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Mand P
I was diagnosed with severe depression yesterday.
I am really worried about going into work.
I am a Head Chef, and my job itself is really stressful,to the point on Saturday night, I broke down in tears in the middle of a busy service with a panic attack.
I can't face going in, and the thought is making me feel sick.
I am also worried about telling them that I can't come in for a bit.
I didn't ask my doctor for a sick note (maybe I should) as I thought they couldn't give you one for the first weeks sickness.
I'm getting myself into a right state about this.
Has anyone else had this problem before??
Should I ask my doctor for a sick note, and what if he refuses to give me one???
Additional Details
My doctor did prescribe anti depressants but nothing else except to come back in 3 weeks.

Ask for a private sick note if he refuses to give you NHS one costs you but they will give it too you, but given your condition surprised that you never got it in the first place given the pressures of your work...

peter o
i know all about it i ve been a spurs fan for 35 years.

Country Girl
yes I have and I feel you need a little bit of time out after a months break and when the meds kick in youll feel so much better just be honest with your boss and they should understand just for this time out yourself first!! best of everything to you for your recovery take a step back and get yourself well xx

nosy old lady
You don't need the Doctor to sign you on the first week, you can get a form and sign yourself on for 1 week, and after that you get a sicknote from your doctor. I don't think you should be working, depression is a terrible thing, lets hope the pills help.

Take care of yourself first. You are walking a fine line with your employer if you can't perform your job.

1. Speak with your doctor. He/she will take you off of work if you want.
2. Ask how long you will need off of work (e.g. how long with the med's take to work).
3. Talk with your boss. If he/she is worth working for, they will understand. They probably know something is up, anyway. If not, get a new job.
4. Did the doctor want to hospitalize you? If so, let him/her do it so that they can give you a higher dose of medication and get back to work sooner.
5. Ask about a "partial hospital" admission. You go in during the day and go home at (about) 4pm. Maybe you could go to work at night after the program.
6. Remember above all..."this too shall pass"...my dad used to tell me this and it is true. Things WILL get better! You took the first step by seeing a doctor.

Good luck!

i had depression a while back and i beat it without the pills just by doin things different like goin out for short walks in the morn only a 5min walk round the block then doin little things like eatin a bit more heathly not cut out every thing u like but just add a few more veg and fruit and believe it or not laughin is a big help so get that sick note of your doc and start makin some changes to your life to suit you so your not so uptight all the time and so your stress free and you'll be so busy you will have forgot about be depressed.

If you are unwell, no GP will refuse you a sick note and they will do all they can to help you get back on your feet within as short as time as is possible. Maybe councelling would help as just talking your problems over with someone can take a huge weight off your shoulders

Jessica B
I have been in the same situation as i suffered myself for 5 years with depression!
i just wanted to hide away and the thought of going to work was a nightmare, the tablets WILL help you feel better and help replace the happy you(as i used to put it)
Go to your doctor and explain, he can have you signed off, i was signed off for a few weeks until the pill set in and i felt perked up and returned to work with enthusiasm!
I wish you well!!

Yes ask your doctor for a sick note,it will make you more relaxed knowing you dont have to explain yourself.I have suffered severe depression and it's a horrible place to be,i understand how you feel.At the time of my depression i used to panic about anything,you realise though that it's not as bad as you think it is.Just get your sick note and start working on your self,keep taking your medication as you may not feel it's working but after a few weeks,you notice slight changes in your mood.Good luck and stay strong.

Hi there,
firstly well done for seeking help.
many of us know where you are coming from with the feelings and symptoms you describe.
Go back to your doctor and ask for a sick note. You can self certificate up to 7 days yourself BUT in view of it being depression I think you need more time off than just 7 days.

I would ask your GP to sign you off for two weeks to start with and take it from there. Your employer cannot sack you for taking time off work when you really need it. You would be doing the sensible thing in taking time off when you are in need of it. At the moment your job is adding to your stress so take time out for two weeks.
You may feel more able to return to work after two weeks. If not get your GP to sign you off for another 2 weeks.
Your Gp shouldn't refuse to give you a sick note especially if you tell him/her about your panic attack at work recently.

You could also ask your GP to refer you for some counselling to get to the bottom of your depression.
Ante-depressants Do have there place in treating depression and I urge you to take them.
Take care and look after yourself.
There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will Start to feel better in time.

jena clare afloat
My partner suffered from Depression for years. He was given Citalopram and became a different person. You must ask for a sick note. Your doctor will not refuse you a note.

rob b
A you can see from your answers, your problem is not uncommon. I have sufffered with depression for some years now and the only way to overcome it, is by learning how to differentiate between what is worth worrying about, and what is not. There are several ways to do this, self help, write a list of what, when, and where makes you feel most vulnerable, then you should be able to find some connection as to why these affect you. Then write why these affect you, don't think too long about it, just write whatever comes into your head. Read it after, and you will see that some of the things seem really silly. You are then half way to letting these worries go. Secondly try speaking to a counsellor. Sometimes it is much easier to talk to someone that you don't know, than someone you do. Forget the pills. I tried them. Didn't worry about anything while I was taking them, no bills, no work, more depression, Catch 22. Good luck. ps take some time off, If you are worried about, your employers seeing you are suffering from depression, get the Dr to use the term "Nervous exhaustion"

Go back to your doctor and ask him for a note, give the tablets time to work, they can take a few weeks before you start feeling better i dont know if he explained this to you? It will seem like a long road but you will get there in the end as long as you dont miss out any tablets. Also, i dont know how much he exlplained to you but anti-depressants can sometimes make you feel a little worse before you actually start feeling better but dont give up. Take the time off work or you will end up even worse, be kind to yourself, your body can only take so much. You'll get there! lots of love.x

CSI Missouri
It never hurts to ask. So ask your doc for a sick note. If that don't work, there is something called "Disability Discrimination". Depression (diagnosed) is a mental illness, and is considered a disability. Tell your work about it if you HAVE TO, and ask for some time off. If anything major happens like they terminate you or something, then you can hold, "Disability Discrimination" against them.

Mark R
You can self certify for the first 5 days (1 week) of sickness. Ask at your Gp's surgery for a self certification form after that you will need to get a certificate from your Dr.
I know how you feel. I am suffering myself and know how hard it can be. Is there someone who could ring your employer on your behalf?
Hope things improve for you soon

Yes, I have suffered from depression twice. You can get a sick note immediately. Your health comes before any job. If you can, get someone to ring in and explain you are sending a sick note in, and that you'll keep them updated on the situation. There are also a lot of depression support groups available on the net.

You will get through it - it just takes time.

hi i too suffer from depression! so i know wot you are going through! go back to your Dr. and tell him how you feel and if he has diagnosed you with depression in the 1st place i don't think he would have a problem with giving you a sick-line. i didn't do this last year and ended up walking out of my job and am still unwell and not yet able to work!listen to your body and don't be afraid to ask for help.xxx

Future boy
Firstly your doctor cant refuse you a sick note. Secondly your work should have a back up plan for when you go sick and this is not your problem and thirdly I think you need to see somebody like a physiologist because this problem wont go away by itself. There is obviously some deeper problem that you are not able to cope with and you need some help. Fourthly don't get your nickers in a twist this happens to most people at some point in life and it just means you need some direction and counselling. Follow all these steps and I promise things will get better.

Boudica Warrior Queen
Hello there

I do not know how many people are at your place of work anyhow it is kinda of irrelevant in a way. The only reason I mentioned it is because it is a fact that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from depression or mental illness sometime or other, so chances are that the person standing next to you at work suffers from the same thing. What I am saying is try not to heap this guilt on your shoulders, take care of yourself first and foremost. It is important that you get better.

I would phone up your doctor and ask for sick note, he will hardly refuse you. And I sure when you explain to your boss that you have been signed off for how every long is necessary you will find that he/she will be understanding and will only hope that you soon be restored to good health whatever the problem is.

If it helps you can also request that your boss does not bandy about the with the rest of the staff what actually is wrong with you. He ought to respect your confidentiality as an employee.

Give the tablets time to kick in about 14 to 21 days before they will begin to take effect and meantime get plenty of rest and do something to keep your mind occupied like reading (though not recipe books mind).

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You can do it. Nettie Uk lass

ivew been like that. crying out of no where. u need time off hun. dont worry bout tellin the boss u need it

You should go back and ask for a sick note. The worry about your job is stressing you even more and you could do without it. Just tell work you aren't well and not coming in you can self-certitfy for the first week. It's up to you what you tell them but bear in mind your doctor will put the reason on your note if you decide to get one. It's highly unlikely the doc will refuse you a sick note. If you are taking the anti-depressants keep at it - they take around 3 weeks to work.

Fader's Girl
Go back to your docs and say you dont feel you are ready to go to work yet, if the thought of going back to work is making you depressed, he should give you a note, if he dont, get a SSP after 3/4 days of being off work.

Peach Juice
I would go back to your doctor and ask for a sick note, I didnt at first and came very close to a suicide attempt, luckily my boyfriend stopped me in time. It scared me so much, i have now been off work with depression for nearly 2 months.

your doctor should have suggested this when you first went in, its not a good idea for you to be in work, especially in your job as the stress itself could get too much.

So go back to your doc, ASAP!

Good Luck.

ask the doc for a sick note , tell him exactly what you wrote here, he should give you one,did he perscribe meds for you , if so you should be in a good position to get a work release,so you can take time off while the meds begin to work...they take a few weeks , also i hope he refered you to a pshcholigist as ,meds and talk thearpy combined has proven most effective,in dealing with chronic depression.


I was in a high pressured sales job, and as a result eneded up with the probelm of panic attack's.

I tell you, no job is worth it, if you feel that this has caused the panic attack, and you are already suffereing with depression, then YES, take time off work.

Your health is very important, you may not be in a position to cope with the stress of you job at the moment.

You have to forget about what your employers will think, just get a sick not.

Health comes first..............you need to chill!!!

U need a break
Stress will certainly make u worse
Get a sick note - rest your body and mind
U may get another panic attack and this can lead to a vicious circle every time you go to work.
Anitdepressants will not work immediately - did the doctor tell u that? They need to be present in your system for a few days before they take effect.
Simple decision - rest rest rest

Bite Me
I have written and re-written a response to this, but it just ends up being tooo long-winded. I wish I could speak to you, because I went through exactly the same thing - No-one could help me, so I ended up having to help myself! I forced myself to remain strong, I forced myself to not be intimidated by people and I forced myself NOT to hide away. I did not allow anything or anyone to depress me. I faced the world head on and I came to realize that the people I was too afraid to face, actually had worse problems than me!! I did this day after day after day and it has now become a way of life for me - I am a much stronger person, thanks to myself! There are still days where I become tearful and down, but I remind myself that I am strong enough to overcome it - and I always do. You will too. It's all up to YOU.

Jack of 4
The most important thing to deal with in depression is making a change, and having the time to do it. If you are on anti-deppressants, it may take some time before they kick in. And if your not it may take some changes in your life, and some therapy, or at least someone to listen to before you start to see effects and feel better. If you take anti-deppresants, as I do, just be sure to keep your regement, and don't go off of them just because you feel better, that will make you worse. You need to make possitive changes in your life, and then, when you are stable, you can try to go off them, and even then it will be stressfull.

I would suggest, if you can afford it, to try and get a leave of absence for a few weeks, while either you change some things, or weight for the medication to kick in. Plus the time off will eleviate some stress, so that things will be easier when you return. Often, a leave of absence for medical conditions can be given all under a single occurance, if your employer likes you that is.

I am really surprised that your doctor didn't give you a sick note straight away, especially as you are having panic attacks. Worrying about work is not going to help you to get better. You need time off to sort yourself out, please go back to your doctor and get a sick note. I have had severe depression and it takes a long time to get better. I would also advise counselling. You need to talk to somebody, discuss whats going on in your life and find out what triggered this to happen.
If your doctor refuses a sick note, then please seek a second opinion from another doctor. You really need to take some time out from your job, especially as it is so stressful. Good luck to you, I know what you are going through and hope you have the strength and the support to get better. Take all the help that is offered to you, you will need it.

put yourself first stop worrying about everything...i have had depression, panic attacks etc.. for nearly a year and i am getting stronger and healthier as time goes by... go to your doctor and tell him you need a sick note and some anti depressants...
i was off work for seven weeks but i started taking anti depressants and by the end of the seven weeks i felt able to confront all my daily routines and went back to work...i have never looked back since......good luck my friend.....

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