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hi im nick ive answerd and asked a load of q,s on here but well as u may know i suffer from bad acne and i dont have to many friends (2) which one of hits me anyway and no one realy pay attention to me everyone in my class makes fun of me espechially the girls and my family neva really pay attention to me i have ran away 3 times im only 14 i gert beat up everyday and i just feel theres nothing left for me i hav helped loads of people in ym life throught there troubles but i cant seem to get my self through this i mena looking bk at my life i see that i neva really fitted in i always listend to romantic sad music not rock like everypone else and i would whcth sad films not like evryone else i would be hard working at school not like everyone else god sake i was well what was i mena am a geecky looser i just always hated my life i mena look at my face its horriblre i know true beauty lies inside thtats how i lok for girls thier personality but know girl feels that way bout me oh nvm soz

I think you are going through a difficult time in your life right now. I can't tell from your post how serious you are about your suicidal thoughts, but if you are serious it is important to think about whether you really want to be dead, not to exist any more. Or do you just want the life you are living now to die? If it is the latter, you can do something to change things.

Being 14 is crap, but it will pass and things will change. Well but that doesn't help you right now does it.

What will help is to talk to someone, does your school have a counsellor? If they do, go and talk to them, you will get independant and confidential support. If not, try and find out if there is a youth counselling service in your area, look up 'counselling' in the phone book or your local library will have a list of local counselling agencies. It should be free and confidential (they won't tell your parents). Alternatively, go to your GP and talk about how you are feeling.

If you are feeling very desperate, don't hesitate, call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 (from the UK) or visit their website on http://www.samaritans.org/

acne can b treated with medication from your doctor, dont let it ruin your life, its something that can easily be fixed and many many teenagers (and adults) suffer with it.
your at an awkward stage in your life, trust me it does get better as you get older, i know people who say they loved being a teenager-best years of their lives they say, but i dont feel like that, i hated being a kid and a teenager, but it does fly by, before you know it u will b 24 dating and working etc. lifes a ball, u just gotta get out there and live it.

Jay P
Mate, fix up!! I dont mean to sound harsh, but you gotta get back on the ball man. Trust me, i was the ugly, fat, nerdy kid at school. Looking back, i see some similarities in your story. i was told, quite harshly, by a cousin to fix up. His lecture, and beating, stuck with me and sorted myself out. Be pro-active in you approach to your everyday life. Dont be ashamed that you like the music you do or watch the movies you do. Music and movies aint got nothing to do with you as a person. Dont be slave to 'popular' culture. Rock music is over-rated anyway.

1st step, lose that 'friend' that hits you. Or make him stop hitting you: hit him back. I know you cant fight fire with fire, but stand up for yourself. Be confident.

I had a glance at some of the questions you asked, and it looks to me that you're going through a normal stage in growing up. Again, i dont mean to sound harsh but, every school has the cool people everyone wants to be with, and the not-so cool people who everyone ridicules. Its completly wrong, but its a part of growing up. My advice is to keep your head down and keep your chin up. Study hard, get the grades and piss off out of there to a university far far away. And when you've made your millions, go to your school reunion and piss in the punch.

Why would you be tempted to end it all, when its only just begun? Trust me, life gets a whole lot more interesting after school. It can get a lot better while your still there if you let it. Email me if you need anything mate: [email protected]

Ed M
I felt the same way at 14.

You seem to have taken a few issues and compounded them to an overall. I see your issues as:

Acne- this is obviously bothering you a lot judging from the questions you have asked. there are a lot of treatments available, see a doctor.

Getting beat up - Who is doing this? if it is at school, contact your school headteacher or counsellor. If it is outside school contact the police.

Feeling that you are not valued by others.- You say you have two friends. Two good friends are a lot more valuable than many casual acquaintances.

Low self esteem and possible medical depression - this is not surprising give the above problems. You may need medical treatment for a while.

What you can do.
- Get medical advice for your acne and depression
- Seek couselling to discuss these issues. This is usually available free at school or through church groups.
- Report the physical violence. Enduring it and saying nothing doesn't help anyone including you (I know this from experience)
- Join groups / clubs that interest you (eg. drama, sport, chess, youth groups, outdoor camping etc) Then you will meet more people who are like you.
- If school is the location of most of your problems and you need a fresh start, ask your parents if you can change schools. This can make a huge difference. It would be a good idea if you did some of the other suggestions first to minimise the risk of 'taking your problems with you'
- Find an adult you can trust and confide in. If your parents aren't suitable try a coach, teacher, youth leader or other relative
- Remember there has never been another person like you and there never will be. You have some great qualities (to quote you: "i know true beauty lies inside " and "i hav helped loads of people ")

I hope that helps.

The 13th Sign
Wow dude, you should have a better self image of yourself. Think about the pros, not the cons. Just because you're a little different doesn't mean you have to end your life. A lot of geniuses were loners, right? So don't feel bad. Make people pay attention to you more. How? By reaching out to people, having enough confidence in yourself to get what you want and need out of life. Don't kill yourself, dude. It's not worth it.

Nick Im very sorry you feel this way but at the end of the day you've been put on this earth for a reason. Theres obviously something out there that only you are great at and it sounds like you haven't quite found that yet. First you need to speak to someone about the way you feel. Someone that doesn't know you very well that way the advice you're given is objective. If people don't want to hang around with you then thats their loss. Do they know who they're missing out being friends with? Speak to your family more. Maybe its just a mix up in communication thats causing them not to pay much attention to you but they really do love you. You're only 14. Life is to short to end it all. Hang in there. You will find light at the end of the tunnel. Best of Lck Remember You're Great. Don't Forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being 14 is awful. Life does get so much better. Stick with it and I promise you things will improve. I can remember how I felt when I was your age and it is a horrible way too feel, but trust me, it will pass.

well...for a start...u say u dont fit in...wot is 'fitting in'?!? we shouldnt hav to fit in to anything...we are us...we live our lives no-one elses...we are not a piece of a puzzle that doesnt quite fit in the hole...we are already a complete puzzle...n that puzzle is of you...just you no-one else....yer wen u get picked on or woteva it can make u feel useless not worth living etc but u were put on this world for a reason...and in reality it is not you that is the problem...its the people that are picking on you that are the problem...and yer wen you hit one of those times were u just wanna give up...as hard as it is u gotta hang in there...keep on goin...cos i kno cases where people hav been soo close to givin up but then they havent...and they have been so glad that they hung on in there...wen ur down u dont often see the good things...but they do happen whether u can see them more than the bad or not...and if you give in then u never have the chance ever again to experience these good things and u never have the chance to see wot cud of been achieved in ur life...."everything will be ok in the end....if its not ok its not the end"

hakuna matata
You are just at a low time at the moment and you seem to have a low esteam of yourself. We all go through a tough time at your age due to the cruelty of other people. The thing is to have a talk with your parents to tell them how you feel, as they might not be able to tell how you are feeling. If you find that you cannot talk to your parents try to talk to someone such as a teacher or minister of religion, or a family friend. You will be surprised of the amount of friends you might have if you joined a club of some sort, as the friends you have at the moment do not appear to be nice friends. Things will get better I promise you, just hang in there, the achne will not last for ever and the doctor may prescribe medication to help you. we are all wishing you well.

ellie w
you will grow out of this. wait till you leave school, life will be different. i've had acne since i was 11, i'm 30 now. i don't let it get me down, i have good days and bad

you've got acne, dont really matter because people who take the mick out of you are just really sad because you're working hard at school and doing well but if they just dont bother to work they'll end up on the streets, you can just walk past and laugh at them, just stick in for a few years it'll be over but if you seriously cant hold on talk to your family or the school and it would get sorted out, just dont kill yourself.

little lady
Itll get better. You may want to talk to a doctor about depression. Get some pro-activ......its suppose to work really good.......start excersizing, youll automaticallly start to feel better. Trust me, Girls will start to notice you.....it just takes time sometimes.

plez dont kill yourself, i understand it may seem tempting rite now, but plez there are people who luv u and ther the ones that matter. always remember 'There's too much beauty in life to quit' i heard that in a film recently and it kinda stuck wiv me. hope ur troubles get better, if u want to talk send me a message or something. good luck.

Life is too precious...your acne will only show if you let it...let your personality shine thru...your too young to take life that serious..theres always someone worse of than you...someone fighting for life for instance..

bart man™
no no do not do it
you to young to die

Hello, Nick.
Please do not end your life, as there really is so much to live for. You have an amazing life experience on which to help others even less fortunate than you. Just imagine, if you study hard and get the right qualifications, you could become such a support to other people in the future! Wouldn't that be something?!
In the meantime, have you had another chat with your GP, a friendly school teacher, or a Church minister?
Chin up and good luck.

ok nick i don't know u and i don't know how helpful my advice will be but i really really want to help you.

firstly, that friend who beats you up isn't a true friend, friends look out for each other, you deserve better than to be treated so badly.

is there a teacher at school who you can confide in? it is terrible that you find school so awful, i understand it must be very difficult for you. try and confide in a responsible adult if you can, someone who will be able to help you.

i know it must feel very awful when you're feeling so low, when you can't seem to get any enjoyment out of anything and you just can't see the point anymore. it is very easy when things aren't going right to get dragged into a downward spiral which you feel it is impossible to climb out of. you need to find somebody who is going to listen to you, remember that even though things seem awful right now, they aren't always going to be this bad. difficult experiences are what make us stronger and when you will come out of this you will be a much more fulfilled person than someone who has had things easy.

don't worry about trying to fit in. people should be proud to be unique and not have to conform to please everybody else. be proud of who you are, you sound like an amazing person.

good luck. i'm sure you will find the strength you need to get through this.

Crazy Diamond
It is not the way.

You poor little thing. First speak to you parents about how you feel and about being bullied. Or any adult that you are close to, maybe a teacher or relative. If you have no one, speak to the Samaratians and your Doctor.

Acne is a terrible thing for anyone let alone a teenager. There are treatments for this and you doctor will suggest these.

Please don't suffer in silence, get help, life is a wonderful and precious thing, don't waste it. I hope this helps.

John S
Dont you think that life might get better, 14 isn't all that old. Stick with it.

Should love yourself more than others

Others really have nuthin to do with your life

achieve power through money, education, good job...
you can have a great "face", "status", "gals", all u want.

Rebecca P
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not worth it!!!!!!!!!!

hi, is there anyone that you can tell the whole situation to? the friend that you say hits you isnt a friend (if he was he wouldnt do it) i'm sure its not nice being picked on at school have you spoke to any of the teachers? acne affects most teenagers but it will clear up see if your doctor can prescribe something for it, if you need to talk to someone i will listen.


Susan F
14 can be horrible in itself. Have you seen a doctor for your acne? Maybe your doctor or guidance counselor can get you set up with a therapist or group. You need to experience some good things before you can make a choice like ending your life. Most of the time when we say "I want to die" we just want the pain to stop. I hope you find a way. "Saying" it here is a first step.

Amber S
We all love you and you have alot of friends on here so perk up, you still have so much to live for. You need CONFIDENCE! Once you find that your good to go and everyone will stop picking on you, beating you up and the girls will swoon. Promise.

Your acne is going to clear up and most losers in school don't stay losers forever. Hang in there, your just going through some tough times. It'll get better.

Hi Nick,

Hold on a moment. You are 14 and acne as cruel as it appears will pass. It seems huge now but it is a small time in your lfe. Please see your doctor because acne can be treated very, very successfully with medication now. No young person should suffer this way with it. In a short time all this will be history and you have your life before you. You MUST report bullying. If you do not have the courage, and who could blame you, to approach your tutors at school, then write a letter to them and ask if they can speak to you privately somewhere out of school. They will. You sound like a real nice boy. Its wonderful that you play romantic music, but try not to be sad and never think your life must end. The frivolous, superficial type of girl would not be attracted to some one with deep feelings like you whether you had acne or not. Please be strong and know that lots of people out here are rooting for you and sending hugs. God bless Nick. Write again when you can.

willow oak
hon, you're not alone. millions of people suffer from acne. i know it's rough... life seems very difficult when you're 14 years old.

just hang in there.

Hi Nick

I know you have a lot of answers already but I hope you get to reading right through to me!! Please ignore some of the idiots who type stupid answers because they can hide here. It is the same as the people who make you feel bad at school - they hide their own insecurities by picking on someone elses.

Now, to the crux of the matter. You have acne. Badly it seems. This is horrible but something which will pass. One of my sons is unable to achieve continence and has to cope with the constant possibility of messing himself. He is not your age yet but has found the last 4 years of school difficult and challenging because of the way others see him and increasingly the way he sees himself. And this is why I am telling you about my son - the real problem you have here Nick is how you feel about yourself. It is not all about the acne. You feel different from others - you would still feel that if you didnt have acne, but it might be a bit easier to cope with of course!

The things you say about yourself make you sound like an interesting person - not a sad one or a looser. You are at an age where everyone feels the things you are feeling but some feel them more strongly than others. I cannot stress enough that you must go to speak to either a dr or school counsellor or other person that you trust. You will be taken seriously and you will be valued.

Ultimately, you sound as if you are going to grow into an interesting and confident young man - even if you dont believe me right now!! Take control of your own future - do the things you enjoy even if no one else is doing them (you will find out later that lots of people were doing the same things but not telling others so as to fit in!) and talk to someone urgently about how desperate you are feeling. The internet is not the place where you will find answers, tho you may find support here.

Good luck and very best wishes to you Nick.

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