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R.I.P Bernie Mac
Do you believe in hope ?
I'm soo happy I made it to 16 years of life, the 14 years I spent happy and the other two I just been in I spent depressed and on the breaking point where I can committ suicide at any moment but I know that would hurt the people that love me so I try to hang in there in hope for some life-saver.

I fear death so damn much...I wonder if I will be just dead or will I still be able to dream...or maybe live a new life.

I don't want to come off as "crazy" or "wired" but my whole life just went down hill...I know I'm not the worst but I hate me.

I have lots of friends and people who care about me...crap, I even tried to get help a few times.

I been bullied befor and they took my pride and self esteem away and now I'm trying to get it back but to feels like once it's gone it's gone.

OMG, I really do know what they mean when they said "Teenage years are the hardest times in your life, you may not make it threw"

I do not believe in hope..but maybe it just has not come to me yet

Bullying i think can destroy us. it is like trying to swim in a pool and someone is chucking water in your face.U need to feel that u have protection. In my expereince i had no one to protect me and i had it constanlty from a young age. i don"t know if God had an aura around me but i guess he was there.

Jody B
Right now, you're in a hard place. The teenage years can be horrible, mine were. But I promise, life will get better. Don't give up ! You are a unique individual. Jehovah, Almighty God made you for a reason, He wants to give you hope and He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Check out Jeremiah 29 v11. In the dark times, including several cranial (head) surgeries, He has been there for me. Get to know Him yourself through Jesus Christ His Son who died on the cross for you. He will be in your life, be your friend, walk alongside you and you will have hope. Cry out to Him and visit a church near you - Jody, 40 something. .

i dunno

honestly am not to sure,
ive dealt with self harm, and tryed to kill myself, and well what ive learned from it, is that asking for help to god even if your not like religious, there is no harm in trying,
i mean i prayed to god once, i asked him to give meh strength to stop myself from self harming and i did, maybe its the case of if someone gives you a cure for something, and its only a sugar pill or something but the person believes so much on it that it works, maybe its just the power of the mind, but in any case, if your that worried ask your friends or family, or even ask someone at your school, or even look up the internet, remember there your not alone, even if you just need someone to rant about it, like i got a friend in the internet, that i rant about what am still scared of etc and same goes for them to me, it sometimes helps, another suggestion is that i know this isnt sounding great advice here but pretend your confident, very signal time, and sooner or later you will trick your mind to being confident all the time, i mean i told my friend about self harm etc cos i remembered about the pretending to be confident

Teenage years ARE the hardest time of one's life.

I was bullied when I was your age...called all kinds of names. It ruined my self-esteem and made me incredibly depressed.

Things WILL get better. I believe in hope because my story is similar to years. Brats at school bullied me and made me feel like complete crap........Get excited for college!! At college you will be away from all these brats and can start a new life.

Get involved in your studies so you can have good grades to get into college. However, even if you have really horrible grades, anyone can get into community college. At commity college you can get good grades and then transfer to a really good college....Then you can have a degree and can have a wonderful life.

You don't realize how much potential you have. You are so young! You just started living. You can do anything with your life....you could become a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut, a teacher, anything.

There IS hope.

You should beleive in it. Don't listen to others who say life is crap because that just gets you down. Life is all about hope. Like when I was stuck in a Mental Institution having a Doctor telling me that i was "insane" and I was never going to be let out. Well I had hope that I would get out, I knew I could go back to work and be a normal person.. I never gave up hope and now 3years down the track I haven't looked back. Never give up hope. I even lost 12kg by going to gym and hope to lose more by "Never Giving Up Hope!" 

Natural B
Yes ,I believe in hope

hope is alli have left

How lovely...
You'll get through this. Remember you have a family who loves you and the pain won't last. Remember that "This to shall pass" the time of unhappiness and sorrow your going through will pass life will go on, and you must go on with it. Be strong have hope it's a rare human gift we have to believe. Hope allows us to to be free by giving us something to strive for.

You need to find a good profession to talk to. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a little while and you don't want to bother with it, but it's done so much for me.

I don't believe in the usefulness of the concept of hope. For me it appears as a passive, helpless reponse to a dilemma.

I much prefer the word, "trust" as in:

I trust that my life is meant to be a good one.
I trust that I can find help to make it so.
I trust that if I do the right things the right things will eventually follow.
I trust that I will find the stamina to put one foot in front of the other and create wholeness for myself.

This works better for me and also makes me personally responsible for my wellness. "Empowerment" would be a similar concept.

I do, and it sounds like you are going through a tough time. Do you like to read? What do you want to do after high school?

You are just depressed. Once your mood improves, things will seem simpler, and you will be glad you did not hurt yourself.

i very much so beleive in hope. praying to god and jesus can be hard cause u never meat them. so i pray to my grandpa that passed away cause i knew him. and it seems like when i pray to him there is always a happy ending. so pray to some1 u no cause i think its hard for god and jesus to help every1 right away so get put on a waiting list but my grandpa didnt no every1 in the world so he can help me right away. so try praying to someone u no. or if u really want trying praying to my grandpa hes really smart and nice and hed help u. but so will jesus and god.

Hope" is not my favorite word: it suggests despair -- why would you need hope if you're not in despair, yes? In other words, hope is compensatory, it's a reaction to a belief that "something is wrong with life".

But what if life is already as it should be? What is hope FOR if this is already our real life, doing what it's supposed to do?

The other problem with hope is that it suggests that we're victims, waiting patiently (or anxiously) for someone or something to save us -- luck, a hero, fate, God.... it takes responsibility for the future out of our hands and places it on the back of a giant turtle or some other mythical creature.

The phrase I would prefer is "as long as there's life, there's possibilities". That is... the future is unformed, it hasn't come into being yet, it isn't fixed. We have an opportunity to create on that "canvas" of possibility, and that's a wonderful thing. We're not stuck with the way things are right now, or even the way things have been in the past. But to really take advantage of that opportunity, we have to actually get out of the "hope chair" and put our hands on the tools that create the future.

So responsibility is the difference between hope and possibility.

Ram D
Every body believe in hope. If there is no hope then life will not be charming. If every thing in life is successful then few people would have gethered all things of the world and other would have been deprived. Great people of the world have said God has given for needs and not for greeds as few people f the world who are greedy they have made the life of the people difficult. You should be in company of good people and attend religous discourses. Don't live alone and waner alone but with some one who is friendly and sincere.

just remember they cant take anything from you if you dont give it.. be proud of who you are there is only one you and dont let nobody take your pride dude.... nobody. life will get better.. you say you have love in your life use it.. lean on your friends.. because im sure you would do the same for them

1. You should not hate yourself. I promise you, you are not as bad as you think you are.

2. I do believe in hope, and you should, too. I don't know if you are religious, but I am, and I believe in the hope that comes from God (Jehovah) and Jesus Christ. Even if you aren't religious, though, you can find hope in other things.

3. Things *will* get better.

4. Death is a scary thing. But the Bible tells us that it will just be like sleeping, so it won't be too terrifying. =)

5. Jesus loves you and so do I, and I'm sure a lot of other people love you, too.

Hope you feel better soon. =)

Do you know that by just asking that question, you know that there really is hope? Do you know where hope comes from? Who gives hope? Hope comes from GOD and HE gives hope to all of us because HE loves us so much. HE is not happy that you are not happy. HE wants the best for you. HE hears your cries for help.

I want you to think about the 14 years of your life that you said were the happy years and try to remember how you felt then. With the 2 years that you are unhappy, try to use them as a learning opportunity so you will not be unhappy again.

Dont ever think of hurting yourself, life is very much worth living. Just be sensible to your environment, to the family that you love and loves you back, to your true friends (I'm sure there's a lot!) Start to find some enjoyment with these people. Do something good for them. Small or big, they'll appreciate you.

The best remedy for depression is prayer....Call on GOD!

For more information on depression, check this out:


Wanda B
You should seek professional counceling. Sometimes events in your life could cause you to sink in a state of depression and that's a dangerous thing, I know. Sometimes through counceling and medication, your attitude for life will change in a good way and also, tell yourself this, there is always someone that has it worse than you. You have women that have been raped, also men even though it's rarely documented, there is spousal abuse, child abuse, molestation. Go get the book called. CHILD CALLED IT. It is an amazing book. I've been a teenager and hated every bit of it. Life was never easy for me at all but now I have my own loving family and I pulled through my depression. When I was sixteen, I tried to comit suicide. It's not something I'm proud of but I can use my experiances to help others. Also, helping others make me feel better about myself and life in general. Try helping someone else in need. Sometimes being a friend to the friendless, can raise your self esteem. Focus your energy on that. Sometimes even when you help someone else, it can even bennefit you. Good Luck!!!

there is hope.......Life has a way of placing obstacles in our path.......but you have to be tough and get through it! GOD gives us nothing we CAN'T handle, remember that! and Yes it is hard being a teenager, from trying to be accepted, hormonal changes, but loving yourself throughout these changes is a big one! You are here for a purpose, we all are, you may not know what that purpose is but you are special and you have one. Love yourself and remember you are what you say you are. Speak positivity in your life and TRUST ME, you will see a change for the better. Tell yourself every morning that today is going to be a good day, better than yesterday............and live by that! There is hope for you and one day you will be able to help someone walking in your same shoes.........Your purpose in life................

Mizzy T
What happened close to the time you remember becoming suicidal? Has there been a trauma to you that you're unable to get past by yourself? If so, seek help at the county mental health services agency or a church, or a school counselor. Depression often makes us see only negative aspects of life, there are no positives it seems. BUT THERE ARE!!!! You're brain is just washed out with hurt and cannot see above the hurt level. YOU DO HAVE HOPE because you've expressed your feelings to us in HOPE that we will respond and assist you with helpful information or suggestions or just be a listening entity to what you write. There is HOPE, yes, there is HOPE. Who is it that is special to you? What do you prefer to do when you are clear-headed? What place would you like to escape to.....Hawaii, Greece, Italy, France, California, Tennessee? There are some great places to explore and investigate through use of the Internet and your imagination. Seek help, though, or you will not get through it completely. Bless you.

Hannah Radar
Yes I believe in hope, and I believe there's hope for you. If you're depressed, do something about it...go see a doctor or other health professional. You might just need a therapist to talk to, or some medication to make you good as new. Think good thoughts!

The hole you seek to fill in your heart can only be filled by God everything else is a cheap imitation that will fade away. God will never leave you and he can grant you a new life with no suffering and no sickness and you will never die again. all you have to do is believe. What have you got to lose?

Know that you are not a mistake or a loser. You are one of a kind unique nobody is like you and there never will be anyone just like you. God has a purpose for you being here. He picked you to be here. Ask him to guide your steps show you what you need from to him to be happy. I promise he will listen to you and he will take you to happiness if you let him.

God is hope
God is love
he loves you just the way your are.

cherry t
Yes i do believe in hope. Try to believe in hope yourself too! Your letting the worst get to you. Some things that I've noticed make me sad and depressed is when i don't get enough sleep..i'm VERY lazy which keeps me from wanting to do things, which somehow has me ending up sad. Some things you should do is maybe travel somewhere with friends...like another state or maybe even country. Other things you should do is like going to the nearest adventure park, bowling, movies(funny ones), plays, anything fun that interests you...just to let all the fun of that day push away the things that are making you sad. Just get out more! Trust me, you'll get happier and you'll gain back your hope :]

Ireland D
If you are afraid to die, than suicide is out of the question. I say this in a good way. Don't ever let other people steal your joy. It's yours and yours alone. Look deep inside of yourself and see what you saw for those first 14 years. It's in there, you just have to dig it out again.
You're not alone, friend. Many teens go through this kind of stuff. Talk to as many people as you can. Go to teen groups and talk to other teens who share your pain. It will help allot.
I've been there, I know. :)
Chin up, sweets. This too shall pass...

You are going to come through this! Hang on! You are a good person and you have a lot to give to this world and the people in it. Keep in mind a lot of the journey we go through in our lives is for a purpose. Suffering needs to be learned from. If you learn from it then it really isn't suffering it is a step in your journey closer to what you are here for. I would be happy to share my story with you privately on aim. if you are interested. There were many many many days I thought I couldn't do it anymore. I now know I can do it and I am here to help others who have these moments. You will get through this and from your post it is apparent you know YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU. Hang on if you would like to talk more let me know. C

omg!! hung t is champ is a jerk!
When I was a kid I had parents killed in front of me. I grew up poor and was bounced around foster homes. I never had nice clothes and would catch hell at school being around mostly upper class kids. I ended up killing someone in a fight, it was considered self defense as he was raping one of my friends, I was facing 120 yrs in prison. I got 12 and sat 7 in prison while other kids my age where in school and having fun. Things do get better, you have to hope. Things are not perfect in my life but I try hard hoping things will work out. It motivates me to try harder, I will not ever eat out of a dumpster again, I will not to the best of my ability end up caged again. I work hard and hope for the best. My life has improved. I will never be 100% happy, honestly I do not know a single person who is happy more than 60% of the time, but you just take whatever happiness you can get and hope it lasts or will come back when it leaves you.

Don't know if you want a spiritual answer, but maybe these links may help. They are my words, but I pray there may be life in them for you. The teen years are a hard challenge, but you will get through them. You're more determined than you think!



avatar retired
Hello Bebop!

Bebop---we all have a fear of death in one way or another! You sound like my son, who is 13, who thinks about death and dying all the time. Because it scares him. Guess what--he was just diagnosed with anxiety. A very real disorder that tons, I mean tons, of people have this! My son is going to try a little medicine to take the edge off.

When I was a teenager, I too had a fear of death, and often I would cry at night before I fell asleep.

Life is hard being a kid if you do not have supportive people around you! School work, bully teachers, bully kids, interacting with friends--making social mistakes, like trying to say something funny, but you end up hurting peoples feelings, that sort of thing.

Hell, even boredome can be so damn depressing at times!

You are still in puberty-----hormones going bonkers, one minute you feel up, then something goes wrong and you go way, way down. This will level off soon when you're done growing.

Look forward to being an adult------where more decisions are made BY YOU! In a way, it helps to feel in control, because as an adult you are taking action and you feel like you are accomplishing something. Very hard to explain. Yes I do believe in hope! Hope has gotten humanity here this far----pretty shakey moments in history where things could have turned out bad!

Who said teenage years are the hardest times. Not for my nieces. They are beautiful, get straight A's easily, parents are rich, at least 10 vacations per year, and have the latest of everything!!!!!

You have an advantage, because you will know what it likes to questions life a bit, to suffer a bit, and to have worked out life problems. I would not want to be these girls when they face the adult world on their own. They are in for a big shock. You will be prepared, they will not.

Well, think of D-Day/ Normandy invasion which was one of the turning points of World War II. Those men (kids really) arrived on the beaches with bombs and bullets blasting. I'm sure they would have not been able to accomplish what they did without that precious word HOPE! They stared hell in the face-----and ran towards it!!!!! We are all thankful to those men ----some didn't make it, some did! But let their courage inspire you to get through the tough times. Great way to honor them-------and I just know that wherever they are now, (maybe heaven) they know they are being thought of whenever we face life's tough times with courage and hope for the better for all people, not just ourselves.

The Scotts even brought their bagpiper along that day----a tradition they kept since early Scottish battles! Such a human and inspiring thing to do! When things get tough---I think of the Braveheart movie and Mel Gibson and all those Scottish Clans lifting their kilts up and mooning the enemy!!!!
Whenever I hear bagpipes-----it's like the wind blowing on a real hot day. Life.

You will find what motivates you!

Please ask your parents or friends parents if you are not close to your own parents, to get you some help. Or even start with a regular doctor, he might prescribe something for you, but it's better if you try therapy first. The hardest part of therapy is the asking for it. Been there done that. So just go get it over with!

Exercise and eating right-------I know, I know, your a teenager --JUNK FOOD-------but it really has helped my son a lot by taking care of his body!

Passions for anything? Cars, girls, drawing, anime, reading, movies, clothes, something else. Why not dive into it and become and expert. My son is taking electric guitar and wanted to quit first few lessons. Now he's glad he hung in there because he had hope and now he's finally getting it!

I'm glad you have friends. Doing stuff with them, listening to their problems, might actually help you too. They may have similar fears.

Feel free to e-mail me if you need to talk. I do hope you see a doctor-----puberty can reek havoc on the body sometimes and that might be the cause of anxiety. It is a very real condition-----and you shouldn't have to suffer with it this day and age.

I believe in karma-----the bullies that bothered you---well.....what goes around comes around. Life is a learning process--------they'll feel bad later in life and learn from it! Remember the ending to the Neverending Story? The boy and his luck dragon chased those bully kids and got them running scared!

Good luck to you.

Edit: I think I just broke the record for World's Longest Yahoo Answer!!! Woooooooo Hooooooo!

You have 22 answers-----22 human beings bringing words of hope to you-----Hope just ran up to you and pinched your little nose!

Edit: two days later: I would really like to know who gave me these thumbs down! Have any idea how long it took to type this----and the care and concern for my fellow human, I have a soft spot for our young people---they are our earths future! These negative people who gave me a thumbs down would do the world a favor and just drop dead! Kidding! Sense of humor. Goes great with HOPE!

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