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 Whats the best way to relax and clear your mind?

Are you scared to die? Why or not?
Many people have died since my life began and since my Granmother passed on the 22nd of December I feel kind of lost and scared of death. Mostly when I am alone and the kids are asleep....

don't be.....my thoughts on death is actually living another new life...Life after death....the only thing we must fear is fear itself

no every1 goes at a point

Chuck N
Not quite sure, depends on the situation, but actually i would say im deathly afraid to die, but i don't let that affect how i live in any way, i believe in 0 afterlife and we get 1 shot at living so make the best of it, now that u have kids, don't take as many risks because if u die, its not the only life u will be affecting, live life to the fullest, take care of your kids, and pass important knowledge on to the future generations of our society

i just lost my mom in nov.and i'll be happy when i join her and my dad>>>there is a better place awaiting.

Well, i am afraid, but because i wonder how my family will feel without me, and if there's an afterlife.

I'm not scared to die, but I am scared to leave my son and husband here alone.

it's kind of stupid to be scared of the inevitable, though you could have your brain frozen if you like

I know that death in going to be there. I am in no hurry but I am not scared of death. I know that my faith will keep me until I get to heaven .

Dane S
No, i've encountered it so many times it doesn't bother me. If i die i know it was meant to be, no questions asked. Mainly all fear revolves around dying, so my fears are very limited, what's left of my fears are like getting hurt and having to LIVE my life with them, like being paralyzed or have both my legs cut off.....don't worry, it's completely natural and you're only hurting yourself thinking about it, it's a very hard thing to accept but you're going to have to.

nicole l

It's normal to fear death. All animals fear death to some degree, it's part of what keeps you alive. If you didn't fear death on some level you would have no interest in your well being and safety. You wouldn't wear a seatbelt and you might not treat yourself well.

What I found that helps me is to not think of "what if I die?" but rather "what if I live?". It scares me to think of dying but it scares me more to think of me being 80 years old and never having done anything worthwhile because I was afraid. Doing things you are proud of helps to make your life feel like it matters, and keeps you occupied. I think that's why fewer older people fear death; they have a lifetime of accomplishements to look back on.

Also keep in mind that in the northern hemisphere when the days get dark in the winter, many people feel more depressed than usual, especially when coping with loss. Try not to dwell on the things you cannot change. Get a little exercise, eat well, and spend time with the people you love. These feelings will ease.

I am not afraid to die.. what the heck is there to be afraid of .. I just dont want to die yet my kids are too young still

Sorry about your grandmother. The feeling will pass in time. We all have a survival instinct. No, I am not afraid to die because I believe in eternal life. I am a little concerned though as to what is going to happen after I die...LOL

I'm not scraed of death. I am 31 and know that some day it will happen. My only fear is dying a painful death...(i.e. cancer, etc).

Q.T.Ï€ Reuben
I used to be afraid of death, but after my father died I lost my fear of it.
I don't want to do it any time soon, but when my time comes I won't fear going.

My belief is that we are all just passing through on our way home - heaven. Once there we are reunited.

[email protected]
come to spicey i will hold you

mld m
Part of Living is dying. Inevitable. I know this, and non-acceptance of this fact, is just plain ridiculous. How I die, I am fearful of. We all can't be fortunate enough to just go to sleep one night, and not wake up the next day, but we can sure wish we are that fortunate. I saw this quote once on life and death, (it may not be exact, but it's close)....

Life is pleasant,
death is peaceful,
it's the transition that's difficult.

Emily -
Dying's just another part of life. I'm not religious, and I don't know what's going to happen to me when I die, so for now I'm just trying to enjoy life. Don't waste yours worrying about death, because this just might be it.

Bearded Rusty Tater ©
Why be scarred of the inevitable ???

Serena T
I'm not scared of dying. This world's tough to live in.

I'm a Christian, so I believe I'll go to heaven.

i'm not scared because everyone is going to die...
...its an inevitability...
...so just enjoy the time you have and dont waste it...=p

Im not scared to die, I guess I just have faith...

I'm not scared to BE dead, but I'm scared of how I'll get there. I don't want a painful lingering death. I live in Oregon now and they have legal assisted suicide...people use it each year. I currently have a dear elderly friend who is terminal with lung cancer; she's asked me to pray for her, that she just goes to sleep one night soon and doesn't wake up. I speak on her behalf to whatever listens to me almost every night.

I'm agnostic. I do watch shows like John Edwards Crossing Over and believe there is an energy that remains after death - my own mother apparently "watched over" my sis-in-law's son during a lengthy hospitalization after a serious head injury. It's interesting that Edward's comments to families never include mention of god or religion.

What I have learned is that you may never get over missing people who were dear to you.

I don't think I am afraid of dying. I might be
afraid of the way in which I might die.
I wouldn't want to die in excrutiating pain
such as by fire or an accident which left
me alive but busted all to heck. Death itself
is natural. I don't believe there is either a heaven
or a hell.

I used to be scared of dying when I was eleven but I realized that it is all a part of life, no matter how depressing it is. It was also probably a part of the fact that I was having a hard time in my seventh grade year, so I was kind of depressed and thought of death in a whole different way. I think that god has a path set for you, and you shouldnt be afraid because your future is in his hands. Don't be afraid of death, be okay about it, just brush of the fact that you will die, and live your life. Without death the world would be overpopulated and we all would suffer worse then death. I'm only thirteen....but whatever.

To many people, even if we are Christians, death is a scary thing. Even though I know there is an afterlife and that I'll be with God and my loved ones that have passed. . ..there is still this scared feeling of the whole process of death. And also a fear about leaving my kids and family behind. I think it's normal for us to feel this way.

petite princess
not really. I mean, its going to happen to everyone eventually. why waste time fretting over it?

I am not afraid of death. I am looking forward to my death. I am ready to go meet Jesus! And I'm not a very big fan of this sinful life on Earth. However, what I am afraid of is HOW I die. I don't want to die painfully. My life has been very painful and I want to end on a good note. I just want it to be quick and happy.

young lady, death is a PROMISE, not a curse. you will die one day, live each day to the fullest instead of worrying about it, it will happen. every person dies, not every person lives.

i love k
I use to be afraid of dying until i became a born again Christian and now i know i will be in heaven with my Jesus and my mama....

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