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Do crazy people know they are crazy?
i just read someone asking about whether they were crazy on Y!A and someone said basically if you think you might be crazy you arent, because if you have the capacity to question it you arent crazy, crazy people do not know they are crazy... is that true? I thought so, but whenever i met someone that was crazy they always told me that although they may have been acting weird they knew something was wrong...so, which is it?

answers from crazies and noncrazies welcome! ;-)

p.s. as for the pc "there is no such thing as crazy" hopefully you guys know what i mean... cuz your all crazy! :-P just kidding.
Additional Details
yeah, crazy may be a bad way to put it, but it covers everything. also, everyone i know that has schizo knows it.. they *know* they hear voices, etc. and its not normal compared to everyone else, they know its not normal because they didnt grow up ALL their lives hearing voices, it STARTED at some point..

Scary McBeastie
Well sometimes they must b/c my roommate was really crazy and she knew it. It was like she couldn't help it, or in my opinion didn't want to do what it would have taken to be well.

jungle j
My ex sister inlaw is crazy and she thinks she is fine......there is no telling her.....

I have a mental health problem, frequently I get to a point where I fear the end of the world. I am what you may consider crazy.

But I am fully aware I am "crazy". I know what I feel is not true, during the actual time I feel this way. I am also aware what I fear is a product of my past experiences and unresolved issues, yet the same episodes happen.

in some cases maybe, but I think some crazies know they are crazy. Don't know whats worse?

I have idea, but what an interesting question

Blazing Pen Avenger.
Bill Clinton, yes. Hillary; no.

i dont know who i am?
most of the time no, i went through my childhood, adolescent and just starting my adult years mentally ill and never knew, well i kinda knew bit to scared to get help but now I'm on the long road to recovery

if they're reaching for attention, then yes they know.

if you grew up all your life thinking something was true or was there then suddely people said you were crazy and it wasnt there dont you think you would deny being crazy??

Im not crazy I have biopolar and no Ididnt know I had it till l was sectioned after having my daughter for four months

doktor smudge
I am not crazy don't you dare say I am cos I not crazy you must be crazy to say I am crazy when I know I am crazy and I say you are crazy saying I am not crazy to think I am crazy.
What was the Question ????

Luis G
i don't think they know they are crazy or at least doesn't seem like it

Cheese lover
normally yes but sometimes no

Guess it depends on what you mean by crazy. There are people who lead a rather normal life then hit a psychotic period where there actions and behaviors may be completely off the wall and there are times when a completely irrational thought makes complete sense to the person.

Am I crazy? I definitely have my moments

if you think your crazy your really not crazy.... you'd be so crazy you'd think your like evryone else but your not because your messed up. in simpler words.... they wouldn't know they are crazy.

Savannah :D
I don't think crazy ppl know they are crazy.... cuz then they wouldn't be crazy...?

I guess.

Mental illness manifests itself over a broad Spectrum of afflictions, ranging from mild anxiety disorders to multiple personality disorders, catatonia, serial killers, etc. Are those afflicted all "crazy"? No. Do they all know that something is wrong? No. It all depends on the affliction and the degree to which it is manifested in the afflicted individual.

I would think so, thats why, they act like that.
Wanting other people to know that their crazy.

gina j
sometime! i have always heard if you think you are crazy
then you are not!

I almost became crazy and is not a funny thing at all; when you are between reality and madness there are moments in which you realize you are becomming crazy, and become aware of your madness is more horrible than being crazy itself, but in those moments when you are actually crazy you don't notice it you simply act as if some cable had become disconnected in your head.

yes, yes we do. Don't you?

well they do know and they can't help it, some are in denial and others think they are fine

most of them think they are completely normal, a few know they have a problem and will admit it.

Some do some don't. They know there's something wrong but don't accept that they are by definition crazy.

I have a relative who's in denial (and that's one of the symptoms). He accepts that there's a problem but not the diagnosis. Partly it's fear because he's afraid it's genetic and his children might have it. He's been on and off his meds thru the years.

I have a neighbor who's schizo, knows it, and takes his meds.

I have another neighbor I am very careful of because she's scary and it's obvious she does not take her meds.

i always wondered the same. i think they do know.. but chose not to believe it???? idk. cant say till im actually crazy myself

Well, it's a simplification, but: yeah, psychotic people tend to not know they are psychotic. A schizophrenic is SURE that those voices in his head, those hallucinations, really are there. That someone really IS out to get him. However, for those whose problems are less severe, they might have insight into them. There are also other distinctions, like: someone with narcissistic personality disorder doesn't think anything is wrong with him/her; but someone merely acting narcissistic, without a genuine personality disorder, can often be made to see that there are problems with how they're acting. Someone with anorexia things they are fat and everyone else is crazy and mean for trying to sabotage them by making them eat. Someone who has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, who washes his hands 50 times/day, thinks that there's nothing wrong or obsessive-compulsive about what he's doing--it's just that his hands are always dirty.

The first part of your analysis is not always true. My sis-in-law has helped people who have suffered through what are called fugue states; where they were active and seemingly conscious but, later, didn't remember what they had been doing and how the got to certain places/locales.

Fugue states can result from a mild form of dementia.

People who go around saying they are crazy because they do stupid things aren't crazy...they are just stupid.

Callum Z
I think "crazy" is a very bad way of putting it but people can often recognise that they are mentally ill, it's more common in some conditions than others for example it's quite normal for someone to recognise they have depression yet uncommon for someone to even acknowledge they have schizophrenia.

Edit: in paranoid schizophrenia especially it can often take a lot to convince someone they have a problem, most people with schizophrenia who know they have it have been told and come to accept it, it is a split between a person's perceptions and reality so can be quite a hard thing to realise in yourself since how you see the world is different to how most people do, in the case of auditory hallucinations a person may realise that they are hearing voices but their deattachment from reality means they quite often see it as the norm or may not be sure if what they heard was real or not.

And4i Aberrancy
For me the longest time I didn't know.
You see I have AD/HD, (It is considered a mental disorder...)
For the longest time I just considered everything I did that I know were the symptoms of AD/HD as normality. It was only when people suggested that something might be wrong with me mentality that I really researched everything.
So, I'm guessing for other it's the same way. They think that their disorder is normal until someone show's them that it's not.

Morgan S
Insanity is an illness..being crazy is kind of slick..being insane is not..and the insane typically know what mental illness they have and if they choose to take their medication, they do as well as a diabetic who follows their treatment regimen.

They're taking this from the novel Catch 22 where a pilot doesn't want to fly any more missions, but in order not to fly, he has to be insane - and to declare himself as insane, means that he's not insane enough to BE insane and therefore has to fly. It's a comedy, it's not based in fact.

"Crazy" is a bit of a bit of a difficult one to define anyway - sure, there are completely insane people who have no idea of their mental state, then there are many others who are having issues which seem very real to them, but they are also able to recognise that they are not behaving normally.

So - basically, you'd need to expand your definition of "crazy" to get more meaningful answers.

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