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Convince me to stop dying my hair!?
I'm not joking when I say I have an addiction to hair dye and it co-insides with my obsessive compulsive disorder. i dyed it back to my natural color three weeks ago and i'm already wanting to do it again. Somebody stop me!!!!!

The hair you are born with is the hair you look best in it's only natural

sarah s
i work with a woman who dyed her hair and permed it. she has a wig on at the moment because her hair literally fell out two nights ago during her shower. shes miserable, and I would be too. she cant believe it. ifd it happened to her, it could very well be you next.

Green Tea Ice Cream
I like dyeing my hair a lot too because I get bored of it really easily. If you really just want a change once in awhile, use semi permanent dye because it's a lot less damaging and a lot less worrisome.

Brittany T
YOU WILL GET A TUMOR ON YOUR HEAD from all of the chemicals soaking into your scalp. It happened to my mom's friend who dyed her hair every 6 weeks.

Your hair will get damaged and fall out.
Once that happens there's no more hair to dye

I burnt my hair off, a big clump crinkled up and went really sticky. I had about 2 cm left from the root in my Parten. I had to spend stupid amounts of money on expensive hair repair products which i ended up using every day because of the condition. My hair used to be long and lovely, i now have short hair with stupid looking layers to blend the hair together. I burnt my hair in september and still have trouble with it now, it doesnt dry properley i cant straighten it because it frazzles the hair. I would think carefully about dying your hair. I know i would never do mine again. Maybe you could try semi hair colours. Just watch it doesnt frazzle!

Penny Lane
everytime you do dye your hair it is getting so so so damaged. It will fall out, and it will be brittle and easily breakable. Your hair will look burned and pretty soon you will go bald. Also it's not good for your health cause of all the chemicals. Good luck on breaking your addiction.

N i k i <3
Dying it is no good for your hair ! stop now before its too late

Constant hair dying can lead to baldness in women and men.
The more you do it, the less nutrients you hair gets, and it becomes dry and split ends happen WAY easier, and if you keep doing it, your hair could fall out at an early age.

So keep on dying it!!!

I heard that dying hair can lead to getting cancer.

stop dying your hair. there are pros and cons of dying ur hair.
the pros
1. you're attractive to other people
2. lots of comments
3. people notice you.

The cons
1. you can have cANCER
2. your hair will fall out
3. you'll might have an infection

[email protected]
you may need to try medication to assist you with your compulsion

♫ Rebekah ♫
I was addicted to coloring my hair, but I finally stopped! Strange enough, I am starting to like my regrowth ( natural color) more now that I see it long enough.

Did you know that hair dye contains alcohol, which can dry out your hair? Plus, the main ingredient, PPD, can cause an allergic reaction through long-term use.

you are STUPID!


Pauline R
Why are you dying your hair? Something you don't like about yourself?? If it isn't destructive, do you need to stop right away?
Are you diagnosed with OCD?? If so do you see someone for it? Think about what you are trying to cover up or change by dying your hair. Is there another way to accomplish this. Is it possible, you just like dying your hair? How long have you been doing this?

Mr. Artless
lol thats weird!

im sure the natural color is more beautiful then whatever you could die it too.

Just get a bf to tell you it looks pretty the way it is and you'll believe it

uhh well did you know that coloring your hair like dries it out if you do it too much and then all your hair will fall out and you'll be BALD!!!!

hehe hope that helped.

your damaging the most beautiful part of your body, so stop out of self respect

spoiled princess
if u do that u will go bald!!! iwwwwwww grose

Think that it will damage your hair and you will go baldy
You will never do it

kierstin l
STOP! dye is VERY VERY VERY BAD!! it has toxins that will give u Cancer! u could get like leukemia no joke! i am not saying this just to get u to stop! it is true witch is all the more reason to STOP dyeing your hair!!!

oh so you want to be bald?

when ur like 50 u will have no hair. But then again you might not live for that long. so go dye ur hair live young ad rich

juss think that your hair will literally fall out it you dont stop
good luck

You know if you keep on dying your hair all if your hair will be white as snow in a really age and i know you don't want white hair. Also it might reck your style.

Okay first of all dyeing your hair to often makes your hair weak and before long you'll have nothing but mush for hair thats if your using any type of bleach I've had my license for many years and I will tell you something that happened to a customer of mine she had bleached her hair and then later decided she wanted a frost instead of a full bleach. Okay by the end of the day her hair was various shades of color, blonde, green, purple and brown. I did not color her hair but I had to cut it off and let me tell you she didnt have much hair left at the end of that day.

Good Charlotte♡BLONDIE
replace you addiction
with wearing make-up more often

or putting masks on your hair to make it healther looking, and in good shape.

eating vegitables,milk and fruit once a day.

stop. your hair is gonna fall out. ive seen it happen.

OK, if you don't stop dying your hair it will all fall out!

Im always right
stop dying your hair

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