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Do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

Shiphrah K
It depends what you mean by regularly. If you mean once a month, then it probably is possible. If you mean every day, then definitely not. And if you mean just at weekends, you're walking a fine line...

No, because eventually you will get caught and you family will have to pay the price when the money meant for living is taken up by fines and court costs or you have to spend time in jail.
You may not agree with the law, but it IS the law and having a police record is not worth what it will cost you and your family.

Donna W
No, because it becomes the focus, and all else becomes secondary. I will agree that smoking in moderation, just like anything else done in moderation, should not interfere with a normal life.

andy F7
no way, i know too many people who have taken it regularly over the years and it makes you depressed and paranoid, the difference in them over 15 years is frightening, they have changed too much.

nope for dope!

Depends on if you mean the occasional spliff or chain smoking dope come crack head.

If its for medicinal purposes then personally i don't see a problem, but if your going to experiment from one drug to another i would say leave it all well alone, as its not just the user who get hurt but anyone who is an associate.

only for so long. effects will start to show tho, and it'll get worse. trust me, i did it for thirteen yrs. it isnt pretty. its so much nicer to have a fully functioning mind! keep it for special occasions mate!

Ivan R

(ANS) That would depend entirely upon what you term or define a "Normal" family life!! Whats NORMAL??

**It would also depend entirely upon how much Cannabis you are smoking, its type & quality, its strength (i.e. just ordinary Lebanese or Moroccan resin or Skunk or Thia sticks,etc) and how much you smoke and what motive you use it for.

**Each type of Cannabis contains a different amount of the active ingredient which is called THC, its the amount of THC that causes the Cannabis high.

Kind Regards Ivan

It's really hard to say yes or no, as there are many factors involved. For one, look at how many alcoholics are out there and living somewhat normals lives. The biggest thing is how much you smoke (or drink) at a time, and how regular 'regularly' is.
If you're getting stoned off your *** three times a day, no. If you have a little bit once a week or something, is it really so different than a beer on a Friday night?
I think it goes back to making sure you do everything in moderation.

Hedge Witch
A friend of mine does and reckons her family life is normal.
I don't see it that way - but then maybe her way of life just doesn't/wouldn't suit me anyway!

My Father does it all the time and he is more of a friend than a dad. I truely believe that you can not be a good parent. It will messup your life

Yes I know several people who live quite well and use marijuana for both personal and medical reasons.

The average smokers tend to smoke alone or in groups of "pot-heads" keeping themselves distant from there families and peers who don't use the drug,

If one were to incorporate what he does into his/her family life and stop trying to kep everything a secret, I don't view his vices as a problem.

When I grew up my dad always had no more than a 6-pack of beer in the fridge. Each one would last him 5-6 days. We all knew it was his and as a matter of fact no-one else liked it. Our family was fine, my parents never divorced and me and my brothers all grew up, went to college and have successful lives.

My aunt is a doctor in California, she uses it in various ways but only around her husband or a few friends they both know and they are pretty much always together. Also she his very well-off and I amire the life that she and her family have out there.

But don't take my family for example. Bruce Lee is a famous individual known for having legendary physical features and abilities. He had a wife and 2 children and lived a life admired by all. He wasn't much for smoking, but did drink tea and ate several food made with canibus on a regular basis. As a matter of fact the autopsy report of his death found two substances in his system; Equagesic and trace amounts of Cannabis. Lee died from a hypersensitivity to the muscle relaxant in Equagesic is described as a common ingredient in painkillers. No doctor reported that his death was due to cannibus use.

In my opinion families that have users of cannibus fall apart just like other families who have members that use vices and try to keep them secret. Secrets tend to make things like this get out of control. Kids hide there cigarette habits at a young age, while they get used keeping that to themselves they usually escalate to different drugs or tend to hang with only people that like to smoke cannibus which draws them further from the family they grew up with. Or the Parent that hides their drinking problem till they wreck the family vehicle, go to jail, loose everything they have and after going through all those problems they end up divorced and then he or she ends up in an AA meeting where they don't mind talkin about there problems and religously staying sober.

Just so you know, I am an AA counselor. I hear stories of how families have been ruined by the drug they chose. Out of the stories I've heard and all the people I've talked to personally, there is only one constant: Drugs & Alcohol were never the problem, it was their thinking.

So in answer to your question: I do think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?


Depending on your view of "normal", I suppose you mean productive? If that is what you mean then yes you can be productive and smoke Cannabis. BTW, with or without Cannabis a "normal family life" is hard to come by.

angel eyes
well,people do!!
also depends on your definition of "normal".

I do not smoke it but....! Most of my friends husbands do. In fact most of my friends do too. They all lead normal lives although I admit their health will probably suffer in the long run. I do not accept that people who smoke Cannabis succumb to mental illness. A few maybe but I am sure the risk is extremely low. I think people who smoke Cannabis are the same as people who drink a couple of glasses of wine a night.


didi g
yes. most definitely ...but with a huge BUT ... many think its more daunting than a cigarrette or alcohol ...when i personally disagree.... have yet to see a normal ..responsible...non teen have not soo good results ..with just marijuana ... but i have seen my mom and other relatives .....have terrible results as a result of alcohol ..and cigarettes ... marijuana has healing agents ..and other qualities... that arent so impairing ... a friend ..makes tea to combat her asthma ... just one of many ... hope this helps... wondering ..y the question ? on going debate ?

Damon W
yes one of my good friends dad makes commercials like really good commercials hes made superbowl commercials and he smoke every day

ron s
not really cause you will always want to eat the doritos and little debbie snacks the kids need in their lunch boxes

Yes I do.

YES, I know of many,many happy, successful people that have been smoking pot regularly since the sixties & raised GREAT kids, now in their 20's

i know parents who do.
and they have a great family life.

I definitley do, in moderation and without losing respect for your priorities and responsibilites.

rita g
yes i know someone close to me that has been on Cannabis for 25years and he leads a perfectly normal family life,


I do believe you can. I do it and I know alot of people that do it as well. I mean dont do it in your house while your kids are home or anything but go outside wait till the kids go to sleep and do as you please.

hippie chick
yes as long as your spouse approves of it and you smoke it away from the children.

Who is this person that says it makes you have more children? Obviously you can be stupid without the aid of drugs.

Yeah it is possible! Just because you smoke weed on a regular basis does not mean you do it around your kids or when they are awake even. I smoke weed every single day and I have a great family life! I play with my kids, we do things together, we play basketball and board games and watch movies and eat dinner around a table together and I go to parent teacher conferences and go to school plays and take vacations and have a normal job. People who say "NO" to this question have no clue what they are talking about because they do not smoke weed and they are stereotyping people based upon someone like Nancy Reagan's advice!

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