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 When you bite your nails, is it a form of self harm?

 Is It True...?
that is you go to bed with your hair wet you have more of a chance of devolping a mental disorder?...

 Why is this happening?
i don't want to eat anymore. i don't want to sleep. i don't want to take care of myself. its like I'm embarrassed to eat or sleep. there are so many people around the world that ...

 Is there anyone who's NEVER taken drugs?

 Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?

 Really need help?
im 14 and feel really depressed.i dont know what to do.i dont want to ring a helpline so dont suggest that plz.i scared myself by thinking about killing myself the other day.i used to self harm and i ...

 What is your biggest fear?
I have no idea what category to put this under....haha. Anyway, mine is drowning. Actually, I have a few fears, but I'll just list one....

 Is suicide a selfish act?
So many people left hurting and wishing they could have helped!
Additional Details
I myself am not suicidal, but thanks to those who ...

 Does anyone feel Christmassy?

 I hate myself and I want to die??
But not in an emo way, i'm sick of this world, i want out.

but there is a catch.....I'm also afraid of death.

Fun times >:(...

 RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
I noticed a lot of people answered definately NOT


what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

Could you really cope with ...

 What is the condition called where a person is afraid of confronting other people?
Not so much afraid , but not wishing to confront them or have any contact with them out of feeling of anxiety or nervousness?

What causes this? How does it develop? what is its cure?

 What are you worried about at the moment?

 I am losing faith in humankind! I feel my ship is sinking! Can you dig up and share any goodness with me?
My attitude is pretty sour lately, I hate to say. I am so heavily losing faith in my fellow human creatures, it is so sad. It really kills me...
Why do I have to worry about the whole world? ...

 What is weed?
there are 2 students in class who use weed i don't know a lot of things about that. and they always tell me to try one time. but i didn't .
but i actually donno what that is . is that ...

 I'm mental help!!!!?

 Is it possible to be addicted to this site?
I find myself on here constantly and I think it's becoming a serious problem.....really I have more important things to be doing, but always end up here!! And yes I do have a life!...

 What are the ill effects of mastubration?

 This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
My son was a good lad, he joined the army at 16, excelled, he went all over the world, doing all sorts, jumping out of planes, bull run in spain etc. I was so proud! He was posted to Iraq, excelled ...

Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

Do you have any odd phobias?
I have the following:

Gerontophobia- fear of old people
Arachnophobia- fear of spiders
Emetophobia- fear of vomiting
Nyctohylophobia- fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night

Or maybe I'm just a hypochondriac ;)

So, do you have any unusual irrational fears or anxieties?

How about the fear that the road on which you are driving is fixing to suddenly end?

Smart Blonde
I have some of the same ones you have!

Insectophobia if there is such a thing (fear of bugs).
I am not deathly afraid of dark wooded forests at night, but they are pretty scary.
Maybe I have a little claustrophobia.


**In second grade I had the fear of choking on my food!**

podophobia-fear of feet; difficult when you are a nurse

i dont know what kind of phobia it is... but i tend to worry a lot.. like freakin lots... even if it sometimes doesnt concern me.. eg. like my parents' problems..

I definately have emetophobia. I asked a question about that. If you type in 'really scared' in the search box, it should come up. I don't know why, I'm just really scared of vomiting.

Along the way we fell in love
I'm afraid of jelly

yes its irrational and god knows why but i cant stand jelly i wont look at it and i shudder if its mentioned around me

Baby Miyaun
i have that Nyctohylophobia thing and im scared of deep water and zombie people (not in the movies just if they appeared in real life.

well it's not really all that unusual, but i am so scared of the dark. especially finding spirits in the dark..ugh it creeps me out just writing it down.

and i also agree with the dark water at night thing.

and thunderstorms. ahh scares the **** out of me!

i def have Arachnophobia, Emetophobia and Nyctohylophobia and i have many many more like:
the dark
walking lone at night
other people dying
social situations
bars and clubs
public bathrooms

dark girl
i am phobic of being put to sleep (general anesthetic), and phobic of having my mouth numbed at the dentist (local anesthetic).

Both are phobias of a loss of control and apparently thats what all phobias stem from - a feeling of not being in control.

I remember for a long time I couldn't sit on a toilet seat unless I completely sterilized it, and even then I'd prefer to pee while I was sort of in a crouching position.
Lol. It was really weird.

Cardboard - regular brown uncoated cardboard - like empty toilet paper rolls - can't even touch them without serious cringeing. If it's coated I am fine. I always get blamed at work for not changing the toilet paper when it's empty - I just can't touch the empty cardboard roll... ACK!!!!

Here ya go:

Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. It is not uncommon among children, but is also sometimes found in teenagers and adults as well. Sufferers sometimes acquire a fear of clowns after having a bad experience with one personally, or seeing a sinister portrayal of one in the media.

I can't shower with the toilet lid up, it all has to be closed. Some of the nastiest things happen there and I don't want to look at it when I wash my hair. I even have to close the door when I brush my teeth, if it's open or the toilet flushes while I'm brushing my teeth, I feel dirty and have to start all over.

Barbie Girl
I have 2 main ones that affect me really bad:

Worms, Im freakin TERRIFIED of worms. Eels too, esp when their heads pop out of cracks in rocks at the aquarium etc.... *gag* On F Word last night Ramsey was eel hunting and I had to go and puke

Submarines - the ping noise of the radar *shudders* OMG Crimson Tide (thats the submarine film title, I think) is like a horror film for me!! Im also slightly claustrophobic, have to sit on the end of the row at the cinema and at restaurants etc. I tend to panic if I havent got a straight path out of somewhere to the toilet - weird huh!

Im also creeped out by dwarves and people with tiny hands, esp Jeremy Beadles mini-hand - GAH!!!!!!

My friend has a funny phobia, of cross-sections! Like if you were to show him a picture of the inside of a bridge cable or something, he'll completely lose the plot

Humans are funny things :D

tommy woo
I don't like walking on grass. I don't know what you would call it.

I have a fear of mouldy food. It just scares the crap out of me. Like if I open something and there is some nasty hairy surprise in there, I actually scream sometimes or swear and drop it. Just the way it looks is horrible all green, hairy, lumpy with black things. Ewwwwwww gross lol.

I have anxiety and depression and having been trying an alternative therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique and it has really worked for me and helped me a lot. Since using it I have been feeling a lot better. It's very good at getting rid of all kinds of negative emotions and dealing with all kinds of issues quickly like phobies. It does sound bizarre but does work. Might be something that can help you. If you type in Gerontophobia, Arachnophobia, Emetophobia, Nyctohylophobia etc in the first link emofree.com you should get lots of articles about EFT being used on these.

forgot to put the links sorry.

as a child i used to be morbidly afraid of balloons. Especially when you blow them up then let them fly around the room with the air escaping. Also i feared them bursting. I couldnt be around balloons.

I have mostly overcome my fear now , i can hold them and be around them, i can even let them fly around and i can burst them, but i'd be lying if i said i felt 100% comfortable around them, i still feel a miniscule bit of anxiety.

im scared of being in dark water at night

Social phobia, fear of drowning, relapse and an irrational fear of turning legal (18).

Ugly looking bugs :D...
Being all by myself in public!

No-I just have plain old severe anxiety and depression.

hav one of peach fuzz on fresh peaches

I have one... not even sure if there is a name for it or not... but I will NOT touch a steak knife with a wooden handle. The texture totally freaks me out.

Norman W
I have a morbid fear of idiots. This is a bit of a drawback as a teacher. Never mind though, every day in every way I am getting better and better.

Interesting question Kangaroo.
My lil sis has a fear of old people too, the way they smell in particularly, she was afraid of our Grandma when she was little and I think that contributed to it considerably.
Here's me:
I worked in a Steggles chicken farm when I was 12, the roosters there seemed 6 feet tall to me. Dozens of them would literally hunt me down in the shed and attack me in a corner formation with the spurs on their feet, making these horrible pack sounds... That is until my uncle would come in with the golf club, hope that doesn't sound too harsh but these were mean bloody chickens!
So consequently I have an embarringly serious phobia of chickens, rooster, ducks, geese, or especially Emu's (they're just like giant chicken to me lol).
Oh, and spiders (surprise surprise) I act like i'm epileptic when there's one on me, but that's fairly common.
Yeh I forgot... Cotton Wool, or Buds. Can't touch them, eeeeeeeeeeee, yuck, especially when it kinda squeaks in ur fingers. I feel sick already. Once I opened a bag of cotton wool balls but they poofed all over my bathroom floor, and that's were I left them for 2 weeks until a friend picked them up for me.
Oops 1 more. Goin to the loo and the toilet paper is on the wrong way, when the paper comes out from behind the roll it gives me bad luck for the rest of the day, I'm not kidding, I'm 30 I should know by now. When I'm at a friends house or business I panic and change it around. Don't I feel silly! Only 1 person knows this about me! Not anymore lol

i have a fear that probably nobody else has
i have the fear of having water in a cup if its at a certain level
i cant drink water (and just water, not milk or something like that) if its more than one inch or less than one inch from the very top of the cup
it has to be almost exactly one inch from the brim, otherwise i have to dump it out and start over...and im not the one dumping it out...just the sight of it makes me freak out
that...and the fear of those new talking barbie dolls...the ones where their mouths move =]

i have a social phobia-i hate being around other people, i fear peoples judgements of me.

There is another one most people leave out or forget. It is Roadtestophobia. It is the fear of the guy who gives you your road test so you can get your driver's license.

stacey b
Humans have only two natural fears, fear of falling or the fear of loud noises, these are natural instincts that you are born with the rest are all taught/learned.

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