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Who Thinks That School Causes Most Of The Suicides???
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Do you like yourself??
I personally, hate myself. every aspect of me i hate. how about YOU??

I adore myself!!! Maybe it sounds conceited, but I do. I have always felt secure with myself, (although i dint know why, but I'm thankful), I usually dint care what other people think of me. Its what you think of yourself that matters! And i think you re exaggerating, I'm POSITIVE you can think of one thing about you that you like!! Try it!

sometimes i love myself, sometimes i hate myself.

i'm 50 50

16 And Can't Drive GRRR !!!
Im so-so. It depends..I am so weird thats my only problems and my body. I mean it seems everyone is growing faster than me and everything. Im I don't know half half

Death Rat
ya kinda lol

You need to love yourself, and focus on the positive aspects of you!!! You are an amazing, awesome human being... Love yourself for who you are!!!

Me? I love myself, even with my faults. :)

I find myself not liking the things I do at times. But Honestly, you should love yourself. How can you love someone else before Loving yourself. I hope you feel better about your self soon. You can contact me if you want.

I love myself *hugs self*.

sometimes i hate myself but only wen im frustrated so uhh no i like myself...

s is c
i have always loved myself! i have always felt that i love me more than anything else in this world.. though i might not be happy about something's i am going through it does not reduce the love i have towards myself :) :).. i guess basically if you start focusing on the positives you should get a lot better and you will start liking yourself too! :)

amy s
why do you hate ur self . thats the real queastion here

the-ghost-of-u-mcr- fan
i hate myself...but i dont want ple to know...ple call me emo and make fun of me everyday...i cant even like sumone without being humiliated in front of him...I HATE MY LIFE!

XoLu!$'[email protected]!Xo
no cuz i know i cant change i try to be myself every chance i get and u should too. just think of things u do best and the things u love to do. i use to be like that just try it, it really helps!

what kind of a question is this....u prolly hate ur self because u compare ur slef w/ other people
dont trust me been there done that
and yes i do like my self

dazed and confused
like no accept yes

i have good days where i love who ive become, but just like everyone else i doubt myself sometimes.

I hated being a teenager. They did a big survey of adults once asking 'if you could go back and be a teenager again, would you?'. Over ninety percent said no way.

I used to feel like I would die from the sadness, from the pain. There were times when I hated myself, yes. But now I am an adult, I have a career I love, kids I love, a fiance I love. And in return I am loved.

Sometimes you have to go out and find people to love. Our connections with other people help us find meaning.

You should read the Velveteen Rabbit. Be loved and be real :) . Find the meaning of your life, find people to love and be loved by in return and you will soon find that you no longer hate yourself.

Anna F

100% White Meat
sometimes i can be uncomfortable with myself but i am never actually hate myself sometimes i may be 'ashamed' but never, never do i hate myself

Michael G
I love me. Cause, someone's gotta love me. I AM that someone :)

i love me
u should love u
eveveryone is loveable

Very sad that you are thinking this way - it will do no good.
You have to like yourself to go forward in life or you will behave in self destructive patterns.
Yes I like myself - but it took awhile and required learning from some very big mistakes. I stopped worrying about what others thought of me too as that will bring you undone very quickly.
You can like yourself - just care for yourself how you would like others to treat you and never put up with other people who put you down.

Well, I hate myself when i make stupid mistakes. I hate myself when I don't get what I want, what I worked hard for...... I hate myself when I feel like I am no use. I hate it when I am stressed. I hate all the sad parts of my life.

I love myself because I mostly get what I deserve. I love myself because I am healthy, mostly, and not retarded. I am really happy when I see my family and friends happy. I love myself when I am good at something and having much fun . =) Mostly, I love myself, because there are so much more bright sides in my life than bad sides.

You shouldn't hate your life. I bet there are more good sides than bad sides.

cheryl d
i used to hate myself. probably when i was around your age. evntually, if you give it time, you learn to accept the parts you hate and then discover that you find some parts you like (usually someone else likes it first, then you believe them and like it yourself).

things will get better!

Jiffy S
<cheryl d> Nice! Ditto.
Had I posted first, I would have said exactly that, but I want to add that sometimes I still do. I don't think anyone can avoid that.

you are who you are. there is nothing to hate about that. focus on positive things about yourself (even if there aren't any) Do something that makes you happy, and do it more often as long as it's constructive and not destructive. have a happy life! be strong and be positive!

dont say that! god loves you and you should love yourself and i lvoe myself, i just dont like everything i have done but i am improving :)

i hate my self when i did something wrong.
but i am proud of myself for doing right and good things

i love myself because if i can't who will.

NiCk JoNaS bAbii <3
hate myself. cmon if u seriously were me, dam u would wanna hang urself!!! well.... i posted a question thingy today SAYING i hate myself lol... but today i rlly feel like crap cuzz of some whole big fight issue thingy majiggy i have with my BF4L sooo yeaa thts why i hate myself and it feels like my friends are just pretending to liek me :(

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