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i heard that like down is suicidal....

Andrea M
Can someone help me not 2 think about suicide?
sometimes i really wanna die and i almost kill myself its just that its about my parents because i get irritated when they dont understand me and no matter in how mayy ways i tell them. its also boiyfrend problems, he makes me cry too much but he doesnt know it. he makes me jealous too much. i just feel living is a waste of time and i have nothing to do with my life and i feel like killing myself really badly.

Change your life.

Tell your bf the problems he creates. Improve things.

If he makes you so... distressed, you can dump him. A girl can live without a boyfriend.

Remember theres a whole world out there you haven't touched, haven't seen, haven't discovered. That you say you have nothing to do... means you need to experience new things.

Reading books will help you think about happiness thats yours to feel.
Or some other activity-- follow your interests!

Dying is a waste of yourself. Time is something imaginary, its up to you to waste it. Theres nothing romantic about suicide... it depletes all your chances at happiness. Do you want that?

I can promise you that if you accept Jesus into your heart, and consult a Bible about your issues, that you will NOT feel this way. Ask someone you know that's a born-again Christian. Trust me :) IT WILL HELP! JESUS WORKS!

priya p
how can you think about suicide. if your parents don't understand your problems than you also have some responsibilities towards them, i mean you should try to understand them. boyfriend should not be the reason for suicide, if he doesn't care for you than you should not look at him. life is so beautiful it has many colours, enjoy it.
try to do something new something like make new friends, parents love their children, so please try to understand them they are your parents no one can understands you more than your parents.

liza g
omg i realy dont no if this will help or not but i hope it does....
i would lose your boyfriend and make him jelous if he makes u cry i think the tables should turn flirt with his best friend it sounds evil but he will be all over u later ...its worked 4 me...

what you need to do is write out a list of positive's that is in your life. Believe me, nothing is worth killing yourself. If life is still bad when u are 18, move away and forget ur past. Make something out of yourself. Don't waste it!!!

no dont, seariously all you have to do is mellow out, and then say anything bad you want to say about them but be silent about it. Oh and dont listen to them as much.

Read your Bible, Jesus wouldn't let you do such a thing.

westville sal
Please tell your parents or other relative or friend how badly you feel. I don't know you personally, but I cared enough to write back to you.......Please continue to tell people how hurt you are until someone helps you.............Here's a hug!!!!!!!!!

OK first, take a breath... now think of that moment. Did the stress you are under... exist or did you concentrate on the breath I told you to take. I am guessing that you are young, not that old people don't get distressed too.
You will have many relationships through out life. Some will remain close and other will part. Evey thing changes. Maybe its not the way you are telling your parents your troubles. It might be you not accepting what answers they may have to give. Even if their ideas do not make sense at the time... once you have taken the time to CALMLY interpret their ideas... maybe you will find a compromise.
No the boyfriend thing.. if he is making you jealous let him know that he is. Set your boundaries as to what you will accept as behavior towards you. Let that boundary be the guide to tell you to stay or leave that relationship.
Last but not least... there is nothing wrong with crying... its your body's effort to release pain and stress. Try breathing meditation, listen to your favorite upbeat song, take a walk. There is always an answer to every problem. Instead of thinking of ways to end your life. It would be better to find the things you enjoy and go from there.
A man once carried a bag of potatoes five miles... there he set them down and walked another mile still crumbling about having to carry the potatoes. Now where did he leave the real load? That is where you should begin.. leave the worries behind. But walk on and enjoy the walk while you can. Good luck!

Ruby V
You really need to talk to a family member or friend that you trust and look into getting counseling. You may have these feelings now but they will go away. Maybe you should take some time off from your boyfriend and focus on your well being and health.

Karlee G
just think...
this won't last forever... if you kill yourself that's the end of everything, including the good things you have...
you're not going to wake up, and be able to do all the things you love, and experience what you should...
Get over it really, because that's life, you may think you're the only one with parents that don't understand you, and a boyfriend you have issues with, but you're definitely not.
killing yourself is selfish, the only thing you would do is hurt the people around you.
Imagine what they would have to go through if their family member, or best friend, or girlfriend had killed themselves... that is absolutely worse then what you are going through right now. But it will get better, you just have to wait.

and think of this...
if there was no bad things in your life, the good things don't seem as good...

for example
if you get a hug from your boyfriend, you like it right, but it's just a hug. now if you get into a argument with your boyfriend and afterwards he gives you a hug, that hug feels great... that same hug just got even more special because something bad happened...

if you have bad things in life, the good things are even greater...

and living is not a waste of time... that's what time is, living...

That is awful, I dont even know you and it makes me feel awful thinking about it. you need to sit down and talk to your parents about them not understanding you, and either get a new boyfriend, or sit and talk to him if he is not to hardheaded. then if you still feel that way, go to a physco therapist. That is nothing to be ashamed of, people over rate it. ( the therapist thing, not suicide,lol) also look into reki healing, i am a first degree and it helps em alot when i need a little boost. let me tell you, its not voodoo, magik, or anything out of the ordinary like some people may think. you could really use it. look into it, do some research, and find a master reikier and , well, by the time you research it, you`l know what to do.

Tell someone that will listen that you feel this way, it's not normal...and it's important to have someone to talk to who will listen...I should know, I have depression, and think of suicide as well.

i have same problem. ok, here's how i do it: (without medical attention)
i think that life is a game, and god is trying to keep you down, and you can't commit because he WANTS you to do it, and you want to stay alive to piss him off by doing it... also, i imagine what would happen if you "lose the game," your friends, your family, everyone, would miss you and cry their eyes out. and you would't have a succesful future. If that doesn't work, crying and a bar of chocolate helps me too...
also, you know that REALLY funny person conveniantly in your group? HANG OUT WITH THAT PERSON!! you will laugh sooooo hard. then you will want to stay alive and laugh with your buddies. but make sure that funny person doesnt make fun of you.... hope it works

Cee T
I'll pray for you. Try reading the Bible (New Testament) and asking the Lord into your life. I did a long time ago and He helped me to make sense out of life and all the problems. He also blessed me a lot. John 3:16

parents: go stay with a friend for a week so that it will take your mind off of your parents and when you come back they might get that they dont understand you

boyfriend: tell him what makes you unhappy and take a break from eachother for a while

go join a club or sport to take your mind off things(:

Al B
that is a part of growing up that many go through but some feel it worse than others. find someone that you can talk to, whether a school counselor or a priest and tell your mother how you feel and ask her to take you to a doctor for an examination. It may be that you have some reason physically that you feel that way.
As far as the boyfriend, if he makes you jealous too much, he doesn't care that much for you and you will find someone better in time who does worry about how you feel adn who loves you for who you are. This is like climbing a mountain, but it does get better. It is just hard as you are climbing up it. Get help for yourself and in time you will wonder why you were so depressed and be happy.

go watch the movie "what dreams may come" with robin williams. might give u a different insight on suicide. Killing urself is never the solution. wether u believe it or not there are people who love u and who would be very hurt if u were to commit suicide. Dont forget to think about those who would be left behind. think how you would hurt them. and also think about this. I'm not sure if ur a heaven and hell person, but suicides go to hell. and I honestly think the life ur in now, no matter how bad it seems is better than an eternity in hell. its called hell for a reason, because there is nothing worse. Try not getting involved with any guys. learn to love your self and the life u live before getting into a relationship. if ur bf makes u jealous and he makes u cry thats not a healthy relationship and u should re-evaluate it. you parents may not understand you, but that doesnt mean that they dont love you. find comfort in family and friends and soon things will start to look up

ok it is better if you kill yourself because then someone better can breathe the air and eat the food you would have eaten otherwise

Look at your feet. They are on the ground. Nothing, and I really mean NOTHING is worth killing yourself. You are young and will feel differently tomorrow. THink of your family, and make a phone call to a suicide hotline. Get help honey, you deserve it!

Try getting involved in a church. I don't know how old you are but most churches have something for all ages. I am a Christian and a regular church goer, the weeks I miss church I really feel in the dumps. Also know that if you were to take your life how upset so many people would be. I'm not trying to be mean but its selfish to take your life, because it affects so many others around you. I am assuming you are between the age of 12-17 because it is SO common to just feel irritated with everyone. Your body is going through SO MANY hormonal changes and it makes like frustrating (whether you can outwardly see the changes or not). If your boyfriend makes you jealous too much then you need to ditch him, or else you are too young for a bf.
It seems that your main issue is that you need something extracurricular to do to keep you waking up looking forward to something. Also, you need to COMMUNICATE with your parents. I REALLY think that if you sit down with them (as hard as it is) and talk to them letting them know that you just want to die sometimes because you feel like they never understand you. They might just not even know how frustrated you are! :) That is one thing I wish that I did when I was in high school, talk to my parents and open up more.

get rid of the boyfriend

you life is what you choose...if you want to be lonely and empty, you will....maybe you are focusing on the negative too much

David T
It is NEVER the way out or an escape.

It's a parent thing. We want to protect you, and are often times insensitive to our children's wants and desires.

You have your whole life ahead of you. You are a beautiful person and would be greatly missed by your friends and those who love you.

And you wouldn't be able to ask questions any more.

I'm here for you if you want to chat further. I accept emails.

way I look at it when im down is that its only going to get better and with time it usually does you just dont see whats coming into your life until it hits you so love hard, fall hard and enjoy life

bert bert
Sounds like you really need Jesus in your life. Go to the nearest church for answers, because not only you can save your life, but also save others in your situations also.

Jeez, find another boyfriend

ride a scooter

go to the beach

read to some little kids,

go roller skating (like at a rink, with cool music)

You are hyper focusing on the Boyfriend, and frankly youre still a teenager and there is a bunch of stuff in life ahead of you! This Boyfriend isnt "The One" so move on!

oh, and if you are in California, ignore that whole stupid "gang Culture" it`s gay! Be a regular person.

hey, get a job maybe??

When you are starting to feel this way, remember, 24 hours makes a whole lot of difference!"

Talk to your parents, friends or the nearest educational or health counselor....
Have somebody who can can call when you get these feelings...

not to sound mean to you but suicide is selfish. My uncle comitted suicide last year because he thought nobody cared about him. He was thinking only of himself and not how he affected everybody else. he left behind a family and many other people who cared deeply for him. So think about how you will effect others that love you. and most of the time (not sure about your situation but...) when people get irritated they lose rational thought and blow it out of proportion.

as for the bf maybe you should find someone else
or talk to him

hope i helped

That's really bad.
Tell your parents and see a therapist about it.

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