time if I did die, this wasn't the aim. Imagine how desperate you'd have to be to have the intent to kill yourself. These people need help, not scorn.

some guy
not at all , if people want to kill themselves its because they feel they cant cope with what theyre going through , n they people around them should understand that

no i dont think its selfish, people who take this path are so far under they dont see any way to get back up or that there is anyone who can truly help them, its very sad that there isnt more help for people feeling like this and that mental illness is so misunderstood

I don't think it's selfish, some people just get so desperate to ease themselves of pain, emotional or physical, that they see suicide as the only way out.

[email protected]
sometimes it is the easy way out for some people,not selfish! staying alive when you feel you want to end it all is the bravest thing anyone can do!
but i believe when its your time to die its your time, weather its natural by suicide or murder or something Else, when your number is up you have to go regardless of how you go!

my brother did it,and it destroyed my family.

I think people who commit suicide have problems. Their problems may be emotional in nature or they may have difficulties in life that they are unable to cope with. When I was in college, one of my peripheral friends killed himself immediately after graduation. I blamed myself for not being a better friend to him and not helping him by being there for him to talk to. I do not think he was selfish. To think that, I would be judging him harshly and myself too leniently.

Dellboy from UK
Most times it is selfish. But think of people who desperately want to die and are not allowed to. Keeping people alive when they want to die, is also selfish.
I believe everyone should have a euthanasia pill, and when they want to take it, somewhere to go which is dignified and peaceful, perhaps even with close friends of relatives at hand

libby a
I think it depends on how someone commits suicide. I think it is really selfish for someone to say, hang themselves or overdose because it is left for their family or friends to find them and that image would stay with that person for ever.

For example Silvia Plath commit suicide while her young children were in the garden. They found her and i do not know how any mother could be so selfish.

but if someone is SO unhappy then it is their own choice of what to do with their bodies.

I'm repeatedly told that it is. But I think if you're hurting enough to consider it, then it's selfish of people to expect you to stay alive.

[email protected]
I think you have got to be really desperate to even think about It.Not to think about what it will do to every one who loves & cares about you

I can see how it can be seen as a selfish act, even though I have never felt suicidal before I'm a mental health nurse so have nursed many people with suicidal ideas. From what my patients have told me is that the pain is so much suicide is the only way out, and another things that people seem to think a lot is that they are worthless and a burden on their family and friends and if they killed themselves they'd be doing everyone else a favour.

I do not believe that celebrity's who become 'depressed and suicidal', go into rehab and are better within a week help people with 'real' clinical depression.

Someone who commits suicide sees death as the only way out - out of suffering and pain. Of course, relatives and friends left behind need to cope with it, and might feel "betrayed", i.e. that person just left "selfishly". To commit suicide is the ultimate act of free will, and hence needs to be respected as someone's choice.

not selfish for others, but for themselves. they arnt going to experiance, see or feel the other things in life!

What a guy!!
I lost a very good friend to suicide. I held his hand in the hospital as all the lines on the machine slowly went flat. (It was an overdose of so many different tablets, that there was no way they could have treated him) I held his mother in my arms as she cried, she held me in her arms as I cried. She had lost her husband, my friend's father, about six months before to a totally unexpected heart attack. She has another son, who's mentally ill and offers her no support at all. I haven't seen her for about five years. I hope she's okay.

I do not now, never have, and never will consider his act to have been selfish.

I had an accident in 1986 which caused me many problems. In the following years suicide was at the front of my mind nearly all the time. I've got over it now, but it's extremely difficult to end your own life. During those dark years, I actually left my flat three times with the specific intentions of doing just that.

i used to think it was selfish yes. now im in two minds as i now work with people suffering from things like multiplesclerosis or stroke........

Hannah S
i think the word "selfish" is to strong a word for something like this, a lot of people say it is selfish, but, if you are desperate and you feel there is no way out then to some people that is the only way to end their suffering, they feel they are the only people who understands and even if other people did understand there is nothing they can do so they think what the hell, a lot of people who attempts something like this are very desperate and feel this is the only way, so if it ends their suffering and makes them better(if you understand what i mean) how is it selfish, i don't mean this to sound horrible but everyone has a life and it is their choice how they live it, but i am very sorry for your loss!! x

i had a friend from work kill him self....... it was a surprise more than anything he was a good guy i don't think it is selfish i think it is sad that ppl are forced in to that option my ex/girlfriend was hurt more than me but i was steal sad hope this helps

I am so sorry you are having to go through this. When my brother attempted suicide my mother whinged and moaned about how selfish he was. But knowing what he was going through and having been in that situation myself many times throughout my breakdown all i can say is that you have to be in that situation to know why people do it. You rarely think about the selfish aspect of it- all you want to do is end the anguish you are in. No-one else can judge how that feels unless they have been there. The only thing that kept me from it was knowing my children would have to go on coping without me- but really it is so difficult to think about anything except freeing yourself from the torture and pain in your own head and heart. Some days i felt so alone and so unwanted in the world i could only think about freeing myself from it-it never seemed selfish at the time. I am glad i did have strong friends who rescued me and who keep me going now because i now have a wonderful grand daughter who i would have missed out on. Try to understand what caused your friend and your cousin to do this- you have to be at your lowest lowest point to take your own life.

My personal opinion is that it's not selfish. Perhaps that's because I've tried a fair few times but I'm sure I felt that way before too.
You can never truly understand the emotions that drive someone to that point therefore I don't believe you have the right to judge them either.

Suicide is a desperate act by a desperate person.

Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule (e.g., those who may use suicidal gestures in an attention-seeking manner only), most folks who are suicidal are deeply depressed, and are not thinking as clearly as they would be otherwise. The cognitive impairments associated with depression can be more profound than you might imagine.

To characterize suicidal behavior and/or suicidal ideation as "selfish" or "cowardly" minimizes the pain and legitimate suffering of these people, and over-simplifies what is an incredibly complex disorder. It is the equivilent of calling an insulin-dependent diabetic "cowardly" or "selfish". Diabetics cannot control their blood sugar the way non-diabetics can.

Similarly, folks with major depression (the VAST majority of folks who have attempted or completed suicides are suffering from major depression) cannot control the levels of neurotransmitters in their brains. Depression has nothing to do with selfishess or cowardice. Depression (and associated behaviors such as suicide attempts/completions) is caused by a chemical (i.e., neurotransmitter) imbalance in the brain.

How is it selfish ? these people are desperate.

It could be interpreted that way but dont forget these people are desperate and not in full control of their minds,so I do not think we should think bad of them.Sorry for your loss

No matter how you look at it is just sad. Lost my favorite uncle to suicide

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