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it all started 5 months ago with my aunt dying, i started picking fights with my friends and family. I only like hanging out with 2 of my friends. I have been really depressed and I don't know what to do. I easily cry and can't seem to get any rest. I make everything seem worse then what it really is. A month ago my boyfriend broke up with me and it got worse. Could I have bipolar disorder?

Diagnosis is only established after an intensive evaluation by a trained professional. I am Bi-polar and these r but few of the symptoms I have experienced. But I can best describe it by saying that most times I feel very up almost high on life and for no reason at other times I'm so depressed I literally can't get out of bed. The world stops or revolves depending on the day and time. Triggers are far and few in between and anxiety can overtake me at a whim. Medications help, writing helps, therapy helps too. But the best is a combination of all together and ur wanting to get better by learning as much about urself and ur disease. See a professional soon before u try to commit suicide as I did many times and who knows it make over take u. The roller coaster is not always fun and games it is serious enough to end ur life if u don't arrest it and try to control it. Good luck and God bless.

No you don't. My mother suffers bipolar and it's more extreme than that. What you are most likely suffering is a form of post traumatic syndrome due to the loss of your aunt. You might need to find someone in your family who you can talk with about your depression or seek professional help. So, what I think you are suffering is depression and you can get help for it. If nothing else, schedule an appointment with your doctor and get his professional oppinion before going any farther. Life is hard and it can bring you down, but in time it can get better for you.

hope this helps

Factually, medication is not a substitute for nutritional deficiencies, if you have nutritional deficiencies. You may want to get a Zinc Supplement 25mg a day and not more. You may also want to get a supplement of thiamin mononitrate by Rite Aid brand or Solaray brand (take half every day). And a Magnesium supplement taken only before bed (take half the capsule or tablet every other day - not every day). If these don't help in a week you may want to keep a diary to see if you are getting worse or staying the same. Realize a doctor will put you on a drug which may make you worse, is expensive, and will likely come with a warning label, and you'll have to pay for repeat visits. Many people have nutritional deficiencies that are causing their low moods an don't know it - Zinc, thiamin, and Magnesium are the most common deficiencies due to chemiacal additives in food, poor quality food replacing plant food, and dieting. Stay away from soda, high fructose corn syup, and anything with a long list of chemicals.

Stress and traumatic life events can trigger chemical imbalances. I experienced burn out at work when I was 23, and I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. At 29, a chief of psychiatry diagnosed me "true blue" Bi-Polar (classic, or called BPI - there's also BP2, rapid cyclers,and other "mood disorders").

Since then, I have had a few different labels thrown at me. Best bet is to get a psych evaluation done by a professional psychiatrist.
What manifests now can change over time as well. It's important to be diagnosed properly.

There are sites you can go to on the net which can help you self-diagnose, but p-docs are paid big for their knowledge and treatment of chemical imbalances. I'd check with an expert.

I have a friend who is bipolar, and you don't sound like you're bipolar. You sound like you've been having a hard time for five months and hence you are going through a depression.

Bipolar means you are happy happy and then extremely sad minute to minute. If that is how your personality is, THEN you are bipolar.

Go see a doctor, a psychologist, and even a psychiatrist (the therapists that prescribe antidepressants).

It sounds like your a teenager and hormonal changes make you cry a lot along with your situations. You should talk to a councilor or parents (if you have that kind of relationship). Try some cardio exercise along with talking it out, it will help boost your mood.

web md has questionnaires for self-diagnoses and will tell you if you need to see a doctor. Take a look: http://www.webmd.com/content/article/102/106770.htm

If you are depressed or bipolar there are many medications.

don't try to make it into a mental disorder, hon.... it's called GRIEF,

and it has a cycle.... the hurt, the anger, the sadness, the confusion, the rollercoaster feelings... all part of it.

you need to start doing some self-nurturing now since it has been five months. that's long enough.

look at what you're feeding yourself.... what food?.... what spiritual food?.... what social food?....

you have the wisdom....

the internet has lots of ideas.....

God bless!

Jane Doe
no bipolar has extremes ups and downs, like after fights being extremeely happy and expecting every one to make up with you, or going on crazy spending sprees on things you cant possible afford.... the high and lows and not seen coming... a person whos bipolar might not even blink ata traumatic evnt but a lost earing could send them down the drain

Becky F
Bi-polar people don't take responsibility for their own actions. They have high highs and low lows. People can't stand to be around them for any length of time. I've read some where that 90% of the people in prison are bi-polar. My sister has been bi-polar all her life...she just wasn't diagnosed until a few years ago. We just thought she was crazy. I find it odd that it all started 5 months ago....there is a place on the internet that gives you all the symptoms of bi-polar...google it.

Nick H
Bipolar, as the name implies, is characterized by two distinct "poles". The depressive state, which you seem to exhibit, and a manic state. Mania is a state of rapid thoughts and compulsive behaviour. It generally lasts about a third the time of the depressive states. A person suffering from true bipolar disorder has a very high suicide rate and should seek psychological and pharmacological help immediately.

sounds more like depression than bipolar...help yourself by going to the doctor...take care....

From what you describe, it sounds like you are probably experiencing depression.

Bipolar disorder usually involves two different types of moods - extreme highs (manias) and extreme lows (depressions.) From your description, you are missing the "highs" or the mania component.

The best thing you can do is to go see your doctor and explain what is going on. They will be able to assess whether you are depressed and what treatment options might best assist you in your difficult time.

It sounds like just depression to me... My dad, mom, and sister (god help me) are all bipolar. they have EXTREME ups and downs. go to www.bipolar.com/index.htm and you can take a quiz and then take it to your doctor to see if you are.
God bless

Sorry... Didn't mean to say 'just' depression...that is also very serious and you should seek some kind of help regardless

[email protected]
Bipolar disorder, otherwise known as manic depression or bipolar depression, is a relatively common mood disorder that affects about 5.7 million Americans. Characterized by episodes of depression alternating with euphoric (manic) states, the symptoms of bipolar disorder are several and often affect an individual's daily functioning and interpersonal relationships.

Bipolar disorder symptoms include depression and feelings of hopelessness during the depressive phase of the condition. Other depressive symptoms include thoughts of suicide, alterations in sleep patterns, and loss of interest in activities that once were a source of pleasure. What differentiates bipolar disorder from major depression is the occurrence of manic episodes, often described as emotional "highs," between the episodes of depression. Symptoms of manic states are varied and include restlessness, increased energy, euphoric mood, racing thoughts, poor judgment, intrusive or provocative behavior, difficulty concentrating, and a decreased need for sleep. People experiencing manic episodes often speak very rapidly, seem overly irritable, and may have unrealistic beliefs about their own power and capability.

Fortunately, bipolar disorder is a treatable condition. With appropriate treatment, most people suffering from bipolar disorder can achieve substantial stabilization of their mood swings and are able to lead a normal life. Treatment of bipolar disorder involves medications known as "mood stabilizers." Lithium (Eskalith, Lithobid) is the most commonly prescribed mood stabilizer for people with bipolar disorder, but some anticonvulsant medications, including valproate (Depakote) or Carbamazepine (Tegretol), also can have mood-stabilizing effects and may be used in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

MedicineNet Medical Author: Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD

I worked in our hospitals mental health unit for 5 years. I doubt you have bipolar disorder, but it sounds very much like you are depressed. If it has been more than a month and you still are having these troubles, find a counselor, it really helps and if all else fails, there is medication that can help as well. I recommend finding a professional to talk to about your issues.

Terry Z
It doesn't sound like bi polar to me. I hear the depression, but I don't hear the manic episodes. I think what it sounds like to me is clinical depression. That too is a very serious disease that needs immediate help. You've got a lot of stuff on your plate right now. It would be wise to see a licensed therapist to talk out the stuff you are dealing with and how you react.

Mopar Muscle Gal
most likely not

you are a situational depressive.. that's normal with a death of a close relative and breakup

If you can afford it, seek therapy with a psychologist who deals with grief counseling

Do you have manic episodes? All you describe are the depressive episodes which would lead me to believe that it is depression rather than bipolar.

you might, but according to the symptoms you described, it just looks like depression. you see, if you had bipolar disorder, you would have some very severe mood swings. one week your all happy and fun to be around, and you wake up one morning, and suddently you hate the world and are depressed. It's not about getting in fights, and stuff like that. It's about rapid changes in your mood.

nope. you are just going through a hopefully temporary bout of depression. visit your doctor if you are feeling like this is something you just can't deal with. they can suggest either medication or counseling or both.

Nicole J
You should get some counseling. Best wishes.

Begin with a grief counselor.

Go see a doctor.

First of all, the best place to get a diagnosis is a psychologist or psychiatrist.

No, it does not appear that you have bipolar disorder. As the name implies, your emotions go from one pole (or extreme) to the other. If you were extremely happy and then extremely depressed for no reason, you might be.

You may have depression, but that is unlikely. Clinical depression has symptoms for over 2 years typically. You are just going through a rough time in your life. You can still talk to people and get help, but I do not think that there is anything specifically wrong with your brain.

Clinical depression relates to the amount of a neurotransmitter, Serotonin. In clinically depressed people, they do not have as much of this neurotransmitter, so their brain cannot tell them to be as happy.

Kodoku Josei
maybe try talking to a grief counselor before you start diagnosing yourself. maybe you just need a good cry over your aunt?

Anything is possible, but from what you describe it doesn't sound like you are bipolar, but that you are suffering from situational depression. Feeling depressed after major life events like a loved one dying or a boyfriend leaving you is not bipolar disorder!

Bipolar disorder is characterised by extreme mood swings between high and low. Of course, only your doctor can diagnose you, but your symptoms alone are not bipolar.

I suggest you get in touch with a greif counsellor or speak with your doctor about getting a refferal. Definitely try therapy before antidepressant medication as therapy has the same sucess rate without the side effects or high relaspe rate after finishing treatment. Good luck!

Jessica Rabbit
NO, You are going through the grieving process over your Aunt's death which is a perfectly normal process. Look up the grieving process online. Also look for the symptoms of bipolar disorder which are a lot more serious than what you are describing at www.nami.org.

Bored Enough To Be Here
i only see depression and no manic in your description, and that is not a responsive disorder (caused by an event) generally, you are grieving and possibly clinically depressed, you should talk to a licensed therapist.

Bipolar disorder is one of the most difficult mental conditions to diagnose. Even professionals don't always get it right, but you might consider seeing one anyway.

That said, in order to be Bipolar you need to have manic highs (where you feel like you can take on the world, have huge ideas, spend money, etc.) as well as depressive lows.

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