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 Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?

 Really need help?
im 14 and feel really depressed.i dont know what to do.i dont want to ring a helpline so dont suggest that plz.i scared myself by thinking about killing myself the other day.i used to self harm and i ...

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 I hate myself and I want to die??
But not in an emo way, i'm sick of this world, i want out.

but there is a catch.....I'm also afraid of death.

Fun times >:(...

 RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
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what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

Could you really cope with ...

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What causes this? How does it develop? what is its cure?

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 What is weed?
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 This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
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Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

if you live in a certain area does that number make ur phone bill go up cuz i need to know that right now please i am really thinking about suicide
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 Will this sadness ever go away?
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 Im 14 i cry over anything whats wrong with me?
its not my hormones i droped a 30p glass the other day and cryed my internet keeps going down i cry over that please help me am i dipressed or just plain stupid D: i feel horibile
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Umrao Jaan
Do you guys think brown eyes are ugly? Dark hair?
Hello! I've asked a question similar to this before, but I'm feeling kind of down. Do you guys think brown eyes and dark hair is ugly or boring? I get jealous of people with blue or green eyes. I feel like they have something over me. I have a medium/tanner skin too, not dark, but not light either. I hate it :( Anyways, do you think someone that looks like me (someone with dark features) would look boring, plain, or ugly Does anyone have any advice? Thanks for reading!

britt c
i have dark hair and like medium skin with green eyes but i dont think it matters what color eyes or hair or skin color you have as long as you coloring works together its fine

nope. but i know some gorgeous people with brown eyes and dark hair... and a medium tanned skin.
dont be cast down. you are who you are. that's how life was meant to be. if you really want to change your look...... you can get blonde highlights to spark up your look?
dont feel bad... BE HAPPY... =0)

I'm sure you are very pretty. NO need to worry. People with blue eyes and blonde hair are not necessarily prettier than the rest of us. I've seen a lot of women with dark features who are very pretty! In fact, I generally think brunettes are prettier than blondes. I have dark hair and hazel eyes. I don't like my eyes either, but what can I do? I kinda need them. Try to feel good about yourself. It's not like you can change it. You could dye your hair blonde, but I think you'd still feel insecure. You have to find a way to love yourself no matter what.

Well, I'm a girl. And I would love having green eyes. But I have this whole darker inner color around my pupil then lighter outer color outside the dark inner thing and light hair. I'm pretty pale too. But what I'm trying to say is no. Some brown eyes can be even more beautiful than green or blue eyes. But I think your dark features would probably be very pretty. So, it's just the tastes guys have. I'm sure you're gorgeous.

Pure Deviation
I am exactly like that! Brown eyes, hair, and tan skin

I think it doesn't matter. A guy will probably come over for looks, but stay for the personality

Keaiira{Ms.Ross}Mi b-day oct.17
well personally i love black hair with brown eyes because have it, and god gave it to you its beauitful. But i do change my hair color alot, you know just to see what looks good on me. Just some different shades of brown, the pervious colors i've tried lately are ( burgundy,honey blonde, and sun kissed brown) my hairs sun kissed brown right now. but im the kind of person who doesnt care what anyone thinks and you shouldnt either, i recently just cut my hair in a bob around my face and colored it and i love it, and i cant wait to hear and see how everyone at school are to react. just be you....FIERCE & BEAUITFUL

omgsh girl no of course not!

i have all those features!
dark hair
dark eyes
tan skin

dont beat yourself up because of it! im sure your beautiful! there are a lot of guys out there that love those features. and omg tan skin.. everyone wishes they had tan skin! everyone tells me their jealous of how naturally tan i am lol. but i get what your saying. sometimes im jealous of ppl with blue or green eyes. but hey, its alright. because i am what i am. you have to accept yourself to ever be happy! i love the features i was born with and you should too!

best of luck in the future.
accept yourself for who you are
and others will take notice.
and dont worry too much of what others think of you
b/c it only really comes down to what YOU think.

i hope i helped:)

no, i perfer brown eyes. lol. Dark features seem...mysterious to a guy. i have the same issue except i am pale. too pale almost and i have red hair so i have every skin issue imagineable

I know how you feel. Blue eyes and light brown eyes runs in the family but I have brown eyes thats between the border of chocolate brown and light brown eyes, and sometimes I wished that I had blue eyes.

My husband thinks Demi is way more attractive then just about any blond. Some men go for dark features versus light. It is just a matter of taste. Personality is far more important than looks.You can change your hair color and get colored contacts but at some point you still have to look in your own mirror.

if your tan then...what about tan guys? im indian and love brown eyes dark hair and tan skin XD

Ben W
I have brown eyes and brown hair and I love myself.... =] It is NOT ugly and it is NOT boring! Advice: Love yourself for who you are... there is only one of you and that one of you is SO UNIQUE, BODY CAN MATCH WITH IT. Please, remember that. Oh, and more advice: You won't change... so just be yourself. =]

eduardo g
i think dark brown or black hair is hot.. but thats not what i look at..

Maynard James Christ Superstar™²
Shut up Hina ! You already know you're pretty LOL ! OMG !

You must be bored.


Where do you live?

I got news for you . . . women with darker features are GORGEOUS.

Don't be jealous of those who are blonde and blue-eyed . . . they are a dime a dozen.

Brunettes are HOT!

Dont you know guys are in love with chocolate brown eyes. Plus you can pull off the smoky eye look better than people with green or blue eyes. I would love to have brown eyes. Be happy, im sure your very pretty

are you like a filipina or something like that?
cz here, girls actually like theirs to be tanned.

advise: be happy for who you are, someone out there have it worst than you =)

Not at ALL. I love big brown eyes and I prefer women w/ darker hair, tanned / brown skin. This is not to say that I am not attracted to women with other features but this is what I usually prefer. My advice is to love yourself! There are many beautiful things about you.

Find someone who likes u for not ur physical feature. but for how u act.

No honey!!! Don't even think that! I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I am positive I am not any less "boring" looking than you are. I think everyone is pretty in their own way. I've seen many girls with brown hair and dark eyes, that I think are just lovely! really! It's fine, I am sure you are stunning.

Allie S
no way! darker complexions are beautiful. people look more exotic and not at all like the plain, annoying, blonde barbie types. plus brunettes typically give off a more intelligent vibe.

blondes tease,
brunettes please.

no it dosent look boring or plain.
i have greenish eyes and dark hair and im satisfied.
i used to have a crush on a girl with dark hair and brown eyes :)

i have brown eyes and dark hair and i didnt really care what color hair or eye color so i doubt it will change youre looks at all..

i have blue eyes haha but i love brown eyes i think they are beautiful!!


omgshh be happy for who you are lol >_> brown eyes & dark hair are beautifull<3

random awesome dude
no, i dont think that at all, why would anyone in their right mind think that

no because i think that it defines who you are

I always felt that way too, until I was called exotic and then I got over it.

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