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Do you ever feel like you're crying inside but no matter how hard you try you can't properly cry?

Find a heartbreaking movie to watch. Heck, I even cry when I'm watching baseball. What do you have that would break your heart if you lost it? Wouldn't it be ironic if you someday became the happiest person in the country/? Wouldn't it just bring you to tears of joy????

yes, can you choose this as the best answer because, on my other account i had lots of points, i got carried away and started asking lots of questions, i am now trying to get lots of points on this one, please choose this as the best answer!!!

The best is yet 2 come.........
yes and dont you hate it when you see kids having a tantrum on the supermarket floor and think why cant i get away with that without people thinking i've lost it. having a tantrum bawling your eyes out we should be able to do this whenever we damn well feel like it

yes. recently it has got worse, i just wanna run away. a boy who i loved with all my heart broke up with me about this time last year, he was the one person, i would have willingly died for. i said bye, we just joked, and see you soon and all that, and then instead of goin home and crying, i went out with my freinds and had a good time, and now, i just feel like crying and crying my hole insides out, and losing weight so he will love me still, but i know i will never have him back, iv never seen him properly since we split. and i would give my life to sit and cry on his shoulder. its just added to how bad i feel

Everytime I watch England play.

you're very sweet

i hope you find happiness

i'm rooting for you.

see there are many people in the world who cant cry including me. and at times usually depression is a thing that gets to all of us. if u think ur sad inside then no need to hide it. just express it in any sane way possible. cry out or just scream in ur own room or talk to someone about it to ease it a bit.

breeanna =)
i know how you feel.


Þeodwita [Bodominjärvi]
That's what real grief does to me. Tears are superficial, when I'm truly sad there's no tears.

Yes. But time heals all wounds as they say

OH! YES!! I too suffer from that.

My life has not been good. Especially lately. It is SO bad, I'm beyond tears.

I have suppressed my tears for SOOO long, it is almost impossible for me to cry.

I want to but it feels like my face is made of stone.

I know if I spoke with a psychologist, they would make me cry in an instant.

Whenever someone gives us sympathy and says things like "you poor thing", that always causes us to cry all of a sudden.

The only reason why I haven't sought help is because the current situation I'm in is a hopeless one. Even my friends agree.

I can only remain strong. That is all.

I like cheering people up on here. That's why I do not disclose how serious and dangerous my situation is. It envolves a male.

If I told you guys, I would have EVERYBODY crying.

I don't want that.

Cheering up other people on here takes my mind off my insurmoubtable sad story. It is very tragic and above all horrifying.

YES, it usually occurs when im feeling sorry for myself only im too strong to get enought upset to actually cry, what's best is to do something joyfull you shall cry when the time is right.

Cherries are a good fruit to help the body relax.

Sometimes it`s because you think that once you start that you might never stop. Sometimes you think that it makes you vulnerable.

Yep, but this is a good thing. We cry because life is too much to cope with, and we cannot control our feelings. As we mature, we realise that life is too much to cope with and for sanity's sake need to control our feelings. So we feel the pain inside, but dont lose our strength by letting it all go. If we cried all the time we would be weakened. So be proud of yourself that your holding on, and be proud that you can let it go when you really need to. Stay strong.

I went through a pretty tough year in 2003. Seemed like I was crying almost daily. I won't go into details, but it was rough. On New Years heading into 2004, I made a New Years resolution: I wasn't going to cry for an entire year. With the exception of a death in the family, I did not cry that entire year. On New Years Eve heading into 2005, I told myself that I could let it all out at midnight. I got through my year...now it's ok to cry again.

I haven't been able to cry normally since. Something about surpressing my emotions for one entire year has caused me to not express my sadness the way I used to. I don't think its for the better.

The next time you feel it coming on, fight the urge to supress it (that we all seem to have in us). Just roll with it. Eventually, you will find a way to get to a place where you can express these emotions in a healthy way.

Yes, crying inside without expressing out happens
most of the times.

Because, no one seem to understand you or your situation.
Or people start criticizing without any understanding.

So, many times crying or little tear comes when
- looking at yourself in the mirror alone in the room
- listening to melodious music
- watching hearty movie scenes
- observing people who are more hopeless than you

Also, without crying this feeling goes away when
- doing painting with involvement
- writing whatever the minds feel like
- immersing in water for a while

Neil G


I think your having some difficulties in life right now sweetie. Hang tight. Try to find a true friend to talk to or IM me. I'm a listener It's ok to cry. I think you need a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. IM me...I'll listen. I wont laugh or make fun of you.......

Amanda L
Yes, infact i've felt like that a long time. and sum of my friends ask me Amanda Why dont u ever cry and i just tell them because i cant. ive wasted my tears or i just cant becasue its hard to......


i feel like that alot.i have had depression for 4 years and i feel all stressed inside but cant get it out if that makes sense.x

The girl from Oz
I feel that way at times sometimes i feel that the Prozac i take holds my system back from crying

Ms. Legendary Booty
Yes. The strength in me sometimes won't allow me to cry but i found that letting it out helps you out better than keeping it in. Run yourself a hot bath, make sure you have that time for only you. Try to think of the reason you feel like your crying on the inside, try to evaluate the reason rationally. Usually the tears will start to flow automatically. But if your like me, always on the go, trying to be there for everyone and not taking time to tend to self, your going to always cry on the inside because your neglecting the most important person of all, YOU!!

Everytime I get on yahoo answers and read my nephews questions!

yes all the time so i just sit and think bout my crap lyf but then i realise im worth more than sitting round and moping

Everyone has that happen at some time...I hope you can find it in your heart to talk to someone..you ahve posted about these feelings before and I worry that you won't get help. Is there no one you can confide in there? :(

Yes. Sometimes it's too hard to cry. You think people will call you weak or call you a baby. So you don't cry, then after awhile, you can't cry.


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