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 Is It True...?
that is you go to bed with your hair wet you have more of a chance of devolping a mental disorder?...

 Why is this happening?
i don't want to eat anymore. i don't want to sleep. i don't want to take care of myself. its like I'm embarrassed to eat or sleep. there are so many people around the world that ...

 Is there anyone who's NEVER taken drugs?

 Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?

 Really need help?
im 14 and feel really depressed.i dont know what to do.i dont want to ring a helpline so dont suggest that plz.i scared myself by thinking about killing myself the other day.i used to self harm and i ...

 What is your biggest fear?
I have no idea what category to put this under....haha. Anyway, mine is drowning. Actually, I have a few fears, but I'll just list one....

 Is suicide a selfish act?
So many people left hurting and wishing they could have helped!
Additional Details
I myself am not suicidal, but thanks to those who ...

 Does anyone feel Christmassy?

 I hate myself and I want to die??
But not in an emo way, i'm sick of this world, i want out.

but there is a catch.....I'm also afraid of death.

Fun times >:(...

 RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
I noticed a lot of people answered definately NOT


what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

Could you really cope with ...

 What is the condition called where a person is afraid of confronting other people?
Not so much afraid , but not wishing to confront them or have any contact with them out of feeling of anxiety or nervousness?

What causes this? How does it develop? what is its cure?

 What are you worried about at the moment?

 I am losing faith in humankind! I feel my ship is sinking! Can you dig up and share any goodness with me?
My attitude is pretty sour lately, I hate to say. I am so heavily losing faith in my fellow human creatures, it is so sad. It really kills me...
Why do I have to worry about the whole world? ...

 What is weed?
there are 2 students in class who use weed i don't know a lot of things about that. and they always tell me to try one time. but i didn't .
but i actually donno what that is . is that ...

 I'm mental help!!!!?

 Is it possible to be addicted to this site?
I find myself on here constantly and I think it's becoming a serious problem.....really I have more important things to be doing, but always end up here!! And yes I do have a life!...

 What are the ill effects of mastubration?

 This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
My son was a good lad, he joined the army at 16, excelled, he went all over the world, doing all sorts, jumping out of planes, bull run in spain etc. I was so proud! He was posted to Iraq, excelled ...

Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

if you live in a certain area does that number make ur phone bill go up cuz i need to know that right now please i am really thinking about suicide
Additional Details

Mr Cheese
Can you help me get the most answers to beat my big brother?
Its a compition where the loser gets a slap in the face!
Additional Details
The 15 mins are up, getting ready for my slap in the face!!!!!!
The winning question was (Do you think you are attractive?)
Oh well never mind.


The best is yet 2 come.........
you both deserve a slap

Baby Angel
Sure, glad to be of some help. Good Luck!

sorry i cant help you out there DOH!

I would love to help you! If you help me get to level 4 by making me best answer! =)

I sure will. choose me as the best answere please. I'm in a compition to get to 400 points before my friend

hi Hun hi please don't get slapped tell him if he does we all will slap him lol

Iron Rider
Slap him hard

thanks 4 the points

I'll answer your question. Tell me ur brother's nickname so i don't answer his. LOL. good luck

For just this question? Although I don't condone the slap on the face part.



So if you lose, your big bro slaps you in the face and ifyou win, you slap your big bro in the face? ok...wierdest compitition ever but, whoever wins, be sure to post the winner up on here so that we all know who won. The compitition sounds fun.

Psssst...I want you to win.

You and your brother need some sort of hobby, a non-violent one!

I really don't quite understand your question. Is it a case of sibling rivalry, where you feel your brother gets all the admiration, attention and positive feedback, and you are left standing with egg on your face? Excuse me -- you described it as a slap in the face. What I get out of this rather mysterious question is that you are in competition with an older sibling, and apparently he always tries to make you look bad. And who are the judges; the face slappers? Your parents? Teachers? Bosses?

It's really hard to assess the situation with such little information to go on, because my advice would be different for a girl as opposed to a guy, or for an adult rather than a child. But here's something I can tell you that would apply to anyone: Every person on this earth has some redeeming qualities. I don't care what it is -- whether it's an ability to make money or mudpies-- everyone has an admirable trait, or many. You are a unique individual, and you are not your brother. He may have some qualities that you don't possess -- but you have some that he doesn't. So the next step is to develop whatever hidden talents you may have that he doesn't have, so that you can shine in your own light, and not in his. To paraphrase: You are not your brother's keeper, and he is not yours.

If you are still young and living at home, you have to prove to your parents that have good qualities that rival or exceed those of your brother. Same goes if you are in school or on a job. There is another old saying: "To thine own self be true." I may be way off the beam, but I hope I was able to help some. Good luck!

Scottish lass
i know what it's like being a younger sibling so here you go.
by the way how is your brother so i don't go onto his questions

yea give me the 10 points..

oh pick me pick me, and we can both beat our big brothers....hehehehehe

Gail G
Good luck

OK! Good luck, I hope you win the competition

AndY? Are you there? Report? Andy? Andy?.......OMG we lost him, we didn't make it....

You can urinate in the water what he is drinking, so he wouldn't know but you will be happy.

Harold T
will try

ooooh its not fun to get slapped! GO YOUNGER SIBLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I' m just trying to help maybe i can help more if u give me Ur brother's nick name , so i won't answer any of his Q..

2 points


No go away ... Oh blast just given you another ...

Seriously though this is supposed to be where people ask genuine questions to get genuine help not a play ground for silly children ..

So still go away and I have reported your nonsense ...

But Its Better If You Do
all right!!! nothings wrong with a lil compitition!!!


hope you win Andy

10 points please.

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