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♥Special Red Girl™
Do you think I'm destroying my body?
I suffer depression, & I haven't left the house in over a week. Most of the time I can't even get out of bed. I've had stuffy nose & stuff like that. But anyway, I usually eat well, but I've been eating little to nothing per day. & in the past few days, I'd eat 1 pack of dry Ramen noodles/day. & for a long time, I've been so depressed that I can't do anything. Well, I find myself holding my urine in for a long time & waiting until the last minute (when my bladder feels like it's about to burst) to go use the bathroom. I don't do this on purpose. I'm so depressed I can barely move. It's a HUGE struggle to get out of bed to even go pee.

I know that when I was in grade school, the teachers never let us use the bathroom, & that was a pain in the butt.

Also, within the last week, I've cried like 2 or 3 times, & I've been feeling like crying a lot lately.

there are worse ways to destroy your body.
but i'd stop doing that to your bladder or one day you won't make it to the bathroom. as for your diet, you need to be a little more well balanced. tell me though, why so depressed? you should add details like that or is it just a chemical imbalance from poor diet and lack of exercise. or you could just be sick and need to just rest and keep yourself hydrated until it passes.

Jo M
Yes you are. Especially with the ramen. Ramen with the styrofoam can cause cancer and other diseases. Also, try to get your metabolism up. Eat small healthy frequent meal everyday and get exercising and drink water. Dont hold in pee because when u need to go, u need to go. Holding in urine can cause kidney disorders which means internal bleeding

Ok, sweetie, I am sorry to hear about this happening to you. Please fight the lethargy! During the Holidays I believe this low morale happens to many people (myself included).
But do you know how gorgeous, smart and impressive you are?
Don't you forget that! Love who you are. Stop being your biggest CRITIC in life. Relax and become COMFY with yourself...

I know how it feels to be so depressed you don't want to move. Have u ever gone to a doctor, to possibly get a prescription? There are pills out there that really pick u up and give u a kick in the butt out of nowhere..so that u feel like moving, lol;))))
Talking to your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, best friends also helps. Let go of your fears and pains and doubts, share them. You don't have to bear it all alone. You can also go to Church and throw away your fears and painful thoughts there...and ask God for guidance. You really don't need to bear this all alone!

Crying is good. I feel lighter and comforted after a good cry.
Hey, the Holidays are almost over friend! New Year! You and I and other people will dust ourselves up, put some clothes on, open the windows to let fresh air in, say a prayer and go out! No more pressure! Nothing will hold us back from doing what we want, except our own fear of failure.

May God put His sweet hands on your body and soul and heal you quickly. May He fill you with Light and sweetness so that instead of tied you will feel renewed and fresh and comforted.

I've gone through a very similar situation to yours... I would lie in bed... pillow over my head, house going to shambles... kids missing school until they sent a letter home.. not eating.. and like you said, unable to perform the regular activities of daily living...

It really is disabling... I'm better now and on Effexor... I've tried numerous antidepressants and finally found Effexor but now that seems not to be working so I'm going to try something else AGAIN...

You need to get on an antidepressant.. Drag that butt out of bed and try your hardest to get in for an appointment with any physician... I know it seems like an impossibility but you HAVE to do it... you will be amazed once you find the correct medication... it's just a chemical imbalance.. not an indication that you're a failure or a bad person...

For me it was hard to even take a shower... and brush my hair??? Forget it!!! sooo horrible!!! Now I'm my son's boy scout leader!!! I was antisocial and didn't even want to answer my telephone or see another human being....... i literally handn't left the house in months and months.. only to take the kids to school if even that and my depression was really making them suffer...

If my butt could do it, YOU CAN DO IT so please try!!!!

This is serious.... no one can make the leap but you so get with it!!!

Just adding my vote as a survivor of depression and bipolar disorder. I agree with all of the statements as they have been made in the following; I'm sure you'll see what I mean:

Holding your urine will give you infections of various types and absolutely wreck your urinary Tract and bladder. Worst case scenario, this can KILL YOU. But not before the depression does likely.

Depression is a vicious beast that will eat you from the inside out. It lies to you and makes you feel worthless. You MUST get help immediately. You aren't eating right, you aren't sleeping right, and you are self damaging.

Am I understanding that you aren't even cooking those noodles before you eat them???

Please seek help from a dr, check yourself into a hospital or something. I don't know how old you are, but if you are a minor, talk to your parents and get help!!!

when you have depression you have to seek professional help!friends can help,but if you don't have any,then that won't do you any good!first,start eating fruit and veggies,get out in the sun,maybe vounteer to help people who are worse off than you,that helps!
second,holding in your bladder can result in infections and you can be hospitalized!that happened to a friend of mine,she was in the hospital for 10 days!!
i know it's hard to get out of bed,when you're depressed,but is that how you want to live your life?you only have one chance at life babe,so try to make it a good one!
start believing in yourself,cause nobody else will!
show yourself and the world that YOU exist!

Please don't feel so bad about yourself. You have a health problem. I have been there but finally after talking to health professionals and taking my medications I am in control now.
I take Paxil a non habit forming drug that has really helped.
One thing that will help is "Live for today" don't think about tomorrow.
Believe me, you will get better.
I also take Welbutrin, which helps with the depression.
Stay away from alchol, and coffee.
Talk to friends that understand.
If you need to talk about this please feel free to email me anytime. I will be there for you. I am a person that has had the same problems and i truly understand. DO NOT FEEL ALONE, you are not ALONE!
Your Friend,
Phil Cay

You are harming yourself. Not only your general physical health due to undereating, but even your bladder is being harmed by the overdistention that it has to suffer repeatedly. You could even become incontinent to some degree if you continue like this.
Have you been getting the right treatment? It seems not. You need to see your doctor and discuss these things with him, before you start losing excessive amounts of weight, or get ill due to lack of fresh air, or dehydration.

u are destroying your body, plus you're not doing any good for your depression. go out with friends or something. dont be depressed. plus stop holding it in. lol

Jill L
You need to see a doctor about your problems there are many medications to help you with these issues. A hobby and some friends will also help. I would try to get some exercise as well.

Girl, you need help and you need it NOW!!

Contact a clinic in your area or apply for medicaid and start seeking help for your depression RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

What you are doing isn't just bad for your body but it is bad for your LIFE...

This is no way to live... Belive me because you sound exactly like me when I was 23... For MONTHS I would wake up, fix my x breakfast, pack him lunch, then go back to sleep until he came home...

Being THAT depressed means that there is a damn high chance that you will try to commit suicide.

Again, not a good thing and I know from personal experience!!

PLEASE seek treatment!! PLEASE!

I sought help and I'm now on Effexor SR and though it doesn't fix all my problems like magic it has kept me able to get out of bed in the morning and not dwell 24/7.

PLEASE seek real medical advice... Even if just from a General Practitionor!!

If you want a place to be able to talk to people that are not @ssholes like here on Yahoo! Answers then PLEASE sign up at this website:


If your going through it then someone here is going through it too... And EVERYONE is there to help and support you...

You need to sign up (Free) and go to the Discussion Board.

Post any time, day or night, and someone is always there to help!

PLEASE go to this website if nothing else...

My thoughts are with you!

Shady The Atheist
you think? let me break it down for you.
1) not eating enough. How do you expect for your body to work if it hasnt got the vitamins and nutrients it needs?
2) holding in your urine, as your a girl, your urethea is alot smaller then a guys, so your more likely to get infections. if you hold in your urine, you give the bacteria in that urine and much better chance to grow.

You have to get the source of your depression. Maybe its a break up, bereavement, lost job or house or even friends, you have to find out what is making you so depressed. Next, you have to control your emotions, feelings depressed for too long isnt good for your mental health let along your well being. talk to someone who makes you happy, maybe a friend might lighten your mood. Next, maybe eating some food might make you more active.

What ever is making you depressed, its better to deal with to straight ahead rather then letting it eat you up inside. I advise telling someone about your pain, so you can figure out what you must do. iv learnt from experience, its never a smart idea to hold something inside you, as it makes you more depressed to handle.

People above have already told that you need to see a doctor, but as one more voice:

You need to see a doctor. A psychiatrist, or if it is difficult at first, even a GP would help. I know it is difficult, but FORCE yourself to see a doctor.

One nasty way depression works is it affects the reward and motivation system of your brain. A healthy person, gets a drive to follow a goal (as simple as going to the bathroom) and gets pleasure when fulfilling that goal. When you are depressed you may not get that drive.

I've been through something similar, though perhaps not to the point of being unable to go to the restroom. I spent half a year off work on medical leave because I was unable to leave my apartment due to depression. It wasn't fun.

Eventually, you will begin to destroy your body if you continue neglecting yourself with poor nutrition, lack of activity, and simply by stewing with your condition, among other things.

The first, and perhaps most important thing, is to start with the absolute most basic tasks and DO them. Ignore the rest of the world. Ignore any depression and anxiety that is not related to things. As silly as it may sound, take PLEASURE and PRIDE in being able to manage standing up and going to the bathroom.

Use this as a building block, and move beyond it. My bed-ridden depression was caused by a nervous breakdown after two years of maddening stress, and what I needed more than anything was to wipe the entire slate clean and start again.

You also should go see a doctor. Drugs and therapy did not work well for me in the long run, although some anti-anxiety medications I received did ease some of the dark feelings. However, they do work well for some people, and it's always worth a shot.

You need to realize that you'll make it through, and it's not going to be easy. But you have to start somewhere.

Good luck.

You are telling the wrong people,get some medical help.

Stephen K
You are destroying mind, body and spirit.

You have to get out of the house NOW!

At worst you will get kidney stones, an agonizing happenstance without sufficient fluids.
Its your mind I'm more worried about, you have the 'grey fog' and inability to move I associate with clinical depression.
Please, go see a psychologist for help.
There isn't a reason to face life feeling so down, its not you, its not your life, its your reaction to it, and that can be changed.
I know how hard it is to move with this, but the choice must be made or it will get worse. Life is to be enjoyed, when depression enters nothing is do-able, let alone enjoyable.
Break out, its desperation time, call someone. Maybe your friend or your mother, let them make the arrangements, but reach out.

Alexis moved to Orlando
You need some help...SERIOUSLY. Call your doctor ASAP.

If you know you suffer from depression and it's this serious, why aren't you taking medication for it? If you are, then it's time to call your Dr.

There's really no sense in holding your pee like that. You can damage your inner workings. I mean damn that will give you something to be depressed about when you have to life life with a permanent catheter. Think about that before you lay there holding it.

♥dealt with love♥
It sounds like you have clinical depression. Please don't be offended that i am suggesting this but I think you may need inpatient help. I'm only suggesting this because when depression gets this bad we are unable to care for our selves. As an inpatient you will be started on medication, have therapy, various groups to go to during the day and socialize with people who are going through the same thing you are. Plus you will be offered healthier foods.
Please see a doctor or visit the ER and let them know how you have been feeling. The last place you want to be is feeling hopeless, which could lead to thoughts of suicide.
Much love.

Don H
Get out of that house right now. Go see a friend or a relative tell them what is happening and how you are feeling. Ask them to force you to get some help.

I'm serious. If you were my friend, sister or neighbor I would want to help.

Love and blessings Don

You are destroying EVERYTHING you have. Pull yourself together, get yourself out of the house for some sunshine, and for goodnesss eat something.. fruits will be a good start... take the first step, and the next step will be easier.

Based on what you've said here, you're in serious bad health mentally and physically. Get thee to a doctor asap!

Squirrel Cage
I think you need immediate help from a counselor or trained professional like a priest, minister or pastor, someone. Please contact your doctor or local hospital for a referral to someone. Many professionals will operate on a sliding fee scale based on your income so money should not stop you from getting help.

Do you want to feel better?

You must because why else would you ask your question, right? Please do what I suggest, you will feel better soon. Then email me and let me know how you did. I care.

I'll say a prayer for you, God bless.

tom t
yes you need to go pee if not you could put a hole in you kidney

Keep Portland Weird
go see a doctor and get some anti-depressants!! Please, don't wait!!!

silly 123
You can get a UTI. I would see a doctor asap. How you are living is not healthy. Go get help, and get your life back!

[email protected]
You're destroying your body AND mind.

Yes, you are punishing yourself and maintaining your depression. Depression is a downward spiral, feeding on itself and its victim. I don't know why you are so depressed, but I would start with an exam by your physician to rule out organic causes and then see a psychiatrist and then a psychologist. I would do it before it becomes a way of life, because depression is a poor and unforgiving friend.

yes depression destroys your body but you knew that, this is not a good forum to put out a cry for help, you need to see someone and probably get medicated, the sooner the better. I resisted meds and help for ten years before seeking them out and would love to have those ten years back

You need some TLC comfort and too see a doctor for some antidepressants.

If you are already taking medicines then perhaps it's time for a change. Your body may have adapted to them or they are simply not working anymore.

I hope this helps.

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