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 Will you please pray for me?
I suffer from depression, insecurity and feelings of inferiority. I have few friends and even my marriage is unfulfilling. I pray also, but could you too? Thanks.
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 I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

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This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT....

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When you feel so unlikeable and unloveable.

 How to heal the feeling of hatred and wanting to kill a person?

 Is it normal to have voices in my head telling me to burn things?

 Nasty question but?
interesting to know how you would do it.

If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****...

 What are you scared off ?
Think im scared of the dark....

 I really hate my life right now.
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thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

 Should i believe what the voices in my head are telling me?

 Do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

 Convince me to stop dying my hair!?
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 What are you feeling right now?

Calling all depression sufferers?
Im feeling particulally anxious today. Do you have any coping skills or suggestions?

Grand Diva
I suffered from depression and anxiety for years, nothing but nothing could change my mood when I felt bad, I started taking anti depressants prescribed by the doctor and haven't looked back since. See your doctor.

When ever I feel fed up I have a soak in the bath with a girly magazine and put a face mask on, paint my nails and just pamper myself for a bit or I watch a fave dvd or sometimes if i can afford I nip to shops and buy myself something as a treat if you cant find anything to buy for yourself buy your friend a little present, giving presents always cheers me up. If I am stuck at work I call my best friend and have a good moan and she usually makes me laugh or her just listening helps.

Stay busy. Maybe try writing down your thoughts in a journal of some kind when you feel that way. It helps to get it out. Are you on any type of medication? You should go see your doctor if you know that you are suffering from depression.

Hypnosis Tapes can be good if they are......

i start feeling really anxious i listen to some feel good music something quite lively and that tends to take my mind of off what is making me anxious.
hope that works for u.

K when I get anxious (as I have dealt with Panic disorder for awhile) I do this, depending on where I am at. I go to the bathroom and go into a stall. I sit there and tell myself and ackknowledge the fact that I am anxious and panicky. Then i try to determine WHAT, WHO or WHY, I am feeling this way. I tell myself that, there is absolutely no reason to be worked up over situations, or things you cannot control. I take a few breaths to calm the heart rate. I also clean the house alot which helps to ease the displaced energy causing you to be anxious. You have to have an outlet for that enenrgy to go somewhere. try it. you may be pleasently surprised

Exercise helps me alot, also writting things down in paper

exercise... get those endorphins flowing... it'll do wonders.

Frankie P
From The Kinks:

Has everybody got problems?
Are you stuck in a deadend job?
Frustrated and dissatisfied?
Are you on the edge of suicide?
Terrorist bombers on the left,
Fascist plots on the right.
Mass destruction and homicide,
Are you horrified and terrified?
Such a shame.

We've all got problems I know it,
But there's one thing that's for sure,
There's only one cure for all your hangups and all your depressions.

Have another drink it'll make you feel better,
Have another drink and you'll feel alright.
If you're feelin' down and you're under the weather
Have another drink and you'll feel alright.
(Repeat above four lines).

Facts and figures.
Filling out forms.
Reading circulars.
Dictating letters.
Is your occupation
Getting to your brain?
Is there no relief?
It's like a ball and chain.
There's no need to get depressed,
Worrying won't make it better.
There's only one consolation I can recommend.
But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself.

Have another drink it'll make you feel better,
Have another drink and you'll feel alright.
If you're feelin' down and you're under the weather
Have another drink and you'll feel alright.

nosey girl
soccer coach sounds like a possitive role moddel. Don't medicate yourself with drugs or alcohol,that is a bad idea.

try doing something to take your mind off how your feeling, eg. sing along to a record


Breath in through your nose letting your stomach expand to the count of 5, then release the air through your mouth, tightening the stomach in to the count of five. Do this until you feel the tension released from your body.

Prayer, yoga, meditation are great stress relievers.

peace and happiness.....

find a quite place breath in deep slowly then out like blowing out a candle.........if that doesn't help sit in a quite place and breath normally.....this works wonderful if its raining the sound of the rain is relaxing.....you may want to check out some nature (rain/surf/stream/waterfall) sounds CDs for it future

Fu Manchu
Clear your mind, and focus on the moment...

Keep busy on things you like to do ,sing I find this very helpful and it seems to work for me

Mary Smith
Go to a private spot and think about something soothing. Take deep breaths in and out. Pray

mini me
i dont no sorry

you dont feel it , its only in your mind. get your bible and read psalm 119

Donna Hill
get friends round dont be alone go for a walk

Don't use substances to make yourself feel better. It doesnt work, and you end up feeling rubbish afterwards. Talk to somebody. You can send an email to the organisation "mind", and they'll reply back within the day (I think) and talk you through some practical advice. It's completely anonymous too.

I always find that if not talking, writing down everything that is bothering you, followed by some relaxation techniques helps me. (breathing ones) But it does vary from person to person, as you can see from the massive number of replies on this site.

Get out and about, you need mental stimulation so you dont think of yourself

when i feel like that i try to get stuck into the house work!!! it does work sometimes.

Curious George
Take one step at a time, No russing about..... Big deep breaths....

take deep breaths.

try and find out cause of anxiousness and remove it. a good walk can help, doing something creative, listening to calm muxic, drining water, anything that can distract you from cause of worry. You may need to discuss it with someone. i hear vitamin B is good for depression etc.

have you a particular worry ? try deep breathing exercises

[email protected]
Do some type of exercise today it will relax you. Exercise lifts your mood some too. You can also do some stretches. If you feel lonely make sure you call some and talk about things. You can talk about anything it does not have to be about how you feel, but that would be good to. You can make some plans to do something with someone to get away from things or home.

My therapist likes me to think "nurturing thoughts".

Think about how people like you or about good or brave things that you have done

IF you have a dog, take him/her for a walk. Do something physical, that always helps. Just don't eating with your heart.

share your problems

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