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Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
I'm looking for reasoned answers here, not from r&s people.
I'm losing control of my perception of reality. What is the point of stuggling on through a debiliating illness and grief when the easy solution is out?

Reality is what you make of it. It is not someone else's reality, but your own. If that is something that cannot be grasped and you are suffering from a condition which cannot possibly be cured or treated effectively, then I am a strong believer in euthanasia. There are better ways to dealing with your final arrangements than a bullet. It is messy and no one wants to clean up after you. I am sorry life has dealt you a raw deal. I really am. Things are better on the other side. I've seen it.

barbara e
What is Your pain? Do you have any support system in place? Do you believe you are a worthwhile creation?
The point is not for you to know of why you are struggling.
Acceptance of what is happening to you is the only answer.
Being in grief about this illness is not helping you to heal yourself. The only cure for grief is allowing yourself to feel what you feel and letting it pass. Asking for help and answers, and getting support from others is a great first step!
Nobody wants to suffer, yet it is an undeniable fact of life for everyone. Some people right now are suffering in ways that would make your suffering seem insignificant. You have a purpose here whether you are aware of it or not. It is your duty to become aware of your purpose, not blind yourself to it by thinking only of yourself and your suffering.
Know that you are loved and I feel your pain even though we are two human beings that are distant physically right now.

wait--- time is a great healer----do some meditation---deep breathing exercises-----and pranayam etc. this will change your negative thoughts---rember the world is as you think

theres your answer "the easy solution" are you going to take the easy way out or stand strong and live to the best of your ability with what life has dealt you are you going to be beaten down or are you a fighter. Your road may be hard and long but its your road you should see where it is suppose to take you not bail out half way you will be cheating yourself of your purpose in being here you would not have been chosen for this path ( though it may be painful ) if the creator had not thought you worthy. I do not turn to religeon in my times of hardship or grief i turn to the strength of my inner self the support of family and friends and gain my strength from their love and faith in me. Dont give up think of it as a battle you must win and fight long and hard and if in the end you find that it has beaten you at least you will go with the knowledge and dignity knowing you gave a good fight. Make yourself Proud

Josh M
... the simple answer is life.

Here is a list of things I live for.

Great food
Snow covered trees
The smell of baking bread
My wife
Great books
My cats
Fresh air

...sending you healing thoughts my friend.

if you religious pray to god and if not get a good shrink or both

Im sorry :( It may look like the easiest solution is out for you, but it complicates things for the people you leave behind. The people who care for you will be feeling the same way you do now, only worse.. because theyll all feel guilt on top of it, "If I had only done this, he might not have offed himself'.

Go see your doctor and get a referral for counselling. Exercise can help to relieve depression, even walking.
Keep a written journal as it helps to clear your head of negative thoughts.
Call a close friend or family member to share your feelings.
If you are religious, go speak with your pastor, priest, rabbi etc.,
Join a grief support group, but don't try to work this out on your own.

Best of luck.

Dr Frank
Humans fortunately do not always take the easy way out, they are often brave and determined and overcome what might seem insurmountable odds. Time does heal most things, sometimes however you need some help along the way. If you are desperate just now, try the Samaritans. in the medium term some specialised counselling may help.

Do you have friends or other people like you who have the same illness? Sometimes it would help to talk it over with others and get a support group together if u dont know of any yet.
Go on meetup.com. I think you can start free groups or get togethers there where you could meet up with others or friends and relatives who are going through something similar yours.

Kind regards.

mets rule
im sorry about your loss but if it is that serious to thoughts of sucide see a shrink i know its not that easy imma fairly depressed person at times but no one but my best freind and me know about it and i wish i would have the guts to say mom im depressed or dad im depressed. ive never had thoughts of suicide but ive shown other signs

well, depend if you have money or not... if you have money , you can help some peoples having a better life .

and if you're in pain, get on Morphine and dream it away...

you don't seem to be so debilitated to me !

Remember that someone out there has it worse and it continuing to fight. Tell yourself that you are at least as good as that person so you can make it through this. I have a chronic disease and am in alot of pain. I can no longer eat much solid food and will have to have some of my intestines removed in the next couple of months. But I know that somewhere someone is living with ALOT worse. Thats how I keep going. Of course a joint helps every now and again.

man. i agree. the world is messed up.. we are only human why can't people just act like them... and we jus feel that the whole world is on our shoulders..... it's chill tho man i understand somtimes i feel like that too.. honestly i don't know anymore but your not alone..

olympics junkie
Suicide is solving a temporary problem with a permanent solution.. I'm very sorry you are having such a struggle, but at one time or another, we all have to struggle, & how we cope with the tough times is an indication of what kind of person we are..The struggle is what matters, not the ultimate outcome.. We ALL are going to die eventually. How we live on the way there is what matters. Is there some way you can reach out to help someone else in some way/? There is no better way to feel better about yourself than to help someone else..If it is only that you are able to pray that someone else has a good day, you are still helping someone.. If you look around, you will find other ways to help out. Even doing one thing a day for someone can make a difference..Give it a try...

Family, Friends.What it really amounts to comes from within.
Support groups,seeing if you can do things you would like to do.In stead of giving up make it a challenge.There is always solutions.

Boudica Warrior Queen
LB I think you will find that many many folk have felt or feel how you are feeling right now. I certainlu know all about debiltating illness and the only thing I can say is reach out your hand to others for support.

When we are ill we tend to forget that our loved ones suffer too and are often left out in the cold when in truth they also require a cuddle to help them cope with stresses of looking after some one who has a debilitating illness. We often lash out at our nearest and dearest and can become self obssessed.

The only way to treat this is to look for other things that occupy the mind. Remember medicine is always coming up with new cures so stick in there and try not to despair too much.

I know all too well it is easy to lose control of reality with the mind for ever focused on what ever ails us. I have found it helpful to come on here and to listen to other people who also are in the same mind. It helps me to appreciate that I'm not alone in this big wide world and that we all have to deal with our load best we can.

Chin up pal...or as my hubbys says chins up! Good luck and try and get out of that 'Slough of despond'

Good night... Nettie UK

Larry T
The problem is that we don't know for sure what happens when we die. If you think that no life is better than the life you have now then maybe you should consider that option.

Personally, I don't believe in any "after-life" so (easy for me to say when I'm not suffering at all) to me any life is better than no life at all.

Positvie thinking, and friends can help lift you out of this negative time in life.
Dying by your own choosing or any other harm done to yuorself. only compounds problems.
Take up a hobby where you see progress and success happening. Dont dwell on the now of life but look towards the future. As the things you're in now wont last forever and are soon part of the past.
I'm a person that has lived with major health problems and depression or wigged out thoughts in life. I choose to let things slide off of my shoulders instead of hanging on.
As if I followed through on thoughts and wishes of not being here . Then I'd be nowhere , but bound for hell.
Do you have a pet to spend time with. As they can lift your moods and shower love on you.
Do you get out much?
My health gets really bad at times. Yet I know it soon improves. Yet it's the waiting and getting through it that are bad. But it does pass.

Based on that title, I was going to tell you "time and distraction." But if you've got a serious illness on top of it, that would make it so much harder. Will you illness improve? If yes, then there *is* a light at the end of the tunnel even if you don't feel as though there is. If not, you still need to consider the people who will be hurt if you decide to "escape" early. . . . Also, just because you are ill and grieving doesn't mean you don't still have something to offer the world.

Your trying to take the easy way out what aboth your family how wold they cope with it.
Get your self a counsellor to help you out that is what i did and it worked OK .
Take care of your self . Also you could try helplines .
Hope this will help
you in some way life is good you know if you try.

get out of the same old surroundings, thats what helped me, go on holiday or somethink cheap were you can stay away the longest.

well if you shoot your self it might not work and your only going to be in more pain...but they do say TIME is a great healer WHY don't you just live every day like there's no tomorrow and enjoy your self do things that you have always wanted to do hanging about feeling sorry for your self isn't going to make you feel any better...get out there and make your self better the only real person who can do it is YOU.....

It hurts inside I know that ache in your chest. but your still here for a reason. Hey we,d miss you for a start. xxx

crystal and clover
congratulations of being top contributor, you must have helped a lot of people.

I know it sounds lame and doean't help....but the only real help is time!!!

go to a phycaratrist (i don't really know how to spell it. or just a councelor of some sort...

How about trying to enjoy the good things in life. Enjoy the sunset, your relationships with other people, a good book, an engaging tv series, do something nice for someone worse off than you, etc. There are plenty of interesting things in life that are enjoyable if you go out and pursue them. That's got to be more enjoyable than focusing on your troubles.

Life is NOT about easy solutions. Do you ever recall someone saying life is easy, life is fair???

NO. Its all about struggles and hardships and overcoming obstacles and so forth.

Roller Derby Queen
I am so sorry you feel that way.I send a hug...

Go to a doctor.
Do not let this get anymore out of hand than it already has.
Do not look at the internet for help anymore.
Go to a real certified doctor.

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