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Carnt sleep please help!!!!?
please please help i have not been sleeping for a couple of months now and its really getting me down am really stressed and things are getting on to of me. am usually a happy go lucky girl who is always laughing and joking about but its got so bad on tuesday i took an overdose i dont no why i did this as i have never thought about doing anything like this before i just need sleep but dont want to take sleeping pills PLEASE HELP
Additional Details
already bin to docs and he says the stress caused the overdose and only offered me sleepin pills which i refused he made me an appointment to see a shrink but its not till next week and i need help asap or should i say i need SLEEP asap

have a cup of yogurt before u go to sleep or some lettuce they will calm u down n ull feel relax n ull go to sleep straight away

I went through a phase of sleep disruption a few years ago - no real reason, just stressed and a bit unhappy with my life. I went to the doctors and asked for sleeping tablets and believe it or not, as soon as I got them home I slept like a baby - it was just the reassurance of having them there, so I knew if things got too bad I could have half a tablet and get some sleep. I didn't even use them in the end.

You should go and see your GP as you may have mild depression - he can offer a sympathetic and confidential ear and he may be able to arrange counselling.

Of course you could try a relaxing Lavender bath, a hot milky drink and some relaxation CDs to help you get off to sleep (a drop of brandy in the milk always helps me!). Or perhaps some yoga before you go to bed - that stretches the body and relaxes the mind.

Good luck and sweet dreams.

There is nothing worse than not sleeping. You sound as if something deep down is bothering you. It probably has got to the point where that's all you think about. If there is an underlying problem you will have to bring it out into the open, you could confide in someone whom you trust. If you can't do this have a word with your doctor and ask to see a therapist to talk over any problems. Doing this will help you understand why you can't sleep. Alternative is to join a yoga class/meditation class or get a hobby which would take your mind off yourself. You should also consider Paul McKenna's relaxation tapes which are excellent.

Good luck.

go see a doctor. Is there something on your mind, bothering you? if so try keeping a journal get everything off your mind and put it on paper...it usually helps for me.

think about what is going through your thoughts while you are trying to get to sleep, these issues are keeping you awake and need to be dealt with or just take the pills and dream best wishes

[email protected]et.com
Massage is good, getting someone you trust to do it takes a bit of time, but it's worth it.

You need to trust them because you will be asleep, and they need to leave you in bed and lock your house up on the way out. I suggest female relatives as they will understand and care without danger to you.

My sleep patterns been crap since my ex left... I find that a warm uncluttered, bedroom hot tea and a book is the best way forward for me.

I am sitting here at 4:00 AM giving advice about getting sleep. You must be able to clear your mind. Do whatever is necessary to clear your mind. Get help. I usually use my relaxation method where I lie on my back and begin at my toes relaxing as I go from toes up. I never get above my legs before I am asleep. If you have unresolved issues it may not work though. Try it. If it doesn't work, you probably need to shed the worries by getting professional help.

read a book, keep reading until you feel drowsy.

Don't watch TV, films or play on games console because they simulate the brain.

I've just finished reading The Godmother it was really good,
hope this helps.

you have to sort out what was at the start of the insomnia there is usually a trigger, work from that by resolving the issue. ensure you are calm before bed i.e don't watch any normal shows on tv, put a mushy film on like ghost etc, warm bath with lavendar, a cup of warm milk and a herbal tablet/or kalms. see if this works, if it doesn't you will have to speak to your g.p, but the less stressed you are, the easier sleep becomes.
as for the overdose you should really speak to someone

Are you having trouble sleeping because you are stressed or are you stressed because you are having trouble sleeping? I would definately make an appointment with a doctor. If you are having some stress issues than I would recommend counseling. Go to this site for further information on insomnia. http://www.webmd.com/content/article/62/71841.htm

LOTS OF EXERCISE AND FRESH HAIR........and seek some qualified help!

when I couldn't sleep my GP said that in the end your body knows when you need to sleep and it is best not to rely on pills. Now i have the opposite problem i have difficulty staying awake and i still don't take tablets

Visit this site NOW and then see your doctor. No more overdoses.


Clint Eastwood
get a pet hamster 2 take your mind off things.

I too have trouble sleeping and can only pass on the advice i was given many years ago which helps.

Have a hot milky drink or a large glass of wine before you turn in. When you turn in, close your eyes and totally relax. When you have totally relaxed start imagining that you are getting up and going on a long walk, go through every motion in your mind including the putting on your clothes and boots or shoes, imagine where you are walking , what you can see , what you feel (the wind, sun, rain etc) after a while you will start to visualise these places, dont fight it just go with it and you will wake up finding you have slept.
This works for me and i hope it works for you too. Good luck.

i spray my pillow with a solution of Lavender essential oil and water at night and sleep like a baby, I'd go and see your doctor though if you're so depressed you want to end it. don't take the drugs he offers you, but stand your ground for counselling. hope i helped and good luck.

have a night cap

Get yourself to the chemists and buy 25mg Phynegan tablets, non addictive and work a treat, take one 1/2 an hour before bed.

You MUST go see a doctor, especially if you're getting so impulsive that you want to OD. I know, not sleeping is about the WORST feeling there is; I've been taking medication for 30 years and I don't doubt that I'd be dead by now without it. Get over the "sleeping pills" thing, there is a variety of medications that help. You'd take iron pills if you were anemic, wouldn't you? They correct something that your body isn't doing right (making red blood cells); sleep medications do the same thing, fix a malfunction. I prefer the tranquilizer Lorazepam, it's Gentle and you can still indulge in a little alcohol if you want to. --Just remember, sleeplessness isn't a lack of self control or a moral failing, it's a sign your brain isn't doing its job. Please see a doctor!

John T
If the reason you can't sleep is because you cant stop thinking about your problems then go see a doctor.

In the mean time you can watch a movie or two while lying on the couch or bed. The movie will keep you mind inactive long enough to sleep. It worked for me.

That worked for me.

Karen D
The problem with not sleeping is that the less you get, the harder it is. It becomes not only psychological, but physical as well.
I presume you have tried herbal remedies?
Did you know that after after 17 hours of being awake, your awareness is equivalent to that of someone who has a 0.05 blood alcohol level and this increases every hour.
Not only for your sake, but for everyone elses you need to see a doctor.

Paul M
i have the perfect solution. tape any one of my current lectures at uni. listen to them in bed. i garuntee that you will fall asleep. it works for me when i'm sat down in the lecture theatre on a wooden plank/attempt at a desk.

Ive been experiencing the same thing for about 3 weeks now. I think its due to stress... I asked my doc for sleeping pills and was taking them for a week and they still didnt work. I would keep the appointment with the shrink... maybe if you get some stuff out of your mind and be able to talk to someone you may be able to get some rest. I hope everything works out. I know how depressing it can be.

you might think this is a wind up but ITS TRUE put on a pair of thin socks soaked in (as hot as you can stand) water, then put on a thicker pair(dry) over the top its only a temporary measure until your sleep pattern comes back. It also works for holidays when its to warm to sleep but use cold water.

you need a sledge hammer it works

john boy -1
hey hey hey,chill out slow down a Little,you have been very courage's by going to the doctor and getting an appointment,just hang in there girl.
doctors IE GP are crap at things like this but hes referred you now so just hang on in there,Ive been there also,and your not on your OWN.very best of luck and be as patient as you can

If the lack of sleeping has made you want to hurt yourself you must go to your doctor straight away..sleep problems can be dealt with in lots of ways not just drugs..please see you doctor its important...

dont see Doc,all they will give you is sleeping tablets,do as i did go to an Herbalist they will soon put you right.

jim b
spend some time talking to my mrs, she will bore you to sleep. it works for me.

run yourself crazy? Warm milk? Doctor of wholistic meds... will probably prescribe Chammomile tea and Lavender...

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